Saturday....December 26....Show # 219....6:45 PM

*new song first time aired

Iced Earth "The Clouding" f/Framing Armageddon '07
Sage Francis "Woke Up This Morning" f/Human The..'07
Tin Machine "One Shot" f/ single '91
Destrophy "The Way Of Your World" f/ST/Victory '09
The Do "On My Shoulders" unsigned France '07
Samiam "Capsized" f/Clumsy '94
Doro "Herzblut" f/Fear No Evil"/AFM '09
The Panics "Don't Fight It" f/single '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Little Drummer Boy" f/single '08
Warner Drive "Faking Smiles" unsigned Los Angeles, Ca '09
Dust Brothers "What Is The Fight Club?" f/Fight Club OST '99
Blaze "Lovelee Dae" (Eight Miles High mx) f/Profound S.Vol. '99
Billy Talent "Rusted From The Rain" f/Billy Talent III '09
Gunfire 76 "My Heart Is An Empire" unsigned N. Carolina '09

8:00 AM

Ministry "The Light Pours Out Of Me" f/Animositisomina '03
Halford "Winter Song" f/Halford 3: Winter Songs/Metal God '09
Paul Oakenfold "Trancemission (with Genetic) f/Voyage..'05
Dokken "How I Miss Your Smile" f/Lightening Strikes Again '08
Johnny Thunders "You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" '78
The Cult "Love Trooper" (Demo '86) f/Rare Cult 1984-1995 Box Set
Placebo "Speak In Tongues" f/Battle For The Sun/Vagrant '09
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Bring It On" f/Nocturama '03

Die Toten Hosen - In aller Stille - Leben ist tödlich

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Die Toten Hosen "Leben ist tödlich" f/In aller Stille '08
Patrick Wolf "The Messenger" f/The bachelor/Nylon '09
The Love Me Nots "He's What I Got" f/Upsidedown../AAGG '09
Vampire Weekend "Cousins" f/Contra/XL Recordings '09

9:00 AM

Grendel "Chemicals & Chemistry" f/Chemicals../Metropolis '10
Bullets and Octane "Welcome To Our Holiday" unsigned L.A. '09
The Eden Effect "Now Or Later" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09

Sacred Reich - Still Ignorant (1987-1997) Live - War Pigs

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Sacred Reich "War Pigs" f/Surf Nicaragua '88
VNV Nation "In Defiance" f/Of Faith, Power and../Anachron '09
Motorhead w/Ice T "Born To Raise Hell" f/Airheads OST '94
The Features "Foundation's Cracked" f/Some Kind of../429 '09
Pagen's Mind "Hallo Spaceboy" f/God's Equation '07
Veil Veil Vanish "Anthem For A Doomed Youth" f/Anthem.. '09
*Flight Of The Conchords "Friends" f/I Told You I../Sub Pop '09
*The Prairie Cartel "Suitcase Pimp" f/Where Did../Long Nights '09

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