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Lopsided World Of L now in it's 13th Year

2005-2010 (PHOENIX ERA) 2010-Present (BERLIN ERA)

KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix, Arizona
Newest show Wednesdays 
Re.Broadcast following Monday & Tuesday 

Mersey Radio Merseyside, Liverpool, U.K. 
Fridays (New show)
Saturday morning's Rebroadcast

Radio Lantau Lantua Island, Hong Kong

Indie1031 Los Angeles 
Station went dark on April 1, 2017
Nusakan Radio Birmingham, England
Saturdays (New show)
Also 100's of Classic LWOL shows
Every Monday through Friday

Firebrand Radio Manchester, England
Saturdays (New show)
Tuesday afternoon's Rebroadcast 

107.5 andHow FM New Zealand/Sydney

Rock 102 KFMA FM Tucson, Arizona


Every edition is heard many times
between all stations
Over a week and a half time period

*Plenty of chances to listen to each one 

For exact times go to Official website

April 13- April 15 Weekend   *not aired yet + is replay

#382 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show

*Spray “Anthologised by Cherry Red” (United Kingdom)
*TLR “Run It” (Philadelphia)
*Fjorka “Evening Lights” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Ladytron “The Animals” (Vince Clarke remix) (London)
*The Strypes “Easy Riding” (Cavan, Ireland)
*Mutant Vinyl “Woke” (Prelude) (Liverpool)
*Mutant Vinyl “You And Your Pink Sky” (Liverpool)
*Michael Kilby “I Was Waiting” (Hertfordshire, England)
*Timothy Dark “She Put A Spell On Me” (New York)
*The Noise Figures “Lethargy” (Athens, Greece)
+Boogie Company “Amerika” (Tallinn, Estonia)
*B. Infinite & Chris Cowley “Bad Girl” (Nuremberg, Germany)
+The Reckless Drifters “Baby We’re Really In Love” (L.A.)
*Andy K Leiland “Mr. Panic” (Italy)
*Harker “300 Cigarettes” (Brighton, England)
*Keldari Station “Big Electric Heart” (Denver, CO)
*Bugeye “I’m Not The One” (London, England)
*Andy Cooper “Do The Andy Puppet” (Long Beach, CA)
*Midas Fall “Bruise Pusher” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Feed Them To The Forest “Lie With..” (York, England)
*Scott Swain “It’s To Late” (East Dulwich, U.K.)
+N-Euro “Tequilla” (Tallinn, Estonia)
*Citrus Clouds “You Loved Me First” (Phoenix, AZ)
*Elephants In Paradise “Love And Hate” (Vienna, Austria)
*The High “Sugarpuff” (Manchester, England)
*Long Distance Calling “Weightless” (Germany)
*Michael P Cullen “Do You Believe Me” (Sydney, AU)
*Tashaki Miyaki “L.A.P.D.” (Los Angeles)

April 6- April 8 Weekend   *not aired yet + is replay

#381 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show

*Ali Jacko “Only Thing I See” (UK/Bangladesh)
*Essaie Pas “Futur parlé” (Montreal, Canada)
+TC&I “Greatness (Aspiration Song) (Swindon, England)
*Speedy Oritz “Lucky 88” (Massachusetts)
*Black and White “Inside Your Dream” (Jagodina, Serbia)
*Kadija Kamara “Nothing To Lose” (London, England)
*Megaherz “Nicht Genug” (München, Germany)
*The Courettes “Time Is Ticking” (Brazil/Denmark)
*Matteo Veroni “Magic (Orig. Mix) (Berlin, Germany)
*Coreign “Coreign’s Hymn” (Switzerland)
*Postitronik “Infamy (Everybody’s…” (Manchester, England)
*Connor and The Pain Killers “Just Picking Guitars” (Los Angeles)
*Interism “World On Fire” (Queensland, Australia)
+IAMEVE “All Seeing Eye” (Los Angeles)
*Vernon Little “The Chance To Tell You” (Bronx, N.Y.)
*Michael Schenker Fest “Take Me To The Church” (Germany)
*10 O’Clock Chemical “Babylon Is Fallen” (Stoke-On-Trent)
*Liz Cirelli “Lost In Translation” (Italy)
*The Singularity “End Of The Line” (Los Angeles)
*Editors “Cold” (Birmingham, England)
*Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite “Found The One” (CA)
*Low Standards, High Fives “Silent Decor” (Turin, Italy)
*The Midnight Club “Scream” (Denver, CO)
*Electus “Slip Away” (West Midlands, England)
*St. Madness “Made In China” (Scottsdale, AZ)
*Romano Nervosa “In My Mind” (Belgium)
*Shadow Ego “Out Of Reach” (Dub mix) (United Kingdom)

March 30- April 1 Weekend   *not aired yet + is replay

#380 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show

*Ruins “No Tiggy Butcher” (Liverpool)
*Beth Wimmer “Starman” (Bowie) (Switzerland)
*TC&I “Kenny” (Swindon, England)
*Paul Biss “Biss Manipulation” (Bruxelles, Belgium)
*Comte De St Germain “Down To The Wire” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Reichelt “Spine” (Gold Coast, Queensland , Australia)
*Ensign Broderick “True Shame” (Toronto, Canada)
*The Courettes “Strawberry Boy” (Brazil/Denmark)
*The White Buffalo “Nightstalker Blues” (S. California)
*Kino “The Dead Club” (London, England)
*Katalina Kicks “Waterfall” (London, England)
*Dream System 8 “This Ride We Call Life” (Los Angeles)
*Rain Diary “We Are Here We Are Now” (Finland)
*Megaherz “Heldengrab” (München, Germany)
*Flush The Fashion “Backstage Pass” (Copenhagen)
*Dearest “Drowning” (Wolverhampton, England)
*Broads “Climbs” (Norwich, England)
*Typo Clan “Slow West” (Italy)
*Long Distance Calling “Ascending” (Germany)
*Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave “What’s Wrong…” (Italy)
*The Forty Nineteens “Time Is On My Side” (Los Angeles)
*Tashaki Miyaki “Get It Right” (Los Angeles)
*IndifferentMonKeY “Astro Star “(Lancaster, England)
*Tracey Thorn “Queen” (London, England)
*Micky James “Give It To Me Straight” (N.Y.C.)
*Pushing Daisies “Picture Frame” (Bristol, England)
*Vonny & Clyde “Sommertraum” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Steph Fischer-Ivancsy “Warning Signs” (Melbourne, AU)
*Josh Lasden & Synoptic f/M. Blanckaert “Re-Baking”(Belgium)

March 23- 25 Weekend   *not aired yet + is replay

#379 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show

*Fratelli-B “Nie meh welle” (Switzerland)
*Charlie Barnes “Will & Testament” (Lichfield, England)
*Harts “Ain’t Nothin’ On Me” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Hello Fisher “Lonely” (London, England)
*Megaherz “Von Oben” (München, Germany)
*Darlingside “Best Of The Best Of Times” (Cambridge, MA)
*IndifferentMonKeY “I’m A Human Diamond” (Lancaster, UK)
*Talma “In Circles” (United Kingdom)
*Ride “Pulsar” (Oxford, England)
*Kent Coda “Dalkavuk” (Köln, Germany)
+DJ Reset “Love In The Night” (Los Angeles)
*John Stamp “Knocking” (Derbyshire, England)
*Paul Biss “La photo de famille” (Bruxelles, Belgium)
*TheClockworks “Rumours in The Stockroom” (Galway, IE)

*Jesika von Rabbit “Innuendo” (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Josh Lasden & Synoptic “Tomorrow Never Ends” (Eeklo, Belgium)
*Crystal Ball “Gentleman’s Agreement” (Luzern, Switzerland)
*Voga “Amazing” (Bergamo, Italy)
*Flush The Fashion “Thunderdogs” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Matto Rules “Mind Cab” (Bern, Switzerland)
*Grimm Twins “Theme Of The Grimm” (Manchester, England)
*Daniel Clarke “Tramping’ Stamping’” (Manchester, England)
*The Reckless Drifters “Radio Radio” (Los Angeles)
*Peking Duk “Wasted” (Australia)
*Oddity Road “Don’t Hold Me Down” (Sheffield, England)
*THO.MAS “Fire” (B-Croma mix) (Milan, Italy)
*Blank Parody “Underachiever” (Birmingham, England)
*Theodore “Towards? (for what to come” (Greece)
*Simple Minds “The Signal and the Noise” (Glasgow, Scotland)

March 16- 18 Weekend   

#378 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show + is replay

*Moby “Mere Anarchy” (New York)
*Peter Kernel “Men Of The Women” (Switzerland/Canada)
*DJ Reset “Love In The Night (Los Angeles)
*Fratelli-B “Per Du” (Switzerland)
*Adwaith “Newid” (Carmarthen, Wales)
*TC & I “Comrades In Pop” (Swindon, England)
*Andy Cooper “B-Boys” (Long Beach, CA)
*Jaded Heart “Flying High” (Duisburg, Germany)
*Rain Diary “Berlin” (Finland)

*Middle Kids "Mistake" (Sydney, Australia)
*The Black Delta Movement “King Mosquito” (Kingston Upon Hull)
*Calling All Astronauts “Are Friends Electric” (London, England)
*Kent Coda “Sex Pistols T-Shirt” (Köln, Germany)
*Deer “Wild Eyes” (Hong Kong/Mexico)
*Reckless Drifters “Baby We’re Really In Love” (Los Angeles)
*IndifferentMonkey “Naked White Noise” (Lancaster, England)
*Flush The Fashion “Failure Is Totally An Option” (Copenhagen)
*Celestino “Heard This Before” (Frankfurt, Germany)
*So-Star f/Que Da Wiz & Krena Dean “Butterfly” (Manchester)
*The Doves “Being Or Not Being” (Macon, Georgia)
*Muffin “Welcome To The Modern Age” (Leeds, England)
*Vonny & Clyde, HSR Terri B “Show Me” (Hamburg, Germany)
*The New Tarot “Mistake To Choose” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Un ane gonflable “La Presqu’ile” (Paris/Berlin)
*Night Operations “Forbidden Fruit” (United Kingdom)

*Billy Sedlmayer -spoken word on prison life (Tucson, Arizona)
*Karrie Hayward "Going To The Grave" (Australia)
*Mary & The Ram “The Dream” (York, England)

March 9- 11 Weekend  

#377 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show

*Mary and the Ram “The Cross” (York, England)
*Abinchova “Präludium” (Switzerland)
*Abinchova “Nachtlied” (Switzerland)
*Calamity The Kid ”American Muscle” (Los Angeles)
*Bad Wolves “Zombie” (Cranberries cover) (N. America)
*Twisted Wheel “Oh What Have…” (Lanchaster, U.K.)
*Simple Minds “Magic” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Little Brother Eli “Tooth” (Oxford, England)
*Richie Phoe “Lyrical Chef Dub” (Brighton, England)
*The Damned “Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow” (London)
*William Shatner “Garbageman” (Cramps cover) (Los Angeles)
*Andy Cooper “The Perfect Definition” (Long Beach, CA)
*Slaves “Patience Is The Virtue” (Sacramento, CA)
*Jack White “Corporation” (Detroit)
*Broadway Lafayette “Bayou Lover” (N.Y.C.)
+Hegarty “I Only Dream” (Liverpool)
*Woody and the Blythers “My BB” (Prescott, AZ)
*Marcus Marr “Familiar Five” (London)
*Imperial Leisure “Creeper” (London)
*Lines In The Sky “Teeth” (Nashville, TN)
*Hollie Cook “Ghostly Fading” (London)
*Jaded Heart “Final Moment” (Duisburg, Germany)
*Tiny Fighter “New Century” (Sweden/Australia)
*Creep Show “Modern Parenting” (United Kingdom)
*The Money War “Recall” (Perth, Australia)
*Mason Book Girl “Karma” (Japan)
*Maff “Desfile” (Santiago, Chile)
*Shape Shifting Aliens “Showing My Face” (Sweden)
*Kiki Toao & Rombout “Djinn Disco” (Amsterdam)

March 2- 4 Weekend  

#376 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show + is replay

*Susie Blue “Didn’t Mean To Care” (Northern Ireland)
*Tango With Lions “Proof Of Desire” (Greece)
*Coreign “One Day” (Switzerland)
*Martha Ffion “We Make Do” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Kat Meoz “Bad Moon” (Los Angeles)
+Club Domani f/ Cristina Bugatti (Milan, Italy)
+Johnette Napolitano “Crib Girl” (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Afika Mamas “Tata Madiba (for Nelson Mandala)” (S. Africa)
*Lucy Dacus “Addictions” (Richmond, Virginia)
*Erika Wennerstrom “Extraordinary Love” (Full V.) (Austin, TX)
+Chàrlee M. f/von den Helden “Winterzeit” (Bielefeld, Germany)
*Mavis Staples “Who Told You That” (Chicago)
*Übertos “Hot Damn Emmylou” (Norway)
*Tiger Lilly “New Year” (London, England)
*Tamara Bubble “Laundry” (Brooklyn)
+Jenn Vix “Alive Again” (Rhode Island)
*Beth Wimmer “Loosen My Grip” (Switzerland)
*Belle & Sebastian “Same Star” (Glasgow, Scotland)
+Lola Dutronic “My Name Is Lola” (Germany/Canada)
*Esme Bridie “Tower Of Regret” (Liverpool, England)
*Hawley Pen “3 Strikes” (Denver, CO)
*Maari “Heartbreaker” (Sydney, Australia)
*Ronnie Spector “Tell Her No” (Zombies cover) (Connecticut)
*IAMEVE “All Seeing Eye” (Los Angeles)
+Lou Parker “Piece Of Mary” (Brisbane, Australia)
+Dessa “Fire Drills” (Minneapolis)
*Meri Amber “Dance ’Til You're Dead” (Sydney, Australia)
*On Dead Waves “Winter’s Child” (London, England)
+Perel “Die Dimension” (Berlin, Germany)

February 23- 25 Weekend  

#375 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show + is replay

*Erika Wennerstrom “Extraordinary Love” (edit) (Austin, TX)
*Young Fathers “In My View” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Coreign “Run Run Run” (Switzerland)
+Hey Jetman “Tinder And Tears” (Berlin, Germany)
+TC&I “Scatter Me” (Swindon, England)
*Club Domani & Jerry Bouthier “You Be” (Milan, Italy)
*Benjamin Shoos f/ Dent May “All Night” (Paris, France)
*Plastic “Headless Rabbt” (Cheshire, England)
*Colin Macleod “Kicks In” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*The Screaming Love Collective “Artificial Stimulation” (U.K.)
*Mugzy “My Journey” (Sydney, Australia)
*Long Distance Calling “Like A River” (Germany)
*b.d. Gottfried “Blame It On The Money” (Canada)
*Moscow Death Brigade “Straight Outta Moscow” (Russia)
*Hegarty “Broken Soul” (Liverpool, England)
*Noah Gundersen “The Sound” (Seattle, WA)
*Speak, Brother “Magnesium” (Coventry, England)
*The Spook School “Body” (United Kingdom)
*Steve Hewitt “Pushing Me Away” (Kent, England)
*Martin Nocun “Pump Up The Music” (Poland)
*Kangarucci “Taxi Man” (United Kingdom)
*Tony Moore “Save The Day” (London, England)
*The Maple State “Something In The Water” (Manchester)
*COG “The Middle” (Sydney, Australia)
*Travis Caudle “What It Is” (Perth, Australia)
*Ray Keith “Bun Dem Computer” (Re-issue) (London)

February 16- 18 Weekend  

#374 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show + is replay

*Karen O f/M. Kiwanuka “Yo! My Saint” (N.Y.C.)
*TC&I “Scatter Me” (Swindon, England)
*Mugzy f/ Pablo “Can’t Stop Us” (Sydney, Australia)
*Long Distance Calling “The Far Side” (Germany)
*Boytronic “Big Hands For The Dreamers” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Duran Duran f/ A. Wickett “Girls On Film” (1979 demo)
*Hegarty “I Only Dream” (Liverpool, England)
*Nelson Can “Downtown” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Hey Jetman “Tinder And Tears” (Berlin, Germany)
*The James Hunter Six “I Got Eyes” (London, England)
*Andy Cooper “Can’t Be Satisfied” (Long Beach, CA)
*Typo Clan” “The Tune” (Italy)
*Joan As Police Woman “Tell Me” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*TC&I “Greatness (The Aspiration Song)” (Swindon, England)
*Courtney John “Free For All” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*Baby Raptors “Lost Boi” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Joel James “Adorn, Above” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Norquay “Slaves” (Scotland)
*Moscow Death Brigade “What We Do” (Moscow, Russia)
*Listener “Bloodshot/New Love” (Kansas City)
*Editors “Magazine” (Birmingham, England)
ALICE COOPER SONG OF WEEK: “Under My Wheels” (Live)
*Pink Tea “Smoko” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Coreign “Lay All Down” (Switzerland)
*Loudness “The Voice” (Osaka, Japan)
*Rachel Mason “Time To Resign” (Los Angeles)
*Lionize “Election Year” (Washington D.C.)
*Un and gonflable “Tropques” (Paris/Berlin)
*G-Lati &Mellons f/ C. Davis “Off The Ground” (Netherlands)

February 9- 11 Weekend  

#373 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Boytronic “Time After Midnight” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Leon Of Athens “Xenos” (London, Athens)
*Go Satta “Detroit” (Plymouth, England)
*Avatar “King After King” (Sweden)
*Brickyard Lizards “Queen Of Bohemia” (Oxford, England)
*Circus Of Power “Flying Into L.A.” (Los Angeles)
*Andy Cooper “Here Comes Another One” (Long Beach, CA)
*The Fratellis “Stand Up Tragedy” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Lima “1982” (Denmark)
*Fie Fie! Fie! “Edge Of Space” (West Yorkshire, England)
*Housecrusherzzz & Copamore “Step Into The Light” (Austria)
*Dessa “Fire Drills” (Minneapolis)
*Hegarty “Won’t Go Down (That Road Again)” (Liverpool)
*Courtney John “Paper Dolls” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*MC DURO “Creativity” (Czech Republic)
*Indya “If You Don’t Like It-Shove It” (Brighton, England)
*Skelhorn “A Wonderous Place Of Our Own” (Liverpool)
*Un ane gonflable “Coralie” (Paris/Berlin)
*Josh Lasden f/M. Blanckaert “Love At Breakfast” (Belgium)
*PRP “Rubber Hands” (Finland)
*Sleeping Ducks “Rules Of A Naughty Sport” (Cambridge, UK)
*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Echo” (Los Angeles)
*The Black Moods “How Long” (Tempe, Arizona)
*DJ Rob de Blank “Don’t Look Back” (Dubai)
*Mugzy f/ Eden Hook “Rain” (Sydney, Australia)
*Issac Navaro “3:18am” (United Kingdom)
*Jerry Ropero f/Valencia “Last Night” (orig. clubmix) (Belgium)

February 2- 4 Weekend  

#372 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Young Fathers “Lord” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Carlos Deutsch “Uncertain Future” (Spain)
*Johnette Napolitano “Crib Girl” (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Anders Bosell “Pink Champagne…”(JL remix) Sala, Sweden)
*Anja Schröter “Woran glaubst du” (Germany)
*The Parasite f/Ian Moss “Skin Too Thin” (Manchester, England)
*Digital 21 f/(Stefan Olsdal & Margret Ran) “Spaces” (London)
*Moby “Like A Motherless Child” (New York)
*Carousell “Lullaby” (London)
*Lines In The Sky “Ancient Insult” (Nashville, TN)
*Sigrid “Everybody Knows” (Leonard Cohen cover) (Norway)
*Ministry “Antifa” (Chicago)
*House Mouse & Space Museum “Heritage Theme Park” (UK)
*Courtney John “Easier To Walk Away” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*The Black Moods “Paralyzed” (Tempe, AZ)
*Avatar “The King Welcomes You To Avatar…” (Sweden)
*The Fabulous Auster Boys “Night” (United Kingdom)
*The Parity Complex “Sleepwalk” (Sweden)
*Ben & Andy “Save Me” (Queen cover) (NW England)
*OPIA “All Of Us” (Western Australia)
*Inferior Complex “You’re The Only One…” (Southampton, UK)
*Little Sparrow f/Robin Dewhurst “Tender” (Manchester)
*Foemen “Interfere” (Newcastle, New South. Wales)
*The Maple State “The Things I Heard At The…” (Manchester)
*Megative “More Time” (Dubmatix TT Remix) (N.Y.C.)
*Rebellion “Thankless Child” (Germany)

January 26- 28  Weekend  

#371 Berlin era 

Edguy “Blessing In Disguise” (Fulda, Germany)
Epica “Architect Of Light” (Netherlands)
Epica “Natural Corruption” (Netherlands)
Avantasia “Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose” (Fulda, Germany)
Tuomas Holopainen “The Last Sled” (Kitee, Finland)
Tarja “Darkness” (Finland)
Night “Strike Of Lightening” (Linköping, Sweden)
Eleveite “L’appel Des Montagnes” (Switzerland)
Arjen Lucassen  “Battle Of Evermore” (Netherlands)
Arjen Lucassen on Symphonic Rock
Ayreon “Deathcry Of A Race” (Netherlands)
Ayreon “Everybody Dies” (Netherlands)
Within Temptation “Faster” (Netherlands)
Primal Fear “The Sky Is Burning” (Germany)
The Parity Complex “Shackles (Your Burden) (Sweden)
Nightwish “Storytime” (Kitee, Finland)
Gentle Storm “The Storm” (Storm version) (Netherlands)
Hällas “The Astral Seer” (Jönköping, Sweden)
Ayreon “Dark Energy” (Netherlands)
Ayreon “Potential” (Netherlands)
VUUR “The Martyr And The Saint-Beirut” (Netherlands)
Nightwish “Scaretale” (Kitee, Finland)

January 19- 21  Weekend  

#370 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

* The Cheap Thrills “Sentimentality” (Liverpool)
*Liima “Jonathan I Can’t Tell You” (Denmark)
*Courtney John “Never Get Weary” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*Perel “Die Dimension Dub” (Berlin, Germany)
*Drink And Drive “Adult Pig Suit” (Manchester)
*Jerry Ropero & Stevie Wonder “Superstition” (Belgium)
*Geoff Tate/Operation Mindcrime “My Eyes” (Seattle)
*JZMN JYN “Going Under” (Sydney, Australia)
*Crooked Weather “Rabbit Holes” (Yorkshire, England)
*Fräulein Brecheisen “Stahlbeton und Glas” (Hamburg, Germany)
+WJ Hilton “Circles” (Scratch) (Goodyear, AZ)
+Astrobal f/Laetitia Sadier “Australasie” (Paris/London)
*Michael Schenker “Warrior” (Germany)
*Zilm “Set It Up” (Bordertown, South Australia)
+Nick Cold f/Pit Bailay “Story Of My Life” (Freiburg, Germany)
*Champion f/Ward 21 “Rukus” (Bristol, England)
*Chasing Shadows “Warning Signs” (North Wales”
*Lawrenz Arcadia “Postive” (Western Australia)
*Chärlee M. “Winterzeit” (Bielefeld, Germany)
*Easy “Ask The Sky” (Sweden)
*Cold Years “Miss You To Death” (Aberdeen, Scotland)
*Bad Maths “Definition” (Australia)
ALICE COOPER SONG OF WEEK: “Genuine American Girl”
*Pip Hall “Ill At Ease” (Lancashire, England)
*Awaken I Am “Black Dreams” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Polar States “Lost” (Liverpool, England)
*Brian Kroll & My Son The Bum “Syringes” (Long Island)
*Days Indoors “Shade” (London, England)
*Housecrusherzzz & Copamore “Step Into The Light” (Austria)

January 12- 14  Weekend  

#369 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Spitfires “Over And Over Again” (Watford, England)
*M.T. Scott & The Swing Kids “The State Of Denmark” (U.K.)
*Astrobal “Le souvenir des entoiles” (intro) (Paris, France)
*Astrobal “Belle comme la nuit” (Paris, France)
*The Melodians “Sweet Sensation” (Greenwich Town, Jamaica)
*Peter Matthew Bauer “Wild Light” (Washington, DC)
*Inkfields “Snare Yourself” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Nick Cold f/Pit Bailay “Story Of My Life” (Freiburg, Germany)
*Essaie Pas “Futur parle?” (Montreal, Canada)
*October Star “How Soon Is Now” (Smiths cover) (London)
*Engst “Ohne Dich” (Berlin, Germany)
*The Parity Complex “Underdog” (Sweden)
*Matto Rules “Dive” (Switzerland)
*Stereophonics “Caught By The Wind” (Wales)
*Jenn Vix “Alive Again” (Rhode Island)
*Mavis Staples “If All I Was Black” (Chicago)
*The Dayoffs “I Can’t Believe I’m Dead” (N.Y./Russia)
*Brickyard Lizards “We’re Through” (Oxford, England)
*Lola Dutronic “My Name Is Lola” /Germany/Canada)
*Speak Brother “Lions” (Coventry, England)
*Laedj “Laser Eyes” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Perel “Die Dimension” (Berlin, Germany)
*Doro Pesch “Jede SeeleTief” (Düsseldorf, Germany)
*Lou Parker “A Piece Of Mary” (Brisbane, Australia)
*The Elephant Trees “Open Up” (Manchester, England)
*Ramona Rose “Grand Canyon” (Leeds, England)
*Drew Miller “Chebychev” (Orig. mix) (Glasgow, Scotland)

December 29-31  Weekend   and January 5 -7

#368 Berlin era 

 Death By Chocolate “No Shore To Come” (Bein, Switzerland)
Gozer Goodspeed “Rattlebone Colour” (Plymouth, England)
Tomer Yosef “Holy Water” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Balkan Beat Box “Chin Chin (BR remix) (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Billy The Zombie Kid “Are You Dying Like Me” (Borlänge, Sweden)

*Best Rock Song Of Year*
Maker “Dead Ends & Avenues” (Kent, England)

The Tree Children “Woo” (Newcastle, New South Wales)
Turbobier “A Mensch Is A Mensch” (Vienna, Austria)
The Harlots “Chopin” (Melbourne, Australia)
Wills & The Willing “Running On Empty” (London, England)
The Winachi Tribe “Room With A Zoo” (Warrington, England)
Ali Ingle “Saintly” (London, England)
Young Fathers “Only God Knows” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Speaker First “The Anthem” (Bandung, Indonesia)

*Best Creative Song Of Year*
Fjorka “Bang On The Door” (London, England)

Skellums “If You Have To Leave” (Liverpool, England)

*Best New Artist Of Year*
William Hilton “Circles” (Goodyear, Arizona)

*Best Rock Group Of Year*
The Boston Shakers “Black Magic” (Liverpool, England)

Katalina Kicks f/ GT “Cold” (London, England)
Miss Velvet And The Blue Wolf “Dare” (New York City)
Eisbrecher “Was Ist Hier Los” (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)

*Best Cover Remix Of Year*
Man2Man f/Lola Dutronic “Male Stripper” (Canada/Germany)

The Moorings “Amsterdam” (Selestat, France)
The Doghunters “Politician, Man!” (Hürth, Germany)
We Used To Make Things “Yes Man” (London, England)

*A song from Top 5 Albums Of Year*

Saint Etienne “Underneath The Apple Tree” (London, England)
Clan Of Xymox “Loud And Clear” (Leipzig, Germany)

*Best Unsigned Band Of Year*
High Town Pirates “Last Chance Saloon” (London, England)

Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, England)
Ayreon “Bay Of Dreams” (Netherlands)

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