Saturday....December 5....Show # 216....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Merlinmoon "One Beat of Silence" unsigned Hollywood, CA '08
Die Krupps "The Perfect Drug" f/Tribute To Nine Inch Nails '00
Keema "I Kissed Your Girl" unsigned Copenhagen, Denmark '09
Rejectionist Front "Garden" f/Shock The Conscious../World '09
Matt Darey vs. Tall Paul "No Submission" f/single/Koch '07
Oomph! "Die Schlinge" f/Glaubeliebetod '08
Chuck Mosley & VUA "The Enabler" f/Will Rap../ReverseImage '09

The Ettes - Do You Want Power - Modern Game

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*The Ettes "Modern Game" f/Do You Want Power/TakeRoots '09
Melidian "Ready To Rock" f/Lost InThe Wild '89
Orange "Cool Mexicans" f/Welcome To The World Of Orange '05
*Electric Six "The Newark Airport Boogie" f/Kill/Metropolis '09
Gogol Bordello "Start Wearing Purple" f/Gypsy Punks '05
The December Sound "No Heaven Like Hell" unsigned Brooklyn '08
*Herzschalg "Ein Alter Freund" f/Fest Der Liebe/Metropolis '09
*Vains Of Jenna "I Belong To Yesterday" f/The Art Of../RLS '09

8:00 AM

Nightwish "The Poet and the Pendulum" f/Dark Passion Play '07

Scheduled: Performing Live: BLINDDRYVE

2 Live Songs "Road To Take" and "Crucified"

From Disc: "Semblance"

IMAX "The Great Shipwreck of LIfe" f/Kingdom../Metropolis '09
Suicidal Tendencies "Life's Longer Than One Day" not available '08

9:00 AM

Rob Zombie "Sick Bubblegum" f/Hellbilly Deluxe 2/Roadrunner
Heaven and Hell "Eat The Cannibals" f/The Devil You Know/Rhino '09
*Editors "Papillon" f/single/Fader Label '09
Lazyboy "Underwear Goes Inside The Pants" f/TV '04

Powerman 5000 - Somewhere On the Other Side of Nowhere - Make Us Insane

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Powerman 5000 "Make Us Insane" f/Somewhere../Fontana '09
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Crimson and Clover" f/Fit To Be Tied '01
Bullets and Octane "Welcome To Our Holiday" unsigned L.A. '09
*Cold Cave "Loves Comes Close" f/Love Comes../Matador '09
*Dope Stars Inc "Outlaw Thrones" f/21st Century../Metropolis '09
*Massive Attack "Bulletproof Love" f/Splitting The Atom EP/Virgin '09

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