Saturday....October 24....Show # 210....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song First time aired

Edenbridge "Sunrise In Eden" f/The Chronicles of Eden '07
Spacehog "The Strangest Dream" f/The Hogyssey '01
*Flight of the Conchords "You Don't Have To Be A Pros.." '09
The Almost "Hands" f/Monster Monster/Virgin 09
Combichrist "Sent To Destroy" (Sacrifice Mix) f/Frost '08
Lamia Cross "Hiroshima" (ce la jour remix) unsigned Paris '08
Masters Of Reality "The Candy Song" f/single '89
*The Downer Party "Being A Teenager" f/Ego-../Pop Smear '09
Dust For Life "Release The Flood" unsigned Memphis '08

Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da - Mehr

New RAMMSTEIN for download iTunes right here
*Rammstein "Mehr" f/Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da"/Universal '09
*The Connoisseurs "Look Behind You" unsigned Perth, AU '09
Rorschach Test "Sex" f/Unclean '98
Avantasia "Lost In Space" (Ext. Mix) f/Lost In../NuclearBlast '09
Luna "Bonnie & Clyde" (hidden track) f/Penthouse '95
*Psychostick "Girl Direction" f/Sandwich/Rock Ridge '09

8:00 AM

Lita Ford - Wicked Wonderland - Bed

Listen to LITA'S Guitar work on this-download iTunes now
*Lita Ford "Bed" f/Wicked Wonderland/JLRG '09
*Giants Of Science "Here is the Punishment" f/Live at the../+1 '09
Die Toten Hosen "Angst" f/In Aller Stille '08
*Cousin Of Death f/Everlast "Lacoka Nostra"/Suburban Noize '09
Morphine "Have A Lucky Day" (Live) f/B-Sides and Otherwise '97
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Baby Blue" f/Sinner ''06
*The Law "The Chase" f/A Measure of Wealth/Local Boy '09
Johnny Cash & Snoop Dog "I Walk The Line" f/Remixed '08
Anthrax "Fueled" f/Stomp 442 '95
London After Midnight "America's A Fucking Disease" '07
Lacuna Coil "I Won't Tell You" f/Shallow Life/Century Media '09

9:00 AM

*Calvin Harris "The Rain" f/sampler/Ultra '09
*A House Divided "Illusions" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09
New Model Army "Today Is A Good Day" f/Today Is../AA '09
*Rammstein "Haifisch" f/Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da/Universal '09
Mesh "Everything I Made" (Kloq mix) f/single/Metropolis '09
Children of Bodom "Oops!...I Did It Again" f/Skeletons.. '09
*Crash Kings "My Love" f/single/Universal Motown '09
*Morningwood "Best Of Me" f/single/MTV Networks '09
*Jamie T "Sticks 'n' Stones" f/Kings & Queens/Astralwerks '09
Echo & The Bunnymen "Drivetime" f/The Fountain/Ocean R '09
*Little Fish "Darling Dear" f/single/Custard '09

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