Saturday....November 28....Show # 215....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Puscifer "Drunk With Power" f/V Is For Vagina '07
Wolfgang Press "She's So Soft" f/Funky Little Demons '95
Girlschool "Let's Get Hard" f/Believe '04
*The Hundred Days "Disaster" unsigned United Kingdom '09
T.S.O.L. "Blow By Blow" f/Strange Love '90
Saosin "Bury Your Head" f/ST '06
*Herzschlag "Dein Lied" f/Fest Der Leibe/Metropolis '09
*Bullets and Octane "Welcome To Our Holiday" unsigned L.A. '09
Sham 69 "Give A Dog A Bone" f/The Punk Singles Collection 77-80
*Aldo Rox "I Am The Man" (LWOL 2009 Ver.)unsigned Modesto '09
Joan Jett SOW: Oh Woe Is Me" f/I Love Rock N' Roll/reissue '06

Dope Stars Inc. - 21st Century Slave - Megacorps

Great music from Rome, DOPE STARS INC. on iTunes right here!

*Dope Stars Inc. "Megacorps" f/21st Century Slave/Metropolis '09
Lillian Axe "5" f/Waters Rising/Metro City '07
360's "Are You Experienced" f/ All The Young Dudes Anthology '92
Massive Attack f/Horace Andy "Splitting The Atom" f/single '09
*Billy Talent "Rusted From The Rain" f/Billy Talent III/Atlantic 09

8:00 AM

Epica "Kingdom of Heaven" f/Design Your../NuclearBlast '09

**Performing live WARNER DRIVE from Los Angeles

Songs: "Miles Away" and "Broken"

*Halfdown Thomas "Self Centered" f/single/Rock Ridge '09

9:00 AM

Babylon Whores "King Fear: Song For The Damned" f/King Fear '99
*Gospel Gossip "Big Steer" unsigned Minnesota '09
BM Linx "Red House Been Empty" unsigned New York City '09
*Wumpscut "Tell Me Why" f/Bunkertor 7/Metropolis '09
SIOP "Sunglasses" unsigned Scottsdale, AZ '09

The Love Me Nots - Upsidedown Insideout - The Kinda Love I Got

Scottsdale's THE LOVE ME NOTS-Download on iTunes now!

*The Love Me Nots "The Kinda Love I Got" f/Upside../Atomic..'09
Placebo "Devil In The Details" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant '09
Pere Ubu "Act2 Scene 2b" f/Bring Me The Head../CookingVinyl '09
*November's Doom "The Fifth Day of March" f/Into../The End '09

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