**After this week only 3 more Saturday shows
left till I retire from American radio**

Saturday....March 13....Show # 230....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired

Benedictum "Balls To The Wall" f/Seasons of Tragedy '08
Soup Dragons "Everlasting" f/Hotwired '92
Uriah Heep "Between Two Worlds" f/Celebration/Edel '10
*American Bang "Wild and Young" f/single/Reprise '10
Tonio K "Sex With You" f/single '87
Judas Priest "Electric Eye" f/Screaming For Vengence '82
INXS "Night of Rebellion" f/Underneath The Colours '81
*The Cringe "Where It Hurts" f/single/Listen/Sony '10
The Chemical Brothers "Electrobank" f/Dig Your Own..'97
The King (James Brown) "Whole Lotta Rosie" f/Gravelands /99
*Editors "Walk The Fleet Road" f/In This Light and../Fader '10
Tangier "Takes Just A little Time" f/Stranded '91
Oomph! "Augen Auf!" f/German single '04
Dokken "Point Of No Return" f/Lightening Strikes Again '08
Arctic Monkeys "My Propeller" f/single/Domino '10

8:00 AM

King Diamond "Sleepless Nights" f/single edit '89
Codeine Velvet Club "Hollywood" f/ST/Dangerbird '10
Velvet Acid Christ "Tripped Out" f/ST '09
Chainsaw Kittens "Mother (of the Ancient Birth)" f/Violent..'90
HIM "Pretending" f/Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights '04
Joan Jett SOW: "You Drive Me Wild" f/Greatest Hits/Black..'10
*Cruel Black Dove "Forgotten Place" unsigned Brooklyn '10
Lordz Of Brooklyn "American Made" f/All In The Family '95
Brian "Head" Welch "Flush" f/Save Me From Myself '08
Spread Eagle "Scratch Like A Cat" f/single '90
Dirty Penny "If I Were You I Would Hate Me Too" f/Young..'10

9:00 AM

Uriah Heep "Corridors Of Madness" f/Celebration/Edel '10
*30 Seconds To Mars "This Is War" f/single '10
Seasick Steve "Diddley Bo" f/Man From Another Time/Ryko '10
*Gamma Ray "Chasing Shadows" f/To The Metal/Import '10
Flobots "If I" f/ST/Universal Republic '10
Ruby Tigers "Another Stupid Human" f/The Year../Fontana '10
Ted Leo & The Pharamicists "The Mighty Sparrow" '10
*De/Vision "Mandroids" f/single/Metropolis '10
*Sidechild "Go Easy" unsigned Sweden '10
Airbourne "No Way But The Hard Way" f/single/Roadrunner '10
Oomph! "Mein Schatz" f/German import single '08

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