Saturday....January 30....Show # 224....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Scar Symmetry "Timewave Zero" f/Holographic Universe '08
Strawberry Zots "I Can't Control Myself" f/Cars, Flowers..'89
Motor "Black Powder" f/single '06
*The Whigs "Kill Me Caroline" f/single/ATO '10
Tobias Sammet's Avantasia "Twisted Mind" f/The Scarecrow '08
Moistboyz "Man Of The Year" f/Moistboyz II '96
Louis XIV "Finding Out True Love Is Blind" f/Illegal Tender '05
Stars Of Track and Field "Racing Lights" f/single/Wind-Up '10
Guilt "Girl and Her Dog" f/single '90
Heaven and Hell "Bible Black" f/The Devil You Know '09
*Rammstein "Pussy" (Scooter remix) f/single/Universal '10

Editors - In This Light and On This Evening - You Don't Know Love

Download one of the U.K.'s hottest band's on iTune now

*Editors "You Don't Know Love" f/In This Light and On../Fader '10
Hawkwind (with Lemmy) "The Right Stuff" f/single '73
VNV Nation "From My Hands" f/Of Faith, Power and Glory '09
Steeler "Chain Gang" f/single '88
*The Green Lady Killers "Lucinda" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '10

8:00 AM

Lions Share "Behind The Curtain" f/Dark Hours '09
*Dan Black "Pump My Pumps" unsigned Paris, London '10
Weathermen "Such A Beautiful City" f/Beyond The Beyond '91
Joan Jett Song Of Week: "Baby Blue" f/Sinner '06
Joachim Witt "Eisenherz" f/German single '02

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~JL BLENDER~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****Lydia Lunch and Exene Cervenka vs. Goldfrapp*****
"Rude Hieroglyphics" vs. A&E (Gui Boratto Dub Mix)

1,2,3 "Can't Bribe God" f/single/Ooh La La '10
London After Midnight "Nothing's Sacred" (Ext. Club Mix) '07

Street Sweeper Social Club - Street Sweeper Social Club - Promenade

Tom Morello's project is a must on iTunes! Download it!

Street Sweeper Social Club "Promenade" f/single '09
Saraya "Love Has Taken It's Toll" f/single '89
*The Soft Pack 'C'mon" f/single/Kemado '10

9:00 AM

Redemption "Keep Breathing" f/Snowfall '10
*The Antlers "Bear" f/Hospace/French Kiss '10
*Bear Hands "What A Drag" (Mix) unsigned Brooklyn, N.Y. '10
Cosmo Jarvis "Mummy's Been Drinking" f/Sonofabitch '10
HIM "Heartkiller" f/Screamworks:Love In Theory../Reprise '10
*David Bowie "Fall Dogs Bomb The Moon" f/A Reality Tour/Col '10
Biffy Clyro "Mountains" f/Only Revolutions/Warner Brothers '10
Black Lab "Mine Again" f/Passion Leaves A Trace '10
Hockey "Song Away" f/Mind Chaos/Capitol '10
*Rammstein "Ich Tu Dir Weh" (Smallboy remix)/Universal '10

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