**After this week only 6 more Saturday shows
left till I retire from American radio**

Saturday....February 20....Show # 227....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Majesty "Only A Matter Of Time" f/When Dreams and..'88
Child's Play "Rat Race" f/single '90
Hardknox "Attitude" f/single '99
*Crime In Stereo "Type One" f/I Was Trying To../Bridge Nine '10
Liquido "Narcotic" f/import single '99
Die Toten Hosen "Auflosen" f/In Aller Stille '08
Precious Metal "Downhill Dreamer" f/single '90
*It's Alive "Pieces" f/single/Wind-Up '10
Placebo "Taste In Men" f/import album version '00
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Make Believe" f/Fit To Be Tied '01
New Model Army "North Star" f/Today Is A Good Day '09
*Sidechild "Say Something" unsigned Sweden '10
Lacoka Nostra f/Everlast "Cousin Of Death" f/single '09
Queensryche "Last Time I Saw Paris" f/Ford Fairlaine OST '90
Shadow Play "Shadowplay" f/Compilation: Finnish Rock '93
*Aerodrone "Sceneboy" unsigned Eugene, Oregon '10

8:00 AM

Brian "Head" Welch "Home" f/Save Me From Myself '08
*Cockpit "Mission To Rock" unsigned Los Angeles '10
The Alarm "Alarm Calling" f/Guerilla Tactics '08
Schiller w/ Peter Heppner "I Feel You" f/German import '04
The Law "The Chase" unsigned Scotland '09
MC Lars "Hipster Girl" f/This Gigantic Robot Kills '08
*HIM "Ode To Solitude" f/Screamworks: Love../Reprise '10
Fatboy Slim "Everybody Loves A Carnival" f/Greatest Hits ''06
Nekromantix "Return Of The Loving Dead" f/Return of.. '02
Bang Camaro "Revolution" f/The Sims 3 '09
Nneka "Heartbeat" unsigned Germany '10

9:00 AM

Overkill "The Head and The Heart" f/Ironbound/E1 Music '10
*Pop Noir "In Like A Lion" (remix) unsigned Los Angeles '10
*Lynam "Pornstar" f/single/Cool Green Recordings '10
Massive Attack "Girl I Love You" f/Heligo Land/Virgin '10
Lamia Cross w/Armellino "Rose's Whisper" unsigned Paris '10
*K-OS "I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman" f/Yes!/Last Gang '10
*Treason "Looking At The Sun" unsigned London, England '10
*Liquid Divine "Cocoon" f/Autophopia/Metropolis '10
Gift Of Destiny "Far Away" unsigned Phoenix, AZ '10
*Dot Dot Dot "Edge Of The World" unsigned Chicago, IL '10

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Brian Duffin said...


It has been a pleasure to listen to you on KUKQ and KUPD!! You will be missed!!!

Best wishes on the next chapter of your life. May your pen never run dry.