KICK ASS SHOW April 4, 2009

LISTEN to all of over 3 hours of the kind of show
on a Saturday morning prime time that

was only heard in the 5th largest populated city
in the United States

*No other commercial radio station in any city
would have this on the air

Lopsided World Of L, Phoenix, Arizona 98 KUPD-FM

Saturday....April 4, 2009....Show # 184....6:45 AM

*Denotes new song first time aired at that time

Heaven & Hell "Neon Lights" (Live) f/Live from Radio..'07
Dead Celebrity Status "Intro" f/Blood Music '06
Dead Celebrity Status "We Fall, We Fall" f/Blood Music '06
Suicidal Tendencies "Life's Longer Than One Day" f/Year of..'09
*The Follow "Mixtures" (Shaken Mix) unsigned Missouri '09
Bad Religion "American Jesus" f/Recipe For Hate '93
King Swamp "Wiseblood" f/Wiseblood '90
*Gentleman Reg "How We Exit" f/Jet Black/Arts&Crafts '09
Iggy Pop "Lowdown" f/Instinct '88
Air "Mer du Japon" f/ singles mix '07
The Upper Crust "Cream Of The Crust" f/The Decline and.. '97
*Bat For Lashes "Sleep Alone" f/Two Suns"/Astralwerks '09
Thin Lizzy "Don't Believe A Word" /Live from Philadelphia '77/08
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry "Hand On Heart" f/Talk About The..'84
Two-Bit Thief "Broken Hearts" f/Another Sad Story..." '90
*A plus D "We Got The Soulja Boy" Soulja Boy vs. Go Go's '09

8:00 AM

Black Sabbath "Lady Evil" f/The Dio Years/ Reissue '07
*Carbon 9 "Butterflies in My Head" unsigned Los Angeles, CA '09
Yellow Magic Orch. "Technopolis" f/Solid State Survivor '79
Everlast "Weakness" f/Love, War and the Ghost of Whitey Ford '08
Freestylers "Get Down Massive" (LHB MIX) f/single '02
*Dope "Rebel Yell" f/No Regrets/Koch '09
Megaherz "Rock Me Amadeus" f/Kopfschuss '88
*Volbeat "Still Counting" f/Guitar Gangsters &../Mascot '09
British Sea Power " A Trip Out" f/Do You Like Rock Music? '08
Joan Jett Song of Week: "Tush" f/Hit List '90
Annihilator "Clown Parade" f/Metal '08
A plus D "Do You Believe Me All Night Long" Cher vs. AC/DC '09

9:00 AM

Heaven & Hell "Bible Black" f/The Devil You Know/Rhino '09
*Blue October "Should Be Loved" f/Approaching../UniversalMo..'09
*Blacklist Union "Liars Cheeters Theeves" unsigned Los Angeles '09
1990s "59" f/Kicks/Rough Trade '09
*The Parlor Mob "Tide of Tears" f/And You Were../Roadrunner '09
Yulianna "Race Car" unsigned Los Angeles '09
Lazyboy "Underwear Goes Inside The Pants" f/TV '04
*White Lies "To Lose My Life" f/single/Fiction '09
*Mastodon "Ghost of Karella" f/Crack The Skye/Reprise/Sire '09
*Queensr├┐che "Hundred Mile Stare" f/American Soldier/Rhino '09
Andrew Paul Woodworth "Pleasure To Meet You" unsigned L.A. '09

*This show had a small amount of commercials due to economy
at that time, which was rare for KUPD -so mostly music. Enjoy