Saturday....January 9....Show # 221....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Ayreon "Liquid Eternity" f/0101-1001 '08
Rob Dickinson "Handsome" f/Fresh Wine For The Horses '08
Die Toten Hosen "Auflosen" f/In Aller Stille '08
*V.V Brown "Shark In The Water" f/Travelling../Capitol '10
Crash Kelly "She Put The Shock (in My Rock N' Roll) f/Electric..06

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral (Deluxe Edition) - Dead Souls

Download NIN here from iTunes

Nine Inch Nails "Dead Souls" f/The Crow OST '94
D.A.D. "Sleeping My Day Away" f/single '89
*Red Pens "Hung Out" unsigned Minneapolis '10
Mike Ness "I Fought The Law" f/Under The Inflence '99
Black Sabbath "Too Late" f/Dehumanizer '92
*Beatallica "And I'm Evil" f/Masterful Mystery Tour '09
*Neon Trees "Animal" f/single/Mercury '10
Junkyard "Hollywood" f/single '89
The Fratellis "Whistel For The Choir" f/Costello Music '07
Peter Fox "Schwarz Zu Blau" f/German single '08
*Dot Dot Dot "How Long" f/unsigned Chicago, IL '10

8:00 AM

King Diamond "Sleepless Nights" f/single '89
*Yacht "Psychic City" f/See Mystery Lights '09
Ash "Jack Names The Planet" f/Angus OST '95
Everlast "Stay" f/Love, War and The Ghost of Whitey Ford '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Watersign" f/Sinner '06
Vains Of Jenna "Paper Heart" f/The Art of Telling Lies '09
The Jesus Lizard "Then Comes Dudley" f/Amateur OST '94
*Theory Of A Deadman "All Or Nothing" f/single/Roadrunner '10
Dave Gahan "Dirty Sticky Floors" (Junkie XL Vocal Remix) '03
*Johnny Zap "Classic Girl" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '10

9:00 AM

*Brainstorm "The Final Stages Of Decay" f/Memorial../AFM '10
*Reni Lane "Place For Us" (Rac Remix) f/single/Custard '10
Kill Hannah "Strobe Lights" f/Wake Up Te Sleepers '09
*Prairie Cartel "Narcotic Insideous" f/Where Did All My.. '09
Portugal The Man "Everyone Is Golden" f/The Satanic..'09

Michael Hutchence - Batman Forever (Music from the Motion Picture) - The Passenger

Rare song from INSX frontman R.I.P. on iTunes

Michael Hutchence "The Passenger" f/Batman Forever OST '95
*Muse "Resistance" f/The Resistance/Warner Brothers '10
*Hot Chip "One Life Stand" f/One Life Stand/Astralwerks '10
*OK Go "I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe" f/Of The../Capitol '10

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