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Saturday....February 13....Show #226....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Nightwish "Master Passion Greed" (Orchestral version) '07
Sasha "Xpander" (Edit) f/Xpander EP '99
Echoboy "Don't Destroy Me" f/Giraffe '03
*Dangermaker "All For You" unsigned San Francisco '10
Manitoba's Wild Kingdom "Haircut and Attidude" f/ single '90
Fear Nuttin Band "Friends" f/Yardcore '08
Queens Of The Stoneage "Burn The Witch" (UNKLE Variation) '95
Danko Jones "Your Problems" f/single/Bad Taste '10
KIX "Sex" f/Midnite Dynamite '85
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Tube Talkin' f/Sinner '06
*HIM "Katherine Wheel" f/Screamworks: Theory of../Reprise '10
*We Are The Fallen "Bury Me Alive" f/single/Universal Republic '10
Great White "Rock Me" f/single '87
Oomph! "Die Schlinge" f/Glaubeliebetod '08
*Black Sunshine "Once In My Life" f/single/Break Silence '10

8:00 AM

The Sisters Of Mercy "Under The Gun" f/single '92
*Aerodrone "Tear Your Heart Out" unsigned Eugene, Oregon '10
Psyche "15 Minutes" (Lights Out Edit) f/Until The Shadows '09
KMFDM "Godlike (12" Version) f/Extra Vol.1 '08
Lita Ford "Patriotic SOB" f/Wicked Wonderland '09
Frightened Rabbit "Nothing Like You" f/The Winter../Fatcat '10
Mumford & Sons "Little Lion Man" f/singel/Glassnote '10
She Rockers vs. Utah Saints "On Stage" (Utah Saints Mix) '00
Ministry "Thieves" (Live Version) f/single '90
*The Hush Now "Hoping & Waiting" (Album V.) unsigned Boston '10

9:00 AM

*Sidechild "Cmon Cmon" unsigned Sweden '10
*Anesthesia "Covered (In It)" unsigned Alburquerque, NM '10
The Green Lady Killers "Wait For You" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '10
*HIM "Like St. Valentine" f/Screamworks: Love../Reprise '10
Ratt "Best Of Me" (Album Version) f/The Return of../Roadrunner '10
The Hours "Ali In The Jungle" f/single/Hickory '10
*Shout Out Louds "1999" f/Work/Merge '10
*Suicide Commando "The Perils Of Indifference" /Metropolis '10
Killcode "Breaking Away" unsigned New York City '10
Hadouken "Rebirth" f/For The Masses/ Nettwerk '10

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