Sunday....November 8....Show # 195....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Puscifer "Trekka" f/V Is For Vagina '07
*We Were Promised Jetpacks "This Is My House.."/FatCat
*Assemblage 23 "Angels & Demons" f/Compass/Metropolis
*Lit On The Flash "Robot Detroyer" unsigned Portland, Maine
*Super 400 "Flashlight" unsigned Troy, New York
Death Valley Screamers "Bonnie and Clyde" f/single
*Cold Cave "Youth and Lust" f/Loves Comes Close/Matador
*Flying Machines "I Can't Stop" f/ST/EMI
*Rammstein "Ich Tu Dir Weh" f/Leibe ist Fur Alle Da/Universal

November's Doom - Into Night's Requiem Infernal - When Desperation Fills the Void

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*November's Doom "When Dersperation Fills The Void"/The End
*Vains Of Jenna " Better Off Alone" f/The Art of Telling Lies/RLS
Electric Six "Escape From Ohio" f/Kill/Metropolis
*Julian Casablancas "4 Chords.." f/Phazes For The Young/RCA
The Ettes "Seasons" f/Do You Want Power/Take Root

7:00 PM

*Gunfire 76 "One More Reason To Hate You" unsigned N.C.
*New Model Army "Peace Is Only" f/Today Is A Good Day/Attack
Cousin Of Death "Lacoka Nostra" f/single/Surburban Noize
Little Fish "Darling Dear" f/single/Custard
*Age Of Evil "Slave To The Grind" unsigned Scottsdale, AZ
*Aaron Jentzen "Great Inventors" unsigned Pittsburgh, PA
*Plumb "Hang On" (Dave Aude radio edit) f/single/Curb
*Bullets and Octane "Gravestone Love" unsigned Orange County, CA

Kill Hannah - Wake Up the Sleepers - Radio

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*Kill Hannah "Radio" f/Wake Up The Sleepers/Universal Motown
*Crossbreed "Hollow" f/KE 101/Driven
*The Literary Greats "Happens Every Time" unsigned Houston, TX
Velvet Acid Christ "The Art of Braeking Apart" f/The Art../Metropolis
Orange "Standing Still" f/Phoenix/Hellcat
Powerman 5000 "Make Us Insane" f/Somewhere On The../Fontana

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