Sunday....January 3....2010....Show # 203....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

SIXX: A.M. "Girl With Golden Eyes" f/Heroin Diaries '07
Johnette Napolitano "Poem For The Native" f/Scarred '07
Wumpscut "Torn Skin" f/Bunkertor 7/Metropolis '09
Cold Cave "Youth and Lust" f/Love Comes Close/Matador '09

Brainstorm - Memorial Roots - Forsake What I Believed

BRAINSTORM rocks on iTunes. Download now

*Brainstorm "Forsake What I Believed" f/Memorial Roots/AFM '09
*Sharam f/Kid Cudi "She Came Along" (Reup Club)/Ultra '09
Deadbolt "Last Time I Saw Cole" f/Tijuana Hit Squad '96
*Giants Of Science "Here Is The Punishment" f/Live at../+1 '09
Joachim Witt "Und...Ich Lauf" f/Bayrueth 1 '98

November's Doom - Into Night's Requiem Infernal - When Desperation Fills the Void

NOVEMBER'S DOOM available for download now!

November's Doom "When Desperation Fills The Void"/The End '09
*Red Pens "Phase You Out" unsigned Minneapolis '09
Concrete Blonde "The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden" (Live) f/EP '90
Thin Lizzy "Me and the Boys" (Live) f/Still Dangerous '77
Rammstein "Ich Will" (Live from France) f/Volkerball '07

7:00 PM

*The Resurrection Sorrow "Plague of the Dying Sun" '09
Placebo "Battle For The Sun" f/Battle For../Vagrant '09
*Orange "Perfect Day" f/Phoenix/Hellcat '09
Helloween "Keeper of the Seven Keys" (Live) f/Live in San Paulo '07

**UNKLE "War Stories: (The Psychopab Def Mix)" '07**
Rare 20:14 mix featuring: Josh Homme, Ian Astbury,
Autolux, 3D (from Massive Attack), Duke Spirit
& Gavin Clark