Saturday....October 17....Show # 209....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Black Sabbath "Headless Cross" f/Headless Cross '89
Circle of Dust "Onenemy" f/S/T '95
White Zombie "El Phantasmo and The Chicken-Run..'96
*New Model Army" Autumn" f/Today Is A Good Day/AA '09
Run DMC "Crown Royal" f/Crown Royal '01
White Town "Your Woman" f/single '97
Angra "Passing By" f/Aurora Consurgens '06
*Mission Of Burma"1.2,3 Partyy!" f/The Sound../Matador '09
Mike & Charlie "I Get Live" (The Bears Mix) f/UK single '00
Frank Black "Men In Black" f/The Cult of Ray" '96
*Jamie T "368" f/Kings & Queens/Astralwerks '09
Europe "Prisoners In Paradise" f/Prisoners In Paradise '91
Sacred Reich f/Rob Halford "Rapid Fire" f/Ignorance '07
The Fatima Mansions "Your World Customer" f/Lost in the..'92
*Vains Of Jenna "I Belong To Yesterday" f/The Art of../RLS '09

8:00 AM

The Cult "Coming Down" (butchered) f/Rare Cult Mixes '94
*Street Sweeper Social Club "Promenade" f/single edit/ILG '09
Danzig "Devil's Plaything" f/Lucifuge '90
Joachim Witt "Herbergsvater (Tri-Tra-Trul)" f/single '82
Brian Johnson (AC/DC) & Geordie "Keep On Rocking" f/Keep..'89
*Ace Frehley "Fox On The Run" f/Anomoly/Born Bronx '09
*Julian Casablancas "11th Dimension" f/single '09
Moonspell "Opus Diabolicum" f/Under The Moonspell '94
Joan Jett Song of Week: "MCA" f/Flashback/re-issue '06
*Marcy Playground "Starbaby" (Rock Mix) f/single/WOZ '09
*Our Lady Peace "The End Is Where We Begin" f/single/ILG '09

9:00 AM

*Cesium_137 "Firewalker" f/Identity/Metropolis '09
*New Model Army "States Radio" f/Today Is A Good Day/AA '09
*Air "Be A Bee" f/Love 2/Astralwerks '09
*Saosin "I Keep My Secrets Safe" f/In Search of Solid../Capitol '09
*Terrorfakt "Frontal Damage" f/RE/Evolution/Metropolis '09
*Shamen's Harvest "Dragonfly" f/Shine/Tribal '09
*Vains Of Jenna "The Art of Telling Lies" f/The Art../RLS '09
*Amazing Baby "Supreme Being" f/single/GreenLabel Sound '09
*Destrophy "The Way Of Your World" f/The Way Of../Victory '09

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