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2015 World Wide Radio Summit

Lopsided World Of L now in it's 11th Year
2005-2010 (PHOENIX ERA) 2010-Present (BERLIN ERA)

Indie1031 Los Angeles
Runs Saturdays (New show) 

Sunday, Wednesday (Rebroadcast)

KingFM Berlin, Germany 
Sundays (New show) 
Tuesday, Thursday (Rebroadcast)

Mersey Radio Merseyside, Liverpool, U.K. 
Fridays (New Show)

107.5 andHow FM New Zealand/Sydney
Sundays (New show)

Rock 102 KFMA FM Tucson, Arizona
Sundays (New show)

Firebrand Roxx Radio, Manchester, U.K.
Saturdays (new show)

Also following week on:

KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix KWSS
Runs Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (also on net)

3 different editions-current show Wednesdays

It's London Calling
Runs Wednesdays

Radio Andra Gothenburg, Sweden
Runs Thursdays

Every edition is heard many times 

between the 9 stations
Over a two week time period

-plenty of chances to listen
to each one 

For exact times go to Official website

 photo cd8bc571-011f-40a2-abf2-af1554dd7d82_zpslj4zlvrb.jpg

DECEMBER 25-27 & JANUARY 1-3 Weekend   

 #273 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show 

Felix Da Housecat "Madam Hollywood" (Chicago)
*Ediblehead "Driving In My Car" (Los Angeles)
Machine Head/Stephen Dewey "L.A. Gothic" (Los Angeles)
-Freddie Snakeskin ID-
*Los Angelics "Live Like Kings (Mexico)" (Los Angeles)
Rancid "L.A. River" (San Francisco)
Sunrise Avenue "Hollywood Hills" (Helsinki, Finland)
Leitbur "Strange In L.A." (Los Angeles)
Thin Lizzy "Hollywood (Down On Your Luck" (Ireland)
Love Zombies "California Haze" (London, England)
Frank Black "Los Angeles" (Massachusettes)
Ballerina Black "Open Your Eyes" (Los Angeles)
-Kat Corbett ID-
Moby and the Void Pacific Choir "Almost Loved" (N.Y.)
Dancing Heals "Los Angeles" (Melbourne, Australia)
Warren Zevon "Join Me In L.A." (Los Angeles)
Fire Tiger "Green Light" (Los Angeles)
The Diamond Light "Heathens" (Los Angeles)
Dave Philp "Hollywood Book Of The Dead" (Los Angeles)
Veruca Salt "Eyes On You" (Los Angeles)
LA Guns "Hollywood Forever" (Los Angeles)
WVM "Empire" (Los Angeles)
-Swedish Eagle ID-
JET "Goodbye Hollywood" (Melbourne, Australia)
*Chandler Juliet "California Road Trip" (Los Angeles)
The Singularity "Wetter" (Los Angeles)
Tramps In Stereo "Together" (Los Angeles)
Some Velvet Morning "Hollywood" (N. London)
Crown Jwlz "California King" (Los Angeles)
*Shirley Levi "Hollywood" (1 take Demo) (Los Angeles)
Euthanasia "L.A. Riots" (United Kingdom)
**Excerpts of Randy Newman "I Love L.A.
runs throughout show**


 photo 375b337a-fb00-4e27-82ee-e698df73cefc_zpssjeqztpv.jpg

DECEMBER 18-20 Weekend   

 #272 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Official Burnt Toast "Money As Debt" (East London)
*Hologram Teen "Tracksuit Minotaur" (Los Angeles)
*Aleks Grey "Save Me" (LIverpool)
*Sandi Thom "Earthquake" (Macduff, Scotland)
*Real Experts "Space Age Love Song" (London)
*Lizzy Lee "I'm Alive" (N.Y.C./U.K.)
*Psyche Corporation "Lady Perilous" (N.Y.C.)
*IAMX "Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me" (Berlin)
*Hot Chip "Dancing In The Dark" (London)
*Cupid f/ Pokey "Cornbread And Beans" (Louisiana)
*Little Sparrow "Struck Gold" (Manchester)
*All The Kings Men "Fever" (Manchester)
*The Moonlandingz "Sweet Saturn Mine" (So.London)
*Hot Vestry "Parallel To Tomorrow" (Macclesfield, U.K.)
*Dam-Funk F/Leon Sylver "Glyde 2nyte" (Los Angeles)
*Cherries On A Blacklist "Barrel Of A Gun" (Hamburg)
*Moby And The Void Pacific Choir "The Light Is…" (N.Y.)
*Diane Charlemagne "It's In Your Eyes" (single) (London)
*Smokey Bastard "Archipelago" (United Kingdom)
*Unloved "Guilty Of Love" (Los Angeles)
*The Ghost Wolves "Crybabies Go Home" (Austin, TX)
*Mickey 9s "Computer Inventor" (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Jimmy & The Revolvers "The Morning Paper" (Liverpool)
*Ummagma "Winter Tale" (Ukraine/ Canada)
*Swallow The Sun "Heart Of A Cold White Land" (Finland)
*Sarah Kramer "At The Heart" (Los Angeles)
*West Nile "Lucifer Baby" (London, Ontario, Canada)
*Aaron Clift Experiment "Aoide Goddess Of Song" (Austin, TX)

 photo c07d6edb-81cd-45aa-99a0-65da9fd02a92_zpsjqmgdwwh.jpg

DECEMBER 11-13 Weekend  

 #271 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*August Wells "Alice, Dear Alice" (Ireland/New York)
*Calling All Astronauts "Empire" (Skunxx Remix) (London
*Psyche Corporation "Dance For Me" (N.Y.C.)
*Snem K "Pure Sun" (Dragon mix) (Provence, France)
*Diane Charlemagne "It's In Your Eyes" (Youth Remix)(London)
*Official Burnt Toast "Hi Time" (East London)
*Monster Jaw "Your Day Will Come" (Leeds, England)
*IAMX "The Background Noise" (Berlin/Los Angeles)
*Fizzy Blood "I'm No Good" (Leeds, England)
*Moby and The Void Pacific Choir) "Almost Loved" (N.Y.)
*Shirley Levi "Harvest Moon" (1 take demo) (N.Young) (L.A.)
*Deepshade "The Blood, The Mud, The Tears" (Wigan)
*The Ghost Wolves "Attitude Problem" (Austin, TX)
*In Dynamics "We Are Liars" (Brighton, England)
*Mike Jasper "Make It" (New York)
*Fobilloria "Believe" (Yoshkar-Ola, Russia)
*The Subways "I'm In Love And It's Burning…" (London)
*Lights That Change "Starlight" (North Wales)
*Old House Playground "21st Century Glory" (Manchester)
*Love Zombies "California Haze" (London)
*Evenu "Drive" (Exiter, U.K.)
*Disco Doubles "Speed Of Light" (Italy)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Everybody Needs A Hero"
*Mosley Bar "Record Sleeve" (NW, England)
*Daylight "Kickbacks" (Barcelona, Spain)
*The Response "You Wanted To Go" (Vancouver)
*The Slow Readers Club "Plant The Seed" (Manchester)
*Jimmy Brewer "Coming Back To You" (Pembrokshire)
*Broken Chords "First And Only Kind" (London)
*Real Experts "3-1 Ratio" (London)

 photo cbdd619f-7323-44cf-8877-e27cbc08ded5_zpswpysvrpa.jpg

DECEMBER 4-6 Weekend   

 #270 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Stereophonics "Mr and Mrs Smith" (Wales)
*Millie Manders "f/ Harry 'Coins' "Bacchus" (So. London)
*The Black Sparrows "Queens Head" (London)
*Jérôme Echenoz f/Anna Jean "Le chrome et le coton"(Paris)
*The Christians "Rise" (Liverpool)
*Nad Sylvan "Courting The Widow" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Go Satta "Pop!" (Plymouth, England)
*The Clientele "Bookshop Casanova" (Fleet, U.K.)
*The Fame Riot "Heart Stary" (Tacoma, WA)
*New Order "Plastic" (Manchester)
*The Black Sparrows "MCC" (London)
*Aldo Rox "Time Zone" (Northern CA)
*Editors "All The Kings" (Stafford, England)
*The Virgance "25 Years" (United Kingdom)

*Mungo Jerry "Happy Happy Birthday" (London)
*Kolidescopes "Back To You" (London)
*Koercive f/Karla-Simone "Never Look Down" (London)
*The Offenders "Harsh Reality" (Berlin, Germany)
*Klangschwester "Now And Then" (Germany)
*Peaches "Dumb Fuck" (Berlin, Germany)
*Calling All Astronauts "Empire" (London)
*The Noise Figures "Shoot The Moon" (Athens, Greece)
*Collie Buddz "Sweet Wine" (Bermuda)
*The Velocity Gospel "To Please A Princess" (Miami, FL)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Love Is All Around"
*Sara Rachele "Sweet Man Of Mine" (Atlanta, GA)
*Vasa "Poseidon's Kiss" (Glasgow, Scotland)

 photo 48774107-bdda-4c60-83d3-dfd36b2f139f_zps6819h53l.jpg

NOVEMBER 27-29 Weekend  

 #269 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Jack & Jones "Wrong" (Germany / Italy)
*Metric "The Governess" (Toronto, Canada)
*The Train Set "Stop Stalling (Sob Stories)" (U.K.)
*HeCTa "Sympathy For The Auto Industry" (Nashville)
*The Subways "Good Times" (Hertfordshire, England)
*The Black Sparrows "Dirty Lips" (London)
*Robyn Harvey "Watch The Sun Rise" (London)
*Collie Buddz "Pressure" (Bermuda)
*Stereophonics "C'est La Vie" (Wales)
*3MF (Alex Saat) "Move" (Elektromekanik mix) (Mexico)
+Starr Blazerz "Found That Soul" (North America)
*The Clientele "Losing Haringey" (Fleet, U.K.)
*The Pacers "I'm Down" (London)
+Counting Coins "Don't Look Down" (Hull. U.K.)
*Stratovarius "Fire In Your Eyes" (Helsinki, Finland)
*Grus Paridae "Passes By" (Helsinki, Finland)
*Ugly Kid Joe "She's Already Gone" (Isla Vista, CA)
*Meg Myers "I Really Want You To Hate Me" (Los Angeles)
*The Small Society "When I Grow Up…" (Guildford, U.K.)
*Dj Combo f/MC Duro "Party Hard" (Czech Republic)
*The Manic Shine "Hold On (Together…)" (London)
*Holly Miranda "Come On" (Detroit)
*Redrama w/ Trinity "Weekend On Repeat" (Helsinki)
+Rew Starr "A Lot Of Mistakes" (New York City)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Everybody Needs A Hero"
*Ilona "Move (Together As One)" (London)
*Chàrlee M. "Live My Dream" (Housecrucherzz) (Germany)
*Stratovarius "Lost Without A Trace" (Helsinki, Finland)

 photo 8a5e5a5f-0f27-446d-b032-2bc653c4bd79_zpskpwiduwi.jpg

NOVEMBER 20-22 Weekend   

 #268 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Counting Coins "Don't Look Down" (Hull, U.K.)
*The Small Society "One Step Back" (Guilford, England)
*Bob Forrest "Sammy Hagar Weekend" (Los Angeles)
*Ilona "Love Is Stupid" (London)
*Mew "Witness" (Denmark)
*Starr Blazerz "Found That Soul" (North America)
+IAMX "Happiness" (Berlin /Los Angeles)
*Nishe "Lose Control" (London)
*The Chadelics "I.C.U." (Cumbria, U.K.)
*Ash "Moondust" (County Down, Ireland)
*Aucan "Disto" (Italy)
*Rew Starr "Alot Of Mistakes" (New York City)
*Chàrlee M. "Live my Dream" (Remix) Beilefeld, (Germany)
*K-OS "Hussle & Flow" (Toronto)
+The Sunjays "Slow Speed" (Hamburg, Germany)
*The Black Queen "Ice To Never" (Los Angeles)
*Foals "Night Swimmers" (Oxford, England)
*The Little Unsaid "Can We Hear It?" (West Yorkshire)
*Saint Cole "Within This Skin" (Leeds)
*The Train Set "Hold On" (United Kingdom)
*Monks Of Mellonwah "Even When It Burns" (RX)(Australia)
*Telekinesis "Courtesy Phone" (Seattle)
*The Sunday Reeds "Pretty People" (Melbourne, AU)
*Allusondrugs "Her Crown" (West Yorkshire)
*GEMS "Living As A Ghost" (Washington, DC)
*Crown Jlwz "California King" (Los Angeles)
+Chaos Rising "Weine Nicht" (Moscow, Russia)
*Niamh Crowther "Little By Little" (Ireland)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "A Hundred Feet Away"
*Tom Cunningham "Frank Sinatra Mode" (Berlin, Germany)

 photo cfb5fb9c-fd00-4314-941e-47ed37b9e5e4_zpscrqyjuax.jpg

NOVEMBER 14-16 Weekend   

 #267 Berlin era

Polly Scattergood "Colours Colliding" (London)
Diary Of Dreams "The Colours Of Grey" (Germany)
Arjen Lucassen "Pink Beatles In A Purple Zeppelin" (Netherlands)
First Aid Kit "Blue" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
The Beauty Of Gemina "Golden Age" (Switzerland)
of Verona "Paint The Pictures" (Los Angeles)
Mutant Vinyl / Edwin Pope "Lavender" (Liverpool)
Fler "Mein Farbe" (Berlin, Germany)
Alice Boman "Red Eyes" (London)
Negativland "Yellow Black And Rectangular" (San Francisco)
Doro "Love Me In Black" (Dusseldorf, Germany)
The Chamanas "Purple Yellow Red And Blue (Mexico)
James King and the Lonewolves "Pretty Blue Eyes" (Glasgow)
Lonely Robot "The Red Balloon" (Derby, England)
The New Southern Electrikk "Brown Eyes" (Manchester)
Ballerina Black "Blue-ish Grey" (Los Angeles)
MØ "Red in the Grey" (Odense, Denmark)
Megaherz "Herz Aus Gold" (Munich, Germany)
Colourspacecolour "Turning Time Into Powder" (Sydney, AU)
Harts "Red & Blue" (Melbourne, AU)
HIM "All Lips Go Blue" (Helsinki, Finland)
Grand Duchy "Silver Boys" (Amherst, Massachusetts)
The Real McKenzies "The Bluenose" (Vancouver, BC)
ME "Your Favorite Colour" (Melbourne, AU)
Sulu Babylon "See It In Colour" (Goole, England)
Black Light Burns "The Colour Escapes" (Valencia, CA)
Joan Jett And The Blackhearts "Baby Blue"
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Red Right Hand" (Australia)

 photo a339c93f-e5af-4931-bf81-bae276a6fc07_zpssuijzstl.jpg

NOVEMBER 7-9 Weekend  

 #266 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Small Society "Political Songs Don't…" (Guildford, U.K)
*K-OS "Dance In Yo Car" (Toronto, Canada)
*Starr Blazerz "Hunted" (North America)
*Motörhead "Till The End" (Los Angeles)
*Northern Uproar "Outlaws Robbing Trains" (Manchester)
*Bob Forrest "You've Got Be Kidding Me" (Los Angeles)
*Chaos Rising "Tief in mir" (Moscow, Russia)

*René Lopez "Heavy Baby, Heavy" (N.Y.C.)
*The Dears "Here's To The Death Of…" (Montreal)
*Gang Signs "Silver" (Vancouver, BC)
*Ilona "Thunderstorm" (London)
*Chaos Rising f/Rupert Keplinger "Weine nicht" (Moscow)
*Hermitude f/Young Tapz "Through The Roof" (Sydney, AU)
*Helena Hauff "Spur" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Tony Moore "Dear Me" (London)
*Bud Sugar "Blinkin' Thinkin'" (Hull, U.K.)
*Glint "While You Sleep" (N.Y.C.)
*The Desert Sea "Settle The Score" (Sydney, AU)
*Jointpop "Reality And T" (Tobago / Trinidad)
*Fever High "Tantalized" (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Editors "Life Is A Fear" (Stafford, England)
*Filous f/James Hersey "How Hard I Try" (Vienna, Austria)
+Jase Dillan "Predator/Prey" (Boston)
*Foals "A Knife In The Ocean" (Oxford, England)
*Shana Halligan "Something Real" (Los Angeles)
Ash "Jack Names the Planet"(1994) (County Down, Ireland)
*Allusondrugs "Magic College" (West Yorkshire, England)
*Javid Senerano "Don't Let Go" (Bounce mix) (Wels, Austria)

 photo 5b1cba83-4088-4200-8bbc-e573a337bf69_zpst7zf8uvj.jpg

OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 1 Weekend  

 #265 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Editors "Life Is A Fear" (Stafford, England)
*The Word "Come By Here" (America)
*Tony Moore "That's Why Rockstars Don't Retire" (London)
*New York Tourists "Call" (Blackburn, U.K.)
*Stereophonics "I Wanna Get Lost With You" (Wales)
*Tymon Dogg "Perfect Match" (London)
*Ilan Eshkeri f/ Eliza Doolittle "Big City" (London)
*Motörhead "Sympathy For The Devil" (Los Angeles)
*The Fratellis "Getting Surreal" (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Damien J Brennan "Shine" (Castlewellan, Ireland)
*Ilona "Beautiful Country" (London)
*Tony Steele and the Massacre "Starting…" (Liverpool)
*Silicon "Burning Sugar" (New Zealand)
+Autopsy Boys f/Debbie Rochon "Song For Debbera" (Leeds)
*Sascha Beek "Born In A New Age" (Beilefeld, Germany)
*Tom Cunningham "Goodbye Mr. Chance" (Berlin, Germany)
*Northern Uproar "Rodgriguez The Bull" (Manchester)
*P.N.O. "Stardust" (Saarbrucken, Germany)
*So-Star f/ Que Da Wiz "Koko" (Parts Unknown)
*Postcards From Jeff "Modern Language" (Manchester)
*St. Vincent "Teenage Talk" (N.Y.C.)
*Foals "Snake Oil" (Oxford, England)
*Mike Krol "Neighborhood Watch" (Wisconsin)
*My Cruel Goro "Clash" (Iceland/Italy)
*Kadavar "Reich Der Träume" (Berlin, Germany)
*Rey Pila "The Future Sugar" (Mexico City)
*Paul Stickman "Light and Dark" (Funsize J RX) (Toronto)

 photo e650238f-925b-4292-bcb8-c0a09f3eed5d_zpsufrvsfu4.jpg

OCTOBER 23- 25 Weekend    

#264 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Matilde Davoli "Dust" (London)
*Courtney Barnett "Nobody Really Cares…" (Melbourne)
*Go Satta "A Rotten Swing" (Plymouth, England)
+Oh, Harry "Laj Laj" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Jewel f/Dolly Parton "My Father's Daughter" (San Diego)
+Lana Del Rey "High By The Beach" (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Crown Jwlz "Make It Back" (Los Angeles)
+Nova Heart "We Are Golden" (Beijing, China)
*Femme "S.O.S." (Vince Green remix) (London)
*Gems "Living As A Ghost" (Washington, D.C.)
*Ilona "Back To You" (London)
*Melody Gardot "Don't Talk" (Philadelphia)
+Sinéad O'Connor "The Foggy Dew" (Dublin, Ireland)
*Katie Mac "Minutes Into Hours" (Liverpool, England)
+Kate Tempest "Chicken" (South East London)
*Ilana J "Paper Planes" (Birmingham, England)
*Shawn Colvin "Hold On" (Austin, Texas)
*Pale Honey "Over Your Head" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Jesika von Rabbit "Looking For A Weirdo" (Joshua Tree)
+Peaches f/Kim Gordon "Close Up" (Berlin, Germany)
*Ancient Warfare "Gunsmoke" (Lexington, Kentucky)
*Veruca Salt "The Museum Of Broken…" (Los Angeles)
*FKA Twigs "Glass & Patron" (Gloucestershire, England)
*Little Sparrow "Garden" (Manchester, England)
*Chelsea Wolfe "After The Fall" (Los Angeles)
+Kat Vinter "Propaganda" (Berlin, Germany)
+Leanne Kingwell "This Medusa" (Melbourne)
*Linney "That Night" (Los Angeles)
+Nikki's Wives "Lonely Being Cool" (Toronto, Canada)
*Sasha Siem "See-Through" (London)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Oh Woe Is Me"

 photo a2b78f21-0f21-4a26-85bc-30c8863c4801_zpsc8qn3485.jpg

OCTOBER 16- 18 Weekend    

#263 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show  + is replay

*Autopsy Boys f/Debbie Rochon "Song For Debbera" (Leeds)
*IAMX "Happiness" (Berlin / Los Angeles)
+Ilan Eshkeri w/Tim Wheeler "Feels Like Summer" (London)
*Public Enemy "Honky Tonk Rules" (Long Island, N.Y.)
*The Dears "I Used To Pray For The…" (Montreal, Canada)
*Lana Del Rey "High By The Beach" (Brooklyn)
*KMFDM "Salvation" (New version) (Germany)
*Gentleman's Pistols "The Searcher" (Leed, England)
*Rufus Du Sol "Your Were Right" (Australia)
*Peaches f/Kim Gordon "Close Up" (Berlin, Germany)
+Space "Strange World" (Liverpool, England)
*Sextile "Can't Take It" (Los Angeles)
*Skinny Lister "Trouble On Oxford Street" (London)
*Darwin Deez "Kill Your Attitude" (N.Y.C.)
*Little Brother Eli "Dreams" (Oxford, England)
*Monika f/Andrew Wyatt "Shake Your…" (Athens, Greece)
*The Jackals "Ghost Soul Traffic" (Manchester)
*Northern Uproar "24 Hrs/24 Days" (Manchester)
*Kadavar "Pale Blue Eyes" (Berlin, Germany)
*Silicon "Cellphone" (New Zealand)
*The Dead Weather "I Feel Love (Every…)" (Los Angeles)
*Angéline "Si J'avais La Choix" (France/London)
*Aleks Grey "Unstoppable" (Norway / Liverpool)
*Midnight Mantics "City Of Dreamers" (Nashville)
*Motörhead "Electricity" (Los Angeles)
+Public Image Ltd. "Double Trouble" (London)
*Dead Letter Circus "While You Wait" (Brisbane, AU)
*Symphony X "To Hell And Back" (New Jersey)




Re-airs weekend of October 9-11

Re-airs weekend of October 2-4

 photo 32f476f1-ee85-4cc4-86e9-bb34011f8260_zpssb7yhtzg.jpg

SEPTEMBER 25- 27 and OCTOBER 2- 4 Weekend 

#262 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show


Rum Thief "Reach For The Weatherman" (Manchester)
The Damned "Dozen Girls" (1982) (London)
Wire "Magic Bullet" (London)
The Real Tuesday Weld "Love Lust Month" (London)
*Public Image Ltd. "Double Trouble" (album version) (London)
*The Chemical Brothers f/ Ali Love "EML Ritual" (Manchester)
*Space "Female Of The Species" (Liverpool)
Adam Ant "Vince Taylor" (London)
The Marks Cartel "Take Me Home" (Swansea)
Kascarade "Way Of The World" (New version) (Bradford)
Shooze "Trouble In London" (Redditch, West Midlands)
The Winachi Tribe "Plant The Seed" (Warrington)
*Allusondrugs "Sunset Yellow" (Yorkshire)
Jodz "Waiting (Till Then)" (Manchester)
*Sasha Siem "See-Through" (London)
*Matilde Davoli "I'm Calling You From My…" (London)
*Zurich "Menace" (Oxford)
Gang Of Four f/H. Gronemeyer "The Dying Rays" (London)
Skellums "Monsters" (Liverpool)
Kate Tempest "Stink" (South East London)
Fizzy Blood "Black Sheep" (Leeds)
Boxed In "Mystery" (London)
Monster Jaw "Lidocaine" (Leeds)
Bourbon Street Beat "Crossing A Bend" (Manchester)
Cave Mouth "Deep Water" (Bristol)
*Juno Reactor "Trans Siberian" (Brighton) 

** Jonathan L Presenter/ Album Network  presents
A rare 10-minute excerpt -1997 live performance
at Irving Plaza in New York City**

 photo 40e8fcb7-a3b4-4c34-94b4-c7b642ebb04c_zpsfr5sqwl9.jpg

SEPTEMBER 18- 20 Weekend
#261 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Fratellis "Imposters (Little By Little)" (Glasgow)
*Public Enemy "No Sympathy For The Devil" (N.Y.)
+Crown Jwlz "Free" (Los Angeles)
*Ben Folds "Phone In A Pool" (Nashville currently)
*Mercury Rev "Are You Ready" (Buffalo, N.Y.)
*Hackmonocut "The Ripper" (Linz, Austria)
*The Church "Let Us Go" (Sydney, Australia)
*Tunde Olaniran "24K" (Detroit/Nigeria)
+The Spitfires "4AM" (Liverpool)
+Monster Jaw "Losing All My Friends" (West Yorkshire)
*Big Scary "Organism" (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Sunjays "Slow Speed" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Ford "Never Again" (Stratford Upon Avon)
*Space "Strange World" (Liverpool)
*Linney "That Night" (Los Angeles)
*Zurich "Alone* (Oxford, England)
*August Wells "Come On In Out Of That Night" (Ireland)
*Ilana J "Smoke" (Birmingham, England)
*Sascha Beek "Celebrate The Night" (Bielefeld, Germany)
*The Jackals "Can't Leave The City (Scotland)
*The Mama Rags "Hectic Eclectic" (Seattle)
*Veruca Salt "Come Clean Dark Thing" (Los Angeles)
*Symphony X "Without You" (full version) (New Jersey)
*InMe "Rapture: Land Of The Secret Rose" (Essex, Eng.)
*Rey Pila "White Night" (Mexico City)
*Pure Phase Ensemble 4 "Zostań na noc" (Poland)       

 photo e68ad6de-ebfd-4996-9a9b-0fd0851455eb_zpsksr5pdii.jpg

SEPTEMBER 11- 13 Weekend
#260 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Matilde Davoli "Realize" (London)
*Etienne de Crécy "Smile" (Paris, France)
*The Church "Globe Spinning" (Sydney, Australia)
+Robert Smith "There's A Girl In The Corner" (Blackpool)
*Sinéad O'Connor "The Foggy Dew" (Dublin, Ireland)
*Public Service Broadcasting "The Other Side" (London)
*Sascha Beek f/Charlotte A. "If I Ask You" (Bielefeld, Germany)
*Downers "Graze" (North West, U.K.)
*The Jackals "Two Heads (Scotland)
*The Sunjays "Beach Trip" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Trapdoor Social "Fine On My Own" (Los Angeles)
*Ilana J "England" (Birmingham, England)
*Damien J Brennen "Blood & Roses" (Ireland)
*Monster Jaw "Summer Girl" (Leeds, England)
*New Order "Restless" (Album Ver.) (Manchester, England)
+Skellums "The Anevue" (Liverpool, England)
*Farao "Bodies" (London/Berlin)
*Ford f/ Andrew Mott "The Master" (Stratford Upon A)
*Juno Reactor "Final Frontier" (remix) (Brighton, England)
*The Train Set "Sink Or Swim" (United Kingdom)
*Ilan Eshkeri/Tim Wheeler "Feels Like Summer" (London)
*Tunde Olaniran f/Invincible "Don't Cry" (Detroit/Nigeria)
*Veruca Salt "Love You Less" (Los Angeles)
*Bill Shakes "Skool" (Klangschwester Grrrrly mix) (U.K.)
*The Prodigy f/Flux Pavillion "Rhythm Bomb" (Essex)
*Sasha Siem "Seamy-Side" (London)
*Antigone Rising "The Last Time" (New York City)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Ridin' With James Dean"
*Crook "Captain" (currently based in Berlin/ Ireland)

 photo 11008700-5e07-421f-a86c-051712d57b49_zpswjpwa9ld.jpg

SEPTEMBER 4- 6 Weekend
#259 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show+ is replay

*Robert Smith "There's A Girl In The Corner" (Blackpool)
*Yo La Tengo "Friday I'm In Love" (Hoboken, New Jersey)
*Juno Reactor "Zombi" (GMS remix) (Brighton, England)
*FFS "The Man Without A Tan" (Glasgow /Los Angeles)
*Mercury Rev "The Queen Of Swans" (Buffalo, New York)
*Sticky Fingers "Gold Snafu" (Sydney, Australia)
+Inouwee "Danger" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
+Manraze "Closer To Me" (London) (2011)
*The Chemical Brothers f/Beck "Wide Open" (Manchester)
*Caverns "Ten Feet Tall" (N.Y.C.)
+Emika "Centuries" (Berlin, Germany)
*The Spitfires "4am" (Liverpool)
+HeadCat "Say Mama" (Los Angeles) (2011)
*Housecrucherzzz f/ D'ORis) "Beat Of My Heart" (Vienna)
*Skellums "We Are One" (Liverpool)
*Cave Mouth "Deepwater" (Bristol, England)
*Farao "Hunter" (London / Berlin)
*You Are Number Six "Under The Night Sky" (France)
+Mickey Leigh "Dear Jane" (Queens, New York)
*The Barbarellatones "Breakup From Hell" (Hawaii)
*New Order "Restless" (Manchester)
*Love For Zero "Step Into The Light" (Manchester)
*Dj Rob de Blank "She" (Ext. mix) (Dubai)
*Fine Points "These Days" (San Francisco)
*Sirenia "My Destiny Coming To Pass" (Norway)
*Element A440 "Porn Star" (Phoenix, AZ)
*Extrapillow "No Drafting" (Orig. mix) (Paris, France)

 photo 62462ab4-62a4-4b9f-bfdf-447fbaf4a931_zpsarzv0qcn.jpg

AUGUST 28- 30 Weekend
#258 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Summertime Blues"
*The Living Breathing "Loathe My Name" (Tucson, AZ)
*Skellums "The Avenue" (Liverpool, England)
*Till Lindemann "That's My Heart" (Berlin, Germany)
*Sticky Fingers "Land Of Pleasure" (Sydney, Australia)
*Urban Cone "Weekends" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Sasha Siem "So Polite" (London, England)
*The Train Set "She's Gone" (Manchester, England)
*Kutiman "Inner Galactic Lovers" (Jerusalem, Israel)
*Nova Heart "My Song 9" (Beijing, China)
*Ballerina Black "Gravity" (Los Angeles)
*The Chemical Brothers f/C. Le Bon "Born.."(Manchester)
*Foals "Mountain At My Gates" (Oxford, England)
*Crown Jwlz "Free" (Los Angeles)
*Juno Reactor "Byculla" (Tortured Brain RX) (Brighton)
*The Plastic Pals "Timing Is Everything" (Stockholm)
*Slonk "Paulo, That's Ok!" (Bristol, England)
*Nikki's Wives "Ghost" (Toronto, Canada)
*Ted West "California" (Los Angeles)
*MAFF "Blue Seas" (Santiago, Chile)
*Deepshade "Haven't Said A Word" (Wigan, England)
*Wilhelm Tell Me "Growing Younger"(newmix)(Hamburg)
*The Vintage Caravan "Crazy Horses" (Iceland)
*Linden "Pull Me Around Again" (Argyll, Scotland)
*Linney "Famous" (Los Angeles)
*Helloween "Creatures In Heaven" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Jaytor "Take You High" (Muted Minds RX) (Greece)

 photo d88441e1-a81b-42b1-8a8e-d9298aabf917_zpsswnpxj9v.jpg

AUGUST 21- 23 Weekend
#257 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show

Rob Dickinson "My Name Is Love" (Norwich, U.K.)
Gogol Bordello "John The Conqueror" (N.Y.C.)
Eldorado "Kassandra" (Madrid, Spain)
Okta Logue "Judith" (Frankfurt, Germany)
The Spitfires "When I Call Out Your Name" (Watford, U.K.)
Krokus "Yellow Mary" (Solothum, Switzerland)
Madness "Leon" (Camden Town, London)
FFS "Johnny Delusional" (Glasgow / Los Angeles)
The Wombats "Isabel" (Liverpool, England)
Heimataerde "Phad Ohne Namen (edited clip) (Germany)
Gibby Haynes "Horse Named George" (Dallas, Texas)
The Whereabouts "Long Tall Sally" (Cavan, Ireland)
Volbeat "The Nameless One" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Electric Litany "Name" (Athens, Greece)
*Linney "Hi, My Name Is" (Los Angeles)
Grand Duchy "Where Is John Frum" (Massachusetts)
Jukebox The Ghost "Oh, Emily" (Washington, D.C.)
Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods "Jills Theme" (Los Angeles)
The Constellations "Felicia" Atlanta, Georgia)
Theophilus London "Last Name London" (Brooklyn)
Matt Skiba and the Sekrets "Olivia" (Los Angeles)
Miss Crazy "Hail Bruce Lee" (San Francisco)
King Bees f/ David Bowie "Louie, Go Home" (London)
Evil Cowards "Zora And Nora" (Brooklyn)
Gold-Bears "Hey, Sophie" (Atlanta, Georgia)
Shad "A Good Name" (Canada)
*Little Sparrow "Polly" (Manchester, U.K.)
Mike Elrington "Jennifer" (Adelaide, Australia)
Leon Rousseau "Eugene" (Paris, France)
Luna f/ Lætitia Sadier "Bonnie & Clyde" (N.Y.C./ Paris)

 photo f44eb10f-c97e-4542-b649-7cdfe0589ab5_zps8l2fyynp.jpg

AUGUST 14- 16 Weekend
#256 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Opposite Day "The Extent To Which…" (Austin, Texas)
*Jodz "Chicago" (Manchester)
*James Seaward "The Hardest Part Of All" (Bournemouth)
*Range'lov "Nothing Else" (Sofia, Bulgaria)
*The Spitfires "When I Call Out Your Name" (Watford, U.K.)
*Nova Heart "We Are Golden" (Beijing, China)
+The Whereabouts "Money & Fame" (Cavan, Ireland)
*FFS "The Power Couple" (Glasgow/Los Angeles)
*MAFF "Planet Wave" (Santiago, Chile)
*Till Lindemann "Home Sweet Home" (Berlin, Germany)
*Nikki's Wives "Lonely Being Cool" (Toronto, Canada)
*Helloween "Lost In America" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Skellums "Monsters" (Liverpool)
*You Are Number Six "Palimpset" (France)
*Ballerina Black "Open Up Your Eyes" (Los Angeles)
*The Libertines "Gunga Din" (London)
*208 Talks Of Angels "The Curve" (Izhevsk, Russia)
*Westkust "Weekends" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
+Void "Not The One" (Wales)
*Motopony "Daylights Gone" (Seattle/Tacoma)
*Fickle Friends "Velvet" (Brighton, England)
*Department M "Bleak Technique" (Leeds, England)
*The Singularity "Come Undone" (Los Angeles)
*The Vintage Caravan "Last Day Of Light" (Iceland)
*Luca Turilli's Rhapsody "iI Tempo Degli Dei" (Italy)
*Little Sparrow "Be My Side" (Manchester)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Don't Surrender"
*Extrapillow "No Drafting" (Original mix) (Paris, France)

 photo c48c12d7-2609-4c16-97a7-4609a443dd91_zps4e3uudgf.jpg

AUGUST 7- 9 Weekend
#255 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*MAFF "Million Year Picnic" (Santiago, Chile)
*My Pleasure "Haunted House" (United Kingdom)
*Void "Not The One" (Wales)
*Bourbon Street Beat "She's His Woman" (Manchester)
*Rum Thief "Reach For The Weatherman" (Manchester)
*Till Lindemann "Yukon" (Berlin, Germany)
*Ballerina Black "Isosceles" (Los Angeles)
*La Bete Blooms "Nothing Left But The Taste" (Hull, UK)
*The Pinstripe Pigeon Band "It's You" (N.W. England)
*Bentcousin & Guiville "Solid" (Brighton, England)
+New Model Army "Ghosts" (Bradford, England)
*Jodz "Waiting (Till Then)" (Manchester)
*Sasha Siem "Most Of The Boys" (London)
*Jonny Rep "Spine" (Cork, Ireland)
*Luca Turillii's Rhapsody "Il Cigno Nero" (Italy)
*The Vintage Caravan "Sandwalker" (Iceland)
*The Fratellis "Baby Don't You Lie To Me" (Glasgow)
*Miss Vincent "How Much Further?" (S.E. England)
*Little Sparrow "I Found A Way" (Manchester)
*T. Hardy Morris "Painted On Attitude" (Athens, GA)
*Helloween "Stay Crazy" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Young Dread "Late Night Creep" (South Carolina)
*James Seaward "Don't Wanna Fall In..."(Bournemouth)
*DMA's "Laced" (Newton, Australia)
*Jones "Indulge" (London)
*Go Satta "Brand New" (Plymouth, U.K.)
*Strange Names "I Can't Control Myself" (Minneapolis)
*Juno Reactor "Tempest" (Zeologic RMX)(Brighton)

 photo acfd450c-9738-4002-868d-192da0c960fb_zpsfwtrtjl1.jpg

JULY 31- AUGUST 2 Weekend
#254 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Veruca Salt "The Gospel According Saint.." (Los Angeles)
*Oh, Harry "Laj Laj" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Leanne Kingwell "This Medusa" (Melbourne)*World Premiere
*The Chikitas "What Have You Said" (Geneva, Switzerland)
*Kaleida "Take Me To The River" (Talking Heads) (London)
+Daybehavior "Cambiare" (Change) (Stockhom, Sweden)
*Maya Vik "Going Insane" (Norway)
+Elohim "She Talks Too Much" (Los Angeles)
*Jessica Marlowe & The Wild Tracks "Big Dream" (London)
*Mona "Mein Herz Weint" (extended mix) (Aachen, Germany)
*Deradoorian "A Beautiful Woman" (Los Angeles)
*Go Satta "Love Comes Quickly" (Pet Shop Boys) (U.K.)
*Melody Gardot "Same To You" (Philadelphia)
*Helena Johnson "Naive" (Liverpool, England)
+Holly Miranda "All I Want Is To Be Your Girl" (Detroit)
+Inouwee "Red Words" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
+Joanna Gruesome "Last Year" (Cardiff, Wales)
*Jones "Deep" (London)
+Kat Vinter "Downtime" (Berlin, Germany)
+Ella Squirrell "Trouble" (Dorsett/London)
+Alexa Melo "Lotus Flower" (Radio Head) (Los Angeles)
+Bitters Kiss (Chloe Baker)  "Bitters Kiss" (New Jersey)
*Antigone Rising "Weed and Wine" (final ver.) (N.Y.C.)
+Genna Marabese "I Need To Leave" (Bedfordshire, U.K.)

+Teenage Love "Lazer Eyes" (Copenhagen, Denmark"
+Chanel Samson "This Old Guy" (L.A./Liverpool)
+Pale Honey "Youth" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
+Luna Aura "Dancing With Your Ghost" (Phoenix, AZ)
+Joan Jett "Destination Unknown" (MIssing Persons)

 photo d060645d-f5d2-4ced-b9f6-3eb98d5f6e8c_zpsjmydtg7n.jpg

JULY 24- 26 Weekend
#253 Berlin era

*Fizzy Blood "Black Sheep" (Leeds, England)
*Till Lindemann "Praise Abort" (Berlin, Germany)
*Ballerina Black "Blue-ish Grey" (Los Angeles)
*Gwenno "Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki" (Cardiff, Wales)
*Pop Etc "Bad Break" (CA/NY)
*Boxed In "Mystery" (London)
*Void "For The Soul" (Wales)
*Turbowolf "Rabbits Foot" (Bristol, England)
*Secret Club "Secret Club" (Nashville)
*Bourbon Street Beat "Crossing On A Bend" (Manchester)
*Van Wolfen "Freitag" (Hamburg, Germany)
*J.EyE "My Religion" (Brooklyn, New York)
*Adler "Blown Away" (Hollywood, CA)
*Abel Raise The Cain "Black Swans" (N.E., England)
*The Winachi Tribe "Plant The Seed" (Warrington, U.K.)
*The Vincent(s) "Opium Den Song" (Cork, Ireland)
*Symphony X "Without You" (New Jersey)
*Leanne Kingwell "Running At Headlights" (Melbourne, AU)
+The Cult "Amnesia" (2012) (Bradford, England)
*The Chikitas "Meet Your Trouble" (Geneva, Switzerland)
+Rammstein "Donaukinder" (2009) Berlin, Germany)
+Feeling B "Grün & Blau" (1993) Berlin, Germany)
*Till Lindemann "Fat" (Berlin, Germany) (in English)
*Till Lindemann "Fish On" (Berlin, Germany) (In English)
*Collisions "Masses" (Italy)
*Helena Johnson "Goldfinger" (Liverpool)
*Daybehavior "Change" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Lonely Robot "Are We Copies" (Derby, Nottingham, U.K.)

 photo 09f5d7c6-77ea-4aaa-97c9-3f3160d4e589_zpsqgfyzvns.jpg

JULY 17- 19 Weekend
#252 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Melody Gardot "Preacherman" (Philadelphia)
*Next To None "Lost" (Leigh Valley, PA)
*Daybehavior "Cambiare" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Matt Skiba and the Sekrets "Vienna" (Los Angeles)
*Surrender The Spirit "Hard Enough" (New York)
*Juno Reactor "Shine" (Modus RMX) (Brighton, England)
*The Winachi Tribe "TFL" (Remix) (Warrington, U.K.)
*Mona "Mein Herz Weint" (Aachen, Germany)
*Blacklist Union "Alive N Well Smack…" (Los Angeles)
*A Copy For Collapse "Confusion" (Naples, Italy)
*Temple Velocity "Trigger Happy" (London)
*Ghost "Cirice" (long version) (Sweden)
*Husky "Heartbeat" (Melbourne, Australia)
*Lunar Twin "Champagne" (Woolfy Remix) (Los Angeles)
+Broken Chords "Set You Free" (London)
*Haioka "Le Trip Le Trip" (Original ver.) (Japan)
*Alexa Melo "Lotus Flower" (Radiohead) (Los Angeles)
*Leitbur "Heartsink" (Los Angeles)
+Kosoti "Suburban Girl" (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Urban Cone f/Tove Lo "Come Back To Me" (Stockholm)
*Patrice "Stand 4 Nothing" (Houston, Texas)
+Ali Ingle "Hey Kid" (Liverpool/ London)
*Nocturnal Sunshine f/Catnapp "Down By The…" (London)
*Desert Ships "Skyliner" (London)

 photo 81d531a8-dda2-4822-bf9f-d2e1b224a48f_zpskzh2cbq7.jpg
JULY 11- 13 Weekend
#251 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*FFS "PIss Off" (Glasgow, Scotland/ Los Angeles)
*The 69 Eyes "Kiss Me Unded" (reissue) (Helsinki, Finland)
*The Winachi Tribe "Time For Love" (Warrington, U.K.)
*FOES "No Sleepers Verse" (Liverpool)
*The Moth And The Flame "Young & Unafraid" (Provo, UT)
*The Marks Cartel "Take Me Home" (Swansea, U.K.)
*Hard Love "Al pie del cañón    " (Murcia, Spain)
*Gyasi Ross "Winona LaDuke" (Pasadena, CA)
*Teenage Love "Lazer Eyes" (TotalRecluse Rx) (Copenhagen)
*Los And The Deadlines "It Could Be So Much…" (London)
*Pop Noir "Don't Fool Yourself" (Manchester/Los Angeles)
*Elohim "She Talks Too Much" (Los Angeles)
*Ruen Brothers "Summer Sun" (Scunthorpe, U.K.)
*Stealing Sheep "This Time" (Liverpool)
*Shooze "Cruel Love" (West Midlands, U.K.)
*Project Zen "Searching" (Widness, U.K.)
*Disclosure f/ Gregory Porter "Holding On" (Surrey, U.K.)
*Veruca Salt "Laughing At The Sugar Bowl" (Los Angeles)
*Ali Ingle "Hey Kid" (Liverpool/ London)
*Leitbur "The Moment I Knew" (Los Angeles)
*Ella Squirrell "Trouble" (Dorsett/ London)
*Lunar Twin "Metroplex" (Berlin edit) (Los Angeles)
*Kat Vinter "One Way Mirror" (Berlin, Germany)
*Rubberlips f/Mike Bush "Print Crime" (West Yorkshire, U.K.)
*The Artificial Harbour "Don't Let Me Drown" (Vienna, Austria)
*Kascarade "Coincidense" (Bradford, England)
*Saun & Starr "Look Closer (Can't You…)" (Bronx, N.Y.)
*Sofia Talvik "Jasmine, Rose & Sage" (Gothenburg, SE)
*Electric Piquete "Mother Smother" (Miami, Florida)

*Joan Jett Song of Week returns next week

 photo 05b6d2e3-0a22-47c7-a1c8-5c0adce4791a_zps5jlskjiz.jpg

JULY 3- 5 Weekend
#250 Berlin era

Flight Facilities f/Emma Louise "Two Bodies" (Trinidad/Tobago)
Tony de Karo f/Jens Riewa "Welten Erdacht" (Frankfurt)
All Skate "Friday, I'm In Love" (Los Angeles/N.Y.)
Dilig0 "Life Traps" (France)
*Arjen Lucassen speaks about Symphonic music for LWOL*
Arjen Lucassen "Our Imperfect Race" (Netherlands)
Shotaro Hirata "Dubbing Piano" (Go Satta remix) (Japan)
Schiller f/Unheilig "Sonne" (Berlin, Germany)
Mind.In.A.Box "Travel Guide" (Vienna, Austria)
Epica f/Simone Simons "Canvas Of Life" (Netherlands)
Jean-Jacques Perrey & D. Chazam "Gossipo Perpetuo" (France)
Ayreon "Inertia" (The Netherlands)
Ayreon "The Awareness" (The Netherlands)
Nocturnal Sunshine "Intergalactic" (London)
The Gentle Storm "Eyes Of Michiel" (Netherlands)
Monarchy "The Dream" (London)
Monarchy "It's All I Know" (London)
Information Society "Dancing With Strangers" (Minnesota)
Tuomas Holopainen "Glasgow 1877" (Kitee, Finland)
Star One "It's Alive, She's Alive, We're Alive" (Netherlands)
Cissy Kraner "Der Novak" (Tony deKaro remix) (Austria)
David Lynch "Good Day Today" (Los Angeles)
Public Service Broadcasting "Go" (London)
Dj Shadow "Circular Logic (Front To Back) (San Francisco)
Bleu Toucan "Easy To Find" (Club mix) (Paris, France)

 photo ed060f51-1bbe-4604-a8c8-0e750ec31c9c_zpsi2srkxxf.jpg

JUNE 26- 28 Weekend
#249 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Gang Of Four "Isle Of Dogs" (London)
*FFS "Save Me From Myself" (Glasgow / Los Angeles)
+Eisbrecher "Dreizehn" (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*The 69 Eyes "Feel Berlin" (Helsinki, Finland) 2004
*Dramarama "Abandoned Love" (Dylan cover) (L.A.)
*Oofj "Snakehips" (Los Angeles)
*Kascarade "Way Of The World" (new version) (Bradford)
*Malka "Wolves And Sheep" (New York)
*Charlie Barnes "Sing To God" (Leeds, England)
*Sofia Talvik "Starwalker"(BuffySt.Marie cover)(Gothenburg)
+Shooze "Trouble In London" (Midlands, U.K.)
+The Chemical Brothers f/Q-Tip "Go" (Manchester)
*The Artificial Harbour "Somewhere In The Dark" (Vienna)
*Deepshade "Tattoo" (Wigan, England)
*Little Sparrow "Wishing Tree" (Manchester)
*Maestrick "Rainbow Eyes" (Dio cover) (San Paulo, Brazil)
*Deaf Rhino "Hey You" (New Jersey)
+Aleks Grey "Feel Alive" (Norway /Liverpool)
*Chanel Samson "This Old Guy" (L.A. /Liverpool)
+Milton Star "Things Fall Apart" (Fife, Scotland)
*Social Potion f/Carmen Toth "Drive Myself Home"(Toronto)
*Kid Wave "Honey" (London)
+The Singularity "Wetter" (Los Angeles)
*The 69 Eyes "Gothic Girl" (Helsinki, Finland) 2000
*Dog Party "Peanut Butter Dream" (Sacramento, CA)
*Motobunny "Let's Go Out" (Phoenix, AZ)
*Crazy Alice's Travelling Show "Karma's A Bitch" (MA)
*DJs World vs Michael C.Kent "Rock The Night"(Germany)


 photo 6f66b0ee-9df0-4c32-9ca3-3dcd7c3f7014_zpswnapxurt.jpg

JUNE 19- 21 Weekend
#248 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

+Sister Sin "The Jinx" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Monarchy "Living Without You" (London)
+Kosoti "Bars And Sticks" (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Shooze "Animal City" (London/Midlands)
*The Wombats "This Is Not A Party" (Liverpool)
*Sirena "Serpent" (Stavanger, Norway)
*Milton Star "Things Fall Apart" (Fife, Scotland)
*Star Clash "Creature Of Habit" (Athens, Greece)
*Fizzy Blood "January Sun" (Leeds, England)
*Old House Playground "Stardance" (Manchester)
*The Singularity "Throw Your Heart" (Los Angeles)
*Pale Honey "Youth" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Hell Outta Dodge "The Winds Of Misery" (Tucson)
*Little Boots "Better In The Morning" (Blackpool)
+Postcards From Jeff "Suburban Girl" (Manchester)
*All Skate "Far Gone And Out" (L.A./N.Y.C)
*Street Party In Soho "17" (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Flash Bastard "Skin Trade" (Los Angeles)
+Helena Johnson "Take Me Home Tonight" (Liverpool)
*Taste Nasa "I'd Like To Be Your Girl" (Auckland, NZ)
*Metric "The Shade (I Want It All)" (Toronto)
*The Go! Team "The Art Of Getting By" (Brighton)
*Tony Volker "Kingdom Of The Beasts" (So. London)
*Kat Vinter "Islands" (Berlin, Germany)
*Follow The Lion "Low" (Leeds, England)
*Night Dials "I've Done More Things" (London)
*pGarage "Ever Ever (Ode To Love)" (Berlin, Germany)

  photo eb9a00b3-a799-4e5d-9088-fc28148eb20b_zpsvccpbg9l.jpg

JUNE 12- 14 Weekend
#247 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Korpiklaani "Pilli On Pajusta Tehty" (Helsinki, Finland)
*Palaye Royale "Get Higher" (Las Vegas)
*Genna Marabese "I Need To Leave" (Bedfordshire, U.K.)
*The Chemical Brothers f/ Q-Tip "Go" (Manchester)
*Yes Sunshine "No No No" (Coventry, England)
*Martin Davis "A Little Rock And Roll…" (Buckinghamshire)
*Holly Miranda "All I Want Is To Be Your Girl" (Detroit)
*Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker "Yin Yang" (Toronto)
*The Cave Children "Maybeland" (Athens, Greece)
*Shooze "Minimum Wages" (London)
*James Holt "Schmetterling…" (Manchester)
*Flash Bastard "Glitter Forever" (Los Angeles)
*Spears "Little White Lights" (Sheffield, England)
*Radiolane "Before You Go" (Liverpool)
*Luna Aura "Dancing With Your Ghost" (Phoenix)
*Wire "Split Your Ends" (London)
*Nai Harvest "Melanie" (Sheffield, England)
*Come The Spring "Maps" (Brighton, England)
*The Chikitas "LaLaLala" (Geneva, Switzerland)
*Corvus "Turn To Stone" (United Kingdom)
*Calling Apollo "In This City" (Cardiff, Wales)
+The Mission "Born Under A Good Sign" (Leeds, U.K.)
*Mirror Talk "1997" (Los Angeles)
*Antigone Rising "Weed And Wine" (N.Y.C.)
*Lights That Change "Voices" (North Wales)
*Bowhunter "It's Not Over" (Kent, England)
*Kat Vinter "Propoganda" (Berlin, Germany)
*Wumpscut "Bucket Of Perceptions" (Bavaria)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK:"Soulmates To Strangers"
*The Sweeps "The Last Dream" (Hamburg, Germany)

 photo 635b8fc3-7f98-456a-bc33-fd4705f2aa6a_zpsorcijij4.jpg

JUNE 5- 7 Weekend
#246 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Flash Bastard "Bleed On Me" (Hollywood/Vancouver)
*The Chemical Brothers "Sometimes…"(Manchester)
*Kat Vinter "Downtime" (Berlin, Germany)
*Shooze "Trouble In London" (West Midlands, U.K.)
*FFS "Johnny Delusional" (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Wire "Blogging" (London)
*Wumpscut "Oh Mein Kuermmerling" (Bavaria)
*Monster Jaw "Feel It" (West Yorkshire, England)
*Nightwish "Alpenglow" (Kitee, Finland)
*D-Prov "Walk In My Shoes" (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Inouwee "Red Words" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Die Deutsche Fleeters "Jurby Scar" (rare) (Wolfsburg,DE)
*Aleks Grey "Feel Alive" (Norway)
*East India Youth "End Result" (London)
Alice Cooper "Muscle Of Love" (1973)
*Dead Sara "Something Good" (Los Angeles)
*Icicle "Time Is Not On Your Side" (London)
*The Prodigy "Invisible Sun" (Essex, England)
*The Chikitas "Drive Me Anywhere" (Geneva, Switzerland)
*Surfer Blood "I Can't Explain" (W.Palm Beach, FL)
*Alter Eden "Scream At The Sky" (Stoke On Trent, U.K.)
*Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) "Crowly" (Balsidon, U.K.)
*Travis Caudle "Never Quite Enough" (Perth, Australia)
*Josh Michaels "Like The Rest" (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Monks Of Mellonwah "Never Been Good" (Sydney, AU)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Crimson and Clover"
*Black Diamond "Cocky" (Liverpool)
*Franco Buzzoni "Viburnum Nudum" (Argentina)

 photo 8b2ad82a-cbaa-4f27-ae3d-ee33e73861b2_zps3gub3u29.jpg

 MAY 29- 31 Weekend
#245 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Mind.In.A.Box "Timelessness" (Vienna, Austria)
 +Backyardloops "In Berlin (Baddaz Riddim)" (Berlin)
*Shy Lips "Bahia Part 11" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Iconic Eye "Broken Dreams" (United Kingdom)
*Billy Momo "Wishing Ain't No Sin" (Sweden)
*Rayne "Dolorous" (Sunderland, England)
*Colourspacecolour "Turning Time Into Powder" (Sydney)
*The Tangent "A Spark In The Aether" (United Kingdom)
*The Slow Readers Club "Fool For Your…" (Manchester)
*Bitter's Kiss f/ Chloe Baker "Bitter's Kiss" (New Jersey)
*Babyhowl "Going Under" (Bracknell, U.K.)
*Grace f/ G-Easy "You Don't Own Me" (Perth, Australia)
*Idle Frets "Aftershow" (Chester, England)
*Bulbs Of Held "Shutter" (original ver.) (Manchester)
*Secret Of Boris "Something Else" (Dallas, TX)
*Woahnows "Puncher" (Plymouth, England)
*Quiet Lions "Shallows" (Brighton, England)
*Joanna Gruesome "Last Year" (Cardiff, Wales)
*Joint Pop "Simply Beautiful" (Trinidad, Tabago)
*Shimmergloom "Daytime Lovers" (Perth, Australia)
*Leitbur "Strange In L.A." (Los Angeles)
*Hot Chip "Huarache" (London)
*Kosoti "Gone Too Far" (Newcastle, U.K.)
*Computa "Cardi In My Body" (Bronx, N.Y.)
*1st Vows "Eros" (Los Angeles)
*Ceremony "The Separation" (San Francisco)
*Switzerland "Going Native" (Dublin, Ireland)
*A Billion Lions "Torquay" (Leeds, Bradford, U.K.)
*Matias Sosa & Vila "La Noche" (Argentina)

  photo 495737bd-47f2-40a0-a74f-bf60544ba2ad_zpsqee564gw.jpg

 MAY 22- 24 Weekend
#244 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

 *Clive Farrington f/S.Benz & 1Love "Invisible" (U.K.)
*Mind.In.A.Box "Travel Guide" (Vienna, Austria)
*Lonely Robot "Airlock" (United Kingdom)
*Jessica Marlowe & The Wildtracks "My World" (London)
*The Real McKenzies "The Fields Of Inverness" (Vancouver)
*Vows f/ Gary Numan "Against The Gates" (Sydney, AU)
*Fritz Kalkbrenner "Fake Magic" (Berlin, Germany)
*The Jade Assembly "One Last Time" (Manchester, U.K.)
*Blur "Lonesome Street" (London)
*Mini Mansions f/Alex Turner "Death Is A Girl" (L.A.)
*Chelsea Lankes "Too Young To Fall In Love" (L.A.)
*Ricochet "Wake Up" (Birmingham, England)
*Korpiklaani "Lempo" (Finland)
*Coquin Migale "Gold" (Newcastle, England)
*Kosoti "Gone Too Far" (Newcastle, England)
*Nightwish "Yours Is An Empty Hope" (Kitee, Finland)
*Monarchy "The Wave" (London)
*Monarchy "It's All I Know" (London)
*Monarchy "The Dream" (London)
*Monarchy "Fractured World" (London)
*The Gentle Storm "Eyes Of Michiel" (Netherlands)
*Monster Jaw "Losing All My Friends" (West Yorkshire)
*The Valkarys "We Are The World" (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Beta "Atlas" (Mexico)
*Caverns "Ghosts" (New York City)
*Go Satta "Ice Cream Ops" (Plymouth, U.K.)
*Emilio Pinchi "Trying Man" (Liverpool)
*Pseudo Me "Storia del Multiverso" (Lecca, Italy)

 *Joan Jett Song Of Week returns next week

   photo 786ea651-cf50-4b2f-94bc-c6c05f085e0d_zpsvrxp80r5.jpg

MAY 15- 17 Weekend
#243 Berlin era

Great Britain's best selling
Crime Fiction Author
spoken words about
the life and times of Chantelle
accompanied by music from
throughout this special edition

 photo c6f9a286-8d4c-484c-92ec-16b823376946_zps9r3mzdvr.jpg


*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay
*ColourSpaceColour "Upside Down Inside Out" (Sydney, AU)
Story of Chantelle Pt.1

*Purity Ring "Stranger Than Earth" (Edmonton, Canada)
*Annabel Jones "Magnetic" (AO beats remix) (Hempshire, UK)
*The Gentle Storm "New Horizons" (Netherlands)
*Warpaint "No Way Out" (redux) (Los Angeles)

Story of Chantelle Pt.2

*Mandasue Heller "When You Were King" (remix)(Manchester)
*Antigone Rising "Game Changer" (N.Y.C.)
*Deliah "Any Last Words" (LIverpool)
*Sleater-Kinney "Hey Darling" (Portland, Oregon)
*Maya Vik "Oslo Knows" (Norway)

Story of Chantelle Pt.3

+Chelsea Lankes "Down For Whatever"(Glastrophobie rx)(L.A.)
+Tamara Bubble "Towel Boy" (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Nadine Shah "Fool" (Whiteburn, Tyne & Wear, U.K.)
*Zola Jesus "Hunger" (Seattle / Phoenix)
*Jesika von Rabbit "Glamorous Misery" (Joshua Tree, CA)
Story of Chantelle Pt.4

*Grace Hartrey "Kings & Queens" (Liverpool)
+Kate Pierson "Mister Sister" (Athens, Georgia)

Story of Chantelle Pt. 5

*Mohawk Radio "Hocus Pocus" (Manchester)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "Baby Blue" (New York)
*Ingrid Frosland "Dare To Believe" (Norway / Liverpool)
*Halsey "Ghost" (N.Y.C.)
*Helena Johnson "Take Me Home Tonight" (Liverpool)

Story of Chantelle Pt.6

*Mandasue Heller "This Love Is Dead" (remix) (Manchester)
*Hannah Cohen "Fake It" (New York)
*Morgan Shaughnessy "Borrowed +Blue" (Atlanta, Georgia)
*Doris Brendel "Tumbling Away" (London)
*Nightwish "Our Decades In The Sun" (Kitee, Finland)


 photo 8aaa2dc0-924e-429b-9048-1f9d5c89de34_zpsafjubclr.jpg

MAY 8- 10 Weekend
#242 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Halsey "Hurricane" (N.Y.C.)
*Lonely Robot "Construct Obstruct" (United Kingdom)
+Kieran Robertson "(I Just) Died In Your Arms" (Glasgow)
*Crowsaw "The Answer" (South Wales)
*Chelsea Lankes "Down For Whatever"(Glas…remix) (L.A.)
*Moonspell "La Baphomette" (Portugal)
*The Diamond Light "Heathens" (Los Angeles)
*Colourspacecolour "Lonely Heart" (Sydney, Australia)
*Run The Jewels f/ Diane Coffee "Crown" (N.Y.C.)
*Anthony-Cédric Vuagniaux "Tour de la Planette" (France)
*Postcards From Jeff " Surburban Girl" (Manchester, England)
*Diagrams "Dirty Broken Bliss" (Sheffield, England)
*The Rezillos "She's The Bad One" (Edinburgh, Scotland)
+White Arrows "I Want A Taste" (Los Angeles)
*The Gentle Storm "Epilougue: The Final Entry" (Netherlands)
*The Gentle Storm "Brightest Light" (Netherlands)
*King Kartel "Come At Me Now" (Manchester, England)
*The Reveurs "Take A Bow" (Manchester, England)
*Go Nogo "Let It Show" (Statickman Rx) (Heisenborg, Sweden)
*Jesika von Rabbit "Spooky Action" (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Nightwish "Shudder Before The Beautiful" (Kitte, Finland)
*Hop Along "Waitress" (Philadelphia)
+Deeper Upper "Unity" (Lithuania)
*Maya Vik "Natural Selection" (Norway)
*The Last Bison "This Changes Everything" (Chesapeake, VA)
*Lonely Robot "The Boy In The Radio" (United Kingdom)
*Larytta "Broken Leg Theory" (Lausanne, Switzerland)


 On two week vacation

APRIL 24 - 26



MAY 1 - 3



   photo 9a202911-066f-4158-90ea-94f0f20da5b1_zpsrcoxjqiq.jpg  

APRIL 17- 19 Weekend
#241 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Rezillos "Out Of This World" (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*White Arrows "I Want A Taste" (Los Angeles)
*Maya Vik "On It (Kapow!)" (Norway)
*Moonspell "The Future Is Dark" (Portugal)
*Crowsaw "The Colours" (South Wales)
*Kieran Robertson "(I Just) Died In Your Arms"(Glasgow)
*The Gentle Storm "The Storm" (Netherlands)
+Public Service Broadcasting "Go" (London)
*Gengahr "She's A Witch" (London)
*Tamara Bubble "Towel Boy" (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Gang Of Four f/A.Mosshart "Broken Talk" (London)
*Deeper Upper "Unity" (Lithuania)
*The Cribs "Different Angle" (West Yorkshire, England)
*Cartesian Jetstream "Limousines" (Manchester)
*The Reveurs "Harriet" (Manchester)
*Interrobang "Problems" (Liverpool)
*The Diamond Light "Fever Dream" (Los Angeles)
*The Gentle Storm "Heart Of Amsterdam" (Netherlands)
*Red Light Runner "Just Might Find" (Kent, England)
*Lonely Robot "Lonely Robot" (United Kingdom)
*Jesika von Rabbit "Gaydar" (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Mohawk Radio "Hocus Pocus" (Manchester)
*Prides "Higher Love" (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Boom! Bap! Pow! "Suit" (Perth, Australia)
*Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham "Still Running" (London)
*Rubberlips "Lagoon" (West Yorkshire, England)

 photo da3fbb02-d100-4b28-b161-68f2a5dc34a2_zpszxpdlgjj.jpg

 APRIL 10- 12 Weekend  
#240 Berlin era

Ali Ingle - intro to Liverpool special
Clinic "You"
Paul McCartney intro and "Queenie Eye"
Edwin Pope / Mutant Vinyl "Lavender"
Edwin Pope / Mutant Vinyl "New York Dub"
The Inkhearts "Keeping Up"
Ali Ingle - Best Hecklers
Ali Ingle "The Locker"
OMD "Helen Of Troy"
Peter Hooten (The Farm) intro to Liverpool special
The Farm "Groovy Train"
Pop Levi "Police Sign"
Ali Ingle - Liverpool, the Best City
Ladytron "International Dateline"
Filter Distortion "Frequency Modulation"
The Little Secrets "All I Need"
Sugarmen "Dirt"
Ali Ingle - on music in Liverpool
Fidel Afro "Waiting For Yesterday"
Ali Ingle "Yours Alone"
The Wombats "Greek Tragedy" (Bastille remix)
Interrobang "Back In The Day"
Ali Ingle - about 3 questions often asked
Clinic "See Saw"
Jennifer Davis "Silhouette"
Hooten Tennis Club "Kathleen Sat On The Arm…"
Alex Hulme "Black"
Ali Ingle - ahh, the best Burgers!
Watchtower "Under Your Thumb"
Paddy Clegg "Dancing Shoes"
Rumjig f/ Julia Gordon "Ego Bow Down" (W.B. mix)
Vandettes "Let It All Go"
Jimmy & The Revolvers "Whistle For My Love"
Ali Ingle - on Tabac Club
Joe Symes and the Loving Kind "Fallen Down"
Ladytron "Discotraxx"
Ali Ingle - Thank you for listening
Ali Ingle f/ Katheryn Williams "Came To The Morning"
Paul McCartney "Hope For The Future" (Jaded mix)

 photo e573b95a-327d-4bfa-be9e-cfb45adb9281_zpsnoag5ubm.jpg

APRIL 3- 5 Weekend
#239 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Singularity "Wetter" (Los Angeles)
*Public Service Broadcasting "Go" (London)
BRMC "Mama Taught Me Better" (Los Angeles) (2010)
*Go Nogo "New Folks" (Heisenborg, Sweden)
*Cafeine "Lettre D'amour" (Quebec/Los Angeles)
*Ben Wash f/Bridget Barkan "Queen" (Miami, Florida)
*Gang Of Four "Dead Souls" (London)
*Larytta "Revolution 10" (Lausanne, Sweden)
*Slow Readers Club "I Saw A Ghost" (Manchester, U.K.)
*Pound Of Flesh "Live Fast" (Chicago)
*Mohawk Radio "Seen It All Before" (Manchester, U.K.)
*Black Star Riders "Finest Hour" (Ireland/ Los Angeles)
*Beach Baby "Bruise" (London)
*Heimataerde "Einfach So" (Germany)
+Jesika von Rabbit "Psychic Spice" (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Cartesian Jetstream "Slightly Real" (Ireland)
*Babyhowl "Dead Man Tell No Lies" (Bracknell, U.K.)
*Bleu Toucan "Easy To Find"(club mix)(Pau/Paris, France)
*Doris Brendel "Life Is A Mushroom" (London)
*Aaron David Gleason "Progress" (Greenpoint, Brooklyn)
*Diagrams "Gentle Morning Song" (Sheffield, England)
*Purity Ring "Body Ache" (Edmonton, Canada)
*Travis Caudle "Back To You" (Perth, Australia)
*Dutch Uncles "Decided Knowledge" (Manchester, U.K.)
*The Rezillos "Groovy Room" (Edinburgh, Scotland)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Change The World"
*No Volcano "New York Drugstore" (Phoenix, AZ)
*Chris Jasper "Still In Love" (New York City)

 photo 42646440-3076-4150-b165-7fbde00df820_zpsglzhtncf.jpg

MARCH 27- 29 Weekend
#238 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Gang Of Four f /H. Gronemeyer "The Dying Rays"(London)
*The Kickdrums "Breathe Again" (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
+The Whereabouts "One After 909" (Cavan, Ireland)
*Little Brother Eli "Hanging" (Oxford, England)
*The Pop Group "Citizen Zombie" (Bristol, England)
*Ben Wash f/ Culture Prophet "Sanctuary" (Miami, Florida)
*Mohawk Radio "Oblivian" (Manchester, England)
*Black Star Riders "Blindsided" (Ireland / Los Angeles)
*Kate Pierson "Mister Sister" (Athens, Georgia)
*Cafeine "Sex Beat" (Gun Club cover) (Los Angeles)
*Eisbrecher "Dreizehn" (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*Will Butler (of Arcade Fire) "Anna" (Montreal)
*Summer Cannibals "Something New" (Portland, OR)
*Dutch Uncles "Drips" (Manchester, England)
+Chaos Rising "Neuer Gott" (Moscow, Russia)
*Low Cut Connie "Shake It A Little Tina" (Philadelphia)
*Alex Hulme "Black" (Liverpool, England)
*Pond "Medicine Hat" (Perth, Australia)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "I Need Someone"(Dmix)
*Epica "Natural Corruption" (Netherlands)
*The Temperance Movement "Smouldering" (London)
*Mercy. "Bed Head" (Lyon, France)
*Gang Of Four f/Alison/Kills "England's In…"(London)
+Livan "Undead" (London)
*The Juliana Hatfield Three "Push Pin" (Cambridge, MA)
+The Black Delta Movement "Blister"(Kingston Upon Hull)
*Go Satta "Bodhi Tree" (Plymouth, England)
*Tuomas Holopainen "Cold Heart Of The…"(Finland)

 photo d95d0805-8e96-47e7-9275-4cea101746a3_zpsd28yjimv.jpg

MARCH 20- 22 Weekend
#237 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Temperance Movement "Midnight Black" (London)
*Chaos Rising "Neuer Gott" (Moscow, Russia)
*Sillyboy "Under Your Skirt" (Athens, Greece)
*Karyn Crisis' Gospel of…"The Sword And The Stone" (Italy)
*Cafeine "I Love You" (Los Angeles)
*Django Django "First Light" (London)
*Little Brother Eli "Who Do You" (Oxford, England)
*Kate Pierson "Time Wave Zero" (Athens, Georgia)
*Pond "Zond" (Perth, Australia)
*Pound Of Flesh "Believe" (Chicago)
*Eisbrecher "Nachtfieber" (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*The Pop Group "Mad Truth" (Bristol, England)
+The Cathode Ray "Resist" (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Bleu Toucan "Imagine" (Reflex remix) (Pau/Paris, France)
*Mike Elrington "Two Lucky Stars" (Melbourne, Australia)
*I, Us, We "Lanterns" (Southern California)
*Blind Guardian "Miracle Machine" (Krefeld, Germany)
*Blind Guardian "Sacred Mind" (Krefeld, Germany)
+Calling All Astronauts "Show Me Love" (London)
*Megaherz "Frei" (Munich, Germany)
+The Plastic Pals "Riding With Elvis" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Cora Lee "Me & You" (Berlin, Germany)
*The Broken Chords "Rock & Stone" (London)
+Wraith "For The Masses" (London)
*Slow Motion Heroes "Resolution" (Cork, Ireland)
*The Juliana Hatfield Three "Ordinary Guy" (Cambridge, MA)
*James Holt "In The Face Of It All" (Manchester, England)
+Tony deKaro f/Jonathan L "Do It In Deutschland" (Frankfurt)

 photo ff675385-53dc-4b6b-ae4c-1341cde096a9_zpsw9mobope.jpg

MARCH 13- 15 Weekend
#236 Berlin era

"g'day mate"
Rose Tattoo "City Blues" (Sydney)
"top notch true blue fair dinkum"
Courtney Barnett "Avant Gardener" (Melbourne)
Harts "Feather" (Melbourne)
"no wucking furries mate"
Grinderman "Bellringer Blues" (Melbourne)
Love Cream "Hot In The Dark" (Adelaide)
Mike Elrington "Build You Up (To Cut You Down)" (Melbourne)
"where the bloody hell are ya"
All Mankind "Break The Spell" (Sydney)
Intergalactix "Tuesday" (Sydney)
Ball Park Music "Polly Screw My Head Back On" (Brisbane)
"you lucky buggers"
The Church "Delirious" (Sydney)
Leanne Kingwell "This High" (Melbourne)
"I'm knackered"
Them Bruins "Walk A Line" (Melbourne)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "We Real Cool" (Melbourne)
Travis Caudle "Outta My Head" (Perth)
"get your listening gear around this"
Essick "Dreez" (Brisbane)
Vauxhall Outlaws "Now & Then" (Sydney)
Pond "Elvis' Flaming Star" (Perth)
The Sunday Reeds "Make Her Jealous" (Melbourne)
"chuck another song on the barbie mate"
Nite Fields "You I Never Knew" (Brisbane)
Gossling "Harvest Of Gold" (Melbourne)
The Faults "Alexander" (Sydney)
"upside down from Australia"
Clairy Brown & The Bangin' Rackettes "Jenny" (Melbourne)
"eh, pull yer head in"
The Ocean Party "Wading In" (Melbourne)
Courtney Barnett "Pedestrian At Best" (Melbourne)
"crack a tinnie, grab yer mates, and shut yer gob"
The Bamboos "Avenger" (Melbourne)
Elstow "Evil Dreams" (Sydney)
The Presets "No Fun" (Rüfüs remix) (Sydney)

All words in-between songs by Melbourne's Leanne Kingwell

Jonathan speaks over Melbourne's 24-year old 

Electronic / Dj Naapo's song "Fall Out"

 photo 4c2b1465-0ab5-472c-8ded-e772fc2a3fe3_zpssbgbwd9i.jpg  

MARCH 6- 8 Weekend 
#235 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Nightwish "Elan" (Kittie, Finland)
*Horseman "Brixton" (London)
*Deeper Upper "Stoneworks" (Lithuania)
*Jesika von Rabbit "Psychic Spice" (Joshua Tree, CA)
*All Skate "Friday, I'm In Love" (Cure cover) (N.Y.C.)
*The Dø "Miracles (Back In Time" (France/ Finland)
*Eisbrecher "Rot wie die Liebe" (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*The Cathode Ray "Resist" (Edinburgh, Scotland)

+Faerground Accidents "She Makes Me Want To Die"(Sheffield, UK)
*Rumjig f/Julia Gordon "Ego Bow Down"( W.B. remix)(Liverpool)
+Ali Ingle "A Life Unlike Yours" (London/ Liverpool)
*Yelle "Ba$$in" (Paris, France)
*The Church "Lightning White" (Sydney, Australia)
+Lamia Cross "Hiroshoma (ce jour la Remix) (Paris, France)
*Go Satta "Castanet Gently" (Plymouth, England)
*Milo's Planes "Two Feet In The Crowd" (Bristol, England)
*Monster Jaw "Lidocaine" (Leeds, England)
*Chelsea Lankes "Down For Whatever" (Los Angeles)
+Vlad In Tears "My Way" (Berlin, Germany)
*The Temperance Movement "Be Lucky" (London)
*Monogem "The Glow" (Los Angeles)
*Le Vant "Unjaded" (Bucharest, Romania)
*Emigrate "Rainbow" (Berlin/ N.Y.)

*Mark Ronson f/ Kevin Parker "Daffodils" (London)
*Until The Ribbon Breaks "Pressure" (London)
*Samantha Gibb "Did I Go To Far" (Miami, FL)
*Brainyboxer "Halflight" (Paris, France)
*Sillyboy "Now Is Not The Time" (Athens, Greece)

 photo cfbf31a5-f507-4124-824a-f70862e4aeb7_zpskvob9vwu.jpg

FEBRUARY 27- March 1 Weekend 

#234 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Little Brother Eli "Dreams" (Oxford, England)
*Cathedrals "Unbound" (San Francisco)
*Eisbrecher "Volle Kraft voraus" (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*Go Saata "Bamboo" (Plymouth, England)
*The Church "Let Us Go" (Sydney, Australia)
*Zion I "Dread" (Oakland, CA)
*Sillyboy "Cry Like A Girl" (Athens, Greece)
*Pikara "The Mourner Of Peace" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Mike Elrington "Build You Up…" (Melbourne, AU)
*Until The Ribbon Breaks "Spark" (London)
+Harts "Red & Blue" (Melbourne, Australia)
*Black & White "After All These Years" (Jagodina, Serbia)
*Courtney Barnett "Pedestrian At Best" (Melbourne, AU)
*Caffeine "You Spin Me Round" (London)
*Calling All Astronauts "Show Me Love" (London)
*The Temperance Movement "Morning Riders" (London)
*Elstow "Evil Dreams" (Sydney, Australia)
*Naapo f/ Liana Perillo "Underneath It All" (Melbourne, AU
+Gliss "Mirrored" (Copenhagen / Berlin)
*Geographer "Too Much" (San Francisco)
*The Fontaines "Dusty Springfield" (Los Angeles)
*Controller "Separator" (New York City)
*Broken Chords "Wild Child" (London)
*Last Eagle f/ Pistola "Old School" (Hormozgan, Iran)
*Secret Company "Saviour" (Essex, England)
*Wraith "For The Masses" (London)
*Natalie Prass "Bird Of Prey" (Virginia Beach, VA)
*Isobel Campbell "How Deep Is Your Love" (Glasgow, Scotland)
+Mark Tarmonea f/F. Verrano "So Berlin" (Pretty Pink RX)(Munich)

 photo ed54f1bd-a65d-48d0-b6ac-d0ee9d040910_zpsrdvqy9r1.jpg

FEBRUARY 20- 22 Weekend  
#233 Berlin era

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Plastic Pals "Riding With Elvis" (Stockholm)
*In The Valley Below "Peaches" (Los Angeles, CA)
*Harts "Tide" (Melbourne, Australia)
*M. Tarmonea "So Berlin" (Pretty Pink Remix) (Munich)
*Husband "All I Need" (Perth, Australia)
*Gliss "Mirrored" (Copenhagen/Berlin)
*Broken Chords "Tell Them Of Us" (London, England)
*Faerground Accidents "She Makes Me…" (Sheffield, UK)
*The Fontaines "Paul Newman" (Los Angeles)
*The Echo Bombs "Soviet Sci-Fi" (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Schiller "Schiller" (live) (Berlin, Germany)
*The Dø "Anita No!" (Finland / France)
*The Wombats "Greek Tragedy" (Liverpool)
*Mercy. "The Child With Electric Hands" (Lyon, France)
*Deepshade "Sad Sun" (Wigan, England)
*The Prodigy "The Day Is My Enemy" (Essex, England)
*Cora Lee "Bad Boys I Love You" (Berlin, Germany)
+Hey Bulldog "Numb" (Manchester, England)
*Bjork "Stonemilker" (full ver.) (Reykjavik, Iceland)
+Travis Caudle "It's Just You" (Perth, Australia)
+Switzerland "Coming Back Strong" (Dublin, Ireland)
*Death Cab For Cutie "Black Sun" (Seattle, WA)
*Go Satta "Caramel" (Plymouth, U.K.)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "Too Bad On Your Birthday"
*Showstar "Happy Endings" (Belgium)

 photo de4d1475-adba-4cdd-aa0d-802219d1d10e_zpsnp7gp3ah.jpg

FEBRUARY 13- 15 Weekend 

#232 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Them Bruins "Walk A Line" (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Prodigy "Nasty" (Essex, England)
*Switzerland "Coming Back Strong" (Dublin, Ireland)
*Romin "Wasted" (Original mix) (Dublin, Ireland)
*The Phantoms "Wasting Time" (West Lothian, Scotland)
*Deepshade "Chairman" (Wigan, England)
*The Dø "Trustful Hands" (France/Finland)
*Harts "Leavin' It All Behind" (Melbourne, Australia)
*Showstar "The Trouble Is" (Belgium)
+New Model Army "Did You Make It Safe" (Bradford, U.K.)
*Megaherz "Hurra wir leben noch" (Munich, Germany)
*Brooke Fraser "Start A War" (Wellington, New Zealand)
*Husband "Invitation" (Perth, Australia)
*Hey Bulldog "Numb" (Manchester, England)
*Jose Gonzolez "Leaf Off" (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*James Holt "Alone Again And Always" (Manchester)
*The Dø "Lick My Wounds" (France/Finland)
*Pistola "Channel 5" (Los Angles/Oklahoma City)
*Cora Lee "Amazing" (Berlin, Germany)
*Emmanuel Mailly "Blues Two" (France)
*Sleater-Kinney "Fangless" (Portland, Oregon)
*Travis Caudle "It's Just You" (Perth, Australia)
*The Velocity Gospel "Sisyphus" (Miami, Florida)
+Temple Velocity "Ghost In The Chair" (London)
*Dj Tre "DNB Spaceout" (Chicago)
*Karan & Shivil "In The Sky" (New Delhi, India)

 photo a58f1723-faf9-4a04-b84e-3e53d4a4bb4b_zps2833769d.jpg

FEBRUARY 6- 8 Weekend 

#231 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Little Lapin "Remember The Highs" (Bristol, England)
Grace Jones "This Is Life" (London) 2011
+Jase Dillan "Don't Back Down" (Boston, Mass.)
*Little Boots "Pretty Tough" (Blackpool, England)
+Nadine Shaw "Stealing Cars" (Whiteburn, U.K.)
*Doro "Nothing Else Matters" (Metallica cover) (Dusseldorf)
+The Sunday Reeds "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy" (Melbourne, AU)
*IAMEVE "Another Day" (downtempo remix) (Los Angeles)
+White Prism "Patience" (Sydney AU/ Brooklyn)
*Samantha Gibb "Wild At Heart" (Miami, FL)
*Sofia Talvik "Dominos" (Simon Gag remix) (Sweden)
*Selfish Lovers "Jay Walking Oxford Street" (Manchester)
*Saint Savior "Devotion" (London, England)
*Leanne Kingwell "Letters I'll Never Send" (Melbourne, AU)
*Morgan Shaughnessy "Buzzin' " (Atlanta, GA)
*Robyn Harvey "You Don't Understand" (London, England)
*Brooke Fraser "Kings and Queens" (Wellington, NZ)
+Jennifer Davies "Lapse Of Time" (Liverpool, England)
*Judith Owen "Hey Mister" (James Taylor cover) (L.A.)
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts "You Don't Own Me" (Alt.Ver.)
*Sea Witches "Stars" (Liverpool, England)
+Janet Kumah w/Delegators "Crying" London, England)
+The New Southern Electrikk "Brown Eyes" (Manchester)
*Amy Lynn & The Gunshow "Last Call" (N.Y.C.)
*Rachel Marie "Finger Lickin' Good" (Jacksonville, FL)
+Astrid North "Lightning" (Berlin, Germany)
*Lillie Mae Rusche "Nobody's" (Nashville, TN)
*Jane Woodman "Aerial" (San Francisco, CA)

Jonathan  speaks over "Coral Heart" by 

Frankfurt, Germany's DJ Blue Flower Project in the breaks
(Tina Schunder) 

 photo 71af904d-d0ca-4d5e-9502-08395f31f83e_zps9f11c2d0.jpg   

JANUARY 30- February 1 Weekend  

#230 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Glass Gang "I Will Save You From Love" (Brooklyn)
*Schiller f/ Eva Mali "Ein schöner Tag" (Berlin, Germany)
Luna "Bonnie & Clyde" (N.Y.C.) 1995
*Temple Velocity "Ghost In The Chair" (London)
*Pond "Elvis' Flaming Star" (Perth, Australia)
*Cable Street Collective "Two Cities" (London)
+Hey Bulldog "Makin' Friends Not Million.." (Manchester)
*Romin "Breathe"(orig. mix) (Dublin, Ireland)
*The Persian Leaps "Permission" (St.Paul, Minnesota)
*Rubberneck Lions "The Cellar" (Ventura, CA)
*Sofia Talvik "Holding Your Hand" (C.Dread remix) (Sweden)
*One Black Orchid "Imprisonment" (London)
*Milton Star "Sorryville" (Fife, Scotland)
*Tijuana Bibles "Sun Chaser" (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Travis Caudle "Outta My Head" (Perth, Austalia)
*David Garcet & M.Jane "Lost Night" (Brussels, Belgium)
*Coasts "A Rush Of Blood" (Bristol, Norwich)
*Purity Ring "Push Pull" (Edmonton, Canada)
*Little Brother Eli "Beautiful People" (Oxford, England)
*Pistola "The Message (Never Give Up)" (L.A./OK)
*Manuel K "Live Without You" (Germany)
*Alice Cooper "Eleanor Rigby" (Beatles cover)
*Bat Manors "Come To Here" (Provo, Utah)
*The New Southern Electrikk "Brown Eyes"(Manchester)
Debbie Harry & Iggy Pop "Well Did You Evah!" 1990
+The Black Delta Movement "The Trip" (Hull, U.K.)
JOAN JETT SONG OF WEEK: "I Hate Long Good-Byes"
*Scarlet Fantastic "No Memory"(JBag mix)(Birmingham, UK)

 photo 1d9b2d12-4a11-4f79-9fda-3bfd131713f8_zpse7e0f4ae.jpg

 JANUARY 23- 25 Weekend 

#229 Berlin era

 *denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Vlad In Tears "Your Sign" (Berlin, Germany)
*Vlad In Tears "My Way" (Berlin, Germany)
*Horseman "Dawn Of The Dread" (London)
*Schiller f/ Uhneilig "Sonne" (Live) (Berlin, Germany)
*Cable Street Collective "He's On Fire" (London)
*The Cardboard Crowns "Bounty On His Head" (Quebec)
*Samantha Gibb "Saturday Night" (Miami, Florida)
*Van Wolfen "Ja!" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Little Boots "Business Pleasure" (Blackpool, U.K.)
*Intergalactix "I.W.S.O.M." (Sydney, Australia)
*Hey Bulldog "Makin Friends Not Million.." (Manchester)
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds "Red Right Hand" (AU) 1994
*Unwed Teenage Mothers "Whose Girl Are You"(Oxford, MI)
*Heimataerde "Weiß Schwarz" (Germany)
*Oh Land "Nothing Is Over" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Filter Distortion "Lost Boys" (Liverpool, England)
*Lunar Twin "Champagne" (Oakland, CA)
*Cazal Organism "Bubbles (So High)" (Granada Hills, CA)
*Inouwee "Could I Be The Lucky One" (Copenhagen)
*Peter Kernel "Leaving For The Moon" (Swiss /Canada)
*The Vibrators "Blackout" (London)
*Horseman "Reality Time" (London)
*Kasabian "Clouds" (Leicester, England)
*Chris Prythm "50 Miles North" (Roanoke, VA)
+Monday Blackbirds "Where Is Johnny" (Madrid, Spain)

*Schiller f/ Midge Ure "Let It Rise" (Live) (Berlin, Germany)

  photo 4966d599-d42b-4c43-bfc2-38e87f76f3ef_zps2531b404.jpg  

JANUARY 16- 18 Weekend  
#228 Berlin era 

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*The Cardboard Crowns "Shut My Mouth" (Quebec)
*Horseman "Computer" (London)
*Wilhelm Tell Me "Tourists" (Hamburg, Germany)
+Filter Distortion "Frequency Modulation" (Liverpool)
+Bubblegum Screw "Play Some Stooges" (London)
*Los Trasgos Muertos "It Rises!" (Manchester)
+Ruthie Collins "Ramblin' Man" (Nashville)
*Paul McCartney "Hope For The Future" (Jaded Mix)
*Black Star Riders "The Killer Instinct" (Ireland / L.A.)
*All Skate "Celebrate" (N.Y.C.)
*Council Band "Break On Through" (Doors cover) (N.Y.)
*Erasure "Sacred" (London)
*The Rat "Taking Out The Trash" (Portland, OR)
*Gil Hockman "Pass The Ball" (Johannesburg, S. Africa)
+KMFDM "Genau" (Germany)
+Robert Lauri "In The Dark" (Paris, France)
*The Little Secrets "All I Need" (Liverpool)
*Peur "Hollow Skies" (Manchester)
*Inouwee "My Friend" (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Boris Carloff "Cos You Know" (Czech Republic)
*Nadine Shah "Stealing Cars" (Whiteburn, U.K.)
*Van Wolfen "Fertich" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Cj Ramone "Mr. Kalashikov" (Long Island, N.Y.)
*White Prism "Patience" (Sydney AU /Brooklyn)
*Film "The Gun & The Deer" (Athens, Greece)
*Jennifer Davies "Lapse Of Time" (Liverpool)
*Romare "Pusherman" (London)

 photo 359840cb-8ce4-42bc-8a04-850e61a8be89_zpsc43b5c8b.jpg

JANUARY 9- 11 Weekend  

#227 Berlin era 

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Loose Caboose "Sarsons Lane" (Southampton U.K.)
*Paul McCartney "Hope For The Future" (Beatsession mix)
*Wilhelm Tell Me "The Cool Kids" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Robert Lauri "In The Dark" (Paris, France)
*Filter Distortion "Frequency Modulation" (Liverpool)
*All Skate "Ride" (New York City)
*Jennifer Davies "Disconnected" (Liverpool)
*Erasure "Smoke And Mirrors" (London)
*Brine "The Night Before It Happened" (Gothenburg)
*Los Trasgos Muertos "Roll With The Punches"(Manchester)
*Deluka "Home" (Birmingham, U.K.)
*Electric 6 "Worst Movie Ever" (Detroit)
*The Cardboard Crowns "Hats Off" (Quebec)
*Ruthie Collins "Ramblin' Man" (Nashville)
*Information Society "Where Were You" (Minneapolis)
*Emigrate f/ Jonathan Davis/Korn "Silent So Long" (Berlin)
*Miss Rabbit "My World" (Live version) (Switzerland)
*Martin McNeil & The Dissidents "Silvermoon" (London)
*The Talks f/ Dr. Ring Ding "Sam" (Hull, U.K.)

*2:54 "Pyro" (London)
*Steel Trees "Loggerhead" (Sheffield, U.K.)
*In Dynamics "Waking Life" (Brighton, England)
*Scout Killers "Long Way Around" (Bath, England)
*Aurora "Under The Stars" (Bergen, Norway)
+ The Real Tuesday Weld "The Day Before You Came" (London)
*PJJP "By My Side" (Paris / Portland)

**3 shades of JOAN JETT**
"Naked"- "Machismo"- "Different"

 photo eb98f533-fed6-4039-aa2b-3ad5f4899e20_zps1a99d764.jpg

JANUARY 2- 4 Weekend  
#226 Berlin era 

*denotes first time song airs on show + is replay

*Emigrate "Happy Times" (Berlin/ New York)
*Eskobar "Untrap Yourself" (Stockholm, Sweden)
*The Real Tuesday Weld "The Day Before You Came"(London)
*Milton Star "Salvation" (Fife, Scotland)
*Sonata Arctica "I Can't Dance" (Kemi, Finland)
*Belle & Sebastian "The Party Line" (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Van Wolfen "Undercover Arbeitslos" (Hamburg, Germany)
*Richie Callison "Walk A Mile" (Los Angeles)
*Cj Ramone "Carry Me Away" (Long Island, New York)
*Boats "Spiders Soul" (Australia)
*Information Society "Creatures Of Light…"(Minnesota)
*Able Archer "Only Love" (Dublin, Ireland)
*The Kings English "Watercolors" (Los Angeles)
*Kele "My Hotel Room" (London)
*Robyn Harvey "The Fear Of Falling" (London)
+ Calan Mai "We've Got Love" (Queensland, AU)
*The Lucky Face "The Reason Why" (London)

*Jennifer Davies "Silhouette" (Liverpool)
*Theophilus London "Figure It Out" (Brooklyn)
*Noir "Timephase" (NB mix) (Brooklyn)
*Treasures "Home" (Blasingstoke, U.K.)
*Peacock Effect "The Heaven Smiles" (Indiana)
+ Mutant Vinyl "New York Dub" (Liverpool)
*Prins Obi "Idolize You" (Athens, Greece)
*Los Trasgos Muertos "Fire In The Sky" (Manchester)
*Selfish Lovers "Made In The Dark" (Warrington, U.K.)
*Brine "Next Time West Coast" (Gothenburg, SE)
*Scarlet Fantastic "No Memory" (dub)(Birmingham UK)

Next week many shades of Joan Jett