Sunday....August 23....Show # 187....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Assjack "Tennessee Driver" f/ST/Sidewalk
*One Eskimo "Astronauts" f/ST/Shangr-La Music
KMFDM "Meglomaniac" (Excessive Force Mix) f/Extra Vol.3
*Lesser Of Two "I'll Get By" unsigned Oakland, CA
*Plastiscines "Another Kiss" f/About Love/Nylon
*Patrick Wolf "Damaris" f/The Bachelor/Nylon
BM Linx "123Cat" unsigned New York City
*Herzschlag "Steh Auf!" f/Fest der Liebe/Metropolis
*Dappled Cities "The Price" f/Zounds/Dangerbird
Cage "Spirit Of Vengeance" f/ Science of Annihilation
*Imperative Reaction "Functional (Hi-Watt Mix)/Metropolis
Keema "I Kissed Your Girl" unsigned Denmark
*Lita Ford "Patriotic S.O.B." f/Wicked Wonderland

7:00 PM

Rammstein "Stripped" (Live) f/Volkerball '07
The Heavy "Sixteen" f/single/Counter
*Informatik "Predator" f/Arena/Metropolis
*Rotersand "Bastards Screaming (On and On)"/Metroplolis
Angher "Anger" f/Hidden Truth/Dark Star
*Psyclon Nine "Thy Serpant Tongue" f/We The../Metropolis

Charm City Devils - Let's Rock n' Roll - Money
CHARM CITY DEVIL'S track available on iTunes
Charm City Devils "Money" f/Let's Rock &../Eleven Seven

Soulsavers - Broken (Bonus Track Version) - Shadows Fall
Soul Savers is MARK LANAGAN-download now on iTunes
*Soul Savers "Shadows Fall" f/Broken/Columbia
The Burning Hotels "To Whom It May Concern
Saosin "Changing" f/In Search of Solid Ground
STEMM "House Of Cards" f/Blood Scent/Catch 22

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