Saturday....November 21....Show # 214....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Evergrey "These Scars" f/Torn '08
Stereophonics "Mr. Writer" f/Just Enough Education To..'01
T. Rex "I Love To Boogie" f/Dandy In The Underworld '77
Metric "Gold Guns Girls" f/Fantasies/Arts and Crafts '09
Chelsea "Ritalin Kid" f/Faster Cheaper & Better Looking '05
Pepe Deluxe "Indifference" f/BEATitude '03
Twisted Sister "You Want What I Got" f/Come Out and Play '85
*The XX "Crystalised" f/XX '09
Soundgarden "The Day I tried To Live" f/Superunknown '94
The Cult "Holy Mountain" f/Born Into This '06

Jamie T - Kings & Queens - The Man's Machine

Crazy Brit JAMIE T. Get his music here on iTunes

*Jamie T "The Man's Machine" f/Kings & Queens/Astralwerks '09
Testament "Leave Me Forever" f/The Formation Of Damnation '08
Iggy Pop "Je Sais Que Tu Sais" f/Preliminaires/Astralwerks '09
*Warner Drive "Faking Smiles" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09

8:00 AM

Aldo Rox "I Am The Man" unsigned Modesto, CA '06
*Filter "Fades Like A Photograph" f/2012/RCA '09
*Nitzer Ebb "Never Known" f/Saw XI Soundtrack/Trustkill '09
Lordi "Girls Go Chopping" f/Deadache '08
Ace Frehley "A Little Below The Angels" f/Anomaly/BronxBorn '09
Joan Jett SOW: "Who Can You Trust?" f/Album '06 Re-issue

Puscifer - "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) - EP - Polar Bear

Download MAYNARD'S PUSCIFER on iTunes right now!

Puscifer "Polar Bear" f/C is for (Please Insert Sophmoric..) '09
Sonic Youth "Sugar Kane" f/Dirty '92
Early Man "Fist Shaker" f/Closing In '05
Willowz "Repitition" f/single/Dim Mak '09
*SIOP "You Don't Wanna Stop " unsigned Scottsdale '09

9:00 AM

Epica - Design Your Universe (Exclusive Bonus Version) - Unleashed (Duet Version - Bonus Track)

Phones were heavy on this! Download on iTunes now!

*Epica "Unleashed" f/Design Your Universe/Nuclear Blast '09
*Rejectionist Front "Long Lost Land" f/Shock The../World2B '09
*[:SITD:] "Frontal" f/Rot/Metropolis '09
The Literary Greats "Show Me The Coast" unsigned Houston '09
Rammstein "Mehr" f/Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da/Universal '09
Dope Stars Inc. "When I See You Smile" f/21st Century../Met '09
*The Features "The Gates Of Hell" f/Some Kind Of.. /429 '09
Wumpscut "Tory Skin by W:" f/Bunertor 7/Metropolis '09

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