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DECEMBER 28 (2013) 

 *Denotes song first time aired on show

*The Flatliners "Fireball"
*Deltron 3030 "Back In The Day"
*Deltron 3030 "Pay The Price"
*New Model Army "Stormclouds"
*Lou Reed & Metallica "Iced Honey"
*Lordi "Happy New Fear"
*White Lies "Tricky To Love"
*Rabbi Darkside f/ Caits Meissner "Hey Miss"
Dee Dee King (Ramone) "Baby Doll" (1989 JL classic)
*The Unlikely Candidates "Follow My Feet"
*Freedom To Glide "Angels And Stones"
*Nostalghia "Stockholm Syndrome"
*Charles Bradley "Let Love Stand A Chance"
*Light FM "Let Go"
*FOE "A Handsome Stranger Called Death"
*Ming City Rockers "Crossroads" (Robert Johnson cover)
*Diane Coffee "New Years"
*Crocodiles "Virgin"
*Mandasue Heller "The Last Time"
*Brownsville Station "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda"
*Vox Populi "Alternative Fresh" (Cut Chemist Remix)
*Moonface "Everyone Is Noah, Everyone Is The Ark"
*Little Devils "Another Pack Of Lies"
*Ummagma "Rotation" (Original mix)

Heavy Metal Anthem "Please Stay" (replay)
Jocelyn Celaya "Throwaway Kid" (replay)
JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Everybody Needs A Hero"
*Polly Scattergood "Colours Colliding"
*Neo Geo "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
*Katalina Kicks "Forever Young"
*Chains Of Love "Come And Play"

 photo 3691ff73-7f48-45c7-b4ad-475105fc59df_zpsdf02e734.jpg

DECEMBER 21 (2013) *not aired yet

"ID ME" an unusual edition

*Denotes song first time aired on show

Malek Work & The Upstagers "Let Me See Some ID"
DIO "Electra" (remastered)
Theophilus London "Last Name London"
Alice Cooper "Department Of Youth"
*The Bongos "Roman Circus"
*Brownsville Station "Rock And Roll Is Better Than Music"
Marya Roxx "Time To Run" (Phantom Blue cover)
Queensryche "Drive" (Original band w/ Geoff Tate)
Joey Ramone "Rock 'N Roll Is The Answer"
*Grant Hart (Husker Du) "Sitting In The Garden"
Dee Snider "The Joint Is Jumpin'"
Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) "Crazy Tonight"
Ayreon "Back On Planet Earth"
*Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Fragile"
Vlad In Tears "Fallen Angel"
*New Model Army "Ghosts"
Ronnie Spector (Ronettes) "All I Want"
*The Mission "Swan Song"
Doro "Herzblut"
Rusty Anderson Afternoon (McCartney guitarist) "Little One"
Kingdom Come "Seventeen"
Pixies "Andro Queen"
DJ Shadow "Circular Logic (Front To Back)"
New York Dolls "Talk To Me Baby"
Neon Trees "Animal Dj's From Mars" (Club mix)
Ed Kowalczyk (ex-Live) "Rise"

DECEMBER 14 (2013) 

*Denotes song first time aired on show

*Wyldlife "The Right!", *Arcade Fire "Normal Person", *New Model Army "Between Dog And Wolf", *Erasure "Gaudete", *Diane Coffee "All The Young Girls", *Cassie "Paradise" (Alluxe remix), *Nostalghia "Cool For Chaos", *Deltron 3030 "Stardate", *Deltron 3030 "Look Across The Sky", *The Goldberg Sisters "Artbreaker", Paul McCartney "Queenie Eye" (replay), *Alex Lato "Black Magic", *JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: *Hard To Grow Up", *Noir "Timephase", Inouwee "One Hand One Heart" (replay), *Cut Chemist f/ Chali 2na & Hymnal "Work My Mind", *The Chain Gang Of 1974 "Sleepwalking", *RJD2 "Winter Isn't Coming", Vintertur "Frost" (replay), *VV Brown "I Can Give You More", *The Foreign Resort "Dead End Roads", *Tango With Lions "Where Heroes Die", *Ka tet "World's Edge", *Echosmith "Cool Kids", *Foxes "Youth" (Breakage remix), *The Mission "From The Oyster Comes The Pearl", *Ballyhoo! "No Good", *Kismet Ryding "Comin' Up"

DECEMBER 7 (2013)

*Denotes song first time aired on show

*Diane Coffee "Hymn", *Paul McCartney "Early Days", *Kismet Ryding "Last Night's Stains", *New Model Army "Did You Make It Safe?", *Icona Pop "Then We Kiss", *Seedless "911", ME "Sleepwalker", *Tango With Lions "Kite", *Heavy Metal Anthem "Please Stay", Aldo Rox "Internet Killed The Video Star" (2010), *Geoff Tate "The Way I Roll", *Within Temptation "Silver Moonlight" (Demo version), *Sound Of The Ocean "Spring", *Funker Vogt "Kampf den Maschinen", *Mission "The Girl In The Furskin Rug", *Alex Lato "Hurt", *Hamish Anderson "Howl", *FraZic "I Go Do That (Able While I Dare)", Nostalghia "You + I" (replay), *David Bowie "Love Is Lost" (Hello Steve Reich Mix by James Murphy for the DFA), *Tim Kasher "American Lit", *Freedom To Glide "Path Of Reason", *Katalina Kicks "C Bomb", *Albert Hammond Jr. "Carnal Cruise", *Morcheeba "Make Believer", *Sibille Attar "Hotel Room", *New Model Army "I Need More Time", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: * "Different", *Skinner Box "Type O", *Go!Zilla "No Man's Land

NOVEMBER 30 (2013) 

*Denotes song first time aired on show

*Albert Hammond Jr. "St. Justice", *Erik Tyler "Princess", *Sibille Attar "Some Home", *Paul McCartney "Everybody Out There", *Motörhead "Last Woman Blues", *Morcheeba "Face Of Danger", *Marja Roxx "Blinded", *Go!Zilla "I'm Bleeding", *Of Montreal "Hegira Emigre", *Dubcon (Twilight Circus meets cEvin Key) "Outerspace", *Skinner Box "Slow Motion", Anita Mui "Love Has No Leeway" (1995), *Seedless "Friends", Iggy Pop "To Belong" (1996), *pGarage f/ Jennifer Lindshield "Newtown Roses", *The Dig "Over You Again", *Drowners "Luv, Hold Me Down", *Junior Prom "Sheila Put The Knife Down", *Mike Nuhn "Schmied", *Yung Air "All On Me", *Nostalghia "You +I", *Ronny Morris "Built To Last" (new Rich Morel mix), *Moon Taxi "Struck Me Down", *Sponge "Come In From The Rain", *Star Anna "Smoke Signals", *Me "Choral", *Moby "A Long Time", *Monks Of Mellonwah "Downfall", *Rock & Lace "No Exception", *St. Lucia "Elevate" (Passion Pit mix)

 NOVEMBER 23 (2013)

*Denotes song first time aired on show

*Of Montreal "Imbecile Rages", *Tim Kasher "Truly Freaking Out", *Mindcage "Our Own Devices", *Sleeping With Sirens "Feel", *Within Temptation "Paradise (What About Us)", *Paul McCartney talks about what Queenie Eye means leading into his new song*"Queenie Eye", *The Mission" Just Another Pawn In Your Game", *Gemini Club "Sparklers", *The Personell "Naive", *Erik Tyler f/ Lizzy Devine "Simply", *Ka tet "Awake", *Dead Leaf Echo "Birth" (remixed by Lost Children), *Convenant "Thy Kingdom Come", *Nantes "Lost Children", *Gun 4 Gun "Dark Crown", *Caged Animals "U + Yr Rocketship", *Fink w/ Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra "Berlin Sunrise" (Live version), *Noah And The Whale "Lifetime", *Chris Jasper "Any Day", *Junip "Walking Lightly (Tobacco Remix), *The Veils "Dancing With The Tornado", *Sibille Attar "Julian! I Want Be A Dancer", *Battleme "Just Weight", *Snoop Lion "The Good Good", *Roxy Music "Soulwax Mega Mix" (2005-rarely heard Soulwax mixes Roxy Music 13:19)

 photo b959632b-828c-4f2b-b9f3-71852ff4df94_zpsd958f4cc.jpg   
 NOVEMBER 16 (2013)

*Denotes song first time aired on show

Ebony Bones f/ Sympony Orchestra Of India 
"Behold A Pale Horse"
Ebony Bones f/ The New London's Children Choir 

"What Difference Does It Make"
*Genna Marabese "The Birthday Party"
*Skinner Box "Goldfish Memory"
*Scary Cherry And The Bang Bangs "Glitter"
*Anna Calvi "Eliza"
*Inouwee "One Hand One Heart"
*The Julie Ruin "Right Home"
*Polly Scattergood "Cocoon"
*Courtney Barnett "Avant Gardener"
*Marya Roxx "Time To Run"
*U.S. Girls "Overtime"
*Jocelyn Celaya *Throwaway Kid"
*Lovers "Oh Yeah"
*Camilla Sparksss "Europe"
*Mental Monky Ballet "Club 27
*ReVamp "Amendatory"
Jase Dillan "Intro/ Keepin' The Baby"
*Basia Bulat "Promise Not To Think About Love"
Taylor Upsahl "The YesKnows"
*Oh Land "Renaissance Girls"
Antigone Rising "That Was The Whiskey"
*Au Revoir Simone "Crazy"
*Best Coast "I Don't Know How"
Emika "Centuries" (Eskort Remix)
*Amy Allen "Other Side Of Somewhere Ooh"
IAMEVE "Red and Black"
*Sisu "Counting Stars"
*Tarja "Until Silence"
*Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Bad As We Can Be"

*Denotes song first time aired on show

NOVEMBER 9 (2013) 

*Devon Townsend Project "Lucky Animals", *Jarinus "The Morrissey Song", *Genna Marabese "Masquerade", *Frank Black & The Suicide Commandos "The King & Queen", *Cloud Control "The Smoke, The Feeling", *Out Cold "Invasion Of Love", *JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: * "Everybody Needs A Hero", *Nine Inch Nails "Everything", *Broken Chords "When You Know It", *Dream Of Apollo "Sandman", *Ka tet "Let My Lady", *ReVamp ""Distorted Lullabies", *The Sweet A.M. "Boot-A-Loot", *Ming City Rockers "Chic & The Mother F**kers", *Moon Taxi "The New Black", *Until The Ribbon Breaks "2025", *Arcade Fire "Reflecktor", *Kascarade "High Society", *Ballerina Black "Obedience/Terminal Dispatch", *Samuel Gough "Molehill", *Bumpin Uglies "Morning After", *Tripp Smythe "Sick Of It All", *Pop Noir "Thick As Thieves", *Blood Orange "Chamakay", 'MGMT "Astro-Mancy", *Crow Gang f/ D-Dand "Crows N Lamps", *Mike Nuhn "Kopf oder Zahl", *Flagship "Break The Sky"

 photo 7bc6ecf2-dac8-469c-b774-f81fe30b2463_zps38d2edd7.jpg

NOVEMBER 2 (2013) 

Manraze "Entertainment"
Tara Rez & The Duel "The Zack Splash Story"
XTC "Making Plans For Nigel"
*White Lies "Goldmine"
*The Mission "Drag"
Wiley "Can I Have A Taxi Please"
Adam Ant "Vince Taylor"
Primal Scream "Culturecide"
The Darkness "Everybody Have A Good Time"
The Cult "Fire Woman"
VNV Nation "The Great Divide"
*Broken Chords "All You Know"
*Glasvegas "Secret Truth"
*Some Velvet Morning "Propoganda"
Electric Doghouse (Joe Strummer & Rat Scabies) "Generations"
*Travis "New Shoes"
*Little Brother Eli "Awkward Positions"
*Wire "As We Go"
Ali Ingle "Jekyll And Hyde"
Big Country f/Mike Peters "Home Of the Brave"
Freddie Mercury "Love Kills" (Star Rider mix)
Carousels & Limousines "Home To Andy's"
Alabama 3 "Mansion On The Hill"
Modern English "It's OK"
*Frightened Rabbit "December's Traditions"
Madness "Death Of A Rude Boy"
James Stevenson "Suzi's Problem"

OCTOBER 26 (2013) 

*Gary Numan "Love Hurt Bleed", *Amy Allen "Blurred Lines", *The Bongos "Phantom Train", *Charles Bradley "Put The Flame On It", *UK DECAY "Shout", *Skinner Box "Paperdoll People", *Little Brother Eli "Animal Fair", *Bleached "Love Spells", *Starset "My Demons", Moby f/ Wayne Coyne "The Perfect Life", Electric Doghouse (Joe Strummer & Rat Scabies) "Generations" (1997), *Ming City Rockers "She's A Wrong 'Un", *Broken Chords "Crawling Through", *Ghostpoet "Cold Win", *Pixies "Indie Cindy", Michael Monroe "Ballad Of The Lower East Side" (replay), *Tarja "Victim Of Ritual", *Al Walser "I Want My Money Now", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: *Soulmates To Strangers", *Frankie Dee "Meld", *Arthur Channel "Lighten Up", *Saint Rich "Office", *Rabbi Darkside f/ Homeboy Sandman & others "Clothesline", *Zombie Oil "Crucifixation", *Wax Tailor f/ Voice "Bah Bah Bah", *The Julie Ruin f/ Kathleen Hanna "Oh Come On", *Pop Noir "Bang The Drum Slowly", *Little Boots "Satellite", *Hot Mama "Don't Believe You"

OCTOBER 19 (2013) 

*Superchunk "FOH", *Volcano Choir "Comrade", *The Mission "Everything But The Squeal", *Emiliana Torrini "Animal Games", *Travis "Where You Stand", *Redrama f/ Aj McLean "Clouds", *Little Brother Eli "When She Sings", *Ebony Bones "W.A.R.R.I.O.R.", *The So So Glos "Wrecking Ball", *IAMEVE "Red And Black", *Pixies "Andro Queen", *Tarja "500 Letters", *UK Decay "Killer", *White Lies "Big TV", *Inouwee "Devil Noise", *End Of Green "De(Ad)Generation", *Ministry "Fairly Unbalanced", Ministry "The Horror", *Rabbi Darkside f/ Dj Rob Swift "You And I And The Moon", Zwan "Ride A Black Swan" (2003), *Placebo "Loud Like Love", *Glasvegas "Magazine", *Mandasue Heller "This Love Is Dead", *Paul McCartney "New", *Aesthetic Perfection "The Dark Half", *Yancey Boys f/ Common and Dezi Paige "Quicksand", *Buchanan "Tempermentally", *Frontside 5 "Johnny D", *Johnny D "I Hate JFA" - Note: JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: returns next week with another brand new song from "Unvarnished"

OCTOBER 12 (2013)

 *Starship "It's Not The Same As Love", *Buchanan "Human Spring", *Rabbi Darkside "See Something Say Something", *The Bongos "My Wildest Dreams", *Travis "Moving", *Ebony Bones f/Symphony Orchestra Of India "Behold A Pale White Horse", *Ebony Bones f/ The New London Children's Choir "What Difference Does It Make" (Smiths cover), *The MIssion "Sometimes The Brightest Light Comes From The Darkest Place", *Glasvegas "All I Want Is My Baby", *Michael Monroe "Ballad Of The Lower East Side", The Streets "Let's Push Things Forward" (2002), *Vintertaur "Into This", *King Kahn & The Shrines "Born To Die", *End Of Green "Hurter", New Wet Kojak "World Of Shampoo" (2003), *Sulu Babylon "Save Our Soals", *White Lies "First Time Caller", *Man Man "Head On", Classic -Alice Cooper "Man With The Golden Gun", *Chelsea Wolfe "The Warden", *The Fratellis "Seven Nights Seven Days", *Eminem "Bezerk" (real version), *Everlast "Jump Around", *Nahko and Medicine For The People "Risk It", *The Kissaway Trail "Nörrebro", *Drug Church "Learning To Speak British", *Kid Karate "Two Times", *Oh, Harry "Shift Happens", *The Barbarellatones "I Am Verewolf", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: w/ Dave Grohl "Any Weather" (replay)

 photo 2302d184-2c4a-45db-94d5-62840077a63a_zpsd0ba5340.jpg

OCTOBER 5  (2013) 

*Tony deKaro "Do It In Deutschland" (voice Jonathan L)
Fler "Intro/Pheremone"
Doro "Thunderspell"
*Lingua Mortis Orchestra "Oremus"
Die Toten Hosen "Alles Hat Seinen Grund"
*Emika "She Beats"
*End Of Green "Don't Stop Killing Me"
Peter Heppner "Alleinesein"
Oomph! "Gott Ist Ein Popstar"
*Grass Green Eyes "Feuerring"
Riff Raff "We're Only Here For Beer"
Peter Fox "Haus am See"
Joachim Witt "Gloria"
Heimataerde "Keine Helden"
*Unzucht "Engel der Vernichtung"
Rammstein "Waidmanns Heil"
*Van Wolfen "Schlafloser Mond"
Schiller "Feuerwerk"
Schmidt "Shadowman"
Megaherz "Abendstern"
pGarage "Crazy Cat"
FraZic "On Till Infinity"
*Hot Mama "Alcohol"
Eisbrecher "Die Engel"
Adam Schock "Funk That Ass"
*Astrid North "Whenever"

 photo 96714e50-80dd-461f-84ea-0dac316c6ab6_zps5675c544.jpg

SEPTEMBER 28 *Rebroadcast. Scroll down for playlist

 photo 295cbcd8-23ad-4389-92cd-8ec69b55040d_zps82907da8.jpg

SEPTEMBER 21 *Rebroadcast. Scroll down for playlist

*Denotes song first time aired on show

SEPTEMBER 14 (2013) 

*The Red Paintings "Wasps", *Classic Alice Cooper "Slick Black Limousine" (1973 U.K. Single), *Classic Alice Cooper "I'm Flash" (1975), Kill Hannah "Kennedy" (2006 U.K. album version), *Glasvegas "If", *Deltron 3030 "City From The Rising Ashes", *Inouwee "My Closet In Your Heart", *Stargroves "Westfjords", *InSex "Nothing", *Bloc Party "Children Of The Future", *Vintertaur f/ Johanne "Needs", *Aesthetic Perfection "Dead Ringer", *Gunslinger "Surrender", To My Surprise "Blue" (2003), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: ** (NEW) with Dave Grohl "Any Weather" from the upcoming album Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Unvarnished" **, *Wyldlife "Guardian Angels", *Lingua Mortis Orchestra "Afterglow", *Courtney Rau "Shake", Kid Karate "This City" (replay), Jamaican Queens "Water" (replay), *Light Heat "A Loyal Subject Of The Status Quo", *Lights That Change "Beautiful Soul", *IAMEVE "To Feel Alive", Groove Armada "But I Feel Good" (2002), *Goldsboro "Great White Buffalo", Röyksoop "Remind Me" (2001), *The Vibe "Public Enemy"

SEPTEMBER 7 (2013) 

*Wyldlife "Saturday Night", *Charles Bradley "Confusion", *Vintertur "Frost", *Lingua Mortis Orchestra "Straight To Hell", *Personal "Prayer", *Young Things f/ Har Mar Superstar "Goodbye Sexual", *pGarage "Newtown Roses", *Taylor Upsahl (13-years old) "The Yes Knows", *The Walking Who "Take My Picture", *Paradox "Working Class", *Grass Green Eyes "Individuell", *Roots Manuva "Stolen Youth", *Scorpion Child "In The Arms Of Ecstacy", *Atropolis f/ Boogat "Pomporaso", *Jon Byrne "Scumbags", *Sound Of Contact "Pale Blue Dot", *Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "We Real Cool", Shirley Levi "Lyon Of JerUSAlem" (replay), *Equilibrium "Waldschrein", *Mona "Wasted", *Gunslinger "Looking At You", New York Dolls "End Of The Summer" (2011), *Juno Reactor "Trans Siberian", *Placebo "Too Many Friends", *Team "Am I Alive", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Love Is All Around", *Raffertie "One Track Mind"

AUGUST 31 (2013) 

*Grass Green Eyes "Knie nieder", *Primal Scream "Walking With The Beast", *Inouwee "Liquids Playing Misty Games", *The Jim Jones Revue "Where Da Money Go?", *The Quill "Death Valley", *pGarage "Crazy Cat", *Funker Vogt "Mein Weg", *Superhumanoids "Canteen", *The Barbarellatones "Vincent Price", *Ugly Buggs "Young Girl", Rammstein "Gib mir deine Augen" (replay), *Soft Swells "Lifeboats", *Kid Karate "Heart", *Emika "Young Minds", *Bent Cousin f/ Keith Levine (PIL) "Widening The Vision", *Queens Of The Stoneage "I Sat By The Ocean", *Jamaican Queens "Water", *D.U.N.E. "Realize", *Dialekt "Not Today", *These Reigning Days "Too Late", *David Bowie "Dancing Out In Space", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Bad Reputation", *Markus Allen Christopher "Moonchild", *The Stranglers "Mercury Rising", *Diamond Plate "Price You Pay", *Julian Thome "Being Alone", *Craftplay "Death Of The Swagger", *Stratovarius "Castles In The Air"

AUGUST 24 (2013) 

*Surfer Joe "The North Swell", *The Jim Jones Revue "7 Times Around The Sun", *D.U.N.E. "Virtual Reality", *Goldfrapp "Drew", *NIne Inch Nails "Came Back Haunted", *Arctic Monkeys "Do I Wanna Know?", *Inouwee "Danger", *Funker Vogt "Gott noch nicht", *Hypo & EDH "Sunburn", *MK Ultra "Killing Angels", *The Dead Daisies f/ Slash "Lock N' Load", *Kid Karate "This City", *The Pedaljets "Terra Nova", *Emika "After The Fall", *Kirin J Callinan "Come On USA", *Oliva "The Witch", *Tecla "Fake Tears", *Ballerina Black "Knves", *Alcapulco Radio "Bikini Beat", *Omegaman "El O'man Boogaloo", *Grant Hart "Glorious", *Dirty Heads "Cabin By The Sea", *Union Cinema "Can't Get Rid Of", *Hot Chip "Doctor", *Gogol Bordello "Gypsy Auto Pilot ", Army Of The Universe "Resin" (Bobermann remix-replay), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Roadrunner", *Newsted "Long Time Dead"

AUGUST 17 (2013) 

*Emika "Centuries" (Eskort Remix), *Transplants "It's A Problem", *Doris Brendel "Going Out", *The Winery Dogs "Elevate", *The James Hunter Six "The Gypsy", *Grant Hart "Letting Me Out", *FraZic "HipOnMyHop", *Maps "Vicissitude", *Oliva "Father Time", *Queen Kwong "Like A Swan", *Eldorado "Kassandra", *Pet Shop Boys "Love Is A Bourgeois Construct", *Convulsions "Jokerman", *The Toadies "Summer Of The Strange", *Astrid North "Twang", *Little Green Cars "The John Wayne" (2012), *Gauntlet Hair "Bad Apple", *Bob Marley & The Wailers "Punky Reggae Party" (Z-Trip Remix), *Stacy Clark "Days Into Nights", Tim "Ripper" Owens "Death Race" (2009), *Black Market Research "Weight Of The World", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "MCA", *Huntress "Destroy Your Life", *CocoRosie f/ Antony "Tears For Animals", *Carousels & Limousines "Home To Andy's", *The Legendary Pink Dots "Grey Scale", *United G f/ Phlexter "Wake Up To Peace"

AUGUST 10 (2013) 

 *Love Dominique "Down", *A Tom Collins "Baby Doll", *Pixies "Bagboy", *Mavis Staples "Far Celestial Shores", *Markus Allen Christopher "I Want Love", Rammstein "Buch Dich" (1997), *Eldorado "Space Mambo", *HIM "Hearts At War", *Scorpion Child "Kings Highway", *Atmosphere "Bob Seger", *Jase Dillan "Venom", *The Quill "Purgatory Hill", *Transplants "See It To Believe It", *The James Hunter Six "Minute By Minute", *Antigone Rising "That Was The Whiskey", *Pet Shop Boys "The Last To Die", *Queensryche "Open Road", *Bob Marley & The Wailers "I Shot The Sheriff" (Roni Size remix), *Carousels & Limousines "Country Soul", *Congo Natty f/ Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy, Nanci Correia "Get Ready", *King Tuff "Freak When I'm Dead", *Violet Clark "Pure O", *Ozonna "Me & You On Top", Terraplane Sun "Get Me Golden" (replay), *The Boxer Rebellion "Diamonds", *Eddie Fish f/ Yo Gotti "Whole Lotta $", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: Little Liar (Live), *Grouplove "Ways To Go"

AUGUST 3 (2013) 

 *Queensryche "X2/Where Dreams Go To Die", *Queen Kwong "Bad Lieutenant", *Carousels & Limousines "One & Only", *The Barbarellatones "Fake English", *Cloud Control "Dojo Rising", *Black Sabbath "Zeitgeist", *Worldwide Premiere -Jase Dillan "Keepin' The Baby", *Big Black Delta "Betamax", *Primal Scream f/Robert Plant "Elimination Blues", *Worldwide Premiere- Vlad In Tears "Love Of My Life" (Queen cover), *Worldwide Premiere- Eldorado "Mr. Saturn", *Pet Shop Boys "Bolshoy", *A Tom Collins "Hospital", *Megadeth "The Blackest Crow", *Sirenia "My Destiny Coming To Pass", *Tom Keifer "Cold Day In Hell", *Gogol Bordello "Lost Innocent World", *Huntress "Blood Sisters", *Lowline "My Head Explodes", *Maps "A.M.A", *Worldwide Premiere - Rusty Anderson Afternoon "Little One", *Transplants "Back To You", *Terraplane Sun "Get Me Golden", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Who Can You Trust?", *Motionless In White "America", *The Temperance Movement "Only Friend", *Smith Westerns "Varsity"

Coming Weekend of July 26- 28 SPECIAL EDITION

"Come Ride The Dark Wave With Me"

*not aired yet

Original Eratica Opening (from 1998 Demo)
Rammstein "Du Hast"
Clan Of Xymox "Hypocrite
Kid Savant "NaNa Never Ends (KMFDM remix)
Laibach "Opus Dei"
Myndkill "Near Me"
Pailhead "I Will Refuse"
Rhapsody "Dante's Inferno"
Queensryche "X2"
HIM "Killing Loneliness"
Everything Goes Cold "Monsters Of The Modern Age"
Eisbrecher "Goth Killer"
Wax Tailor "Into The Sky"
Love & Rockets "So Alive"
Rammstein "Mein Herz Brennt" (Piano version)
IAMX "Song Of Imaginary Beings"
Heimataerde "Dark Dance (Medievil Floor)"
The Cult "Assault On Sanctuary" (full version)
Killing Joke "Ghosts On Ladbroke Grove"
Vlad In Tears "Damnation"
Skunk Anansie "Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
Six Inch "Wound Torn Bride"
Ghost & Writer "Nightshift (Diskonnekted)
Bitter Joy "Across The Distance"
Ego Likeness "The Devils In The Chemicals" (Sin mix by Angelsplit)
G.L.A.S.S. "Soul In Pain"

*Denotes song first time aired on show

JULY 20 (2013)

*HIM "Love Without Tears", *Big Black Delta "Side Of The Road" (Dinamo Azari remix), *Wideboy Generation "No Time To Be Shy", *D.U.N.E. "Heavy Rain", *The Almost "I'm Down", *Primal Scream "Culturecide", *Shirley Levi "Lyon Of JerUSAlem", *Orphaned Land "Shama'im", *Blue October "Bleed Out", *Fler "Mut Zu Hässlichkeit", *Keema "Something About You", *Children Of Bodom "All Twisted", *M.I.A. "Bring The Noize", Beatrootband "Me & The Moon" (replay), *The Stone Foxes "Battles, Blades & Bones", *Ebony "E-Bone" Moore "Cope", *Shout Out Louds "14th Of July", *Krokus "Hardrocking Man", *King Tuff "Just Strut", *The Temperance Movement "Ain't No Telling", *Said The Whale "I Love You", *Sayknowledge "The Globe", *Monks Of Mellonwah", *Zeale "Hope Dies", *Sunrise Avevue "Hollywood Hills", *ME "Your Favourite Colour", *Scout Killers "Thicker Than Water", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Destination Unknown" (Missing Persons cover), *The Legendary Pink Dots "A Star Is Born"



Ronnie Spector w/ Joey Ramone "Bye Bye Baby" (1999)
*Alison Moyet "Changeling"
*Daybehavoir "Luci Della Citta"
*She & Him "Oh Boy" (cover of Buddy Holly)
*Astrid North "Dither"
*Doris Brendel "No Lonely Girl"
*Epica "Deep Water Horizen"
*Tokyo Denmark Sweden "Lights Off"
Joan As Police Woman "Magic"
*Ruby (Lesley Rankine) "Fireweed"
G.L.A.S.S. "Der Erlkönig"
*Hella Donna "Pictures In The Box (Complexo Dance Mix)
*Camillia Sparksss "I'll Teach You To Hunt"
*Dessa "Warsaw"
Doro "The Queen" (rare bonus track)
*Stacy Clark F/ Kevin Alves "Anywhere"
*Jane Woodman "Skinwalker"
*Eleanor Friedberger "Stare At The Sun"
Nina Hagen "Roter Mohn"
Daughter "Get Lucky" (cover of Daft Punk)
IAMEVE "Self Sabotage"
*Ummagma "River Town"
*Vivian Kanner "Rosinen Und Mandeln"
*Emika "Wicked Game" (cover of Chris Isaak)
*Blue Flower Project "Foramen Of Panizza"
*Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside "They Told Me"
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Cherry Bomb" (Dance Mix)

JULY 6 (2013) 

*The Quill "Sweet Rush", *The Stranglers "Adios", Everlast "The Ocean" (2008), *HIM "Into The Night", *Daybehavior "For A Thousand Years", Jon Astley "Jane's Getting Serious" (1987), *Astrid North "Impossibilities", *Scout Killers "Between The Line", *Children Of Bodem "Dean Man's Hand On You", *Lightouts "Want", *Theophilus London f/ Sade "Love Is More Red", *Orphaned Land "The Simple Man", *Beatrootband "Me & The Moon", Roky Erickson "Burn The Flames" (1979), *Sayknowledge "I'm Here", *Red Sails "Looking Out To Sea", *Tokyo Denmark Sweden "When It Breaks", *Avantasia "Spectres", *Juno Reactor "Mona Lisa Overdrive", *Black Star Riders "Blues Ain't So Bad", *Sound Of Contact "I Am Dimensionaut", JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Watersign", *Kiko Loureiro ""Reflective", *U.D.O. "Timekeeper", *Huntress "I Want To F**k You To Death"

JUNE 29 (2013) 

Cee Lo Green "The Lady Killer Theme (interlude), IAMEVE "Temptress" (replay), *U.D.O. "Devil's Bite", *Tricky "Parenthesis", *Skinny Puppy "Wornin'", *Alison Moyet "Apple Kisses", Kraftwerk "Uran" (interlude), *G.L.A.S.S. "Black Comedy", *Afrolicious "Foolin'", *Meat Puppets "Time And Money", *Red Sails "She Had It All", *Doris Brendel "Fat", *Avantasia "What's Left Of Me", *Eric Burdon w/ Jenny Lewis "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood", *Sayknowledge "Kingdom", *Sayknowledge "HEEM!" (replay), *Sound Of Contact "Only Breathing Out", *Volbeat "Our Loved Ones", *The Stranglers "My Fickle Resolve", *Black Star Riders "Valley Of The Stones", *RK Ultras "Stickup Kids", April Anne "Piano Strings" (replay), *The Kings "This Beat Goes On / Swtichin' To Glide" (New digital version of 1982 song), The Adventures Of…"Lullabies" (interlude), *Daft Punk "Giorgio By Moroder", *Ballerina Black "Birth Of A Felony", *Deeper Upper "In This Dance", JOAN JETT SONG Of THE WEEK: "Be My Lover"

JUNE 22 (2013) 

Ringside "Dayglo" (2011), *InSex "Somebody Else", *Ballerina Black "Japanese Title", *Avantasia "Where Clock Hands Freeze", *Black Star Riders "Before The War", Morning Glory "Stevie Dinner" (interlude), *Doris Brendel w/ Lee Dunham "Ebay", *Adam Ant "Vince Taylor", *Alison Moyet "When I Was Your Girl", *Skid Row "This Is Killing Me", Tom Jones "Don't Knock" (2010), *Say Knowledge "Samurai", *Daft Punk "Instant Crush", *Suicide Commando "Attention Whore", *Six Inch "Whore Of The Medical Science", *G.L.A.S.S. "Ocean Deep", Nightmares On Wax "Time (To Listen)" (interlude), *Fat Tony f/ Kool A.D. & Despot "Hood Party", *Meat Puppets "Original One", Murder By Death "Kentucky Bourbon" (interlude), *Robyn Hitchcock "My Rain", *Rusty Anderson (Paul McCartney's guitarist) "Effortless", Rob Dickinson "Black Metallic" (2008 Acoustic version), *She & Him "Sunday Girl", *Bryant Dope f/ Anthm "NNY", *Deeper Upper "As We're About To Fall", *Anvil "Badass Rock N Roll", *Redd Kross "Dracula's Daughter", *Fler "Blue Magic", *Saliva "In It To Win It", *U.D.O "Death Ride" (Note: Joan Jett Song of the Week returns next week)

JUNE 15 (2013) 

*Deeper Upper "Trapping In", *Volbeat "My Body", *G.L.A.S.S. "Der Erlkönig", *Black Star Riders "Bound For Glory", *Youthkills "Time Is Now", Vs The Earth "Alligator Shoes" (interlude), *Vayden "Rosanna", *Ballerina Black "Squeeze Through", *Fler "German Dream", *Big Country f/ Mike Peters "Home Of The Brave", *Suicide Commando "Unterwelt", *Sayknowledge "HEEM!", *Ghost BC "Idolatrine", *!!! (Chk Chk Chk) "One Boy/One Girl", *SixInch "Difficulty Of Life In Art", *Van Wolfen "Galileo On The Moon", *Brain Dead Symphony "Something New", *Jane Woodman "Particles", *Villagers "Earthly Pleasure", Camilla Sparksss "You Are Awesome" (replay), *On An On "Panic", *The Weeks "Dear Bo Jackson", *Trillium Vein "The Sickness", *FraZic "Horde Duel", *White "Pretty Creatures", The Diamond Light "Never Enough" (replay), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "A Hundred Feet Away", *The Black Sleep "Bleed", *Bryant Dope "Champion Sound", *Cora Lee "Rocket To The Moon"

JUNE 8 (2013) 

This edition features numerous LWOL Classic's -played and often requested by listeners

*Live Footage "Van Damme", *Ghost BC "Secular Haze", (LWOL classic) Ayreon "Ride The Comet" (2008), *Fler "Skit #1", *Fler "Biggest Boss", *The Rebel Light "Wake Up Your Mind", *White "Wet Jets", *Van Wolfen's Guitar Junkie "Slidin' & Slippin", *She & Him "Baby", *K-OS "Blondes", (LWOL classic) UNKLE f/ Ian Astbury "Burn My Shadow", *FraZic "On Till Infinity", (LWOL classic) HIM "Dead Lovers Lane" (2007), *Tom Odell "Another Love", *Tricky f/ Francesca Belmonte "Nothing's Changed", (LWOL classic) Black Francis "All In My Mind" (Love & Rockets cover 2009), (LWOL classic) Emigrate "My World" (2007), *Perfect Dilemma "Barbie Dolls With Batteries", *Nico Vega "BEAST", *Jon Byrne "Voices", *Juno Reactor "Shine", *Slow Earth "Change Nothing", *Fler "Skit 2", *Fler f/ Jihad "Produkt Der Umgebung", *The Heavy "Just My Luck", *Sorrow "Flowerchild", (LWOL classic) kBrandow "Punk Rock Belt" (2007), (LWOL classic) Tuff "American Hair Band" (2001), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Riddles", (LWOL classic) Rammstein "Du Hast" (2009 Electro house mix)

JUNE 1 (2013) 

*Zion I & The Grouch f/ Brother Ali "Invitation", *Clan Of Xymox "Creep" (Radiohead cover), The Cult "A Pale Horse" (2012), *OMD "Decimal", *K-OS "Alone In My Car", *The 69 Eyes "If You Love Me The Morning After", *Juno Reactor "Guillotine", *Van Wolfen "Model", *Volbeat f/ Sarah Blackwood "Lonesome Rider", *The Darkness "Concrete", Camilla Sparksss "Precious People" (replay), *Tricky f/ Francesca Belamonte "Does It", Twisted Sister "The Kids Are Back" (1983), *Krief "Simple Lives", *High As A Kite "Son Of A Bitch", Hockey "Wild Style" (replay), *The Enemy UK "Gimme The Sign", *She & Him "I've Got Your Number, Son", *Major Lazer "Watch Out For This (Bumaye)", *Jon Byrne "The Bitch And Her Greed", Doro "Metal Tango" (2004), *Daughter "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk cover), *Mount Fabric "Fault", *Skinny Puppy "ParaGun", *Young Hines "Young Again", *The Hush Sound "Scavengers", *Tony deKaro "Book Of Deception", *Bruise "Jennifer", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Make Believe", *TXL "Scheiß Drauf"

MAY 25 (2013) 

*Transplants "Come Around", *Camilla Sparksss "You Are Awesome", Kris Vlad (Vlad In Tears) "You'll Come Back To Me" (solo piano version-replay), Jon Byrne "Living The Dream", *Empire Of The Sun "Alive", K-OS f/Saukrates and Shad "Spraying My Pen", *TXL "Frei", *Blondie "Rock On" (2012 David Essex cover), *Ugly Kid Joe "I'm Alright", *Juno Reactor "Zombie", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Reality Mentality" (2013 replay), *Volbeat "Black Bart", *Wumpscut "Gabi Grausam" (Alkemic Generator mix), *April Anne "Piano Strings", The Damned "Not Of This Earth" (1995), LA Guns "Arana Negra (Black Spider)" (2012 replay), *Wire "As We Go", *Megaherz "Prellbock", *Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside "Rockability", *Ministry "Relapse" (Defibrillator mix), *Big Country "In A Broken Promised Land", *Hawk & Dove "Things We Lost So Far", *Hockey "Wild Style", *Richard Osborne f/ Dice Raw of Roots "Just Leave", *The Thermals "You Will Be Free", *I-NO "Sorry For You", OMD "Night Cafe"

MAY 18 (2013) 

*Big Country w/Mike Peters "The Journey", *Wire "Love Bends", *Jon Byrne "Funny Old Town", *Volbeat "Lola Montez", *Volbeat "The Sinner Is You", *Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Under The Earth", *Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods "Nocturnia, Moon Goddess", *Wumpscut "Madman Szpital", *Ugly Kid Joe "No One Survives", *Ronny Morris "Built To Last", *Cora Lee "Live It Up (Get That Feeling)", *U.D.O. "Metal Machine", *Lightouts "The Big Picture", *Carsie Blanton "Backbone", *Suicidal Tendencies "Slam City", *ME "Westward Backwards", *Camilla Sparksss "Precious People", *The Echo Bombs "Put Off", *Some Velvet Morning"Stone Cold", *Krytykal "She Bad", *Mixtapes "Elevator Days", *Polica "Tiff", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Doing Alright With The Boys", *Aaron David Gleason "Give The Dog A Bone", *Crush Distance "The Comfort", *Ali Ingle "Ribcage", *Blue Flower Project "Coral Heart"

MAY 11 (2013)

*Lordi "Schizo Doll", *Jon Byrne "Cigarette Song", *Cora Lee "B.E.A.S.T.", *Massive Wagons "Area 51", Villagers "Judgement Call", HeadCat f/ Lemmy, Slim Jim Phantom, Danny B. Harvey "Let It Rock" (2011), *ACIDIC "Copperman", *Wumpscut "Der Liebe Gott Sieht Alles", *Stellar Corpses "Dead Stars Drive-in", *Jane Woodman "Black Forrest", *Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods "Sir Surfalot", *Blondie "Dead Air", *Queens Of The Stone Age "My God Is The Sun", *Dead Can Dance "Children Of The Sun", *Cherries On A Blacklist "Talking To Jesus", *David Bowie "Dirty Boys", *Born Ruffians "Permanent Hesitation", *Brickwall Jackson "Goin' Down Swingin' ", *ME *Under The Sun", *J Mascis and Sharon Von Etten "Prisoners" (John Denver cover), *Junip "Your Life Your Call", *Joe Satriani "A Door Into Summer", *The NowhereNauts "Hideaway", *Saxon "Walking The Steel", *Mudhoney "Sing This Song Of Joy", *Young Gwapa f/ Young L.A. "Do Sumthing", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Nag", *Anoxia "Blame Yourself", *Dawn Of Ashes "Morphine Addiction", *Ben Tax "Gluesksmoment"

MAY 4 (2013) 

*Old Man Markley "Blindfold", *Massive Wagons "Fight The System", *Frazic "Klick Klack", *Palma Violets "Step Up For The Cool Cats", *Juno Reactor "Final Frontier", *Chyna Nicole "A Thing For You", *Suicidal Tendencies "Cyco Style", *RDGLDGRN "Million Fans", *Personal "Perfect Empty Clone", *Wumpscut "Tod Essen Leben Auf" (Dwarf edit), *Ummagma "Balkanfellini", *Krokus "Dög Song", *David Bowie "I'd Rather Be High", Kraftwerk interlude "Die Stimme Der Energie", Lou Reed "Future Farmers Of America" (2000), *Michael Jeffries "Journey On A Butterfly" (remix), *Queensryche f/ Todd Le Torre "Redemption", *Jane Woodman "Sister Europe", BETA "Cassiopea" (replay), *OMD "Metroland", *Driicky Graham "I Do This", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "TMI" (replay), *ME "Hoo Ha", *Anthrax "TNT" (AC/DC cover), *TXL "Ich Habe Angst", *Frightened Rabbit "Holy", Tony deKaro "Der Novak" (remix-replay), *IAMEVE "Self Sabotage", *Adam Schock "Ignition"

APRIL 27 (2013)

Helloween "Crack The Riddle", *Lordi "Candy For The Cannibal", *ME "Carousel", *Spiritual Beggars "Dreamer", Frazic "Be Closer (Where U R)" (replay), *Ghost & Writer "(Do I Have) Your Word" (Titanic Moon)", *Love Cream "Love Train", *World Premiere-*BETA "Cassiopea ii", Human Zoo "Cosmopolitan Scene", *Krokus "Better Than Sex", *Biffy Clyro "Trumpet Or Tap", *Heimataerde "Dein Opfer", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: *Reality Mentality", *RDGLDGRN (Red Gold Green) "I Love Lamp", *Stratovarius "Fantasy", Jolly "Guidance One", *Jane Woodman "Vapour", Joey Ramone "New York City", Jolly "Guidance Two", *KMFDM "Animal Out", *Saxon "Made In Belfast", DIO "Along Comes A Spider" (remastered 2012 reissue), *IAMEVE "Another Day" (Angel remix), *Bitter Joy "Burned", *Buckcherry "Gluttony", *Eat Dr. Ape "All I See Is Nothing", *World Premiere- *St. Madness "Drowning On Air",  *Anthrax "Big Eyes", *Miss Crazy "Make It Go Away", *Cherries On A Blacklist "Goat In The Yard", *GhostCow "Wonder"

APRIL 20 (2013) 

Citizen K "Dr. Green" (2005), *Ghost & Writer "Hurricane", New York Dolls " 'Cause I Sez So" (2009), *The Tossers "Bombo Lane", *ME "Working Life", *Sister Sin "Fight Song", *KMFDM "I Heart Not", *Violet Clark "Free Clothes", *Adam Schock "Funk That Ass", *Frazic "Be Closer (Where U R)", Madness "On The Town" (2009), *The Fuse "Runners", *IAMEVE "When I Was Young", *Krief "Tell Yourself", *The Diamond Light "Screaming Through These Halls", *Ummagma "Lama" (Jane Woodman remix), *Too Sick To Use Guns", Million Faces", *Kassoma "Control", *Bitter Joy "Across The Distance", *JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "TMI" (Brand New), *Spiritual Beggars "Hello Sorrow", *Bogan Via "Copy And Paste", *Cherries On A Blacklist "Tendre Que Esperar", *Tony deKaro "Firefly", *Ed Kowalczyk "I'm The Proof", *Joe Matera "No Way!", *Adam Ant "Hard Men Tough Blokes", *The NowhereNauts "Insomnia"

APRIL 13 (2013) 

*ME "Rock 'n' Roll Dandy", *KMFDM "Pussy Riot", *Human Human "Home", *Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside "Addicted", *Big Bad Shakin' "True Love", Rammstein "Donaukinder" (2009), *Ruby (Leslie Rankin) "Spin", *The Tossers "USA", *Lordi "The Riff", *Ed Kowalczyk "Rise" (Elder Jepson remix), *David Bowie "The Stars (Are Out Tonight), *The Diamond Lights "Never Enough", *Shout Out Louds "Illusions", *God Module "Perception", *Garvy J. And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance "Morning Light", *Too Sick To Use Guns "Open Letter", *Disclosure f/Alunageorge "White Noise", *Tony deKaro "Rattlesnake", *Long Distance Calling "The Man Within", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Baby Blue", *Adam Ant "Bullshit", *Joe Matera "Slide", *Kazzoshay "Dig", *BentCousin "F.O.R.G.E.T.", RK Ultras "Generation Of Sound" (replay), *Mordslaerm "Teufelskreis"

*APRIL 6 (2013)

 photo b1498f0a-c329-49b7-8bed-2f985c49a74d_zps2e7df73b.jpg

All women artists -SPECIAL EDITION 

*Nina Hagen "Berlin" (2012 reissue-originally 1993)
*Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Sacrilege" (f/ Karen O)
*Shirley Levi "Office In The Sky"
World Radio Premiere- *Ruby "Rain" (f/ Lesley Rankin)
IAMEVE "Throw Me A Line" (replay)
*Blue Flower Project "Rain"
*Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside "Party Kids"
*Cold Specks "Holland" (f/ Al Spx)
*Claire Hamill "The Lily Field"
*Ummagma "Kiev" (f/ Shauna McLarnon)
World Radio Premiere- *Concrete Blonde "Rosalie" (f/ Johnette Napolitano)
Portishead "Only You" (1998 Classic)
*Cora Lee "Rock 'n' Roll Megastar"
Polly Scattergood "Wanderlust" (replay)
World Radio Premiere- *Violet Clark "Interesting Parties"
*Tonya Watts "El Cerrito Place"
*Anoxia f/ Crystal Jordan "Justify"
*Brooke Waggoner "Rumble"
JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: The Runaways "Black Leather" (1979)
Doro Pesch "Engel" (replay)
*Sofia Talvik f/ Bernard Butler (Suede) "It's Just Love" (2007)
*Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra "Berlin"
Stereo3 f/ Paula Jean Brown "Mercy" (replay)
World Radio Premiere- *Annabelle Lord-Patey "13" (Big Star cover)
World Radio Premiere- *Becky Cooke w/ Dean Heslop "The House Of The Rising Sun" 
(live club version)
*BentCousin "I Think I like Your Girlfriend More Than You" (f/ Amelia)
*The Pale Faces "No More Kisses" (f/ Janice)
*Hunter Valentine "Little Curse (Shit Happens)"

MARCH 30 (2013) 

*Gibby Haynes "Paul's Not Home", *Shout Out Louds "Glasgow", *Some Velvet Morning "The Nightshift", *Big Boi "Apple Of My Eye", *The Black Angels "Don't Play With Guns", *Stratovarius "Halcyon Days", *RK Ultras "Generation Of Sound", *Miss Crazy "True Blood", *Krokus "Go Baby Go", *Nina Hagen "Erfurt & Gera" (1991-reissue 2012), *Shiny Toy Guns "If I Lost You", *Blue Flower Project "Outland", *Robyn Hitchcock "Strawberries Dress", *Bullet For My Valentine "Dead To The World", *Psalm One f/ ProbCause & Sharula "Calamari Astronaut", *David Starfire "Shiva Lives", *Buckcherry "Nothing Left But Tears", *Frightened Rabbit "The Woodpile", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Tube Talkin'", *Tripp Smythe "Start The Healing", *Cold Specks "Winter Solice", *How To Destroy Angels "The Loop Closes", *Überschillkommand (Carsten Fietz & Byron Bogues) "Mach 3" (Tony deKaro remix), *Iceage "Wounded Hearts", *Metadone "Cure", *HATEdotCOM "Demons", *Meddlstadl "Im Wald da sind die Raeuber"

MARCH 23 (2013) 

*Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside "Lip Boy", *The Grants "Drawing Lines", *Theophilus London f/ Trouble Andrew "Snow Angel", *Eat Dr Ape "Crazy Is My World", *Buckcherry "Greed", "Blast "Superjet", *Ali Ingle "Something About Jorj", *Thomas Azier "Red Eyes", *IAMEVE "Another Day", *Miss Crazy "Hail Bruce Lee", *Kasabian "Goodbye Kiss", Rammstein "Mein Herz Brennt" (Rock version-replay), *Voodoo Swing "My Rockabilly Martian Gal", *Cherry Royale "Sugar Junkie", James Stevenson (Chelsea, Gene Loves Jezebel) "Suzi's Problem" (replay), *Yellow Red Sparks "My Machine Gun", *Holy Grail "Ride The Void", *Act Rights "Heavy Boys", *Mount Fabric "The Lightening Fork", *Big Deal "Pteradactyl", *The Skys "Is This The Way?", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Coney Island Whitefish", Ian Pooley with All Dom Wrong "Bring Me Up", *Ummagma "Rotation", *Adam Schock "Moving Barrels" (Tony deKaro remix), *Apparat "Light On"

MARCH 16 (2013) 

*Ummagma "BFD", *Masked Intruder "Masked Intruder" (Intro), *Masked Intruder "Wish You Were Mine", *WVM f/ JoshFreese "Escapism", *Ian Pooley "Kids Play", *IAMEVE "Throw Me A Line", *Fler "Barack Osama", *Ali Ingle "Baby Don't Go", *Voodoo Swing "Chasin' The Devil's Hot Rod", *Hank & Cupcakes "Ain't No Love", *Snakeroot "Crime", *The Cult "Wilderness Now", *Rikky James "Take It Away", *Bitter Joy "Will You Love Me Forever", *Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside "Bad Boys", *Mount Fabric "Squelettes", *Clan Of Xymox "A Question Of Time" (Depeche Mode cover), *Dust Bowl Jokies "Down To The Bone", *Addison Escape Device "Jealous Wind", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: Nitetime", *Martin McNeil & The Dissidents "The Smallest Things", *Human Human "Control", *Boy "Little Numbers", *Kingdom Come "Is It Fair Enough", *Laura Michelle "Chuck Norris", *Free Fall "Power & Volume", *The Grants "Isabella", Tony deKaro "Lazy With Daisey"(replay)

MARCH 9 (2013)

*Mount Fabic "Cortisol", *IAMEVE "Temptress", *Adam Ant "Shrink", *Ali Ingle "Jekyll And Hyde", *Polly Scattergood "Wanderlust", *Mutant Vinyl" Vampires Show & Tell", *The Stone Foxes "Ulysses Jones", *Megaherz "Abendstern", *Big Bad Shakin "Stonecold", *Deeper Upper "I Am The Colours", *James Stevenson (Gene Loves Jezebel, Chelsea) "Been A Long Time Now", *Moto Boy "The Heart Is A Rebel", *First Light (Opio & Pep Love) f/ Hierogliphics "Lighters", *Scout Killers "No Reason", WVM f/ Josh Freese "When Universes Collide", *Rich Mahan "Mama Found My Bong", *Big Harp "You Can't Save Them All", *Radar Brothers "House Of Mirrors", *Kai Randy Michel "Free Radicals" (Tony deKaro remix), *Alice Russell "Twin Peaks", *Les Blaque Pearlz "Happy Go F**k You", HIM "Join Me In Death" (1999 Strongroom Mix), *Adam Ant "Cradle Your Hatred", *Shiny Toy Guns "Fading Listening", *Riverside "The Depth Of Self-Delusion", *Foxygen "San Francisco", *Garvy J "Celebrate", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "She Lost You"

MARCH 2 (2013) 

*Telekinesis "Ghosts And Creatures", *Yancy Boys f/ Frank Nitt "The Throwaway", Duane Eddy "Rebel Rouser" (1958), *James Stevenson (Chelsea, Gene Loves Jezebel) "Naturally Wired", *The Strokes "One Way Trigger", *The Energy "American Disaster", *Her Vanished Grace "Dawning", *Deeper Upper "Things Behind The Eden Doors", *Icona Pop "I Love It" (Bitch version), *Mesh "Born To Lie" (Blitzmaschine mix by Olaf Wollscläger), *The Cheats "So Long Sucker", *Redlight "Charlie Chaplin Disco Mobile", *Sirsy "Lionheart", *Downtown Mystic "No Exceptions", *Garvy J. "Will To Live", *Robert DeLong "Global Concepts" (Album version), *Uni Form "1984", *Fidlar "White On White", *Adam Ant "Cool Zombie", *Army Of The Universe f/ Chibi from Birthday Massacre "Until The End", *Endless Shame "Savior", *Chris Jasper "Inspired", *Frightened Rabbit "Home From War", *Riverside "Feel Like Falling", Tony deKaro "End Of All Things" (Replay), *Bettie Grind "Hello-Ciroc Money", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Light Of Day", *The Knife "Full Of Fire"

FEBRUARY 23 (2013) 

*Pillowfight f/ Emily Wells "Get Down", *Garvy J. "What If It All Works Out", *Keema "Hate", *Mother Mother "The Cry Forum", *The Twilight Garden "Falling In Circles", *Bootstraps "FortyFive", *Some Velvet Morning "NY City Cell", *James Stevenson (Gene Loves Jezebel, Chelsea) "Suzi's Problem",*James Arthur Band "Sinner" (2010), *Kellermensch "The Day You Walked In", Van Wolfen "Weiss wie Schnee" (replay from 2011), *Northern Belles "Spiders", *The Blue Van "Dreamers", *Joe Dodge "Evil Spirits", *Bob Wayne "Lost Vegas", *Curtis Casey "Hallelijah" (Leonard Cohen interpretation), *Alpha Tiger "Waiting For A Sign", *Mundtot "Spätsommer", *Tony deKaro "Lazy With Daisey", *Biffy Clyro "Black Chandelier" (Album version), *Uni Form "Walking On A Fire Line", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Fantasy", *Her Vanished Grace "Turn It Over", *Sho Da Don f/ Krazy Dee "Furniture", *Helloween "Church Breaks Down"

FEBRUARY 16 (2013)

*The Blue Van "An Eagle Dropping An Elephant", *The Blue Van "Gospel Of Dust", *Clutch "Earth Rocker", *Boogie Company "Elvis", *Joachim Witt "Shut The F**k Up", *Mother Mother "Let's Fall In Love", *Vomito Negro "Emerging Souls", *Nous Non Plus "Pasolini", *Deportees "The Wild In Me", *Tonya Watts "Lonesome Bend Road", *A$AP Rocky f/ Santigold "Hell", *Heimataerde "Keine Helden", *Matt Pond "Love To Get Used", *Chickenfoot "Something Gone Wrong" (Live version), *Peter Peter "Beaute Baroque", *Keema "Embrace", *Critical Cirkus "Deceiver", *The Sexual Side Effects "I'm In Love With A Girl (But She Used To Be A Man)", *Alpha Tiger "We Came From The Gutter", *Tony deKaro "Eternal Warrior" (Remix), *Preacher And The Kings "Uncle Remus", *Pillowfight f/ Emily Wells "Redemption", *Rich Mahan f/ Bekka Bramlett "Favorite Shirt", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Hide & Seek", *Roots Manuva "Banana Skank" (Wafa Remix), *Helloween "Asshole", *Coheed And Cambria "Dark Side Of Me" (Alternate mix), *The Bronx "Youth Wasted"

FEBRUARY 9 (2013) 

*Vomito Negro "Enemy Of The State", *Santigold "Girls", *The Real Tuesday Weld "Poker Face Going Gaga" (RTW/Lady Gaga mash-up), *Tom Keifer (Cinderella) "Solid Ground", *David Bowie "Where Are We Now", *Voivod "Kluskap O'Kom", *Doro "Free My Heart", *DJ Vadim "I'm Feelin' U" (album version), *Marya Roxx (World Premiere) "Alternative" (The Exploited cover), *Mother Mother "Bit By Bit", *Tony deKaro "Second Sun", *Atoms For Peace "Judge Jury Executioner", *Bad Religion "F**k You", TopXY05 "My Lady" (replay), *Dorrn "Sexuality", *Apparat "A Violent Sky", *St. Madness "AZ Woman" (Electric version), *Waldemaar "The Bohemian", *Mandasue Heller "Why", *Roots Manuva f/ Kope "Party Time", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "The French Song", *Pop Noir "Temptation" (New Order cover), *Some Velvet Morning "Hollywood", *Rudy Nielson "Only One More Time", *Hunter Valentine "Lonely Crusade", *The Blue Van "Wake The Tiger", *Sofia Talvik "To Watch The Bridges Burn"

FEBRUARY 2 (2013)

*The Catberrys "Love", *TopXY05 "My Lady", *Mandasue Heller "Kiss Me", *Rammstein "Mein Herz Brennt" (Boys Noize Remix), James Arthur "Indoctranated People" (2007), *Tony deKaro "End Of All Things", *Theophilus London "Dance Hall Days" (Wang Chung cover), *The Barbarellatones "Dolph Lundgren" (new mix), Nine Inch Nails "March Of The Pigs" (1994), *Sunday Night Heart "Hello", *Some Velvet Morning "Don't Think", *The Living Breathing "Mad World" (Tears For Fears cover), Miss Crazy "All About You" (Replay), *M83 "Steve McQueen" (SALM Remix), *Madness "Black And Blue", UFO "World Cruise" (2006), *Inure "The Call (Anthony Jones Remix), *Scout Killers "Long Way Round", JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Science Fiction", *Taylor J f/ Gucci Mane & Dose "No Good", *Fish Karma And The Love Generation "American", *Alex Vans "Chase The Night", The NowhereNauts "Warned You" (Replay), Paul McCartney And Nirvana "Cut Me Some Slack", *Woody Woodham "Doing Business With A Gun", *The Dandy Warhols "This Is The Tide", *JJ And The Real Jerks "Economy Class Ego Trip", *Waldemaar "Press-Down-Hold", *Stereo3 "The Long Road", *Miracle Flair "Fallen Mask", *Jake Bugg "Two Fingers"

JANUARY 26 (2013) 

*Mutant Vinyl "Pink Dagga", *Rammstein "Gib mir deine Augen", *Some Velvet Morning "Beautiful Dress", Dead Men Walking (Mike Peters (Alarm), Captain Sensible (The Damned), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats) "New Rose" (2006-Damned cover), *Hanzel Und Gretyl "More German Than German", *The Twilight Garden "Ravens And Doves", *7Horse "The Party's On!", *OfeliaDorme "Paranoid Park" (Howie B remix), *Dream Aria "Carnival Of Souls", *Stone Foundation", *Madness "La Luna", *Kris Menace f/Miss Kitten "Hide", *Devil M "Asharat", Britain's 2012 X-Factor Winner James Arthur before his star shined "Do You Love Me Like You Used To" (debuted on LWOL back on February 24, 2007), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Fake Friends", *Sister Gracie "Panoramic View", *Ebony "E-Bone" Moore "Make It Count", *Shout Out Louds "Blue Ice", *Tony deKaro "Fiebertraum", *Deportees "Islands And Shores", *Sleepless "All Exits Are Open", *Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "We No Who U R", Kate Nash "Deathproof"(replay), *Black Cherry "Fake Blood", *Rammstein "Mein Herz Brennt" (Rock video edit), *Dobie "Output", *Leaving Eden "The World Is A Better Place", *Tranenwelten "Das Schiff"

JANUARY 19 (2013) 

*Vitalic ""Fade Away", *Kate Nash "Deathproof", *Echogram "Another Has Come Between Us", *Hanzel Und Gretyl "I'm Movin' To Deutschland", *Clinic "You", *Empresarios "Smoke For Thought", *Varg "Willkommen", *Varg "Guten Tag", *Rhythms Del Mundo f/Coldplay "Viva La Vida" (Africa Mix), *Witchcraft "Democracy", *Raggedy Angry "Requiem", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Machismo", *Nappy Riddem "DTA (Stickybuds Remix), *Stereo3 "Mercy", *Local Natives "Breakers", *Tony deKaro "Fickmaschine", *Lil JaEy "45 Days", *Kamelot "Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)", *Rammstein "Meine Herz Brennt"(Piano version), *The NowhereNauts "Warned You", *Frontline Assembly "Stealth Mech", *Pop Levi "Police $ign", *Chuck Eaton "Jealous Girl", *Cherries On A Blacklist "Astoria Nights", *Russian Gun Dogs "Attack!", *Dream Aria "Gypsy Heart", *Noir "My Dear" (Assemblage 23 Remix), *Romy Conzen "Holding On", *The Babies "Alligator", *Endless Shame "Freakshow"

JANUARY 12 (2013) 

*Slam Dunk "Dying Breed", *Kamelot "Torn", *Madness "My Girl 2", *Rebel Romantic f/Woody Woodham "On The Top", *Miss Crazy "All About You", *WVM f/ Josh Freese "For A Better Tomorrow", *Doro "Hero", *Panic Lift "Temptress", *Gypsy & The Cat "Bloom", *Star Slinger "Ladies In The Back (Chrissy Murderbot remix), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)", The Rouge "Pressure", *Vitalic "Rave Kids Go", *Lupe Fiasco "Ayesha Says", *Lupe Fiasco f/ Bilal "How Dare You", The Wonderstuff "There, There My Dear" (Dexy's Midnight Runners cover), ***EXCLUSIVE CHAT AND MUSIC WITH PHIL LEAVITT OF DADA & 7HORSE: Songs: "Dizz Knee Land" (Dada), "Dim" (Dada), "Low Fuel Drug Run" (7Horse), "The Next Freedom" (7Horse), "Death Don't Have No Mercy" (7Horse), "Mind Of My Own" (7Horse), "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" (Dada)****CultFever "Boys, Girls", *Gospel Claws "Teenage Kicks", *Tony deKaro "Tremor DXM", *Chase And Status f/ Liam Bailey "Big Man"

JANUARY 5 (2013) 

Special Edition- songs that I enjoyed and sharing again with you

11 Acorn Lane "Le Sexe Au Telephone (Do Me Do Mix), Malik Work & The Upstagers "Let Me See Some ID", DJ Shadow f/ Tom Vek "Warning Call", Foxy Shazam "Holy Touch", Dee Snider "The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd", Immortal Technique "Young Lords", Paper Tongues "Amen", Tres Vampires f/ Johnette Napolitano, David J, Shok "Take You Deep", Mobonix "Reset Button", Die Toten Hosen "Altes Fieber", Wideboy Generation "I Couldn't Talk", Lana Del Rey "Radio", Little Barrie "Now We're Nowhere", Battle Me "Touch", Elixer Inc. "Burning For Me", Astrid North "Honda", Amanda Palmer And The Grand Theft Orchestra "Melody Dean", Mayday "Roaches", Schmidt "Shadowman", Dandy Warhols "Alternative Power To The People", Aesop Rock "Zero Dark Thirty", The NowhereNauts "Newspaper Today", Shirley Levi "Break Free", Yellow Ostrich "Elephant King", Arjen Lucassen "The Space Hotel", 8MM "Around The Sun", Psalm One "Kids Right Now", Redwood "One Trick Ponies", Neon Trees "Everybody Talks", Diamond Rugs "Hungover And Horny", Elan "Bad Days Are Gone"

DECEMBER 29 (2012)

*Stations will be running a Rebroadcast of
"YO-COVER THIS" Covers and Variations
Originally Broadcast October 6

*Denotes song first time aired on show

DECEMBER 22 (2012) 

*My Radio "Life Is A Bitch Slap", *Sleepless *Augmented", Madness "Death Of A Rude Boy" (replay), *Bullet SE "All Fired Up", *Frankie Rose "Night Swim", *Paul Banks "Another Chance", *Cherries On A Blacklist "Monkey", *Laibach "Geburt Einer Nation" (new re-issue), *Tailor "Indian", *Tweaker "This Is Ridiculous", *Echogram "Windows", *Foals "Inhaler", *Empresarios "Desde lo Mas Profundo", *Empresarios "Volume", Van Wolfen "Anton's ChaCha" (replay), *Vlad In Tears "More Than Ever", *Doro f/ Gus G "Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing)", *Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) "A World Without Heaven", *The Eden Effect "Surprise Me", *Dorrn "See Paris" (unplugged version), *Locksley "Holiday", *Das Komitee "Der Novak" (Tony deKaro remix), *Endless Shame "Universe", *Standing Hawthorn "Six Months In A Leaky Boat" (Split Enz cover), *The Sexual Side Effect "All She'll Ever Hurt", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Roadrunner", Michael Bernard Fitzgerald "Firecracker" (replay)

DECEMBER 15 (2012) 

*Redlight "A James Bond Complex", *August & J "For Once", *The Hood Internet f/ Psalm One & Tobaxxo "More Fun", *Laibach "B Mashina" (new reissue), *Vajra "Blind", *Clinic "Miss You", *Doro "Freiheit (Human Rights)", *Bogan Via "Wait Up", *Madness "Death Of A Rude Boy", *Bullet SE "Warriors", *Endless Shame "Winter Skies", *Konshens "Jamaican Dance", "Sleepless "I Waited", *Geoff Tate "Dark Money", *Plan B "Live Once", *Eytan & The Embassy "Everything Changes", *The Sexual Side Effect "An Hour Ago", *The Stone Foxes "Everybody Knows", *Raggedy Angry "Candy Unicorns", *Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) "Karma Killer", *The Virgin Mary's "Dead Man's Shoes", *Cherries On A Blacklist "Chemicals", *The Toadies "We Burned The City Down", *DJ Eleven & Mike Baker f/ Blind Star "Provocateur", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Love Is All Around (Mary Tyler Moore Theme)", *San Cisco "Golden Revolver", *Crime And The City Solution "My Love Takes Me There" (new reissue), *Kid Savant "NaNa Never Ends" (KMFDM remix), *Dark Tranquility "The Bow And The Arrow"

 DECEMBER 8 (2012) 

All music from artists from Germany or based in Germany
sung in both Deutsch and English language

Peter Fox "Stadtaffe", *Joachim Witt "Gloria", *Doro "Engel", Hans Jorg Grosse reads Franz Kafka "Die Baume", Heimataerde "Outremer", Rammstein "Pussy", *Megaherz "Feinbild", *Dorrn "Messin' With Myself" (unplugged), Hans Jorg Grosse reads Franz Kafka "Kleider", Accept "Shadow Soldiers", Sep7ember " I Hate N.Y.", Oomph "Augen Auf", Van Wolfen f/ Mascha & Brixton Boogie "Love For Sale", Hans Jorg Grosse reads Franz Kafka "Das Gassenfenster", Backyardloops "In Berlin (Baddaz Riddim)", Eisbrecher "Gothkiller", Kraftwerk "Antenne", Edith Hancke & Helen Vita "Joachimsthalerstrasse Ecke Augsburger Strasse", Die Toten Hosen "Ballast Der Republik", Rammstein "Haifisch" (Remix by Olsen Involtini), Nachtblut "Die Mutter Die Ihr Kind Verlor", Hans Jorg Grosse reads Franz Kafka "Auzug Aus Einem Brief An Oskar Pollak", Wumpscut "Jiddisch Is A Zwillink", *Doro f/ Lemmy (Motorhead) "It Still Hurts", *Vlad In Tears "Fallen Angel" (new mix-formly known as "Damnation"), *Vargo "Those Were The Days", Tony deKaro "Lust", Ich + Ich "Danke", Mundtot "Endzeit", Riff-Raff "Dance Or Die", Wirtz "Wo Ich Steh"

DECEMBER 1 (2012) 
Frank Black Francis "Cactus" (performed live on Lopsided World Of L 2006), *KIN "Winter Is Coming", *Geoff Tate "In The Dirt", *ZZ Ward f/Kendrick Lamar "Cryin' Wolf", *The Darkness "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us", *Onuinu "Ice Palace", Martin Clancy and the Elves Of Heaven "Hard Times On 34th Street" (replay from 2010-11), *Wildlife Control "Brooklyn", *The Vaccines "Teenage Icon", *Mandasue Heller "Your Girlfriend Hates Me", *Frightened Rabbit "State Hospital" (unedited version), *Frightened Rabbit f/ Aidan Moffat (Arab Strap) "Wedding Gloves", *Devon Townsend Project "Save Our Now", *Michael Bernard Fitzgerald "Firecracker", Johnette Napolitano "Hang On" (2006 from Sketchbook 2-rare), *Cody ChestnuTT "Love Is More Than A Wedding Day", *The 69 Eyes "I'm Ready", *Ronny Morris "Lilly", *Stan Ridgway "Burnin' For Your Love", *Black Moth Super Rainbow "Dreamsicle Bomb", *Breaking Laces "Mr. Curry Is A Cop", *Blackmore's Night "All The Fun Of The Fayre",  JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "World Of Denial", *Chris Keys and Oh No "Let Go", *Dark Tranquility "Zero Distance", Heimataerde "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (Replay), *Wintersun "Land Of Snow and Sorrow",  Bruce Hammond Earlam "Nail The Snail" (Holiday version-replay 2010-11)

 NOVEMBER 24 (2012) 

*Dirty Epics "Dirty Dog", *The 69 Eyes "Tonight", The Damned "Bad Time For Bonzo" (1982), *Megaherz "Mann Im Mond", *MS MR "Hurricane", *Gold Fields "Dark Again (Lights Out), *Geoff Tate "Say U Love Me", *Geoff Tate "Take A Bullet", *Astrid North "Thursday", *Witchcraft "White Light Suicide", *Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra "Melody Dean", *The Moons "It's Taking Over", *Clan Of Xymox "A Forest" (Cure cover), Doro "The Night Of The Warlock" (2009), *Echogram "London", *X Marks The Pedwalk "A.I.C.S.I.N.", *The Last Royals "Only The Brave", *Rise "Pop Tart", *Reel Big Fish "Famous Last Words", *Jon Mullane "American Girl", *Kazzoshay "Tryin' (After Dark mix), *Chamberlin "Jealousy", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "I Hate Myself For Loving You", *The Glass Hearts "Caught Up", *Roc Marciano "76" (samples 10CC), *Rubblebucket "Ooo Wa", *Tony deKaro "Chasing Rainbows"

NOVEMBER 17 (2012) 

*The Moons "Can You See Me", *Mr. Hudson & The Library "Anyone But Him", *Echogram "Metalize", *Witchcraft "An Alternative To Freedom", *Leika "Drops", *Garage Shock "Here Kitty Kitty", *Dio "Metal Will Never Die" (Remastered), *Megaherz "Heute Nacht", *Tame Impala "Elephant", *Clan Of Xymox "Is Vic There" (Department S cover), Theophilus London "All Over The World" (replay 2011), *Doro "Tausand Mal Gelebt" (2004), *Kyrbgrinder "My Heart Bleeds", *Deadmau5 f/ Gerard Way "Professional Griefers", *Frightened Rabbit "State Hospital", *8MM "Around The Sun" (Echogram remix), *Orgy "Crime Of the Century", *Nova Boys "Swamp Shack", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Bad Reputation", *Cody ChestnuTT "I've Been Life", *Joachim Witt "Leichtsinn", *Tony deKaro "Little Asteroid", *John Cale "Scotland Yard", *In This Moment "Beast Within", Felix Da Housecat "Madam Hollywood" (2002), *Jason Lytle "Your Final Setting Sun", *Sal Piamonte "Rolling In The Deep", *Clan Of Xymox "Venus" (Shocking Blue cover), *Daybehavior "So Shut Your Eyes" (new version)

NOVEMBER 10 (2012) 

*Devin Townsend Project "Angel", *Pat Roberts And The Heymakers "Creep" (Radiohead cover), *Maren Parusal "Soulmates", *De/Vision "Brotherhood Of Man", *The Killers "Battle Born", *Dexter "Tonight's The Night", Theophilus London "Wine & Chocolates" (replay 2011), *Two Lights "Wave Into The Sun", *Avery Watts "This Is War", *Luke Escombe And The Corporation "iMan", *Schmidt "Defenseless", *Caustic "Bury You Alive" (Straftanz mix), *Versives "Rules Of The Game", *AC Newman "Encyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns", *Schreiber-Rock "seine Leben", *Tailor "Wolf", *Grand Magus "Storm King", *The Cheats "Better Than The Rest", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Wait For Me", *Main Attrakionz f/ Davinci & Sqeaky Clean "Do It For The Bay", *Mundtot "Endzeit", *Grandfather Child "Ride That Train", *Dio "Push" (new re-release), *The Birthday Massacre "In This Moment", *Joachim Witt "DOM", *Joachim Witt "Mut eines Kriegers", Tony deKaro "Unbroken" (replay), *Blag'ard "Candles", *Dragonette "Run Run Run"

NOVEMBER 3 (2012) 

Vi Yellow_zps3fc47874


"Let The People Speak" in its entirety-remixes and non-album tracks

ALBUM "LET THE PEOPLE SPEAK: SONGS: "The Lopsided World Of L", "See-Thru U", "White Out", "Where Is John Frum", "Geode", #1 Violet Speaks, "Shady", "Annie Bliss", #2 Violet speaks, Dark Sparkles And The Beat", #3 Violet Speaks, "Two Lies And One Truth", "Silver Boys", "Illiterate Lovers", #4 Violet Speaks, "Face", "Esther", "ROTC", #5 Violet Speaks, "Let The People Speak", #6 Violet Speaks, REMIXES and NON-ALBUM TRACKS: "Face" (Silverclub Remix), "IOU" (non-album track), "Sweet Pea" (non-album track), #7 Violet Speaks, "White Out" (Gloom Prophet interpretation), "When U Cry" (non-album track), "Silver Boys" (Justin Warfield Remix), "Shady" (Justin Warfield Remix), "Let The People Speak" (Jeremy Dubs version)

OCTOBER 27 (2012) 

*Luke Escombe And The Corporation "Drop Da Bomb", *Wild Cub "Colour", *Amanda Palmer And The Grand Theft Orchestra "Lost", *Mundtot "Virus Mensch", *Atoms For Peace f/ Thom Yorke "Default", *The Darkness "With A Woman", *Violet Clark/Grand Duchy "Sweet Pea" (instrumental-non album track), *Devon Townsend Project "Effervescent/True North", *Taproot "The Everlasting", *Elandor "Schönheit", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Black Leather" (rap version), *Chris Jasper "Keep Believin'", *NOFX "72 Hookers", *Wax Tailor "From The Dark", *The Hood Internet f/ Class Actress and Cadence Weapon "Critical Captions", *Nox Interna "Our Last Song", *Ben Folds Five "Draw A Crowd", *Larry Graham And Graham Central Station "Higher Ground" (Stevie Wonder cover-same song Red Hot Chili Peppers covered in 1989), Ayreon "Computer Eyes" (1996), *First Aid Kit "Wolf" (live iTunes sessions version), *The Spins "Never Let It Go", *Dismantled "Whole Wide World", *The Cult "Elemental Light", *I Was Totally Destroying It "The Prisoner", *Tony deKaro "Frame", *Breaking Laces "Better Than Me"

OCTOBER 20 (2012) 

Devil M "Hold Me" (replay), *Wax Tailor f/ Charlotte Savary "Dusty Rainbow", The Real Tuesday Weld "You're Going To Live" (2011), *Amanda Palmer And The Grand Theft Orchestra "Olly Olly Oxen Free", *Ben Folds Five "Sound Of The Life Of The Mind", *MNDR "Feed Me Diamonds", *Black Light Burns f/ Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit "How To Look Naked", *Swedish House Mafia f/ John Martin "Don't You Worry Child", *Bob Dylan "Pay In Blood", *Kendra Morris "Banshee", Joey Ramone "I Couldn't Sleep" (replay), *Two Lights "We Were Young", *The Darkness "Living Each Day Blind", *Deela "Shakka Takka", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK: "Activity Grrrl", David Byrne & St. Vincent "I Should Watch TV", *Billy Talent "Viking Death March", *8MM "The Weight Of You", *Tony deKaro "Hypnotic", The Hood Internet f/Annie Hart & BBU "Won't F**k Us Over", *In This Moment "From The Ashes", *Van Wolfen "Anton's ChaCha", *The Heavy "Big Bad Wolf", *At Dawn We Are Kings "Over", *Calexico "No Te Vas", *Toddla T "Streets Get Warmer" (agitated by Ross Orten), *Vicky Robson Capps "2 Late"

OCTOBER 13 (2012)

Groove Armada "Purple Haze" (2002), *KanaWormz "Epilogue (Sinister Minister)", *Tony deKaro "Pictures", *In This Moment "It Is Written", *In This Moment "Whore", *Brother Ali "Mourning In America", *My Glorious "Leave Me Alone", Queensryche "Coming Home" (2009), *Fink "Fear Is Like Fire" (Walking Def remix), *Suzens Garden "Hard Teenage Life", *Brain Dead Symphony "Victory", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK "Androgynous" (2006), *Bob Dylan "Duquesne Whistle", *Avery Watts "A Cut Above", *Toddla T "Body Good", *Riff Raff "Liar", *Redd Kross "The Nu Temptations", *Hanni El Khatib "You Rascal You", *Devil M "Hold Me", *The Heavy "Blood Dirt Love Stop", *Mumiy Troll "Sleep Rock N' Roll", *The Vaccines "No Hope", *MNDR "#1 In Heaven", *Heimataerde ", *Malitia Angelica" (Album version), *The Offspring "Turning Into You", *The Morning Glory "March Of The Asylum", *7 Horse "Most Of That Is You And Me", *Dexter "It's Time" (Ice Truckers Dexter Main Title remix)

OCTOBER 6 (2012)

Special "Yo-Cover This!" (Covers and variations)

Infectious Grooves "Fame" (David Bowie), The Hotrats "Love Is The Drug" (Roxy Music), Dee Snider "Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets)" (from the Broadway show "Damn Yankees"), Skinbelly "This Town Ain't Big Enough" (Sparks), Axel Rudi Pell "In The Air Tonight" (Phil Collins), Scandinavian Cock "Sonic Reducer" (Dead Boys), Joan Jett "Crimson And Clover" (Tommy James & The Shondells), W.A.S.P. "Whole Lotta Rosie" (AC/DC), Elisium "Safety Dance" (Men Without Hats), Dorrn "Scarborough Fair" (Simon & Garfunkle), Everlast "Folsom Prison Blues" (Johnny Cash), Sunflower Dead "Every Breath You Take" (The Police), Marya Roxx "Tie Your Mother Down" (Queen), Sin-Atra f/ Doug Pinnick of Kings X "I've Got The World On A String" (Frank Sinatra), Attica 7 "War" (Edwin Starr), AM & Shawn "Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)" (a variation-not cover), Bad Religion  "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" (Bob Dylan), Shira Gavrielov "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkely), Girl In A Coma "Come On, Let's Go" (Ritchie Valens), Die Toten Hosen "Rock Me Amadeus" (Falco), St. Madness "Comfortably Numb" (Pink Floyd), Wang Chung "Pink Chung Mash" (Pink Floyd variation), Arjen Lucassen "Welcome To The Machine" (Pink Floyd), Mary Fahl "Brain Damage" (Pink Floyd), Sister Sin w/ Doro "Rock 'N Roll" (Motorhead), Herman Ze German "Rock You Like A Hurricane" (Scorpions-he co-wrote the song and was a member of Scorpions), Desert Saints "Cowboy Song" (Thin Lizzy), Cosmo Jarvis "Friend Of The Devil" (Grateful Dead)

SEPTEMBER 29 (2012)

*Azure Ray "Scattered Like Leaves", Kraftwerk "Radioaktivität" (1979), *Attica 7 "Crackerman", *My Glorious "You Should Be Dancing", *Muse "Madness", *Stratovarius "Coming Home" (live), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK "Cherry Bomb" (1996 live w/ L7), Nox Interna "Pray" (replay), *Dum Dum Girls "Lord Knows", *The Heavy "Can't Play Dead", *The Heavy "Curse Me Good", *Corb Lund "The Gothest Girl I Can", *Schreiber-Rock "die Lust ist raus", *Brother Ali "4th King" (produced by Jake One), *Schmidt "Boom Boom", *Brain Dead Symphony "You See Me Walk Away", The Wallflowers w/ Mick Jones "Reboot The Mission"(replay), *Icon Of Coil "Perfect Sex", Paper Tongues "Amen" (replay), *Dorrn "Stop Pushing Me Around", *Kendra Morris "The Plunge", *Claps "In My Dreams", *Tony deKaro "Violina Magica", *Mandasue Heller "All That Glitters (Final mastered version), *Shy Around Strangers "It's Alright", *Ben Taylor "Oh Brother", *Black Light Burns "Because Of You (Wes Borland/Limp Bizkit)

SEPTEMBER 22 (2012)

*Shy Around Strangers "Plastic Store", *Ben Arthur "Notte Insonne", The Heavy "How Do You Like Me Now" (Original version 2009), *Candy Rose "London!", *Nox Interna "Pray", *Kin "Tranquilizer", *Tony deKaro "Unbroken", *Sunflower Dead "Every Breath You Take" (Police cover), *Suzens Garden "My Boyfriends Is An Alien", *Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band "Shake 'em Off Like Fleas", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK "MCA" (EMI cover of Sex Pistols), *Makeshift Innocence "Crime Of The Century", *St. Madness "AZ Woman", *iVardensphere "The Source Of Uncertainty", Vlad In Tears "Damnation" (replay), *Fozzy "Dark Passenger", *The Venomous Pinks "Leather", *Mumiy Troll "Vladivostok Vacation", *Riff Raff "Leaving DC", *Dorrn "Wake-Up Call", *Ich + Ich "Hallo Hallo (2009), *Gotham Green & Quickie Mart f/ Freddie Gibbs & T. Mills ""All I Know", *Neon Trees "Lessons In Love (All Day,All Night), *Eric Unseen "Out On Your Feet", *Ben Arthur f/ Aesop Rock "Love Your Enemy", *Schmidt "Voodo Eyes", *Schreiber-Rock "Gegen den Wind", *7 Horse "Mind Of My Own", *We All Want To "It Felt Like A Film"

SEPTEMBER 15 (2012) 

*Eyes Lips Eyes "Don't Blow It", *The Wallflowers f/ Mick Jones "Reboot The Mission", *Vlad In Tears "Damnation", *8MM "You Brought The Fire", *Fozzy "A Passed Life", *Aesop Rock "Crows 1", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK "Everyday People" (Dance Mix), *Abandoned Pools "Sublime Currency", *Redd Kross "Researching The Blues", *Dark Time Sunshine "Rock Off", *Reel Big Fish "The Promise", *Reverand Peyton's Big Damn Band "Between The Ditches", *Kin "Queen", *Bear In Heaven "The Reflection Of You", *Riff Raff "Miracle Man", *The Whigs "Waiting", *St. Madness "All I Have To Give", *Robert Francis "Heroin Lovers", *The Rainbird Band "Tiger Dream", *Ben Folds Five "Do It Anyway", *Greg Laswell f/ Sia "Dragging You Around", *Serj Tankian "Reality TV", *Tony deKaro "Elements", *The Raveonettes "She Owns The Streets", *Heimataerde "Pilgerlied", *Sea Wolf "Old Friend" 

SEPTEMBER 8 (2012)

Special edition "THE SHE SHOW-Volume 2"

*Amanda Jo Williams "Blue Toy Airplane", *The Dollyrots "Just Like Chocolate", Johnette Napolitano "Save Me" (2007), *Nneka f/ Ms Dynamite "Sleep", Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra "Do It With A Rockstar" (replay), *Zero Zero "Tear It Up", *Schmidt "Shadowman", *8MM f/ Juliette Beavan "Around The Sun", Astrid North "Wishbone" (replay), Imaginary Cities f/ Marti Sarbit "Say You" (replay), JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK "ACDC" (2006), *Elan "Who Made You", *Nightwish f/Anette Olzon "Song Of Myself", Shirley Levi "Halah" (Mazzy Star cover-replay), The Green Lady Killers "Time Bomb" (2009), *Speech Debelle "X Marks The Spot", Cyndi Lauper with Dee Snider "Big Spender" (replay), The Love Me Nots "The End Of The Line" (replay), *Santigold "God From The Machine", Gemma Ray and Sparks "How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?" (replay), *Girl In A Coma "Walkin' After Midnight" (Patsy Cline cover), *Lita Ford "The Bitch Is Back", *Metric f/ Emily Haynes "Lost Kitten", *Ome Henk Parody "Barbie Girl", *Huntress "Night Rape", *Sarah Jaffe "Glorified High", Chantel Claret "Bite Your Tongue" (replay), OfeliaDorme "Paranoid Park" (replay), *Gina and the Eastern Block "Bitch Slap", Scanners "Bombs" (2006)

SEPTEMBER 1 (2012)

*Supreme Cuts "Val Venus", Oomph! "Eine Frau Spricht Im Schlaf" (2006), Arjen Lucassen "Where Pigs Fly" (replay), *Redd Kross "Hazel Eyes", *The Real McKenzies "Barrett's Privateers", *The Very Best Of f/Mo Laudi "Moto", ** JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK #1 "Don't Surrender" (1991), *Dark Time Sunshine f/ Rochester A.P. of Comunalien "Cultclass", *St. Madness "Comfortably Numb" (Pink Floyd cover), *Crash Street Kids "Sweet Creatures", *Tony deKaro "Lust", *Admiral Fallow "Brother", *Hong Kong Blood Opera "Silence Is More Compelling", *Reel Big Fish "Don't Stop Skanking", *Riff Raff "Good Times Bad Times", *Elisium "Safety Dance" (Men Without Hats cover), *Rhapsody f/ Luca Turilli "Dark Fate Of Atlantis", DJ Eleven f/ Sharon Doyle "Last Beat", JOAN JETT SONG OF THE WEEK #2 "I Love Playin' With Fire" (1983), *Alberta Cross "Lay Down", *Versus The World "The Kids Are F**ked", *Bearhug "Over The Hill", *Kid Savant "NaNa Never Ends", *Dead Can Dance "All In Good Time", *Rob Zombie "Foxy Foxy" (Ki Theory remix), Kris Vlad of Vlad In Tears "You'll Come Back To Me" (solo piano version-replay), Alice Cooper "Feed My Frankenstein" (1991)

AUGUST 25 (2012) 

*Heimataerde "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", *Astrid North "Honda", Everlast "Dirty" (2008), *Rhapsody f/Luca Turilli "Dante's Inferno", *Iggy Pop and Bethany Consentino "Let's Boot And Rally", *Dead Can Dance "Opium", *Wideboy Generation "No Time To Be Shy", *Admiral Fallow "Guest Of The Government", ¡Mayday! f/ Dead Prez "TNT", Edguy f/Tobias Sammet "New Age Messiah" (2008), *Endless Shame "I Am Nothing", *Cosmo Jarvis "Friend Of The Devil" (Grateful Dead cover), *Teenage Bottlerocket "Go With The Flow", *Alvaro M. Roca "Stay", Psalm One "Kids Right Now" (replay), *Two Door Cinema Club "Sleep Alone", *The Rainbird Band "Sweet Devil And R 'n R", *The Duel "Love Me Do", *Ugly Buggs "Flying", *The Adventures Of…"Tears Of A Paranoid Clown", *Johan Van Roy's Suicide Commando "Evacuate" (John Lord Fonda remix), *Riff Raff "I'm Not The One", *Grand Duchy "When U Cry" (Non-album track), *Crucified Barbara "The Crucifier", *Plamen "Falling From Grace", Ministry "Weekend Warrior" (replay), *Two Gallants "My Love Won't Wait"

AUGUST 18 (2012) 

*The Real McKenzies "My Head Is Filled With Music", *Wumpscut "Tory Skin By :W:", *Reel Big Fish "Your Girlfriend Sucks", *Hong Kong Blood Opera "Cansei De Ser Gangsta", *Schmidt "Stockings & Belt", *Cosmo Jarvis "Love This", Black Box Revelation "High On A Wire" (replay), *Slightly Stoopid "Top Of The World", *Sugar "A Good Idea" (1992 reissue),*This Is She "Grow Up", *Riff Raff "Long Live The Night", *Friends Of Emmet "Lovelight", *Rob Zombie "Thunder Kiss '65 (JDevil Number of the Beast remix), *Van Christian "Mercy", *Heimataerde "Allein", *Aesop Rock "Saturn Missiles", *Astrid North "Wishbone", *Deleted Scenes "Bedbedbedbedbed (Vacationer remix), *The Hundred In The Hands "Come With Me", *Melpo Mene "Mother", *Ealeon "Darkness Just Won't Go", WhoCares (Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi) "Out Of My Mind" (replay from 2011), *The Duel "Less Everyday", *The Invisible "Wings" (album version), *The Adventures Of…"Falling From The Apple Tree", *Diablo Swing Orchestra "Justice For Saint Mary", *Big Scary "Gladiator"

AUGUST 11 (2012) 

*The 2 Bears "Warm & Easy", *Kids On Bridges "Y Don't U", *Riff Raff "Rev'd Up -Ride On", *Aesop Rock "Cycles To Gehenna", *Schmidt "In The Photo Booth", *Serj Tankian "Ching Chime", *Arjen Lucassen "You Have Entered The Reality Zone", *Modulate "Robots" (Soman Remix), *Tramps In Stereo "Broke Within", *Heimataerde "Wacht Auf", Heimataerde "Al Naharot Bavel" (replay), *Theophilus London "Last Night (LVRS Anthem), *Saint Diablo "Watch Me Kill" (Spanish version), *Caro Emerald "Back It Up", *Life Down Here "F**'d Up", *The Drowning Men "Lost In A Lullaby", *The Real McKenzies "The Tempest", *Paper Tongues "Amen", *Riff Raff "We're Only Here For Beer", *Icky Blossoms "Heat Lightning", *OfeliaDorme "Paranoid Park", *The Duel "9:28 excerpt with music of "Sound Track To The End Of This World" (Zak Splash Story) with narration by Max Splodge), *The Duel "You Can Do It ", *Jukebox The Ghost "Adulthood", *The Rebel Light "Goodbye Serenade", *Serj Tankian "Figure It Out", *Diablo Swing Orchestra "Aurora"

AUGUST 4 (2012) 

*Wintersleep "Unzipper", *Citizens! "True Romance" (Gigamesh remix), *Heimataerde "Special LWOL ID mit music from Ash in Deutsch", *Heimataerde "Tief in dir", *Potluck "I'm Different", *Blur "The Puritan", *Keep It Secret "Medical Attention", *Dead Can Dance "Amnesia", *Amanda Palmer "Want It Back", *Fozzy "Sandpaper", *Dan Le Sac f/ B Dolan "Good Time Gang War", *The Royalty "Saint Bowie", *Divine Fits "My Love Is Real", *Wax Tailor f/ Jennifer Charles "Heart Stop", *Sylver Tongue f/ Charlotte Hatherley from Ash "Creatures", *Heimataerde "Special LWOL ID mit musik from Ash in English", *Heimataerde "Outremer", *Public Image Ltd. "Fool", *Robert Miles "Black Rubber", *Paul Banks "I'm A Fool To Want You", Psalm One "Regular Black Girl"(replay), *Ego Likeness "The Devils In The Chemicals" (Terrorfakt remix), *Icarus Witch "Pray", *Flaming Lips f/ Ke$ha, Biz Markie & Hour Of The Time Majesty "2012 (You Must Be Upgraded)", *Outlaw Bob Wayne "Devil's Son", *Nachtblut "Mein Herz In Ihren Händen", *Blur "Under The Westway", *Cookbook f/ ChinoXL "Musica Grande", Reel Big Fish "Hiding In My Headphones", *Hands Up "Happy People"

JULY 28 (2012) 

*Icarus Witch "Coming Of The Storm", *The Fixx "Anyone Else", *Reel Big Fish "Hiding In My Headphones", *Teenage Bottlerocket "Cruising For Chicks", *Ego Likeness "The Devils In The Chemicals" (Sin mix by Angelsplit), *Psalm One "Kids Right Now", *Psalm One "Regular Black Girl", *Slowdance "Airports", *Heimataerde "Agnus Dei", *Heimataerde "Zwischen den Sternen", Johnette Napolitano "Crazy Tonight" (2007), *Paul Banks "Perimeter Deactivated", *Diablo Swing Orchestra "Guerrilla Laments", *Hanno-Bruhn-Gang "Halbet Leben (Hier In Berlin), *Dandy Warhols *Sad Vacation" (Full album version), *Lita Ford "Living Like A Runaway" (Full album version), *Screaming Females "It All Means Nothing", *Soulsavers f/ Dave Gahan "Bitterman", *Stan Ridgway f/ Ralph Carney on Sax "Drowning Man", *Rudy Nielson "A Shot In The Dark", Hands Up "Chocolate" (Latino Pop version-replay from 2011), *Richie Callison "Do I Know U?", *Jukebox The Ghost "The Spiritual", Metric "Artificial Nocturne" (replay), *Twin Shadow "The One", *Reel Big Fish "I Dare You To Break My Heart", *Epica "Serenade Of Self-Destruction" (Album bonus track)

JULY 21 (2012)

*The Heavy "What Makes A Good Man?", *Lita Ford "Devil In My Head", *Vlad In Tears f/ Kris Vlad/ Piano solo version "You'll Come Back To Me", *River City Extension "If You Need Me Back In Brooklyn", *Baroness "March To The Sea", Rammstein "Haifisch" (Hurts remix 2009), Johnette Napolitano "Everything Is For Everyone" (2007), Tres Vampires (Johnette Napolitano, David J, Shok) "Take You Deep" (replay), Peter Heppner "Alleinsein" (2008), *Mobonix "Dreams", Mobonix "Reset Button" (replay), *Heimataerde "Al Naharot Bavel", *Morning Parade "Carousel", *Digitalism "Silenz", *Arjen Lucassen "Our Imperfect Race", *Vampires Everywhere "Hell On Earth", *Glenn Crimson "Live", *Brother Ali "Stop The Press", *The Cult "Honey From A Knife", *Don't Try "No Waves", *Dirty Projectors "Gun Has No Trigger", *Amanda Mair "Sense", *Stan Ridgway f/ Ralph Carney on Sax "All Too Much", *Fate Of The Galaxies "Strangers", *The Connectors "Kinda Way", *Tony deKaro "Proton", *Brotherz By Choice "Daddy", *New Beat Fund "Celebate Celebrity"

JULY 14 (2012)

*The Cult "For The Animals", *Cadence Weapon "Crash Course For The Ravers", *Heimataerde "Diese Nacht", *New Beat Fund "Scare Me", *Vampires Everywhere "Drug Of Choice", *Cesium 137 "Aftermath", *Tres Vampires (Johnette Napolitano, David J, Shok) "Take You Deep", *Nachtblut "Die Schritte", *Diablo Swing Orchestra "Black Box Messiah", *Lita Ford "Love To Hate You", *Danielle Ate The Sandwich "Letter To The President", *Public Image Ltd. "Lollipop Opera", *Motion City Soundtrack "Timelines", *He Met Her "Control" (Jodie Harsh Vocal Mix), *Shirley Levi "Anne Marie (for Autism Awareness), *Lions Lions "Losing Balance", *Morning Parade "Headlights", *Metric "The Wanderlust", *Die Toten Hosen "Alles Hat Seinen Grund", *Beware Of Darkness "Howl", *Empires "Keep It Steady", *Cadence Weapon "(You Can't Stop) The Machine", *Young Rebel Set "Measure Of A Man", *Bobby Womack "The Bravest Man In The World", *Skinny Puppy "Addiction (Bratislava)", *Pop Etc "Keep It For Your Own", *Big Scary "Autumn", *Sex With Lurch "Alice In Fetishland"

JULY 7 (2012)

*Public Image Ltd. "One Drop", *Digitalism "A New Drug", *Young Rebel Set "Fall Hard", *Spider Rockets "Better When It's Loud", *Zero Zero "Drug", *Nachtblut "Dogma", *Nachtblut "Der Weg ist das Ziel", *Tech N9ne "Can't Stand Me", *Metric "Artificial Nocturne", *L.A. Guns "Queenie", *Crocodiles "Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)", *2:54 "Ride", *Venus Butterfly "Crazy" (#1 hit in Thailand), *Ivardensphere "Ancients" (BlakOPZ Summon Remix), *The Cult "Amnesia", *tUnE-yArDs f/Angelique Kidjo & Akura Nara "Lady", *TXL "Ich Habe Angst", *Danielle Ate The Sandwich "Faith In A Man", Big Scary "This Weight" (replay), *Attaloss "Open Door", *Daystar "Sleeper", *David Starfire f/ iCatching & Kolan "Jumping Off "(Sidecar Tommy Remix), *Ballyhoo "Walk Away", *Diamond Rugs "Hungover And Horny", *Public Image Ltd. "This Is PIL", *Jessica Pare "Zou Bisou Bisou", *Ninet "ICU", *SpaceGhostPurpp "The Black God", *Fate Of The Galaxies "We Will Never Die", *David Philp "Stalking Bob Dylan", *Dinner And A Suit "It's Not Over"

JUNE 30 (2012)

*L.A. Guns "Arana Negra (Black Spider)", *Jack White "Hypocritical Kiss", *Ballyhoo "Last Night", *Young Hines "Give Me My Change", *Die Toten Hosen "Traurig Einen Sommer Lang", *2:54 "Creeping", *The Cult "Lucifer", *The Cult "A Pale Horse", *Eve To Adam "Schools Out" (Alice Cooper cover), *All Skate "Twins", *Arjen Lucassen "Where Pigs Fly", *Shawn Lee "Low Riders In Space", *Grand Magus "Starlight Slaughter", *Cypress Hill and Rusko f/ Damian Marley "Can't Keep Me Down", *Dandy Warhols "I Am Free", *Spider Rockets "Twilight Zone" (Golden Earring cover), *Architects (U.K.) "Unbeliever", *Venus Butterfly "Good Time Girls", *Aaron David Gleason "Something Special", *¡Mayday! f/ Liz Suwandi "Devil On My Mind", *Chantal Claret "Bite Your Tongue", *Caged Animals "She Oughta Be In Malibu", *Living Things "California Paranoia (Psycho Swing Version)", *Eatliz "Hey", *Run By The Gun "A Lost Bag", *Stereophonic Space Sounds Unlimited "Space Mission Number 12", *The Hundred In The Hands "Keep It Low", *Ron Pope "One Grain Of Sand", *3 Pill Morning "Rain", *Arkells "On Paper", *Michael Moonchild "Candy Raindrops

JUNE 23 (SHOW #100 of BERLIN era 2010-2012)

*The Adventures Of… "Complication", *Shawn Lee "Boogie Children (Saturn Day Night)", *Dandy Warhols "Alternative Power To The People", *KMFDM "I (Heart) You", *Chet Faker "Cigarettes And Chocolate", *Informatik "World Of Wonder", *Miles To Nowhere "Does Anybody Know", Queensryche "I'm American" (2006), *Tenacious D "The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Cage", *TesseracT "Dream Brother" (Jeff Buckley cover), *The Royalty "Other Boys", *Run By The Gun "The Misanthrope", *Amanda Palmer "Do It With A Rockstar", *J. Pinder "Pilgrimage", *MXPX "Aces Up", *Die Toten Hosen "Rock Me Amadeus", *Affector "New Jerusalem", *Tony deKaro "Endorfin", Dee Snider "The Joint Is Jumpin'" (replay), *Assemblage 23 "The Noise Inside My Head", *The Griswolds "Mississippi", *Jack White "I'm Shakin'", *Huntress "Snow Witch", *The Mynabirds "Generals", *Amanda Mair "Skinnarviksberget", *DJ Nu-mark "Tonight", *"Outlaw" Bob Wayne "All Those One Night Stands", *The Bunny The Bear "Soul"

JUNE 16 (2012)

*Seabound "The Escape", *Die Toten Hosen "Computerstaat", *The Royalty "Say The Word", *Lovedrug "Wild Blood", *The Real McKenzies "Kings o' Glasgow" (live), *Joey Ramone "There's Got To Be More Than Life", *Joey Ramone "Lif's A Gas", *Tenacious D "Señorita", ***Set of Arjen Lucassen- "Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin", "I'm The Slime" (Zappa cover), "The Space Hotel", "Veteran Of The Psychic Wars" ***, *The Afghan Whigs "See And Don't See", *Tech N9ne "DKNY", Twisted Sister "The Kids Are Back" (1983), *Die Toten Hosen "Altes Fieber", *Wintersleep "Nothing Is Anything (Without You)", *Major Lazer "Get Free" (Andy C remix), *Outlaw Bob Wayne "Wives Of Three", *WelshManHill "Tomorrow's World", *St. Madness "Metal To The Death And Beyond", *Art vs. Science "Parlez Vous Francais?", *Huntress "The Tower", *¡Mayday! "R.E.M.", *Terry Poison "Comme C Comme Ca", *Tenacious D "Low Hangin' Fruit", *Grand Magus "Valhalla Rising", *Dandy Warhols "16 Tons", *Quis ut Deus (Michael Perneck) "Lauf", *Wideboy Generation "I Couldn't Talk", *Jordi Kuragari "Bounced"

JUNE 9 (2012)

*Dandy Warhols "Enjoy Yourself", *Imaginary Cities "Don't Cry", *MXPX "Best Of Times", *Diamond Rugs "Blue Mountains", **Tribute to 30 years of Die Toten Hosen-All new music** "Drie Kreuze (Dass Wir Heir Sind)"-"Ballast Der Republik"- "Tage Wie Diese"- "Das Modell" (Kraftwerk cover) ** *Tech N9ne "Klusterf**k", *Latvian Radio "Cigarettes & Soda", *Outlaw Bob Wayne "F**k The Law", *Outlaw Bob Wayne "Till The Wheels Fall Off", *The Watermarks "Empty Heart", *¡Mayday! "Everything's Everything", *Wideboy Generation "Typical Blonde", *Skyla Vertex "Schall Und Rauch", *RK Ultras "Something Has Changed", *Arjen Lucassen "Dr Slumber's Eternity Home", *Huntress "Spell Eater", *El-p "The Full Retard", *Pride And Fall "Reborn", *Matt Skiba and the Sekrets "Falling Like Rain", *Chloe Day "Lost", *The Dears "Stick With Me Kid", *Andy Kuncl "Tried 2 Resist", *Scott Lucas and the Married Men "Lover The Lullaby", *Accept "The Gallery", PreEmptive Strike 0.1 "Bendingungslose Kapitulation", *Armada "Ghost Of Illinois", *Pennywise "Tomorrow"

JUNE 2 (2012) 

 *Arjen Lucassen "E-Police", *Diamond Rugs "Tell Me Why", *Wideboy Generation "Miss Pronounced", *Metric "Youth Without Youth", *Matt Skiba And The Sekrets "You", *¡Mayday! "Roaches", *Bob Wayne "Spread My Ashes On The Highway",  *Nappy Riddem "Wake The Sound (Ancient Astronauts mix), *The Royalty "I Want You", Wirtz "Wo Ich Steh" (2008), *Dee Snider "The Joint Is Jumpin'", *Fretless "Ride", *Arjen Lucassen "Battle Of Evermore" (Led Zeppelin cover), *Exitmusic "The Night", *Lost Prophets "Bring Em Down", *Tez McClain "Sittin' Back", *Scott Lucas and the The Married Men "Old Worries", *Lower Dens "Brains", *Elan "This Old Machine", *Lost Without Cause "Around And Around", *L & O "Now Everybody Stand In Line" (Soccer mix), *Sleepy Sun "Martyr's Mantra", *Accept "Stalingrad", *Neon Legion "The Sun", *Scott Lucas and the The Married Men "Out Of The Boat", *All Good Funk Alliance f/ Big Stuff & Think Tank "Time To Get Loose", *Brothers Of Brazil "On My Way"

MAY 26 (2012) 

*Wideboy Generation "Get Up, Get Out", *Wumpscut "Kill That Little F**k", *Elan "Everything You Ever Wanted", *Plants And Animals "Song For Love", *The Walkmen "Heaven", *Steve Aoki f/ Kid Cudi & Travis Barker "Cudi The Kid", *Dee Snider f/ Mark Wo "Music Of The Night", *Big Scary "This Weight", *Grendel "Timewave: Zero", *Bethpage Black "Losing My Nerve", *Girl In A Coma "Transmission" (Joy Division cover), *¡Mayday! "Badlands", *Fretless "Stand & Deliver", The Lonely Island "Mama" (replay from 2011), *Joey Ramone "Eyes Of Green", *Young Rebel Set "Lions Mouth", *Sene f/ Denitia Odigie "Holyday", Clan Of Xymox "Judas" (2009), *Accept "Shadow Soldiers", *Arjen Lucassen "Parental Procreation Permit", *Atlas Genius "Trojans", *The Skys "When The Western Wind Blows", *The NowhereNauts "Newspaper Today", *Skyla Vertex "City Demon", *Dancing Heals "Let You Down", *The Barbarellatones "It's Your Fault", DJ Shadow "Affections" (1996), *Mobonix "Reset Button"

MAY 19 (2012)

 *Arjen Lucassen "The New Real", *Skyla Vertex "Strom Und Drang", *Dee Snider "Razzle Dazzle", *Aesop Rock "Zero Dark 30", *Arjen Lucassen "Welcome To The Machine" (Pink Floyd), *The Royalty "Bartender", *Stan Tropic "Uno", *Fight The Machine "Cannibal", *Mickey Hart "Slow Joe Rain", *Joey Ramone "Waiting For That Railroad", *Joey Ramone "What Did I Do To Deserve You?", *Robert Pollard "Zen Mother Hen", *Imaginary Cities "Mexico", *Accept "Twist Of Fate", Elixer Inc. "Burning For Me" (replay), *Elan "Stranger", *Seb7ember "View Into Blur", *Cornershop "What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag?", *Dee Snider "Mack The Knife", Grand Duchy "White Out" (replay-album version), *Shirley Levi "Break Free", *Grendel "Chemicals + Circuitry", *The NowhereNauts "Where Is My Mind" (Pixies cover), *Reptar "Sebastian", *Jahmings "Horizon Train", *Love On A Train "Strike Up Your Matches", Battleme "Touch" (replay), Latour "People Are Still Having Sex" (1991)

MAY 12 (2012) 

*Cut Chemist "Outro (Revisited)", *Soil & Eclipse "The Will" (Survival mix), *The Killers "Spaceship Adventures", The Plasmatics "Monkey Suit" (1980), *Sep7ember "I Hate NY", *Wumpscut "Cunnillingus Creutz Feuer", *Dee Snider "Cabaret", *Jordi Kuragari "Faith Is A Journey", *Sydney Wayser "Potions", *Joey Ramone "Make Me Tremble", *Joey Ramone "Rock 'N Roll Is The Answer", *JuiceheaD + Osaka Popstar "Waiting Room" (Fugazi cover), *Lords Of Acid "Censorship Blows", *The Novocaines "The One We Laughed About", Elixer Inc. "Rock 'N Roll Till We Die" (replay), *Hazel Jade "Snapshot", *Soundgarden "Live To Rise", *Mandasue Heller "All That Glitters", *Mandasue Heller "Prisoner", Peter Murphy "I've Got A Secret Miniature Camera " (1988), *Epica "Deep Water Horizon", *Grand Duchy "Geode", *Grand Duchy "When U Cry", *Dr. John "King Of Izzness", *Hollywood Assassyn "One In The Chamber", *The Black Sleep "Zombie Box", *Vlad In Tears "Song To Say Good Night", *I Self Divine "The Origin Of Urban Crisis"


MAY 5 (20

*Elixer Inc. "Rock 'N Roll Till We Die", *Dee Snider f/ Cyndi Lauper "Big Spender", *Dr. John f/ Dave Aurbauch (Black Keys) "Getaway" , *Obscenity Trial "Über's Wasser Gehen" (SITD remix), *Dandy Warhols "Sad Vacation", Volbeat "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" (2008), Eve 6 "Curtain" (replay), *Elan "Black Widow", *Dee Snider "The Ballad Of Sweeney Todd", *Dee Snider "Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets), Boogie Company "Beating Around The Bush", *A$AP Rocky f/ Main Attraction "Leaf", *Joey Ramone "New York City", *Grand Duchy "Sweet Pea", *Grand Duchy "Let The People Speak" (Jeremy Dubs mix), *Races "Song Of The Birds", *Elixer Inc. "Burning For Me", *Breton "Interference", Cosmo Jarvis "Daves House" (replay 2011), Hans-Jorg Größe "Kafka In A Groove" (JL Mix-music by Air "Electronic Performers"-replay), *Edge Of Dawn "Lucid Dreams" (Standeg remix), *Epica "Internal Warfare", Miracle Flair "Ray Out Confidence" (replay 2011), CKY "Afterworld" (2010), *Ministry "Freefall", *Torche "Kicking", *Pennywise "Let Us Hear Your Voice", *Oberhofer "Gold"

APRIL 28 (2012) 

*Epica "Storm The Sorrow, *Eve 6 "Lost & Found", *Eve 6 "Curtain", *The Ting Tings "Guggenheim", Tenacious D "Rize Of The Fenix" (replay), *Ben Kweller "Full Circle", *The Rapture "In The Grace Of Your Love" (Gabe edit), *KMFDM "Krank" (Kaptin' K mix by Sacha 2011), *Grand Duchy "Two Lies And One Truth", *Grand Duchy "Esther", *Gloom Prophet "Let The People Speak" (interpretation of Grand Duchy song), *Yellow Ostrich "Stay At Home", *Ministry "Weekend Warrior", *A$AP Rocky "Houston Old Head", Aaron David Gleason "Fate" (replay), *Nneka "Camouflage", *Axel Rudi Pell "World Of Confusion", *Races "Year Of The Witch", *Sene. w/ Jay Jennings "BrooklynKnight", Battleme "Touch" (replay), *Elan "The Action", *John Foxx "Talk (Beneath Your Dreams)", *Chloe Day "Streets", Mother Love Bone "Stargazer" (1990), *The Black Sheep "Guns", *Egon "The Sun", *EROK w/ Lizzy Devine "Raise Your Fist Up", *Atari Teenage Riot "Collapse Of History"

APRIL 21 (2012)

*Yellow Ostrich "Elephant King", Pigeon Head "Battle Flag" (Low Fidelity All-Stars remix 1997), *Shirley Levi "Halah" (live rehearsal studio version of Mazzy Star song w/additional melody and lyrics by Shirley), *Battleme "Touch", *John Foxx "Tides", *Speech Debelle "Studio Back Pack Rap", *Tenacious D "Rize Of The Fenix" (full album version), *Axel Rudi Pell "Lived Our Lives Before", *Chloe Day "Bombshell" (dance mix), *Grand Duchy "Where Is John Frum?", *Gloom Prophet "See Thru U" (interpretation of Grand Duchy song), *Ministry "Relapse" (Defibrillator mix), *Trust "Shoom", R.E.M. "I'll Take The Rain" (Jamie Candiloro remix 2002), *The Alchemist "Whole Lotta Thug", *The Alchemist "Gangsta S**t 2", *Silverspun Pickups "Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings)" (full album version), Guided By Voices w/ Robert Pollard "Keep It In Motion", *3 Inches Of Blood "Metal Woman", *Tom Jones w/ Jack White "Evil" (Howlin' Wolf cover), *Nneka "J", *Animal Kingdom "Strange Attractor" (Black Fethers remix), Mandasue Heller "Guilty" (replay), *The Ting Tings "Give It Back", *Hanno-Bruhn- Gang "Berlin Uff Blues", *MxPx "Far Away", *Elan "Bad Days Are Gone"

APRIL 14 (2012)

Gary Glitter (Dutch remix) "Rock & Roll Part 2" (1998), Dana International "Cinque Milla" (1998), *The Real McKenzies "The Message", *Nightwish "Last Ride Of The Day", *Gloom Prophet "Dark Sparkles" (interpretation of Grand Duchy), *Grand Duchy "ROTC", *Grand Duchy "Annie Bliss", *Eisbrecher "Tanz mit mir", *The Beauty Of Gemina "Badlands", *The Cheek Of Her "Yes. It's A Love Song", *Bernard Fowler w/ IMFS "Get Away", *Lords Of Acid "Sole Sucker" (Angelsplit remix), DJ Numark f/ Bumpy Knuckles "Dumpin' 'Em All", *Foxy Shazam "Forever Together", *Gina and the Eastern Block "Identity Thief", *3 Inches Of Blood "One For The Ditch", *Wumpscut (Rudy Ratzinger) "Woman And Satin First", *Epica "Requiem For The Indifferent", *Epica "Avalanche", *All Good Funk Alliance "Rhythm & FX" (Funkanomics mix), Saxon "Motorcycle Man" (1980), *One Model Nation "Mission To Mars", *Hanno-Bruhn-Gang "In Mitte Im Hotel", *Black Carl "Silhoulettes Of Evil", *The Ting Tings "Hang It Up", *Aaron David Gleason "Fate", Black 47 "Brooklyn Girls" (1996)


APRIL 7 (2012)

*Foxy Shazam "Freedom", A$AP Rocky f/ Little Tony "Get Lit", *Mona "I Seen", *Trust "Dressed For Space", *The Mark Lanegan Band "Gray Goes Black", *Epica "Karma" (intro), *Epica "Monopoly On Truth", *¡MAYDAY! f/ Pharoahe Monch & Stat Quo "Death March", *M.Ward "Primitive Girl", *Lords Of Acid "Pop That Tooshie" (Army Of The Universe mix), *Vlad In Tears "We'll Never Die", *Stadium f/ Blue Pearl "Take My Breath Away", *Ladyhawke "Black, White & Blue", *Gloom Prophet "Geode" (interpretation of Grand Duchy song), *Grand Duchy "Shady", *Malik Work & The Upstagers "Let Me See Some ID" (single non edit version), "Foxy Shazam "(It's) Too Late Baby", Peter Fox "Schwartz Zu Blau" (2009), *Rebelution "Lady In White", *Sarah Jaffe "Glorified High", Towers Of London "Air Guitar" (2006), *Trust "F.T.F.", Eastern Conference Champions "Where Is My Mind" (2011 Pixies cover replay), *Wild Belle "Keep You", *Redwood "Oh Yeah?", *John Vaughn w/ Danny Saber "Doin' My Head In", Shirley Levi "Daddy Boy" (replay), *The NowhereNauts "Try To Light My Fuse", Body Count f/ Ice T "Voodoo" (1992), *Felix Görtz "Weite Reise"


MARCH 31 (2012)

*Wideboy Generation "Sylvia", *Wild Belle "Take Me Away", *Vlad In Tears "The Black Cat", *Malik Work & The Upstagers "Let Me See Some ID" (Nickodemus mix), *Everything Goes Cold "The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction", *Pond "Allergies", *Stan Ridgway "Mr. Trouble", *Speech Debelle "Collapse", -**Set of new Grand Duchy- "White Out" (album version), "Face" (Silverclub remix), "Silver Boys" (radio edit), "Let The People Speak" (Kentucky Prophet remix)** - Ministry "Double Tap" (replay), *Animal Kingdom "Strange Attractor", *Rebelution "Good Vibes", *Eisbrecher "Exzess Express", *Algir "Engines Forward", James "Honest Joe" (1994), *Mary Lou Lord "Metal Firecracker" (Lucinda Williams cover), *Lowline "Disco Killers", *Gorillz f/ James Murphy and Andre 3000 "Do Ya Thing" (Full 13-minute version), *Taproot "No Surrender", Six Hour Sundown "Shadow Of My Past" (replay), *Ceremony "Brace Yourself", *Mona "The Tally", *Atom Smash "2012 Baby"


MARCH 24 (2012)

*Nightwish "I Want My Tears Back", *F**ked Up "Into The Light", *Vlad In Tears "Mary", *Laura Wilde "For You", Foxy Shazam "Holy Touch" (replay), *Ministry "Double Tap" (non radio edit), *Mandasue Heller "Guilty", *Oberhofer "Away From You", *Eisbrecher "Die Hölle muss Warten", *Speech Debelle "Shawshank", *One Model Nation "Transmission", *One Model Nation "Universal Time", *Redwood "Oh Yeah?", *Trip To Dover "Where Was I", *Shirley Levi "Daddy Boy", *Girls "My Ma", *Mind.In.A.Box "Second Reality", *Grand Duchy "Dark Sparkles And The Beat" (Silverclub remix), *Ronny Morris "Lost My Way", *Gorillaz f/ James Murphy and Andre 3000 "Do Ya Thing", *Santigold "Disparate Youth", *Everything Goes Cold "Monsters Of The Modern Age", *Tremor Low "Wolfsuit", *Indianna Dawn "Rediscover Myself", *Future Of The Left "Sheena Is a T-Shirt Salesman", *Lowline "Black Eye", Infected Mushroom "Cities Of The Future" (extended mix 2004), *The Kandidate "Let The Maggots Have It"

MARCH 17 (2012)

*Air "Parade", *Eisbrecher "In meinem Raum", *Kid Savant "4 Years", *THEESatisfaction "QueenS", *The Horrors "I Can See Through You", EMA "California" (Album Version)(replay), *Tremor Low "2003", *The Barbarellatones "Dolph Lundgren", *Shira Gavrielov "Crazy" (Gnarls Barkley cover), *7Horse "Death Don't Have No Mercy" (live from Viper Room), *7Horse "Little Red Riding Hood" (live from Viper Room), *Balkan Beat Box "Political F**k", *Little Barrie "Tip It Over", *Danny McCoy "Slip Away", *RPA and The United Nations Of Sound "How Deep Is Your Man", *Makeshift Innocence "Lights On", *Secret Music "Ghosts In The Graveyard", *Eisbrecher "Prototyp", Shooter Jennings "When The Radio Goes Dead" (replay), *Speech Debelle f/ Roots Manuva and Realism "Blaze Up A Fire", *Foxy Shazam "Holy Touch", *Prima Donna "Feral Children", *Vlad In Tears "Redemption", *Nightwish "Scaretale", *The Cribs "Chi-Town", *Six Hour Sundown "Shadow Of My Past", One Model Nation "East Berlin" (replay), Gina and the Eastern Block "This Is F**king Rock 'N' Roll" (replay)

MARCH 10 (2012)

*Little Barrie "Now We're Nowhere", EMA "California" (Album version), *Tremor Low "Like Birds", *Make Out "You're So Party Tonight", *Laura Wilde "Sold My Soul", *Amir Lev "She Tells Me Everything", Rebelution "Sky Is The Limit", *Eligh & Amplive f/ Grieves and Blake Hazard "Beautiful Addiction", Fancy Space People "Pyramids (Shoot Golden Rays)", *Ministry Of Love "A Promise Forever", *Vlad In Tears "At The End Of The World", *Inure "This Is The Life" (Aesthetic Perfection mix), *Wiley f/Cashtastic and Tereza Delzz "I'm Only Human", *Dana International and Eran Zur "A Different Kind Of Sex", *Lillian Axe "Gather Up The Snow", *Immortal Technique "Mark Of The Beast", Blue October "The Worry List", *Imaginary Cities "Say You", *The Love Me Nots "Cheap Knockoff", *Dr. Dog "Vampire", *Source Victoria "When You Say (Congratulations)", *Redwood "Pop That Gun", Eve 6 "Victoria", *Standing Shadows "Struggle Of Our Lives", *Imagine Dragons "It's Time", *Velvet Box "I'm Ugly 'Cause You're So Beautiful", *The Beauty Of Gemina "Golden Age", Rammstein "Rammlied" (2009 Kevin Townsend mix)

MARCH 3 (2012)

*Lana Del Ray "Video Games", *Winstrong "Rude Boy" (remix), *Vlad In Tears "Circus On The Moon", *Dragonland "Lady Of Goldenwood", *Little Barrie "How Come", *Wiz Khalifa f/ Too $hort "On My Level", *Eve 6 "Victoria", *Redwood "One Trick Ponies", *Mark Lanegan Band "The Gravediggers Song", *Gemma Ray with Sparks "How Do I Get To Carnegie Hall?", *Bash The Band "Angel", *Rusko "Somebody To Love" (Sigma remix), *Buck Satin and the 666 Shooters "I Hate Every Bone In Your Body", *Mind.In.A.Box "Not Afraid", *Victorian Halls "Dear, This Is Desperate", *Jamie Woon "Lady Luck" (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink-Wolf remix), *Blue October "The Flight (Lincoln To Minneapolis)", *Balkan Beat Box "What A Night", Shirley Levi "Cross The Line", *Wiley "Customs", *Wiley "Life At Sea", *Aaron David Gleason "Progress", *Mark Lanegan Band "Riot In My House", Black Sabbath w/Dio "Die Young" (1980), *Iron Fire "The Final Odyssey", *DJ Premiere featuring Nas and The Berklee Symphony Orchestra "Regeneration"


FEBRUARY 25 (2012)

*The Beauty Of Gemina "Seven-Day Wonder", *Wiley "Can I Have A Taxi Please?", *Shirley Levi "Cross The Line", *The Misfits "Curse Of The Mummy's Hand", *Lana Del Ray "Radio", *Potluck "Forbidden Love", *Vlad In Tears "After All", *Almah "Late Night In '85", *Mind.In.A.Box "Cause And Effect", *The Blue Van "Fame & Glory", *The Love Me Nots "He Doesn't Share Well", *Wiley "Immigration", *Lost Reality "Discoboy", *The Oz "Fire In The Brain", *Girl In A Coma "Rubber Ring" (Smiths cover), *Joker "On My Mind" (Goldie remix), *JoanOvArc "Say Sayonara", *Standing Shadows "Just A Part Of Me", *DJ Shadow f/ Posdnous & Talib Kweli "Stay The Course", *Elika "No One Gets Lost", Frogg "Shut Tha F**k Down", *Deborah Iyall "A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)" (2012 new version), One Model Nation "East Berlin", *Gangrene "Vodka & Ayahusca", *Aaron David Gleason "Be Your Fool", *Gina And The Eastern Block "This Is F**king Rock 'N' Roll", *The Love Me Nots "The Girl Lights Up", *Fancy Space People "Pyramids (Shoots Golden Rays)"

FEBRUARY 18 (2012)

*Blue October "The Worry List", *Mariachi El Bronx "Love Sick", *Kid Savant "Drop It On The Stereo", *Favez "Like The Old Days", One Model Nation's Elliot Barnes aka "Sebastian Schell" introduces *One Model Nation "East Berlin", *Nachtblut "Gedenket Der Toten", Kasabian "Velociraptor", *Buddy Holly "Slipin And Slidin" (Jaques Renault remix), **Never before heard rare 1997 JL rejected demo for KROQ Los Angeles with Frank Black (Pixies) with one acoustic song live** Grand Duchy "Silver Boys", *Buck Satin and the 666 Shooters "What's Wrong With Me", *Ryan T. Hope of Lifeline f/ Geno Lenardo "You Won't See The Light", Fernthal f/ LORE "Kings & Queens (A Sailors Melody)" (Tony deKaro remix), *Frogg "Shut Tha F**k Down", Wideboy Generation "Looters", *Foxy Shazam "Biggest Black Ass", *Super Geek League "Naked Machine", *First Aid Kit "The Lions Roar" (Full version), Astral Doors "The Day After Yesterday", *Boris "Flare", *Eisbrecher "Verruct" (Combichrist remix), *Feritta "Karma", *Downtown Mystic "Hard Enough", *Delta Spirit "California", *The Blue Van "Mama's Boy", *Soulicit "Hell Yeah"


FEBRUARY 11 (2012)

*Super Geek League "JJ Skewers", *(JL mix) "Kafka In A Groove" Hans Jorg Große reads Franz Kafka/music Air "Electronic Performers", *Wideboy Generation "Looters", *Howler "Back Of Your Neck", *Buck Satin And The 666 Shooters "Ten Long Years In Texas", *Michael Franti "Subterranean Homesick Blues", *Lillian Axe "Lava On My Tongue", *Digitalism "Reeperbahn", *Source Victoria "Taking Me On", *Immortal Technique "Black Vikings", *Blue October "The Getting Over It Part", *[:SITD:] "Code Red", *Bad Religion "It's All Over Now Baby Blue", *Illuminati Congo "Filthy", *Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "The Witness' Dull Surprise", *Buck Satin And The 666 Shooters "Drug Store Truck", *Sinead O'Conner "Property Of Jesus", *Purien+ "+++Crosses", Anthrax and Public Enemy "Bring The Noize" (live), *The Melismatics "Divided Devotions", *Skinny Puppy "Vyrisus", 7Horse "Low Drug Fuel Run", *Blue October "The Feel Again (Stay)" (album version), *Taj Mahal "Bob Dylan's 115th Dream", *Ben Kweller "Jealous Girl", *The Barbarellatones "Poledancer"


FEBRUARY 4 (2012) 

*Buck Satin And The 666 Shooters "Down The Drain", *Blue October "The Money Tree", *Ugly Buggs "Young Girl", Shirley Levi "Re-Bel", *Brian "Head" Welch "Paralyzed", Joey Ramone personal message (interlude), Joey Ramone "Spirit In My House" (2002), *Childish Gambino "Backpackers", *The Love Me Nots "End Of The Line", *Source Victoria "All That You Taught Me", *Angels And Airwaves "Surrender", *Super Geek League "Here Come The Cops", *Super Geek League "Fight (Book 1)", *Ben Kweller "Mean To Me", *[:SITD:] "Beacon Of Hope", *Cross Border Players f/ Gift Of Gab "Higher", *The Strange Boys "Me And You", *Tremor Low "Peter Murphy's Dead", *Primus "Hoinfodaman", *Gary Numan "When The Sky Bleeds He Will Come", *Blue October "For The Love", *Feritta "Karma", *The Shins "Simple Song", *The Vibe "Suicidal Happiness", Spacehog "Dancing On My Own" (2001), *Stellar Corpses "Vampire Kiss", *Canasta "Mexico City", *Mona "Lean Into The Fall", *Heartless Bastards "Parted Ways"

JANUARY 28 (2012)

*The Ivy Walls "She Was European", *Immortal Technique "Goonies Never Die", The Cult "Dirty Little Rockstar" (2007), *Jeryl Bright/M.C.B. "Feels So Right", *Humbucker "Black Nickel", *Lee-Leet "Leave It All Behind", *Angelsplit "Jailbait", *Rebelution "Sky Is The Limit", *Victorian Halls "It All Started In The Hall", *Vaudeville & Bad Omens "Cannon Fodder", The Damned "My Desire" (1995), *Immortal Technique "Angels & Demons", *One Black Orchid "Poor Folks Lament", *Saint Motel "Puzzle Pieces", Neon Trees "Everybody Talks", *Little Shalimar f/ Killer Mike "Melting", *Gift Of Destiny "Play That Funky Music" (Wild Cherry cover), *Say Anything "Burn A Miracle", Hanzel Und Gretyl "Fukken Uber Death Party (2009), *The Astroids Galaxy "Heart Attack" (CSS remix), *The Trophy Fire "Modern Hearts", *Panamah "Looking Up" (English version), *The Dead Milkmen "Some Young Guy", *Yael Meyer "I Wonder How", *Abigail Williams "Ascension Sickness", *Annie Automatic "Then We All Woke Up", *Sonic Adventure Project "Who Are You?", *Two Choices "My Side Of The Street"

JANUARY 21 (2012)

*One Black Orchid "Take A Pill", *7Horse "Blackjack Moon", *Neon Trees "Everybody Talks", *Immortal Technoque "Young Lords", *Vaudeville & Bad Omens "If I Stayed Too Long Can I Join Your Band's Nighmares?", *The Bees "Winter Rose" (Dan The Automator mix), *Kasabian "Man Of Simple Pleasures", Veva "H.E.R.", *Rostam (Vampire Weekend) "Don't Let It get To You", *The Barbarellatones "The Legend Of Skunk Ape", *All Mankind "Lover's Song", *Soft Pipes "Sleeper", *Stephan Malkmus "12 Forever 28", *Mighty Mighty Bosstones "The Package Store Petition", The Real Tuesday Weld "You're Going To Live", *Indianna Dawn "I Always Miss You", *Gary Numan "Big Noise Transmission", *Wise Blood "Darlin' You're Sweet", *Cyko Miko (Mike Muir) "Slightly", *Michael Jasper "Partyworldwide", *Cherri Bomb "The Pretender" (Foo Fighters cover), *Brian Lopez "El Vagabundo", *Endless Shame "Freakshow", *Mind The Gap "Into The Cold", Potluck "Joe Brown: The Life Coach", *Felix Görtz "Lasst Mich", *Doomtree "Beacon", Keep Schtum "Do It Anyway You Wanna"

JANUARY 14 (2012)

*David Lynch "Good Day Today", *Megadeth "Deadly Nightshade", Girl In A Coma "Knocking At Your Door", *Sola Rosa f/ Serocee "I've Tried Always", *Rammstein "Mein Land", *11 Acorn Lane "Le Sexe Au Telephone" (Do Me Do mix), *Marya Roxx "Tie Your Mother Down", (Queen cover), *Gangrene f/ Prodigy "Dump Truck", *White Apple Tree "Snowflakes", *Lou Reed & Metallica "Brandenburg Gate", Fernthal f/ Petra Arnott "Candle In the Sun", *M83 "Echoes Of Mine", *Sister Sin f/ Doro Pesche "Rock 'N Roll" (Motorhead cover), *7Horse "Low Fuel Drug Run", *Panamah "Blickket Op Ad", *Stanley Tall "What A Bitch", *Immortal Technique f/ Cornel West, Cetan Wanbi & Lockjaw Nakai "Sign Of The Times", *Lore "Love Has Gone", *Absolute Body Control "Figures", *Lonehill Estate "Gangsta", *Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Sunday Afternoons On Wisdom Ave.", *Shirley Levi "Re-Bel", *Bash The Band "(Hey Kitty Kitty)", *Mind The Gap "Fall", *Childish Gambino "Hold You Down", *Southerly "Sacrifice", *Blonde On Blonde "Oh My, Oh My", *The Trophy Fire "Chaos/Control", *Felix Görtz "Du Und Dich"

JANUARY 7 (2012)

I Discovered you--or--You discovered me
No record promoters-artists I found in other ways

Vargo f/ Dan Millman "Warriors", Hands Up "Chocolate" (Latino version), Mandasue Heller "Nothing To Say", Bash The Band "Outcast", Sintetico Minesterio "Nervosa", Miss Crazy "Tear It Down", Daybehavior "Silent Dawn", La Sabrosa Sabrosura "Temperio", Van Wolfen "Ich Glaube", Curtis Casey "The Sh*t", Miracle Flair "Ray Out Confidence", Livan "Little White Lies", Dornn "Love Bizzare", Boogie Company "Dr Normann", The Oscars "The Hutsut Song", Tripp Smythe "Watching The World", Endless Shame "The Reaper", Fernthal "Believe In Love" (2011 second version), Ugly Buggs "Sleepers", Beautiful Things "Wonder Why", Geminus "Gone", David Philp "Right Out Of The Radio (Straight Into Your Heart)"

**Special 1994 interview and a few live acoustic songs with
a young and charming Mary Lou Lord
on KUKQ AM 1060 Phoenix, Arizona**



JL's favorite **albums** and some songs of 2011 are highlighted

Glasvegas "Euphoria, Take My Hand", Headcat "American Beat", Kingdom Come "Blue Trees", The Lonely Island f/ Michael Bolton "Jack Sparrow", The Lonely Island "Watch Me Do Me" (interlude), The Lonely Island f/Justin Timberlake "Motherlover",

**The Real Tuesday Weld "Time Of The Month", Me And Mr Wolf", "It's Time", "Tear Us Apart", "The Hunt"**

Movits "Sammy Davis Jr." (Swedish version), Superheavy "Miracle Worker", Motopony "God Damned Girl"

**Queensryche "Higher", "Hot Spot Junkie", "Around The World"**

The Heavenly States "Berlin Wall", Fink "Berlin Sunrise", New York Dolls "Fabulous Rant" (interlude), New York Dolls "Baby Tell Me What I'm On", New York Dolls "Talk To Me Baby"

**Theophilus London "Last Name London", "All Around The World", "She's Great" (interlude), "I Stand Alone", "Wine & Chocolates"**

**Kasabian "I Hear Voices", "Goodbye Kiss", "Days Are Forgotten" (album version)**

**Wumpscut "Alles Aus", "Patient A", "Jiddisch Is A Zwillink**



*Childish Gambino "Heartbeat", *Fernthal "Mode Depeche", *All Mankind "Can You Hear Me?", *Dismantled "Disease", *Big D and the Table Kids "One Day", *David Lynch "Strange And Unproductive Thinking", The Real Tuesday Weld "Love Lust Month", *Guided By Voices "The Unsinkable Fats Domino", *Larissa Ness "Clarity", *Cyko Miko "Who's Next", *Phil Hendriks/Stiffs "If Everyday Was Like Christmas", *Light FM "Mercy", *Immortal Technique "The Martyr", DJ Shadow "Circular Logic (Front To Back)", *Brother Reade "Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Truth" (Minutemen cover), *Angus Khan "Rock Fight" (Cheech & Chong cover), *The Break Up "Lightening", The Elves Of Heaven (Martin Clancy) "Hard Times On 34th Street", *Franco & The Dreadnought "Mute", *Sixx: A.M. "Sure Feels Right", *Shifter X "The Farm", *Childish Gambino "Sunrise", *Frankie and the Heartstrings "It's Obvious", *Vex "Dogma Dance", *iVardensphere f/ Caustic "Miopic", *Absolute Body Control "Do You Feel It Inside", *M.O.P. & The Snowgoons "Get Yours", Bruce Hammond Earlam "Nail The Snail", *Greenhaven "Southbound (Laughlin River Run)"



*Marianne Faithfull "Past Present And Future", Sister Sin f/ Liv Jargell "Times Aren't A Changing" (2010), *Miracle Flair f/Taira "With Each Step", *Jasmine Solano "That's Not It", Juliette Lewis "Fantasy Bar" (2009), *Girl In A Coma "Mother's Lullaby", Evil Stig f/ Joan Jett "Spear & Magic Helmet" (1995), She Rockers f/ Betty Boo "On Stage" (Utah Saints mix 1990), *The Ettes f/ Lindsay "Coco" Hames "Seasons", Kerli "Tea Party" (2010), Beautiful Things f/ Dina D'Alessandro "Hey Hey Hey", Queen Adrina "I Adore You" (2000), Goldfrapp "Lovely Head" (2000), The Do f/ Olivia B "Queen Dot Com" (2010), Daybehavior f/ Paulinda "So Shut Your Eyes", Nightwish f/ Annette Olzen "Amaranth" (2007), Groove Armada f/ GranMa Funk "I See You Baby" (Fatboy Slim mix 1999), Miss Derringer f/ Elizabeth McGrath "Tell Me So" (2009), Ronnie Spector f/ Joey Ramone "Bye Bye Baby" (1999), Chrissy Murderbot f/Warrior Queen "Under Dress", Atari Teenage Riot f/ Nic Endo "Digital Decay", Epica f/ Simone Simons "Burn To A Cinder", The Duel f/ Tara Rez "Jump", Lunachicks "Jerk Of All Trades" (1995), Katzenjammer "A Bar In Amsterdam" (2010), Girlschool "London" (2008), *Mandasue Heller "Twisted Love", Edith Hanke -German musik from the 1930's, Uffie "MCs Can Kiss" (2010), *The Slot f/ Daria Stavrovich "Broken Mirror", Richard X presents Deborah Evans-Strickland "Walk On By" (2003), Kate Crash "Ain't Got Much", Genitorturers f/ Gen "Jackin' Man" (1993)


*Deer Tick "The Bump", *Sixx: A.M. "Oh My God", Kate Crash "Generation Of The Bored", *Zman, Jthe Sarge "On A Hunt For A New Show", *Stephan Malkimus & The Jicks "Senator", *Wumpscut "Schrekk & Grauss", Stan Ridgway "Throw It Away" (2006), Indian "Elvis & Spiders" (2008), *Wayne Static "Around The Turn", *Yacht "Beam Me Up", *Proh Mic "Mothaship", *Skinny Puppy "Village", *The Coke Authority "Malice", *Dessa "Alibi", New Model Army "States Radio" (2009), *Still Corners "The White Season", *Sick Of It All "Us vs. Them", Adam F (interlude), *Everybody Else "First Class", *Illuminati Congo "Get My Bruce Lee On", *Indianna Dawn "Katja", *Kazzoshay "Doppelganger", *Zookeeper "Snow In Berlin", *Action Bronson & Statik Selektah f/ Nina Sky "Cocoa Butter", My Glorius "Minefield", *Veva "H.E.R.", *Capsula "Town Of Sorrow", *Annie Automatic "Firefly", *Actretongue "Flowers In The Attic"


*Still Corners "Into The Trees", *Potluck "Show The World", Aqua Teen Hunger Force "Skit" (interlude), *Slash f/ Myles Kennedy "Ghost" (live), *De/Vision "Plastic Heart (Side Chain Moog mix), *Make Out "You Can't Be Friends With Everyone", *Wayne Static "Assasins Of Youth", *The Rapture "Sail Away", *Brainstorm "My Own Hell", *The Front Bottoms "Bathtub", *IamOmni "Pangea", *Nous Non Plus "Bunga Bunga", *Voodoo Swing "My Greasy Hair", *Skinny Puppy "Gambette", *Andrew W.K. "Go Go Go Go", *DJ Shadow "Circular Logic (Front To Back)", *Type O' Negative "Liver" (interlude), Placebo "Spite and Malice" (2000), *Nachtblut "Kreuzigung", *Triphazard "Hollywood Dreaming", *Pop Will Eat Itself "Oldskool Cool", (Bagga Bownz interlude), *Van Wolfen "Mannerhass", *Theophilus London "Stop It", *Shiv-r "God Is Art", *Chris Cornell "Fell On Black Days" (acoustic live), Jedi Mind Tricks "Target Practice", *Iced Earth "Anguish Of Youth", *Vargo "Your Love" (interlude), *Yokittyjo "Don't Know Why", *Nada Surf "When I Was Young", *Fernthal "Believe In Love" (Rotersand Rework)


*Wugazi "Killa Hill", *Aesthetic Perfection "DAF", *Nous Non Plus "All I Want", *Voodoo Swing "Blue As A Jailhouse Tattoo", Cosmo Jarvis "Is The The World Strange", *Iced Earth "Dark City", *Fernthal "Make It Bigger", *Hello Echo "Why Are We Waiting" (interlude), *Hello Echo "The Coming Days", *Theophilus
London "One Last Time", *Elf f/Ronnie James Dio "Buckingham Blues", *Miracle Flair "Marvellously Depressed", San Sebastian "Baby", *Kasabian "I Hear Voices",

*Dessa "The Crow", Queensryche "Retail Therapy", The Plasmatics "Sex Junkie" (1981), *Hunters "Deadbeat", *Angelsplit "Cubicle", *Nachtblut "Kreuzritter", *Oberhofer "Gotta Go", Tom Waits "Hell Broke Luce", *IsIs "So Long", *Paley & Francis "Magic Cup", *Phantogram "Don't Move", *MELT "Full Of (Sh*)t", *Chezelle "You Got A Little Piece Of My Heart", Kooks "F**k The World Off", *Visions Of Atlantis "Change Of Tides", The R's "New Gear, New Feel"


*Kasabian "Re-wired", *Strange Markings "Take 3" (interlude), *Strange Markings "Mountaintop", *The Rapture "Can You Find A Way", *Tom Waits "Hell Broke Luce", **Special set of Fernthal: *"Nothings Stays The Same", *"Candle In The Sun" f/Petra Arnott, *"Believe In Love" (Dope Stars Inc. remix), *"Kings and Queens (A Sailor's Melody) f/ Lore (Tony de Karo remix)**
*Eternity Fallen "Sleepwalk", *Kooks "Mr. Nice Guy", *Nachtblut "Antik", *Still Corners "Cuckoo", *The Gaslight Anthem "Baba O' Riley", *Panic Dance "Party In Parliment", *Electric Six "Food Dog", *Two Door Cinema Club "Eat That Up, It's Good For You", *Strange Markings "T & T Radio Show" (interlude), *Trapt "Headstrong" (Die Krupps remix), *Cosmo Jarvis "Is The World Strange", *Pop Will Eat Itself "Disguise", *The Barbarellatones "Mommy's Gone Insane", *Derek Sherinian "Ghost Runner", *Autozamm "All That Woman", *The Veda Rays "Just Dust", *The Misfits "Sleepwalkin'", *Freestyle Fellowship "Step 2 The Side", *Shut Up Donny! "El Boyo Productions", *Strange Markings "Intro" (interlude), *The Arhats "Summer's Gone", *Iration "Turn Around"


*Misfits "The Devil's Rain", *Dessa "Mineshaft", *We Were Promised Jetpacks "The Drawing Board", *Nachtblut "Ijobs Botschaft", *Kooks "F**k The World Off", *Stormwarrior "And Northern Steele Remaneth", *Paley & Francis "Curse", *Captain Planet "Ram Ad Infinitum", *Pop Will Eat Itself "Equal Zero", *Kate Bush "Wild Man", *Oedipus "Gimme A Chance", *Eligh & AMP LIVE "Tattoo Song", *San Sebastian "Baby", *Smith Westerns "Weekend", *Kasabian "Days Are Forgotten" (Album version), *S.C.U.M. "Cast Into Seasons", *Cosmo Jarvis "Gay Pirates", *Laura Vall "Little Star", *Empesarios "Cumbia Savage", *Electric Six "We Use The Same Products", *The R's "New Gear, New Feel", *Givers "Noche Nada (A Lot From Me)", *Electric Touch "Don't Stop", *Nappy Riddem "One World Soveregnty", *Friends Of Emmet "No Surprise", *The Trip "On The First Time (Sexy Paris remix)", *Waters "Mickey Mantle", Lyrics Born "Born-E-Ohs!"


*Nachtblut "Die Mutter Die Ihr Kinder Velor", *Lou Reed & Metallica "The View", *Clap Your Hands Say Yeah "Same Mistake", *Nappy Riddem "DTA", *Cosmo Jarvis "Dave's House", *T.J. Miller "Some Other Things..." (interlude), *Dum Dum Girls "Just A Creep", DJ Shadow f/ Little Dragon "Scale It Back", *Deer Tick "Funny Word", *Nachtblut "Die Blutgrafin", *The Barr Brothers "Ooh Belle", *Maren Parusel "Stairway Up The Coast", *Spank Rock "#1 Hit", *Kasabian "Switchblade Smiles", *Teddybears "Bukowski", *Stormwarrior "The Returne", *Mandasue Heller "History", *Twin Shadow "Changes", *Dismantled "Dead On Impact", *T.J. Miller "Swimming Fins" (interlude), *The Barbarellatones "Glamour Girls", *All Mankind "I've Been Looking For This", *Mogwai "Drunk And Crazy", *The Gaslight Anthem "State Of Love And Trust", *DJ Shadow "Going Nowhere" (interlude), *Ethan Gold "Bela Lugosi Is Dead", *Polkadot Cadaver "Sex Offender", *The Misfits "Twilight Of The Dead", *Veronica Falls "Right Side Of My Brain", *The Dear Hunter "She's Always Singing (Yellow)", *Greenhaven "In Memory Of Bull Angus", *Pavel Prochakov "Part-4", *Girl In A Coma "Knocking On Your Door"


*Light FM "Kill The Landlord", *Pusha T f/ Kanye West & Jeezy "Amen", *Annie Automatic "Don't Look Down", *T.J. Miller "Balsa Wood", *Megadeth "Never Dead", *Black Box Revelation "High On A Wire", *Mocean Worker f/Steven Bernstein "Shooby Shooby Do Yah!", *Victorian Halls "Burn Me Up Like Wax-Kissed Letter", *T.J. Miler "Fine Women's Garments", *Greenhaven "Romeo Delight", *We Barbarians "Chambray", *Ladytron "Ambulances", Stan Ridgway "Turn A Blind Eye", *Jedi Mind Tricks "Target Practice", *The Slot "Lego", *Downtown Mystic "She Said, She Said", *The Barbarellatones "Get Your Freak On", *Eat The Gun "Three Six Five", *Pack A.D. "Ride", *Santah "Neighbors And Cousins", *DJ Shadow f/Afrikan Boy "I'm Excited", *Spirit Animal "I'm Around", *Odoghan "Sail To The Moon", *L.A. Guns "These Arms Of Mine" (live), *Maren Parusel "Kiss You", *Lovedrug "Pink Champagne", *Rise "Venus And The Moon", *T.J. Miller "Elbows", *Childish Gambino "Bonfire", *Patton Oswalt "The Stripper", Bash The Band "Shut You Up", *theendisthebeginning "Tropics", T.J. Miller "Tender Hug", *Donora "The Untouchables", *Her Vanished Grace "See The Moon"


*Elephanz "Stereo", *The Front Bottoms "The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming, It's Also The Reason I Started Drinking", *DJ Shadow f/ Tom Vek "Warning Call", T.J. Miller "Ankle Fat (interlude), *Lords Of Acid "Little Mighty Rabbit (Smell-O-Kitty mix), *Soft Bullets "Posterity", *Saxon "No Rest For The Wicked", *The Barbarellatones f/ Nina Hagen "Nina Hagen", *Blood Orange "Forget It", *Manchester Sunrise "Walk On", *Primus "Lee Van Cleef", Grand Duchy "Silver Boys" (Justin Warfield mix), Penguin Prison "Don't F**k With My Money", *Pop Will Eat Itself "Seek & Destroy", *Evidence "You", Super Geek League "Rage (Aspire Til I Expire)", *T.J. Miller "Voicemail skit" (interlude), *Annie Automatic "Burn This Prison", *Cling "Twilight", *Dangerous! "Not One Of You", *We Were Promised Jetpacks "Medicine", T.J. Miller "Battle Of The Century Pt. 2", *L.A. Guns "Electric Gypsy" (acoustic live), *Girl In A Coma "One Eyed Fool", *Endless Shame "Halo", Gang Green "I'll Worry About It Monday" (1997), *Sarah Schuster "Deep Lakes", Everlast "I Get By", *Anthrax "I'm Alive", *CSS "F**k Everything", *The Ettes "My Heart", *The Rapture "How Deep Is Your Love"


*Potluck "3 Minute Miracle", *Jaggedy Ann "Shot Of Gasoline", *New York Dolls "Talk To Me Baby", *Elan "My Baby And Me", *Straftanz f/ Reverend G & F Nietzshe "The Enchantment", *Male Bonding "Bones", Rammstein "Te Quero Puta" (2005), *Astronautalis "The River, The Woods", *Headcat "The Eagle Flies On Friday", **Exclusive debut: Grand Duchy "Silver Boys" (Justin Warfield remix), *Movits "Skjut Mig I Huvet", I.N.C. "Good Bones" (KMFDM remix), *Sarah Schuster "The Photographer", The Lords (L.A.) "Trapped In", Reggie Watts "Reverb" (interlude) *Reform The Resistance "Tonight We Ride", Antigone Rising "99 Luftbaloons" (Live version 2010), *Primus "Tragedy's A Comin'", *Ethan Gold "Nonstop" (album version), *Silver Magic Ships "Back To The Drawing Board", *Penguin Prison "Don't F**k With My Money", **Special Set with Stan Ridgway: Incident At Carbazon", "Turn A Blind Eye", "Wayfaring Stranger", Camouflage" (live version from Virginia 2010** *Filter "Gimmie All Your Lovin'", *Sekond Skyn "Confessions", *Hush Now "Rooftops", *Loose Cannons "Say Yeah" (accapella)


*S.C.U.M. "Amberhands", *Amanda Jo Williams "The Bear Eats Me", Orange "Cool Mexicans" (2004), *Aesthetic Perfection "The Devils In The Details", Theophilus London "All Around The World", *Blood Orange "Are You Sure You're Really Busy", *Daybehavior "So Shut Your Eyes", TUFF "American Hair Band" (2001), *VHS Or Beta "Breaking Bones", *Jim Jones Revue "Burning Your House Down", *Endless Shame "Pure", *Alice Cooper "I'll Bite Your Face Off", *Winstrong "Fast Lane", Volbeat "Still Counting" (2008), *Her Vanished Grace "Passenger", *Mariachi El Bronx "Revolution Girls", *Straftanz "Forward Ever", *Tame Impala "Desire Be, Desire Go", The Witness Protection Program "You Can't Stop The Rain", *Kittie "Empires Pt.1", *Kittie "Empires PT.2", *Sebastian Bach "Kicking And Screaming", *Manifestations Of Baba Babooza "Snakes & Girls", Ugly Buggs "Sleepers", *Michael Ian Black "Halloween Costumes", W.A.S.P. Animal ("F**k Like A Beast) (1984), *Thievery Corporation "Stargazer", *Mike Bloom "Red Light, Green Light", *Super Geek League "Rage (Aspire Till I Expire)", *Gogol Bordello "Immigraniada" (2011 Diverse Spectrum mix)


*Mariachi El Bronx "Great Provider", *Super Geek League "Intravenous Alien", *Ugly Buggs "Sleepers", *Theophilus London "All Around The World", *Anthrax "Fight 'Em Till You Can'T", *Blood Orange "Sutphin Boulevard", *Boogie Company "Taitsa Tais Ma Aklud Laen Fulls", Sheep On Drugs "Cathode Ray" (1994), *Neon Indian "Polish Girl", *Jim Jones Revue "High Horse", *Endless Shame "Sister Of Mercy", *Psychostick "Six Pounds Of Terror" (interlude), *Psychostick "Sadface :(", *Egypt Central "Kick Ass", *Winstrong "Rude Boy", *Witness Protection Program "You Can't Stop The Rain", *Potluck "My Movie", *The Japanese Popstars "Let Go", Alien Sex Fiend Bit (interlude), The Hotrats "Queen Bitch" (Bowie cover 2009), Grace Jones "Well Well Well" (Dub version), *The Parlor Mob "Into The Sun", *Rene Lopez "Puerto Ricans In America", *Motopony "Wait For Me", *Symphony X "Electric Messiah", *Afrobeta "As Long As You Like It", *Kid Savant "4 Years", *Wugazi "Sleep Rules everything Around Me", *Live Politics "Time Stood Still", *Golden State "Rocket", *Deer Tick "Miss K"


*Endless Shame "The Reaper", Everybody Was In The French Resistance Now! "He's A Rebel" (2009), *Everlast "I get By", *Accessory "Tanzrichtung vowarts", *Eat The Gun "Liberator", *Jimmy Cliff w/Tim Armstrong "Guns Of Brixton", *Golden State "All Roads Lead Home", *Hustle Boys On Da Block "Hustle Boys On Da Block", *Jim Jones Revue "Dishonest John", *JNatural "Intro" (interlude), *JNatural f/ Abstract Rude & Aceyalone "Keys To The City", *Miracle Flair "Silent", *Vayden "Memo", *Mariachi El Bronx "48 Roses", *Black 'N Blue "A Tribute To Hawking" (interlude), *Black 'N Blue "World Goes Round", The Oscars "The Hutsut Song", Mission Of Burma "So F**k It" (2009), *Within Temptation "Faster", *Wyatt Cenac "Making Slurry", "Electro Body Music" (interlude), Wumpscut "Jiddish Is A Zwillink", *Sebastian & M.I.A. "C.T.F.O.", *Venomin James "Desert Rider", *Cymbals Eat Guitars "Plainclothes", *Boogie Company "Dr Normann", *The Drums "Money" (full version), *The Quill "No easy Way Out", *Victorian Halls "A Crush Is A Crush", *Chimaira "Beyond The Grave", *TuneYards "Gansta" (Cut Chemist mix)


Trent Resnor "Videodrones: Questions (interlude), *Front Line Assembly "Angriff (remix), *Little Dragon "Please Turn", "User Friendliness Goes A Long Way" (interlude), Rammstein "Pussy" (2009), *Sublime with Rome "Take It Or Leave It", Kasabian "Julie & The Mothman" (2009), *JoanOvArc "Running Away", *Wugazi "Another Chessboxin' Argument", *The Slot "Heaven", *The Front Bottoms "The Beers", *Accessory "She Says It Feels Good", *Anthrax "The Devil You Know" (album version), *IamOmni "Power", *Kate Crash "Generation Of The Bored", *The Follow "From The Clouds Came A Lion", *Michael Ian Black "Pepperoni", *Zeni Danussi "Lady Of The Night", *Manraze "Dreamland", "The Birthday Massacre "Pale" (Kevvy Mental/Dave Ogolvie mix), *Howler "14 Days", *Hercules And Love Affair "Painted Eye" (Moonlight Matter mix), *Mutemath "Blood Pressure", *Eternity Fallen "Epitaph", *Paper Chasers with no IZO "One Of A Kind", *Love Links "Better Alive", *Left Spine Down "X-Ray", *Anglia "Charming Liar", AM & Shawn Lee "Jackie Blue"


*Manraze "Get Action", *IamOmni "Magic", *Brothers Of Brazil "Samba Around The Clock", *Kate Crash "Ain't Got Much", *Hank Williams III "Drink It, Drug It", Superheavy f/ Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Damien Marley "Miracle Worker", *Miracle Flair "Change In Mood", *Psychostick "Intervention For A Good Mood", *Pyschostick "Hate Times", Neon Indian "Fallout", *The Lonely Island "Rocky", *Manraze "I, Superbiker", *Manraze "I C U In Everything", *Fountains Of Wayne "The Summer Place", *Grace Jones "Well Well Well" (Dub Version), Ministry "So What" (1989), *Chickenfoot "Big Foot", *The Real Tuesday Weld "Room Service" (interlude), The Real Tuesday Weld "The Hunt", *My Glorius "The World", *Anglia "Little Happiness", *Cold Cave "Confetti", *The Bandana Splits "Choo Choo", *Little Dragon "Ritual Union", Negativeland "Yellow Black and Rectangular" (interlude), *Paper Chasers "Boomerang", *The Happy Endings "Catorina", *Digitalism "Just Gazin'", *Penguin Prison "Multi-Millionaire", *Icebird "Going Going, and Going", *La Sabrosa Sabrsura "Temperario", *Triphazard "24 Hours (Hassassin remix)


*The Bandana Splits "Sometimes", *Potluck "Wake-N-Bake" (interlude), *Grace Jones "This Is Life", *Queensryche "Retail Therapy", *The Donots "Forever Ends Today", *My Glorius "Heart On Fire", *Potluck "Joe Brown: Life Coach", *Potluck f/ Bosko "Last Call 4 Alcohal", *Miracle Fair "Inner Peace Of Mind", Joachim Witt "Eizenherz" (2002), *Neon Indian "Fallout", *Golden State "World On Fire", *Bash The Band "Outcast", *Thunderball "12 Mile High", *Bush "The Sound Of Winter", *Pajama Club "Tell Me What You Want", Caterwaul "The Sheep's A Wolf" (1989), *Wugazi "Shame On Blue", *The Quill "Black Star", Redondo Beat "Full Moon Child", *Psychostick "Because Boobs", *VanMarter Project "Guarenteed Tomorrow", *Vs. The Earth "The Passing Of Theodore Reilly", *The Features "How It Starts", *Electric River "Phony Radio", *Theophilus London "Girls Girls $", *Mathieu Santos "Wait To Get Up", *Marc Maron "Heady" (interlude), *Fink "Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us", Alabama 3 "Mansion On The Hill" (2000), *The One AM Radio "An Old Photo Of Your New Lover", *Spank Rock "Energy"


*Kin "Days Of E", *Mathieu Santos "I Can Hear The Trains Coming", "CPS Home Shopping" (interlude), *Mary Magdalina "Politics", Cowboy Mouth "Joe Strummer" (2007), *Theophilus London "Last Name London", *The Quill "River Of A Moonchild", *Miracle Flair "Ray Out Confidence", *Theophilus London "Wine & Chocolates", *My Glorius "Minefield", *Stills "Freeze", *Bash The Band "Shut You Up", Kooks "The Saboteur", *Draconian "Dead World Assembly", Sistez Wailer" (interlude), The Aggrolites "Reggae Summertime" (2009), Dave Philp "Right Out Of The Radio ) Straight Into My Heart)", *Boots Electric "Boots Electric Theme", *George Lynch "My Own Enemy", *Wumpscut "Rudolf Wolzek", *Animal Farm "DIY", *Hess Is More "Creation Keeps The Devil Away", *Stream Of Passion "The Scarlet Mark", *Dave Stewart "Man To Man", "Free For Life" (interlude), *Mary Fahl "Brain Damage", *German Error Message "In Comfort", *Maren Parusel "Don't Take Your Eyes Away", *Plastic Barricades "Alarm", *Zomby "Witch Hunt", *Iwresteledabearonce "I'm Gonna Shoot"


*Big D and the Table Kids "Roxbury (Roots 'N' Shoots), *The Astroids Galaxy "Runner", Fernthal "Believe In Love" (2011 Rock remix), *George Lynch "Son Of Scary", *The Boxer Rebellion "The Runner (The Joy Formidable mix)", *The Real Tuesday Weld "Time Of The Month" (interlude), *The Real Tuesday Weld "Love Lust Month", *The Stone Foxes "Psycho", *Teddybears f/ Cee Lo Green & B-52's "Cho Cha", *Tom Morello "It Begins Tonight", Admiral Radley "Sunburn Kids", *Mary Fahl "Money" (Pink Floyd cover), The Satellite Year "Citizen's, Districts, Telescopes", *Moby "Be The One", *HeadCat "Something Else", *The Kooks "Junk Of The Heart (Happy)" (Rock remix), *Franco and the Dreadnought "Bulletproff", *Juno Reactor "Children Of The Night" (Soundvandal remix), *Theophilus London "I Stand Alone", *Dornn "Love Bizzare", *Kin "A Long Way Down", *Atari Teenage Riot "Blood In My Eyes", *Daybehavior "Silent Dawn" (Parralox mix), *Playdough "Singleminded Female", *Teddybears f/ Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips "Crystal Meth Christians", *Kids At Risk "Reflective", Cee Lo Green (interlude), Powerman 5000 "V Is For Vampire" (2009), *Lost Without Cause "Lost My Mind", Dollhause f/ Jackie K of Dornn "Stalk", *The Real Tuesday Weld "The Hunt", *Metronomy "She Wants"


*The Real Tuesday Weld "I Don't Like It, I Love It" (interlude), *The Real Tuesday Weld "Me And Mr Wolf", *The Real Tuesday Weld "You're Going To Live", *Dream Theater "On The Backs Of Angels, *Kooks "The Saboteur", *The Ettes "Take It With You", *George Lynch "Done", *Dance Or Die "Nostradamnation", *SBTRKT "Never Never", *Playdough "Nunya" (interlude), *Big D And The Table Kids "Good Looking", *Draconian "Wall Of Sighs", *F**ked Up "Ship Of Fools", *Glasvegas "Dream Dream Dreaming", *DJ Cosmo "Wayward Son (Andrew Spencer remix), *Kids At Risk "Hey Mista" (interlude), *Teddybears f/ Robyn Carlsson "Cardiac Arrest", *Novochild "Not Your Servant", *Every Avenue "No One But You", *Juice Big City "What The Heck", *The Real Tuesday Weld "It's Time" (interlude), *The Real Tuesday Weld "Tear Us Apart", *Death Cab For Cutie "Monday Morning", *The Satellite Year "Citizens, Districts, Telescopes", *Vex "Relative", *Playdough "Hotdoggin'", *Kickdrums "Naked", *A Pale Horse Named Death "As Black As My Heart", Redd Kross "So Cal-V8" (1997 f/ "Good Burger" Soundtrack), *Stream Of Passion "Lost"


Johnette Napolitano "Poem For The Native" (2007), *Big D and the Table Kids "Best Of Them All", *Symphony X "Bastards Of The Machine", *SBTRKT "Hold On", *HeadCat "Say Mama", Sista Wailerz (interlude), *Thievery Corporation "Overstand", *Neon Trees "Animal DJ From Mars" (Remix), Yacht "Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)", **Set of songs about Berlin: Fink "Berlin Sunrise", The Heavenly States "Berlin Wall", Atari Teenage Riot "Digital Decay"** *311 "Sunset In July", *Juice Big City "One Two Three", Husker Du "Celebrated Summer" (1985), *Arivma "Fear Of The Book", *Neko Case and Nick Cave "She's Not There", *Metronomy "The Look", *Cassettes Won't Listen "Runtime", *Animal Farm f/ Rob Swift "Culture Shock", *Novochild "Listen", *Fretless "Breakout", *DJ Cosmo "Wayward Son", "Chest Hair Tip" (Interlude), *Fitz Fonzarelli "Red Eye" (sample), *Jakob Dylan and Daryl Hannah "Won't You Say", *Orange Sky "Yesterday and Tomorrows", *Ko "Capable" (uncut version), *God Module "Rituals", *Classified f/ Brother Ali "Maybe It's Just Me", "Air Freshner Tip" (interlude), *Johnny Zapp "Orange County"


*Stratovarius "Event Horizon", Wirtz "Wo Ich Steh", Sludge "No Vagina Music" (interlude), Prince "Peach" (1993), *Thievery Corporation "Culture Of Fear", *HeadCat "Crossroads", F**ked Up "Under My Nose", *Daybehavior "Silent Dawn (Paramaterial Mix)", *Unwritten Law "Sing", *CSS "Hits Me Like A Rock", *Digitalism "Circles", Sludge "We Believe..."(Interlude), *Yacht "Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)", *Tich Lange "It All Real", *Black Country Communion "Man In The Middle", *Wumpscut "Patient A.", Vs. The Earth "Alligator Shoes (interlude), *Vs. The Earth "Better Off Dead", *Dirty Vegas "Little White Doves", **Special Set of HeadCat: *"Let It Rock", *"Bad Boy", *"You Can't Do That"** *Red Line Chemistry "Ultragigantor", *Seasick Steve "Write Me A Few Of Your Lines", *Symphony X "The End Of Innocence", *Joakim "Forever Young" (DyE Mix), *Dornn "Never Saw Me", *Manifstations Of Baba Bazooba "Soul Foundation", Richard Cheese "Suck My Kiss" (interlude), *Kickdrums "Trouble Coming Everyday", *Eve To Adam "Run Your Mouth", Who Cares? "Out Of My Mind", *Beautiful Things "Wonder Why", *Liminus "Bloodchains"


Bobnoxious "Don't", Daybehavior "Silent Dawn" (People Theatre Mix), Motorhead "Rock 'N Roll", Marliyn Manson "Atma-Godd**n-Motherf**kin-Gedden", Who Cares "Out Of My Mind", Army Of The Universe "Table In Hell", Mandasue Heller "Love Him Or Lose Him", Face Candy "Twelve" (interlude), Johnny Winter "Mean Town Blues" (1968), Beautiful Things "Hey Hey Hey", London After Midnight "The Kids Are All Wrong", Livan "Liberated Mr. Hyde", The Lonely Island f/ Santigold "After Party", Atari Teenage Riot "Digital Decay", Arctic Monkeys "That's Where You're Wrong", New York Dolls "Streetcake", Alestorm "Scraping The Barrel", Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers "Heaven In Stereo", Bella Morte "Before The Flood", Queensryche "Wot We Do", Grieves "Boogie Man", The HeadCat "American Beat", The Ettes "Trouble With You", Juakali "Breakaway", Luke Fenlon "Summer", Liam Finn "Jump Your Bones", Ko "Capable", Gamma Ray "Send Me A Sign", Face Candy "Four" (Interlude), Who Cares "Holy Water", F**ked Up "Under My Nose"


Atari Teenage Riot "Is This Hyperreal?", Danzig "The Mandrakes Cry" (2007), Kate Bush "Song Of Solomon", Portugal. The Man "Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now)", Dornn "See Paris", Clutch "White's Ferry", Arctic Monkeys "Library Pictures", Norm McDonald "I Don't Drink" (interlude), The Lonely Island "Mama", **Set of Mandasue Heller: "Flowers", "History", "Down On My Knees""** Whitesnake "One Of These Days", Death Cab For Cutie "You Are A Tourist", Chrissy Murderbot f/ Rubi Dan "Pelvic Floor", Attack! Attack! "Blood On My Hands", Blue October "The Chills", Thin Lizzy "Me And The Boys" (Live version 1978), Brian Roberston (Thin Lizzy) "That's All", Eisley "The Valley", Eddie Vedder "Can't Keep", Denis Leary "Keith Richards" (interlude), Queensryche "Hot Spot Junkie", New Years Day "It's Alive", Cassettes Won't Listen "The Night Shines", Cults "Abducted", Suicidal Tendencies "Feel Like Shit...Deja Vu" (1989), Orchard Star "Brighter", U.D.O. "Leather Head", The Ettes "My Baby Cried All Night Long", Andrew Dice Clay "Rhymes" (interlude), Motopony "I Am My Body"


New Found Land "Human", Threefold Fate "Hellride", Queensryche "At The Edge", Blue October "The Chills", Movits! f/ Zacke "Huvudvarken", The New Regime "Live In Fear", The Lonely Island f/ Michael Bolton "Jack Sparrow", The Wombats "Techno Fan", Moby "The Day", Mandasue Heller "Low Down Dirty Man", "The Man" (interlude), Portugal. The Man "Got It All (This Can't Be Living Now", Uriah Heep "July Morning" (2009 re-recorded version), The Stone Foxes "Reno", The Astroids Galaxy "Fantasy Friend Forever", Thurston Moore "Circulation", Queensryche "Around The World", Queensryche "Drive", Marianne Faithful "Goin Back", OhGr "Nitwitz", Method Of Defiance (Bill Laswell) "Herb Is Burning", Whitesnake "My Evil Ways", Fink "Berlin Sunrise", Nick 13 "Gamblers Life", Bedouin Soundclash "Fools Tattoo", "Punk Errand Boy" (interlude), Art Brut "Axl Rose", Hail Mary Mallon "Breakdance Beach", "Sick And Tired" (interlude), Dollhause "Stalk"


A+D (Mashup) Yello vs Usher "Oh Yeah Yeah", The Heavenly States "Monster", The Heavenly States "Careful With That Review Eugene" (interlude), Queensryche "Get Started", Hail Mary Mallon "Church Pants", Fink "Berlin Sunrise", Mando Diao "High Heels", The Dead Snares "City Sparks", Warrant "Life's A Song", Art Brut "Lost Weekend", The Lonely Island f/ Michael Bolton "Jack Sparrow", Manraze "Over My Dead Body", Sin With Sebastian "Shut Up And Sleep With Me", Attack! Attack! "Best Mistake", Zion I and the Grouch "Healing Of The Nation", New York Dolls "End Of Summer", Ramones "It's Not My Place (In A 9 To 5 World)", Hank III "Hellbilly", Digitalism "2 Hearts", Reggie Watts "As Coffee Did Doth Waft Under Doors", Nini "Yeu Anh Sai Lam", Chrissy Murderbot f/ Warrior Queen "Nice Looking Bwoy", Emerald Skye "Head Against The Glass", Mos Eisley Download Contest (interlude), Ross The Boss "Dead Man's Curve", The Lion And The Wolf (Thomas George) "The Lion And The Wolf", Siebenburgen "As Of Sin", Dengue Fever "Cement Slippers", Afrobeta "Play House", Florence And The Machine "Not Fade Away" (Buddy Holly cover), Nine Lies "Don't Give A Damn"


Gamma Ray "Brothers", The Lonely Island "Threw It On The Ground", Aqua Skit (interlude), Mindless Self Indugence "Agents" (interlude), Mindless Self Indulgence "Bring The Pain" (new wave version-Method Man cover), Manraze "Over My Dead Body", Nick Cave And the Bad Seeds "Lovely Creature" (remastered), Kate Bush "Lily", Lyrics Born "Born-e-O's" (interlude), Lyrics Born "Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart", Pop Will Eat Itself "Harry Dean Stanton", Scandinavian Cock "Gotta Get That Girl", Mandasue Heller "Nothing To Say", Frank Black and the Catholics "His Kingly Cave", Bedouin Soundclash "Rolling Stone", Lou Reed "Peggy Sue", Daft Punk "The Grid" (remixed by The Crystal Method), Queensryche "Get Started", Dredg "The Thought Of Losing You", Killinger "The Sky", Forgotten Species "Truce", Motoplay "God Damn Girl", Lamia Cross "Anohi", 5Revolt "Got Your Back", The Wombats "Girls/Fast Cars", Aqua Skit #2 (interlude), Eastern Conference Champions "Where From Here", Chrissy Murderbot f/ Popeye "Bump Uglies", The Black Rabbits "Hurry Hurry", Wumpscut "Rudolf Wolzek", Holy Ghost "It's Not Over", Ingo Gabriel f/ Julia Pelegrini "Indigo", Savior "Song Seven" (interlude), Cee Lo Green "(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care"


Devon Townsend Project "Ghost", The Lonely Island "Watch Me Do Me" (interlude), Baked Jaeyk "Holy F**k!", Hands Up "Chocolate" (Chocoletric version), Skold "Becoming", Tich Lange "Life's A Bitch", The Rods f/ DIO "The Code", Artmade "Breathe (new mix), Joan As Policewoman "Magic", The Lonely Island f/ Justin Timberlake "Motherlover", "Faq 25.17" (interlude), Wumpscut "Jiddish Is A Zwillink", U.D.O. "Underworld", ohGr "Screw Me", Motopony "King Of Diamonds", Thurston Moore "Benediction", Killinger "You Still Love Me", Dave Philp "Grow Old With Me", Fernthal "Believe In Love" (2011 mix), Black 'N Blue "Jamie's Got The Beer", Black 'N Blue "Angry Drunk Son Of A Bitch", Against All Will "The Drug I Need", Mindless Self Indulgence "JX-47", The Cult "Stand Alone", Chrissy Murderbot f/ Popeye "Bump Uglies", Hank Williams III "Hillbilly Joker", South Park "Uncle Fu**er", Architecture In Helsinki "Contact High", The Oscars "The Hutsut Song", The Zacherys "Dimmer Down", Emerald Skye "Cover Me In Lights", John Flansburgh "Malcom In The Middle" (interlude), Vampires Everywhere "Bury Me Alive"


The Zachery's "My Baby", Randy Scope WHFS "Messages" (interlude), Black 'N Blue "Monkey", Motopony "King Of Diamonds", Type O Negative "Sinus" (interlude), Chrissy Murderbot f/ Warrior Queen "Under Dress", Dave Philp "Right Out Of The Radio", The Heavenly States "Berlin Wall", The Oscars "The Hutsut Song", U.D.O. "Days Of Hope And Glory", Ghost & Writer "Fraud (Acretongue)", At Vance "Tokyo", Hands Up "Chocolate" (Latino Version), Randy Scope WHFS "Conceptual" (interlude) Wumpscut "Jiddisch Is A Zwillink", Killinger "Listen", Delorean "Real Love" (The Field mix), Michael Jeffries "U Be The Reason", The Alexis Marceaux Band "New Fox", Savior "Open The Night", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Sharam f/ Kid Cudi "She Came Along" (2009 Ecastacy mix), ohGr "Crash intro", oHgr "Crash", Wiz Khalifa "No Sleep", Monty Python "The Penis Song" (interlude), The Penelope [s] f/ Morpheus "Licked By Love", Oedipus "Tre Las Radio", Sergio Mendes "Emorio" (Paul Okenfold mix), Bedford "Stronger", OMD "VCR", Losing God "Burning Times"

MAY 28

Mad Planet "I Want You", Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross "Black Sun", "Time To Listen" (interlude), Geminus "Gone", Bell X1 "Haloumi", Zion I & The Grouch "Healing Of The Nation", My Morning Jacket "Holdin On To Black Metal", Fernthal "I Believe In Love" (2011 remix), At Vance "Tokyo", The Heavenly States "Berlin Wall", The Rods "Rebels Highway", The Stone Foxes "I'm A King Bee", Epiphany "My Disguise", Young Legionaire "Numbers", Elbow "The Birds Reprise", Elbow "Dear Friends", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Human Sexual Response "What Does Sex Mean To Me" (1980), "Kentucky Bourbon" (interlude), Brian Robertson "Mail Box", Flogging Molly "Revolution", Chrissy Murderbot f/ Warrior Queen "Under Dress", Holy Ghost "Wait And See", KMFDM "Come On-Go Off", Infectious Grooves "No Cover/2 Drink Minimum", Infectious Grooves "The Immigrant Song", "Robots" (interlude), The Cars "Drag On Forever", Mixmaster Mike "Intro" (interlude), The Airbourne Toxic Event "Welcome To Your Wedding Day", Michael Jeffries (from Tower Of Power) w/ daughter Nicole and son Mike J "Family Affair", Kotadama "See You Tonight", The Dead Snares "City Sparks", Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross "On The Floor", Anvil "Juggernaut Of Justice", Wiz Khalifa "Get Your Shit"


Egoboy "Stuck On You", The Futureheads "Sun Goes Down", Ed Kowalczyk "Grace", Expatriate "Get Out, Give In", Vall "Can I Be You", ZPYZ "Dollar", New York Dolls "Fabulous Rant", New York Dolls "Kids Like You", Wang Chung "Stargazing" (Pink Chung mix), Sintetico Ministereo "Nervoso", Friedel Hensch "Hallo" (interlude), Backyard Loops "Kein Zuruck (Relationships Riddim)", Fernthal "Believe In Love" (2011 new mix), Grinderman "Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man", Vayden "H.A.M.", Uffie "Pop The Glock", Geminus "The Groove", Turbo Weekend "Trouble Is" (Tiesto mix), An Early Fall "Better Off", Tripp Smythe "Watching The World", Sick Of Sarah "Overexposure", "Kissatude" (interlude), Tyrone Marshall "Love Stance", Skunk Annansie "Over The Love", Van Christian "If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You'd Better Be Tough", Boogie Company "God Is Dancing Jive", Van Wolfen "Ich Glaube", Pigeon John "The Bomb", Reggie Watts "A Quick Story" (interlude), Baked Jaeyk vs. Snoop Dogg "That Tree" (Baked-ass mix), Kingdom Come "Blue Trees", Scatomat "Happy Birthday", Volbeat "A Warriors Call"

MAY 14

Bell X1 "Nightwatchmen", Da Yoopers "Two Chicquitos" (interlude), The Find "Matt's Song", Livan "Little White Lies", Arctic Monkeys "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I Moved Your Chair", Two Dollar Grey "Come Undone" (Duran Duran cover), Movits "Vad Dem An Sager", The Stone Foxes "Little Red Rooster", Ladytron "International Dateline", Jacksons Warehouse "Gather Dust", Clutch "Gravel Road", Eastern Conference Champions "Where Is My Mind" (Pixies Cover), Mr. Pauer f/ Itagua "Cumbian Del Sur", The Feelies "Time Is Right", "No Turn-offs" (interlude), Beth Ditto "I Wrote The Book", KMFDM "Rebels In Kontrol", Negativeland "A Special Opening" (interlude), Elbow "With Love", Anvil "Fukeneh!", Dredg "Down Without A Fight", Army Of The Universe "Resin" (Bobermann remix), Jag Panzer "The Setting Of The Sun", Sloan "Beverly Terrace", Duff McKagen's Loaded "Your Name", "Relaxation" (interlude), Beardfish "Akakabotu", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Carbon/Silicon "The News" (2006 full version), Young Legionaire "Black Lion", New Found Land "Jag Tar Smallen", Del The Funky Homosapian "Makes No Sense", ACIDIC "Liar", Spleen Poetry "I Won't Give Up", Moonspell "Choral" (interlude), The Zachery's "Banana Swirls"


Erland & The Carnival "Springtime", Skunk Anansie "You Saved Me", Eastern Conference Champions "Where Is My Mind" (Pixies cover), Duff McKagen's Loaded "Cocaine", New Found Land "A Storage Plan", Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Blues Boy", Daft Punk/ M83 "Fall" (M83 Remix), Major Lazer "Baby" (interlude), Wiz Khalifa f/ Curren$y "Rooftops", **Set of Livan "The Joker", "Undead", "The Silence", Little White Lies",** The Life Between "Underneath The Snow" (Neon mix), Norther "Closing In", Glasvegas "Pain Pain Never Again", Glasvegas "The World Is Yours", Hargo "Just The Sky", Justice "Civilization", Serenity "Prayer" (interlude), Serenity "Changing Fate", Wolf "Tales From The Crypt", Negativeland "Over The Hiccups" (interlude), Tommy Shaw (Styx) "Back In Your Kitchen", My Morning Jacket "Circuital", **SPECIAL Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Spider Bait "Black Betty" (2004), The KLF "What Time Is Love?" (1989 live version), Lords Of Acid "I Must Increase My Bust" (1993 Rock & Rave version), KIX "Cold Shower" (1985)


Innerpartysystem "American Trash (Adam Freeland's Dukebox Version), The Damzells "Cool Pop", Holy Ghost "Wait And See", Reggie Watts "A Quick Story" (interlude), Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy) "Texas Mind", Glasvegas "Euphoria ( Take My Hand)", Those Dancing Days "Help Me Close My Eyes", Jag Panzer "Burn", Wiz Khalifa "No Sleep", Middle Brother "Mom And Dad", Manchester Orchestra "April Fool", Kingdom Come "Don't Remember", The Strokes "Two Kinds Of Happiness", Reggie Watts "Reverb" (interlude), Mandasue Heller "Take My Hand", The Stone Foxes "Easy", Symphonia "I Walk In Neon, Movits! "Balaclavaboogie", Wolf "Viscious Companions", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: The Plasmatics "A Pig Is A Pig" (1984), The Zachery's "Banana Swirls", The Kills "You Don't Own The Road", Tommy And The Fallen Horses "Cushions", New York Dolls "Baby Tell Me What I'm On", Reggie Watts "Smurfs Are People Too" (interlude), Joan As Police Woman "Chemmie", Vayden "H.A.M." (reworked Kanye West/Jay Z song), High Ceiling "Illusions", Skold "Suck", Power Quest "Better Days"


Rocky Business f/ Azores "Ghost House", Mandasue Heller "Nothing To Say", (Truckers On Time interlude), Eastern Conference Champion "Attica", Dropkick Murphy's "Going Out In Style", Movits "Sammy Davis Jr." (Swedish Version), Caustic "White Knuckle Headfuck", New York Dolls "Kids Like You", Round And Round She Goes", **Set of new Kingdom Come: "Break Down The Wall", Can't Deny", "Is It Fair Enough", Should I"** Brother "Darling Buds Of May", Del The Funky Homosapien "One Out Of a Million", Livan "The Silence", Straovarius "Lifetime In A Moment", Alex Winston "Locomotive", Reggie Watts "Exit" (interlude), The Mahones "Give It All You Got (Or Forget About It)", Funeral Party "New York City Moves To The Sound Of L.A.", Atmosphere "She's Enough", Eastern Conference Champion "Hurricane", Sludge Mix mix (interlude), Hungry Kids Of Hungary "Two Stones", Kafka "Jump Down", Make Out "I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me", *HEAD SET: The Stone Roses "I Wanna Be Adored" (Rabbit In The Moon Mix from New School vs Old School) Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: The Vandals "Urban Struggle" (1982), Vargo f/ Dan Millman "Warriors"


Visions Of Atlantis "Elegy Of Existence", UNKLE f/ Nick Cave "Money And Run", T-Rex "Shock Rock, Downtown Mystic "Modern Ways", And One "The Aim Is In Your Head", Bing Ji Ling "Hold Tight", Caustic "Lady Business", Stratovarius "Move The Mountains", Twisted Sister "Munchkins" (interlude), Super Geek League "Rust Within", **Set of new New York Dolls: "I'm So Fabulous", "Funky But Chic", "Fool For You Baby"** Livan "Meet Me On The Other Side", Mandasue Heller "Nothing To Say", Pleasantly Annoying Stroll Down Jonathan's Lane: Joachim Witt f/ Peter Heppner "Die Flute" (1998), David Philp "Irish Blessing", ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead "Summer Of All Dead Souls", Sin-Atra f/ Tim "Ripper" Owens "Witchcraft", Ugly Buggs F/ Jay Aston and Peter Risingham "Crushed", Tahiti 80 "Solitary Bizness", Convenant "World's Collide", Tai Andrews f/ H.A.T. "In Line", Squeak E. Clean "Corona (Jackass Opera mix) (interlude), Alchemy Divine "There Ain't No Love", Art vs. Science "Magic Fountain", Proh Mic "Turn It Around", Dropkick Murphy's "Going Out In Style", "Shut Up, Shut Up" (interlude), Black Label Society "Darkest Days", Sacred Legacy "Mourning Angels" and "Fallen"


Rammstein "Fruhling In Paris", Hungry Kids Of Hungry "Two Stones", New York Dolls "Funky But Chic", "Great Big Brain" (interlude), Deftones "Prince", Deadmau5 "Sofi Needs A Ladder", Swirlies "...Not A Geese, Like A Swan!" (interlude), Everlast "Anyone", Art vs Science "Magic Fountain", Vampire Weekend "White Sky" (Basement Jaxx remix), Donwill "Look At Me", Pleasantly Annoying Stroll Down Jonathan's Lane: Naked Prey "Find My Way" (1987), UNKLE f/ Nick Cave "Money And Run", Visions Of Atlantis "Memento", Alex Winston "Sisters Wife", And One "Sex Drive", Social Distortion "Bakersfield", 3 songs from Sin-Atra compilation: Janie Lane (Warrant) and Ritchie Kotzen "That's Life", dUG Pinnick (Kings X) "I've Got The World On A String", Geoff Tate (Queensryche) "Summer Wind", The Dodos "Black Night", The Wombats "Tokyo", Sick Of Sarah "Simple Parts", The Haunted "The Skull", Sloan "Follow The Leader", The Evolution Control Committee "Freaky People", Soulfly "Brasil", The Veils "Bloom", Southern Culture On The Skids "Chicken Shit Farmer", Winds Of Plague "California", Spinerette "Geeking"


Ghost & Writer "Nightshift", Sloan "Follow The Leader", Whitesnake "Love Will Set You Free", Oh Land "Break The Chain", Jacksons Warehouse "Ska Face", MDFMK "Rabble Rouser", "Electro Body Music" (interlude), KMFDM "Krank" (Skold remix), Joe Satriani "Dream Song", Darwin Deez "Radar Music", Ringside "Love In The Asylum", Stephen King "Last Light Radio 11:29 PM", Shooter Jennings and Heirophant "Fuck You (I'm Famous)", "User Friendlyness Goes A Long Way" (interlude), Los Sundayers "Los Sundayers", Ghost & Writer "Hitman", Those Dancing days "I Know Where You Live Pt.2", Mr. Big "Undertow", Cults "Go Outside", Set of Grand Duchy: "Face (If You See My)", "Silver Boys", "Two Lies And One Truth", David Bowie "Ragazzo Solo, Raggaza Sola" (Italian version of "Space Oddity") , White Denim "Drug", Sintetico Ministereo "Eternal Love", Pleasantly Annoying Stroll Down Jonathan's Lane: Afroman "Because I Got High" (2000), The Love Me Nots "Demons", Mark Dakota "I Don't Belong", Tenderhooks U.K. "Find A Way", Tasm Lab "Simon's Still Fucked" (interlude), Madlife "Money", Tina Turner "Row Row Row Your Boat" (interlude), Grand Magus "Black Sails"


Manchester Orchestra "Simple Math", The Evolution Control Committee "Is That All There Could Be?" (interlude), The Dø "Queen Dot Com", Billy Boy On Poison "Angry Young Man", The Love Me Nots "The Girl Lights Up", Volbeat "The Mirror and the Ripper", Jackson's Warehouse "Running As Fast As You Can", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Dead Kennedy's "Riot" (1982), DJ Logic "Tih Gnob" (interlude), Blueprint "So Alive" (Innerparty System Remix), She Wants Revenge "Must Be The One", Sintetico Minestereo "Eternal Love", Boogie Company "Ace Of Spades", Polygraph "Guilty About Girls", Obehi "Fool", Tenderhooks U.K. "Find A Way", Sick Of Sarah "Kick Back", The Airborne Toxic Event "Changing", Funeral Party "Finale: (Live at BBC), Cults "Go Outside", The Stone Foxes "Hyde & Pine", Oh Land "Rainbow", Zion I & The Grouch "Drop It On The 1", Eisbrecher "Gothkiller", Tahiti 80 "Darlin'", Los Sundayers "Los Sundayers", Redlight King "Old Man", First Aid Kit "Universal Soldier", The Seven Deadly Sins "Work Me Like A Dog", Trembling Blue Stars "My Face For The World To See", Nick Lowe "American Squirm" (reissue from 1979), Wires In The Wall "The Ringer", Does It Offend You Yeah? "We Are Rockstars", Dope "Flatline" (interlude), Turisas "Hunting Pirates"


...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead "Pure Radio Cosplay", Redondo Beat "Break-A-Heart", The Evolution Control Committee "All Rights Reserved" (interlude), Tahiti 80 "Gate 33", Redlight King "Old Man", Duff MaKagen "Dead Skin", Jurassic 5 "React" (interlude), Dollhause "Holiday", Tristen "Eager For Your Love", The Evolution Control Committee "Don't Let The Devil Blow Your Mind", Monroes "Perfect 10", The Cars "Blue Tip", Ugly Buggs f/Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel "Crushed", BB Blackdog "Music Saves Me", Stop f/Mickey Leigh "Lost In Space", The Evolution Control Committee "License Agreement Reminder" (interlude), The Evolution Control Committee "Stairway To Britney",
The Evolution Control Committee "What Would You Do If I Sang Autotune", The Love Me Nots "Demons", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Anthrax "Friggin' In The Riggin'"(1989), Sintetico Minestereo "Nervoso", Van Wolfen "Weiss Wie Schnee", Vall "Because Of You", Dirty Vegas "Changes", River City Extension f/Glenn Tillbrook (Squeeze) "Letters To Janie", Atmosphere "Just For Show", Neon Trees "Your Surrender", Jolly "Intermission" (interlude), Adoravox "Fred", Zebra & Giraffe "End Of The Road", Manchestra Orchestra "Simple Math", Ektomorph f/Danko Jones "The One", Oh Land "Rainbow"


Jackson's Warehouse "Ska Face", Middle Brother "Middle Brother", Green Day "Song Of The Century"(interlude), Does It Offend You, Yeah? "The Monkey's Are Coming" (Album Version), Those Dancing Days "Reaching Forward", Funeral Party "Finale", Jolly "Guidence One", Jolly "Joy", Jolly "Guidence Two", Jolly "Pretty Darlin'", The Stone Foxes "I Killed Robert Johnson", The Kickdrums "Something's Gotta Give", Seven Day Sonnet "Hapless", The Heavy "The House That Dirt Built" (interlude) , Oedipus "Burn It Down" (European single only), Caustic "666 On The Crucifix (Be My Enemy Mix)", We Are Enfant Terrible "Filthy Love", Edwyn Collins "It's In Your Eyes", Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx "Parent's" (interlude), Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx "I'm New Here", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Ministry "Rio Grande Blood" (2006), Monroes "Perfect Ten", Super Geek League "Love Demon", Vall "Can I Be You", New Pornographers "Move", Army Of Of The Universe "Resin", Emma Dean "Sincerely Fearful", MC Zulu "Socialize", Motorhead "Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye", Me First and the Gimmie Gimmes "Have You Never Been Mellow", Hourcast "Attraction", Shad "Telephone", The Golden Dogs "Dear Francis", Garfield Major "Take And Take", Go Remy "The Falaphel Song"


BB Blackdog "Music Saves Me", Livan "Sad", "You're An Idiot" (interlude), Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane (1988): Living Colour "Open Letter (To A Landlord)", Sintetico Ministereo "Never Leave", Jukebox The Ghost "So Let Us Create", Ringo Deathstarr "Never Drive", Grand Duchy "Intro", Grand Duchy "White Out", Lyrics Born "Lies X 3", Clandestine "Silent Sin", The Stone Foxes "Mr. Hangman", Shooter Jennings and Heirophant "California via Tennessee", Angra "Spirit Of The Air", The Kills "Satellite", The Sounds "Something To Die For", Sick Of Sarah "Overexposure", The Megaphonic Thrift "The Undertow", We Are Enfant Terrible "Filthy Love", Tripp Smythe "Watching The World", Ugly Buggs (Jay Aston- Gene Loves Jezebel) "Serpent Queen", Niki Barr Band "Sex Fiend", Johnny Zapp "Dirty Good Time", The Strokes "Under Cover Of Darkness", The Eden Effect "Blame Game", The New Pornographers "Moves", Emma Dean "Sincerely Fearful", Ian Axel "The Music That Haunts This Town", Ian Axel "Waltz", Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies "Love Songs Suck", Gay For Johnny Depp "Cum Feel The Boize", Hocico "Los Espejos Rotos", Immortal Domminion "Reanimated"


Shooter Jennings and Heirophant "Wake Up!", Shooter Jennings and Heirophant "Triskaidekphopia", Stephen King "Last Light Radio...", Shooter Jennings and Heirophant "When The Radio Goes Dead", Vall "Can I Be You", Delicate Steve "Source Connection", The Dears "Thrones", Does It Offend You, Yeah "The Monkeys Are Coming" (Album Version), Knifflers Mum "Wetten Das", Motorhead "Brotherhood Of Man", Baked Jaeyk "Sam" (Sam Kinison), Louis C.K. "Taking Sexual Inventory" (Live on stage), Johny Zapp "Dirty Good Time", Sintetico Ministereo "The Day", Suicide Commando "Intro"/"The Pleasure Of Sin", All Mankind "Break The Spell", Gangrene & Oh No f/Fawshawn and Evidence "Demon's" (Rome remix), Sick Of Sarah "Overexposure", Tripp Smythe "Watching The World", Worldview "Golden Boy", Silence Is A Virus "Concubine", Trembling Blue Stars "No More Sad Songs", Redondo Beat "Full Moon Child", Jerky Boys "Hair Vitamins", Long Distance Calling "The Figrin D'an Boogie", The Brix "Queen Of Violence", Turisas "Fear The Fear", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: Rancid "Liberty and Freedom" (2009), TesseracT "Lament"


Livan "Undead", Delicate Steve "Source Connection" (interlude), Angra "Viderunt Teaquae" (intro), Angra "The Rage Of The Waters", Elvis Presley "Men With Broken Hearts" (interlude), Sintetico Ministereo "Never Leave", Niki Barr Band "Sex Fiend", Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel) "Serpent Queen", Baked Jaeyk vs Snoop Dogg "That Tree" (Baked-ass Remix), Chaino "Bongos Whisteling", The Fleshtones "Bite Of My Soul", Bamboozeled "Early Morning", New York Dolls "Fool For You Baby", Innerpartysystem "American Trash", The Duel "I'm Onto You", Chris Jasper "Superbad", Ghost and Writer "Man On A Wire", Beady Eye "The Roller", Scatomat "Happy Birthday", Redondo Beat "The Sweetest Sound", First Aid Kit "It Hurts Me Too", Ringside "This Time", Michael Jasper "New York Vibe Pt. 1", Eko Tren "Dead Behind The Eyes", J-Zohar "Games", Geminus "Gone", Flight Of The Conchords "Friends", Delicate Steve "Source Connection #2" (interlude), Tenderhooks U.K. "Ma Ma Mr. Nice", Does It Offend You, Yeah "The Monkeys Are Coming"

**Queensryche interview and 3 live songs performed on Lopsided World Of L on 98 KUPD -2009 (22-minutes)**


Pendulam "Genesis", Pendulam "The Island Pt.1-Dawn", Delicate Steve "Source Connection" Cosmo Jarvis "The Royal Fuckup", Blueprint "Radio-Inactive", Foals "Spanish Sahara", Social Distortion "Can't Take It With You, "Phone Call", Lia Ices "Little Marriage", "DJ Hulpa f/DJ Greenhorn mix "Fahrradlenker", Madam Adam "Sex Ain't Love", Mother Mother "The Stand", Ian Axel "Girl Got A Thing", Grand Magus "Ravens Guide Our Way", Calibro 35 "E Nessuno Si fara del Male MST", The Left Rights "Force You To Love Me", Middle Brother "Me Me Me", PJ Harvey "Written On the Forehead", Luke Slater "I Can Complete You", Eko Tren "The Dead Of Night", Menace F/ Lil' E "Easy To Hate", The Glass "Four Four Letter", Delicate Steve "Source Connection", Deborah Iyall "99", Motor "20 Volts Of Steel", The Eden Effect "Blame Game", Killing Joke "European Super State", Gus Van Sant "Ladies Day", Bronx Casket Co. "Holy Mother", Patrick Wolf "Kriegspiel", Two Door Cinema "What You Know", Kniffler's Mum "Wetten Das"


Covenant "The Beauty And The Grace", Me First and the Gimme Gimmies "Friday On My Mind", Deadboy and the Elephantmen "Stop! I'm Already Dead", Eric Bogosian "The System", Killing Joke "The Raven King", SD Jem f/ EZee "I'll Be Around", The Veils "Don't Let The Bee Sting You Twice", Empresarios "Smoke For Thought", Miss Crazy "Tear It Down", Van Wolfen f/ Mascha from Brixton Boogie "Love For Sale", Alyshen "I See Ya", Antigone Rising "99 Luftbaloons" (live at Rock The Boat Fest), Heimataerde "Malitia Angelica", Bronx Casket Co. "My Way", Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies "2012", The Duel "Jump", Alexsey "Nicht fur Ewig", Razer "Every 1s A Winner", Frank Macchia and Tracy London "Transformation", Bob Marley "Sun Is Shining" (Remix), Parlor Mob "Tide For Tears", Sirsy "All Through The Night", Type O Negative "Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity" (live), Tristeza "Raise Your Gaze"

**Special interview and live music with Frank Black (Pixies) with Jonathan at KUKQ 1060 AM Phoenix, Arizona 1995
(now digital in stereo)**


DJ Hulpa "Fahrradlenker", Helstar "Angels Fall To Hell", Jim Carrey "I'll Juice You Up" from Cable Guy (interlude), Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies "Everything's Legal In Alabama", The Duel "Jump", Dazeafter "Turn Up The Radio", Jeffrey Taylor "Original Score #35 from Amateur (interlude), Corso "Child Of The Winter", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: (2006) Revolting Cocks "Caliente (Dark Entries)", Lee "Scratch" Perry "No Good", Egypt Central "White Rabbit", Saigon "Bring Me Down" (final mix), SD Jem f/Eezee "I'll Be Around", Geminus "The Groove" (2008), Tripp Smythe "Battleground Is America" (final mix), The Dears "Blood", Van Wolfen "Babs & Gila", Dolorean "Country Clutter", Midnight Juggernauts "Lara VS The Savage Pack (Kisses remix), Mark Dakota "Caught In A Web", DJ Hulpa "Fahrradlenker" (Mario Greenhorn Eigenmann remix), Petula Clark "Downtown" (1988 re-recorded German language version), Empresarios "Space Selector", Jeffrey Taylor "Original Score #11 from Amateur (interlude), Rammstein "Vampire" (1994), Way Up "One More Time", Iron Maiden "Isle Of Avalon", The Veils "The Stars Came Out Once The Lights Went Out", Architects UK "An Open Letter To Myself"


Van Wolfen "Aber Du", British Sea Power "Bear", Klaxons "Flashover", Genitorturers "120 Days", Badly Drawn Boy "A Pure Accident", The Lotus "Andromedas Mother", Invisible Kid "New Rays", Soman "Let Me Go", Young The Giant "My Body", Martin Kesici "My Heart Beats Pain", Ayreon "Beneath The Waves", Richard Ashcroft and the United Nations Of Sound "Beatitudes",Geminus "Rock The Way", Van Wolfen "Jackie", Insane Clown Posse "$85 Bucks An Hour", Pleasantly Annoying Stroll Down Jonathan's Lane: (1991) Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Cabelle "Barcelona", Midnight Juggernauts "Cannibal Highway", Bilal "Robots", Joachim Witt "Herbegsvater", David Bowie "China Girl" (live), Gwem and Counter Reset "The Man-Machine" (live), BM Linx "The Outlaw Jimmy Rose", The Mighty Mighty Bosstones "Doctor D", Frank Black "Cactus" (live acoustic from 2008 on Lopsided World Of L-Phoenix, Arizona), Ace Frehley "A Little Below The Angels"


This was original demo of new era of LWOL: Serj Tankian "Reconstructive Demonstrations", Black Mountain "The Hair Song", Negativeland "Announcement", Cee Lo Green "F__k You", Wumpscut "Bam Bam", Volbeat "A Warriors Call", Gov't Mule "Railroad Boy", System Syn "A Better Day Tomorrow", Danielle Ate The Sandwich "17 and 53", Kings Of Leon "Radioactive", Heimataerde "Dark Dance (mix)", Sage Francis "The Best Of Times", Demians "Swing Of The Airwaves", Beth Thornley "You're So Pony", Serj Tankian "Electron", Mr. Methane "Hamlet", Lamia Cross "Evil Geisha Rock", Spiritual Beggars "A New Dawn Rizing", Shiny Toy Guns "Rocketship 2010", Atmosphere "Until The Nipples Gone", Fernthal f/Lore "Kings & Queens (Sailors Melody)", ZPYZ "Night Reciever", James LaBrie (Dream Theater) "Euphoric", Boogie Company "God Is Dancing", The Peacocks "Thanks For The Young Idea", Volbeat "7 Shots", Deadline "Bring The House Down", Bruno Fritz "Immer an der Wand lang", Van Christian (Naked Prey) "If You're Gonna Be Dumb You'd Better Be Strong", Zeni Dannusi "Guilty Before Innocent", The Vaselines "My God Is Bigger Than Yours", Blindtext "Stupide Struktur", special clip from 1994 KUKQ AM 1060 Phoenix, Arizona. Jonathan chats with Gene Simmons and Eric Singer of Kiss.


The Lotus "Andromedas Mother", Sage Francis "The Best Of Times", Basil Poledouris "Truckers On Time" (interlude),
Soman "Skin Deep", Van Wolfen f/Mascha f/Brixton Boogie "Love For Sale", **Stevie Salas and Bernard Fowler live in my flat 14:00 minute segment: Music: "Cherokee Girl", "Love Song", Sweet Thang"**----Geminus "Rock The Way", Tripp Smythe "The Battle Ground Is America", Richard Ashcroft and the United Nations Of Sound "America", ***SPECIAL- UNKLE -all 20 minutes of "War Stories" album remixed into one Psychopab Mix--featuring Ian Astbury, Josh Homme, Autolux, 3D from Massive Attack, Duke Spirit, and Gavin Clark**** Van Wolfen "Wolfslied", King Diamond "Phone Call" (interlude), Manraze f/ Phil Collen (Def Lepard), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), and Simon Laffey "Skin Crawl", Martin Kesici "My Heart Beats Pain", Dirty Vegas "Electric Love" (remixed by Eli Escobar), Klaxons "Twin Flames", Mark Dakota "Disappear", King Diamond "Them" (interlude), Michelle Lawrence "Think It Over", Mumford and Sons "Little Lion King" (unedited version)

***RARE INTERVIEW with JOHN PAUL JONES I did live in studio (Led Zepplin) with the music of Diamanda Galas---from 1995 KUKQ Phoenix, Arizona -Why Diamanda's music? Listen and find out.


Edge Of Dawn "Stage Fright (Splitter Mix)", Dreaded Monkey "Julie", Matty C "Action (DJ Apt.One remix)", Mark Dakota "Fallout", Diamond Rings "It's Not My Party", Madlife "Be Tomorrow", The Art Of Noise "Continued In Color", Katrina Polfrey "Do You What You Do", Ameen "Like Yeah", Black Lab "Dying To Just Hold You", Midnight Juggernauts "This New Technology", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: (1991) Body Count "There Goes The Neighborhood", Demians "Feel Alive", All Mankind "Break The Spell", Suicide Commando "Go Fuck Yourself", Anthony Jelsnick vs Air "Wheelchair", An Early Fall "Better Off", Red Line Chemistry "You Don't Get It" Fernthal "Believe In Love", Louie XIV "Finding Out True Love Is Blind", Queensryche "Eyes Of A Stranger" (Live on Lopsided World Of L 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona), The Elves Of Heaven "Hard Times On 34th Street", Mickey Leigh's New Yorkestra "Lost In Space", Tantroniq "Angel Of mercy", Blindtext "Halt Mich Auf", Lyrics Born "Pillz 'Lude", Lyrics Born f/ Gift Of Gab "Pills", Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction "Don't Touch My Guitar", Moonspell "Interlude", Jukebox The Ghost "So Let Us Create", Pleasantly Stroll Down Jonathan's Annoying Lane: (1995) W.A.S.P. "Skinwalker", ZPYZ "Cut It", Pigeon John "Before We're Gone", Lamia Cross "Lady Marmalade", Volbeat "Magic Zone", MC Lars "Hipster Girl"