Saturday.... August 29....Show # 204....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

HIM "Behind The Crimson Door" f/Dark Light '05
Megadeth "1000 Goodbyes" f/The World Needs A Hero 'o1
Mellowdrone "Beautiful Day" f/A Demonstration of..'03
*Broadway Calls "Be All You Can't Be" f/Good Views../SOD '09
Killing Joke "Millennium" f/Pandemonium '94

Unkle featuring Gavin Clark - War Stories - Broken
You have to have this UNKLE song-download on iTunes now
UNKLE f/Gavin Clark "Broken" '07
Therapy "I Am The Money" f/Shamless '01
*...And You Know Us By The Trail of the Dead "Inland Sea" '09
Paul Oakenfold "Genetic Transmission" f/A Voyage Into Trance '95
Ministry "The Light Pours Out Of Me" f/Animositisomania '03
*Clutch "50,000 Unstoppable Watts" f/Strange../Weathermaker '09
*One Eskimo "Hometime" f/ST/Shangri-La '09
Fates Warning "Damnation" f/Night on Bröcken '84
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Real Wild Child" f/Flashback '06
*Amanda Blank "A Love Song" f/I Love You/Downtown '09

8:00 AM

*Dream Theater "Wither" f/Black Clouds../Roadrunner '09
Assjack "Tennessee Driver" f/ST/Sidewalk '09
Ladytron "Seventeen" f/Light & Magic '02
*Dinosaur Jr. "Friends" f/Farm/Jagjaguwar '09
Stereo MC's "Running" f/Deep Down and Dirty '01
Beastie Boys "I'm Down" (Beatles) not available/rec. early 80's

Soulsavers - Broken (Bonus Track Version) - Shadows Fall
Soul Savers is MARK LANAGAN- download now on iTunes
Soul Savers "Shadows Fall" f/Broken/Columbia '09
Michael Franti & Spearhead "Say Hay (I Love You) f/single '08
Herzschlag "Steh Auf!" f/Fest der Liebe/Metropolis '09
*SIOP "Witz End" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09

9:00 AM

Psyclon Nine "Thy Serpant Tongue" f/We The../Metropolis '09
*The Love Me Nots "Karen (Get Yourself Out)" f/Upside.. '09
Patrick Wolf "Damaris" f/The Bachelor/Nylon '09
*Lesser Than Two "Cycles" unsigned Oakland, CA '09
*Clan Of Xymox "Home Sweet Home" f/In Love../Metropolis '09
Stevie Salas "They Harder They Come" f/The Sun and The.. '07
*Hockey "Wanna Be Black" f/Mind Chaos/Capitol '09
*Plastiscines "Bitch" f/About Love/Nylon '09
*Cage "Power Of A God" f/Science Of Annihilation '09
*Informatik "The World Belongs To Us" f/Arena/Metropolis '09

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