Sunday....November 22....Show #197....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Epica - Design Your Universe (Exclusive Bonus Version) - Kingdom of Heaven ~ A New Age Dawns - Prt V ~

Download this exciting opus from EPICA on iTunes right here!

*Epica "Kingdom of Heaven" f/Design Your../NuclearBlast
*Massive Attack "Splitting The Atom" f/EP/Virgin
*Gospel Gossip "Pre-Med (Just In Case)" unsigned Minnesota
Vains of Jenna "Paper Heart" f/The Art of Telling Lies/RLS
*Dennis Dicken "Let Your Loved One Sleep" f/Late../Crypto
*Herzschlag "Freiheit" f/Fest Der Leibe/Metropolis
*Warner Drive "Faking Smiles" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
*Pere Ubu "Act2 Scene 2b" f/Bring Me The Head../CookingVinyl
*November's Doom "Empathy's Greed" f/Into Night's../The End

7:00 PM

*Easter Monkeys "Monkey See, Monkey Do" unsigned Cleveland
*VNV Nation "Defiant" f/Of Faith, Power and Glory/Anachron
*Bullets and Octane "Sweet Angel" unsigned Los Angeles, CA
Aldo Rox "I Am The Man" unsigned Modesto, CA
Jamie T "The Man's Machine" f/Kings & Queens/Astralwerks
Rejectionist Front "Long Lost Land" f/Shock The../World2

***Performing Live SIOP***

Songs: "Witz End" and "Sunglasses"
from disc "You Don't Wanna Stop"

End show with

Nitzer Ebb - Saw VI (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) [Bonus Track Version] - Never Known

You can get this NITZER EBB song from iTunes right now!

Nitzer Ebb "Never Known" f/Saw XI Soundtrack/Trustkill
The Invisible Kid "Sometimes" unsigned New York City
Dope Stars Inc. "When I See You Smile" f/21st Century../Met

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