Sunday....January 17....Show # 205....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

*Amoral "Release" f/Show Your Colors/Spinefarm
Scanners "In My Dreams" f/Violence is Golden '06
The Prodigy "Thunder" f/Invaders Must Die
OK Go "Before The Earth Was Round" f/Of The Blue../Capitol
Brainstorm "Forsake What I Believed" f/Memorial Roots/AFM
Black Water Rising "Something's Wrong" unsigned Brooklyn
*Grendel "Serotonin" f/Chemicals & Circuitry/Metropolis
**JL Blender: Aziz Ansari vs Amazing Baby**
*"Using My Blackberry While Driving"/Supreme Being" (Instr.)*
*Amoral "Year Of The Sucker Punch" f/Show../Spinefarm
*Liquid Devine "Fallen Men" f/Autophobia/Metropolis
*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club "Six Barrel Shotgun" (live)/Vagrant
*Grendel "Chemicals & Curcuitry" (Modulate Mix)/Metropolis

7:00 PM

Bruce Kulick
f/Tobias Sammet "I'm The Animal" f/BK3/Twenty4
Silverspun Pickups "The Royal We" f/Swoon/Dangerbird
*XP8 "One True God" f/Drop The Mask/Metropolis
W.A.S.P. "Promised Land" f/Babylon/Global
*Redemption "Love Kills Us All/Life In One Day" f/Snowfall/InsideO
*Gil Holland "Sin Tu Amorx" unsigned Chandler, AZ
*16 Volt "Things Unkind" f/Electronic Saviors/Metropolis
*Animal Kingdom "Two By Two" f/Signs & Wonders/WB
W.A.S.P. "Into The Fire" f/Babylon/Global
*The Lost Fingers "Bellville Redez-vous" f/Lost In The 80's/Sony
Rammstein "Pussy" f/Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da/Universal

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