If you are on this page, then you stumbled upon my latest effort.
A weekly podcast (Lopcast),

I have only been gone from live American radio since late April,
2010. That was my choice, as I left the country to be with my love,
who after 5 years, we will marry September 29. I have spent almost
all my time getting to know my new city Berlin, Germany. I put doing
this off until a few weeks ago. Now I am up and running. Maybe a
radio station or stations will pick up the show someday, but for now
I am continuing to do what I do best and love.
Discovering new music from
artists you know and artists you have never heard of from
all over the world, and might never, for over 30 years.

I am not the star of the show. The music is.
I do this for love, not money.
I am not profiting in any way doing this. Just puts a great smile on my
face that you are lisenting and hopefully come back for more.

Having said that, Vielen Dank.
Viel Spass!


Special over 2 hour edition featuring in order of play:

Serj Tankian "Reconstructive Demonstrations"
Black Mountain "The Hair Song"
Negativeland "Announcement"
Cee Lo Green "F__k You"
Wumpscut "Bam Bam",
Volbeat "A Warriors Call"
Gov't Mule "Railroad Boy"
System Syn "A Better Day Tomorrow"
Danielle Ate The Sandwich "17 and 53"
Kings Of Leon "Radioactive"
Heimataerde "Dark Dance (mix)"
Sage Francis "The Best Of Times"
Demians "Swing Of The Airwaves"
Beth Thornley "You're So Pony"
Serj Tankian "Electron"
Mr. Methane "Hamlet"
Lamia Cross "Evil Geisha Rock"
Spiritual Beggars "A New Dawn Rizing"
Shiny Toy Guns "Rocketship 2010"
Atmosphere "Until The Nipples Gone"
Fernthal f/Lore "Kings & Queens (Sailors Melody)"
ZPYZ "Night Reciever"
James LaBrie (Dream Theater) "Euphoric"
Boogie Company "God Is Dancing"
The Peacocks "Thanks For The Young Idea"
Volbeat "7 Shots"
Deadline "Bring The House Down"
Bruno Fritz "Immer an der Wand lang"
Van Christian (Naked Prey) "If You're Gonna Be Dumb You'd Better Be Strong"
Zeni Dannusi "Guilty Before Innocent"
The Vaselines "My God Is Bigger Than Yours"
Blindtext "Stupide Struktur"

special clip from 1994 KUKQ AM 1060 Phoenix, Arizona.
My chat with Gene Simmons and Eric Singer of Kiss.

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