Saturday....November 7....Show # 212....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Rosenguard "Worlds Away" f/Requiem For The Innocent '07
Jurassic 5 "If You Only Knew" f/Power In Numbers '02
Dokken "Paris Is Burning" f/Live 1981 '07
*The Features "Foundation's Cracked" f/Some Kind../429 '09
Motor "20 Volts Of Steel" f/Unhuman" '07
Anthrax "Make Me Laugh" f/single '88
The Woodentops "Maybe It Won't Last" f/Wooden Foot..'88
*Yeasayer "Ambling Alp" f/single/Secretly Canadian '09
Randy Piper's Animal "Don't Wanna Die" '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Ridin' With James Dean" f/Up.. '88

Electric Six - Kill - Escape from Ohio

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*Electric Six "Escape From Ohio" f/Kill/Metropolis '09
Puscifer "Vagina Mine" f/V is For Vagina/ Puscifer Ent. '07
Pagen's Mind "Hallo Spaceboy" f/God's Equation '07
Joachim Witt "Die Flute" f/single '98
Mayday Parade "The Silence" f/single/Fearless '09

8:00 AM

Juno Reactor "Swamp Thing" f/Bible Of Dreams '97
*Death Valley Screamers "Bonnie and Clyde" f/single '09
Z-Trip "Go Hard" f/All Pro '07
Pigface "Ten Ground and Down" f/Fook '92
4Lyn "Cowboys" f/Hello '07
Angie Heaton "Rollerskate" f/Rollergirls '06
*Children of Bodom "Hell Is For Children" /Spinefarm '09
HIM "Buried Alive By Love" (Live) f/Digital Versatile Doom '08
Rammstein "Liese" f/special edition Box Set f/Liebe Ist Fur.. '09
Blue October "X Amount Of Words" f/Foiled '06
*The Ettes "Seasons" f/Do You Want Power/Take Root '09

9:00 AM

*[:SITD:] "MK Ultra" f/Rot"/Metropolis '09
Julian Casablancas "Out Of The Blue" f/Phrazes For../RCA '09
Nova "Thought I Knew You" unsigned San Francisco '09
*Orange "Standing Still" f/Phoenix/Hellcat '09
*Rammstein "Halt" f/special edition Box Set f/Liebe Ist Fur..'09
Blinddryve "Semblance" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '09
*State Radio "Knights Of Bostonia" f/Let It Go/Nettwerk '09

Velvet Acid Christ - The Art of Breaking Apart - The Art of Breaking Apart

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*Velvet Acid Christ "The Art of Breaking Apart" /Metropolis '09
*Powerman 5000 "Make Us Insane" f/Somewhere../Fontana '09
*Cesium _137 "Stray" f/Identity/Metropolis '-09