Saturday....January 2....2010....Show # 220....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Rammstein "Amerika" (Live from France) f/Volkerball '07
Whitesnake "Lay Down Your Love" f/Good To Be Bad '08
The Prodigy "Run With The Wolves" f/Invaders Must Die '09
Manraze "Running Me Up" f/Surreal '08
The Mars Volta "Teflon" f/Octahedron/Warner Brothers '09
*Velvet Acid Christ "Tripped Out" f/The../Metropolis '09

Morningwood - Best of Me - Single - Best of Me

Download this N.Y.C. band's single on iTunes now

SIOP "Sunglasses" unsigned Scottsdale, AZ '09
Morningwood "Best Of Me" f/single/Nettwerk '09
The Clash "Gates Of The West" f/Single '79
Jim Carrey "Somebody To Love" f/The Cable Guy OST '96
*Kill Hannah "Strobe Lights" f/Wake Up../Universal/Mo '09
Tesla "I Wanna Live" f/Forever More '08
Black Grape "Higher" f/Stupid Stupid Stupid '97
Aldo Rox "I Am The Man" 2009 LWOL MX unsigned Modesto
*Miike Snow "Sylvia" f/single/Downtown '09

8:00 AM

Axel Rudi Pell "Mystica" f/Best Of: Anniversary../SPV '09

Dope Stars Inc. - 21st Century Slave - It's Today

DOPE STARS INC. rock on iTunes! Download here

*Dope Stars Inc. "It's Today" f/21st Century Slave"/Met '09
White Zombie "The One" f/Escape from L.A. OST '96
Julian Cope "Head" (Long Meg & Her..Mix) f/single '91
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Heartbeat" f/Flashback '06
Brian "Head" Welch "Loyalty" f/Save Me From../Driven '08
David Bowie "Conversation Piece" (Unreleased) f/Space..'70
Diary Of Dreams "The Chain" f/If/Metropolis '09

9:00 AM

*The Prairie Cartel "Homicide" f/Where../Long Nights '09
Editors "Pappillion" f/single/Kitchenware '09
*XP8 "Blind" f/Drop The Mask/Metropolis '09
Sick Puppies "Odd One" f/Tri-Polar/Virgin '09
Lita Ford "Scream" f/Wicked Wonderland/JLRG '09
Rammstein "Haifisch" f/Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da/Universal '09

**UNKLE "War Stories: (The Psychopab Def Mix)" '07**
Rare 20:14 mix featuring: Josh Homme, Ian Astbury,
3D (from Massive Attack), Duke Spirit
& Gavin Clark

**Will replay again on tomorrow night's show

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