**I am retiring from American Radio.
Countdown: 9 more Sunday shows left**

Saturday....February 7....Show #208....5:45 PM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Rammstein "Ich Tu Dir Weh" (Smallboy Remix) /Universal
*Ike Reilly "The Golden Corner" f/Hard Luck Stories/Rock Ridge
*The Hours "Ali In The Jungle" f/single/Hickory
*Killcode "Breaking Away" unsigned New York City, N.Y.
*Suicide Commando "Until We Die" f/Impliments../Metropolis
*Tantroniq "Now" unsigned Maryland
*Prophet & The Cowboys Of Apocalypse "Arizona" unsigned AZ
*Hadouken "Rebirth" f/For The Masses/ Nettwerk
Polysics "Cleaning" f/Absolute Polysics/Myspace Records
*Overkill "The Head and The Heart"f/Ironbound/E1
Gorillaz "Stylo" (Album Version) f/single/Virgin
*The Len Price 3 "Mr. Grey" f/Pictures/WC
[:SITD:] "Pharmakon" f/Rot/Metropolis
*Ratt "Best Of Me" (Album Version) f/The Reurn of Ratt/Roadrunner

7:00 PM

Live on-air in studio performance
Live songs: "My 45" "Wait For You"
"Linger On" and "Psycho Ellen"
From their CD Just Fine "Lucinda"

The Soft Pack "C'mon" f/single/Kemado
*The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" (Live) f/The Great../WB
*Danko Jones "Your Problems" f/single/Bad Taste '10
*Gifted But Twisted "Ice Cream Man" f/single/Red Panda 7
*Frightened Rabbit "Nothing Like You" f/The Winter../Domino
Editors "In This Light and On This Evening" f/In This../Fader

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pinbaljunkie said...

Great show, are you going to post the Green lady Killers performance?

Sorry yo hear you are leaving radio. I really miss KUKQ, that was the best radio station. Any station taht played a half hour of the Ramones everyday is okay in my book.

Thanks for the many years of great radio!

Smut Pappy