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Lopsided World Of L now in it's 12th Year

2005-2010 (PHOENIX ERA) 2010-Present (BERLIN ERA)

KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix, Arizona
Newest show Wednesdays 
Re.Broadcast following Monday & Tuesday 

Mersey Radio Merseyside, Liverpool, U.K. 
Friday's (New show)
Saturday morning's Rebroadcast

Radio Lantau Lantua Island, Hong Kong

Indie1031 Los Angeles 
Station went dark on April 1, 2017
Nusakan Radio Birmingham, England
Saturdays (New show)
Also 100's of Classic LWOL shows
Every Monday through Friday

Firebrand Radio Manchester, England
Saturdays (New show)
Tuesday afternoon's Rebroadcast 

107.5 andHow FM New Zealand/Sydney

Rock 102 KFMA FM Tucson, Arizona


Every edition is heard many times
between all stations
Over a week and a half time period

*Plenty of chances to listen to each one 

For exact times go to Official website

December 29- December 31 and January 5- January 7 Weekend  

AIRS for two weeks  *not aired yet 

#368 Berlin era 

Death By Chocolate “No Shore To Come” (Bein, Switzerland)
Gozer Goodspeed “Rattlebone Colour” (Plymouth, England)
Tomer Yosef “Holy Water” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Balkan Beat Box “Chin Chin (BR remix) (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Billy The Zombie Kid “Are You Dying Like Me” (Borlänge, Sweden)

*Best Rock Song Of Year* 

Maker “Dead Ends & Avenues” (Kent, England)

The Tree Children “Woo” (Newcastle, New South Wales)
Turbobier “A Mensch Is A Mensch” (Vienna, Austria)
The Harlots “Chopin” (Melbourne, Australia)
Wills & The Willing “Running On Empty” (London, England)
The Winachi Tribe “Room With A Zoo” (Warrington, England)
Ali Ingle “Saintly” (London, England)
Young Fathers “Only God Knows” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Speaker First “The Anthem” (Bandung, Indonesia)

*Best Creative Song Of Year* 

Fjorka “Bang On The Door” (London, England)

Skellums “If You Have To Leave” (Liverpool, England)

*Best New Artist Of Year* 

William Hilton “Circles” (Goodyear, Arizona)

*Best Rock Group Of Year* 

The Boston Shakers “Black Magic” (Liverpool, England)

Katalina Kicks f/ GT “Cold” (London, England)
Miss Velvet And The Blue Wolf “Dare” (New York City)
Eisbrecher “Was Ist Hier Los” (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)

*Best Cover Remix Of Year* 

Man2Man f/Lola Dutronic “Male Stripper” (Canada/Germany)

The Moorings “Amsterdam” (Selestat, France)
The Doghunters “Politician, Man!” (Hürth, Germany)
We Used To Make Things “Yes Man” (London, England)

*A song from Top 5 Albums Of Year*

Saint Etienne “Underneath The Apple Tree” (London, England)
Clan Of Xymox “Loud And Clear” (Leipzig, Germany)

*Best Unsigned Band Of Year*
High Town Pirates “Last Chance Saloon” (London, England)

Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, England)
Ayreon “Bay Of Dreams” (Netherlands)

December 15- December 17 and December 22- December 24 Weekend  
AIRS for two weeks   

#367 Berlin era 

*Best cover song of year* 
Maiko Watson w/Rhythm Express “Jolene” (Toronto, Canada)

Melanie De Biasio “Gold Junkies” (Belgium) 

*Best new artist of year*
Meri Amber “She’s Blue (Eiffel 65 Parody)” (Sydney, Australia)

*Best Foreign language song of year*
The Rhythm Express “Women Of The World” (Toronto, Canada)

Rubberlips f/ Rykarda Parasol “Pulse” (W.Yorkshre/San Francisco)
Roadcase Royale “Get Loud” (Seattle/ New York City)
Ninet “Subservient” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
SJ and the Flying Pigs “Fireball” (Cambridge, England)
Saint Etienne “Magpie Eyes” (London, England)
Ira Losco “We Are The Soldiers” (Malta)
Sallie Ford “Middle Child” (Portland, Oregon)
VUUR “Valley Of Diamonds-Mexico City” (Netherlands)

*Best Song of Year*
Lake Lady “Mr. Fantasy” (Los Angeles)

Emily Wells “Symphony 1” (New York City)
Kate Tempest “Pictures On A Screen” (Southeast London)
CC/S. King & Screamin’Rachel “Straight Up…” (JL radioedit) (Italy)
68 Creep “Birthday” (Brooklyn, New York)
Tamara Bubble “Pick The Movie” (Brooklyn, New York)
Delta Omega “Break It Through” (Russia)
The Darts (US) “Not My Baby” (Los Angeles/Phoenix)
I Wear* Experiment “Patience” (Tallinn, Estonia)
Erika Bach & Barry Snaith-M1NK “My Twisted” (Greece/England)
Joanna Cooke & Nathan Austin “Darker Days” (Plymouth, England)
Linki “Circadian Adieu” (Sydney, Australia)
Klangschwester “Messing Beat” (Bremen, Germany)
Sshh “Jet Engines” (London, England)
Rachel Lorin “All The Young Dudes” (New York City)

*Best spoken word of year*
Joolz Denby & Henning Nugel “Narcotika” (Bradford/Germany)

Miracle Flair “Great Sprit” (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

December 8- December 10 Weekend  

#366 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

+Alias Kid & Friends “Sergio Kun Aguero…” (Manchester)
*Le Rock “Borderline” (Rostock, Germany)
*Alice Cooper “Paranormal” (Phoenix, AZ)
*Miss Velvet and The Blue Wolf “Dare” (New York City)
*Crack Of Dawn “Booby Ruby” (Toronto, Canada)
*Rex Stax f/ Doze “Eternity Collide” (Carribean)
*Jones “Something ‘Bout Our Love” (London)
*Dubmatix f/ Horace Andy “It’s A Clash” (Toronto, Canada)
*Noir “The Burning Bridge” (Northern Denmark)
*Engst “Auf Die Freundschaft” (Berlin, Germany)
*Geoff Tate/Operation Mindcrime “Wake Me Up” (Seattle)
*Yon-X & Anna Siler “Rene Seele” (Salamanca, Spain)
*Luper Dupree “So In Awe” (Los Angeles)
*William Hilton “Circles” (Scratch mix) (Goodyear, AZ)
*Meri Amber “Dinner Or Death” (Sydney, Australia)
*Runabay “Too Soon (Reverie)” (Northern, Ireland)
*Fräulein Brecheisen “Billig Boy” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Sons Of Apollo “Labyrinth” (North America)
*Doro “In Liebe Und Freundschaft” (Düsseldorf, Germany)
*Matt Adey “Love Is Not A Game” (United Kingdom)
*Baby Raptors “Strings” (New York City)
*Klangschwester “Now & Then” (Go Satta RX) (Bremen, Germany)
*The Magic Es “How Do You Sleep?” (Norfolk, England)
*Elstow “Self Imploding Identity” (Sydney, Australia)
CLAN OF XYMOX SONG OF WEEK: “The Rain Will Wash Away”
*Schwarzer Engel “Sinnflut” (Stuttgart, Germany)

December 1- December 3 Weekend   

#365 Berlin era  *most songs on this edition were played in 2017

Lotto King Karl “Manuel Neuer” (Hamburg)
Marc Seekey “When I Look At You” (Rottenburg)
The DogHunters “Politician Man!” (Hürth)
Eisbrecher “Das Leben Wartet Nicht” (Fürstenfeldbruck)
Ian Turner vs Tony T “#1” (Radio mix) (Köln)
Alle Farben “Bad Idea” (Berlin)
Klangschwester “Missing Beat” (Bremen)
Longfingah “Rocking Time” (Berlin)
X-ite Project vs Alex Grey “Last Division” (Bremen)
PrunX “Can’t Take It” (Berlin)
Doro “Für Immer” (Classic Diamonds Version) (Düsseldorf)
Rammstein “Links 2 3 4” (Berlin)
Merlin Penniston “Unzertrennlich” (München)
Double Crush Syndrome “Yeah! Pain!” (Saarbruchen)
Jenifer Brening “Breathe” (Lauingen)
Tom Franke f/ Hubert Kah “Rosemarie” (Koblenz)
Alazka “Ghost” (Recklinhausen)
Das Fluff “Love And Peace” (Berlin)
Daniel Slam “All Night” (original mix) (Hemer)
Clan Of Xymox “Loneliness” (Leipzig)
Nerveling “Der Große Blender” (Hamburg)
Rebuilt Electric “Naked” (Mannheim)
Primal Fear “If Looks Could Kill” (Esslingen)
Lia Rox “Hound” (Berlin)
Nick Cold f/Mara Klang “What Would You Do” (Freiburg)
Liza & Kay “Baustelle” (Hamburg)
The Sweeps “The Traveller” (TunnelvisionMix) (Hamburg)
Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave “Have A Nice Day” (Krefeld)
Betontod “Keine Popsongs!” (Live Version) (Rheinberg)

November 24- November 26 Weekend   

#364 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Bigfoot “ Karma” (Wigan, England)
*Matilda Gracia “Player” (London, England)
*Hightown Pirates “Two For Joy” (London, England)
*Underground Authority “Sunday’s At The Park” (Kolkata, India)
*The Aces “Stuck” (Provo, Utah)
*PrunX “Can’t Take It” (Berlin, Germany)
*Doro “Tausend Mal Gelebt” (Düsseldorf, Germany)
+Brando “Bipolar” (Replicant mix) (London, England)
*The Parity Complex “Wide Awake” (Sweden)
*Oliver “Chemicals” (Los Angeles)
*The DogHunters “Mother” (Hürth, Germany)
*Phil Giava f/Jacinta “You’re My…” (Stuttgart, Germany)
*Peter Hook “Dancing Madly Backwards” (Salford, England)
*Eisbrecher “Herz Auf” (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*Tricky f/Mina Rose “Running Wild” (Bristol, England)
*Virgil & Steve Howe “Night Hawk” (North London)
*Gasoline Lollipops “2 Mustangs” (Boulder, CO)
*VUUR “Your Glorious Light Will Shine-Helsinki” (Netherlands)
*Hvmm “Beggars And Thieves” (Worcester, England)
*Partisan “Crisis” (Manchester, England)
*Caesaria “Come On And Dance” (France)
*Loggi f/Shri “Age Of Innocence” (London, England)
*The Lucky Face “You’re Not The Girl In This Song” (London)
*Kannika “I’m Watching You” (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand)
*Boris Carloff “In The Sky” (Czech Republic)
*Wild Belle “Hurricane” (Chicago)
*May Roosevelt “Air” (Thessaloniki, Greece)

November 17- November 19 Weekend   

#363 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Jump For Neon “Stop” (Hangzhou, China)
*Brando “Bipolar” (London, England)
*Boris Carloff “Hope” (Czech, Republic)
*Eisbrecher “In Einem Boot” (Germany)
*Kit B “Drama Queen” (Salford, England)
*Calexico “End Of The World With You” (Tucson, AZ)
*The Harringtons “Carry You Home” (Sheffield, England)
*MarcelDeVan f/Anna Jones “Take My Heart..” (Germany)
*Sea Goat “Friends” (Germany)
*Hooligan f/C. Dignam “Justa Nother) Teenage Rebel”(Dublin)
*Doro “Danke” (Düsseldorf, Germany)
*MGMT “Little Dark Age” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Philip J. Turner &The Crow Mandal “Mama…” (Lancashire)
*Fuzz “Heart Is Bleeding” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Deepshade “Let The City” (Wigan, England)
*Alias Kid & Friends “Sergio Kun Aguero…” (Manchester)
*Gundogs f/Cloe Corpse “Monsters” (United Kingdom)
*The Decrees “West Sierra” (Scotland)
*Dritte Wahl “Was Wirst Di tun” (Rostock, Germany)
*Like Elephants “These Pictures” (Austria)
*Trudy and the Romance “Twist It, Shake It…” (Liverpool)
*Glass Maps “Strangely Addicted” (United Kingdom)
*The Routes “Somebody’s Child” (Japan)
*Ra Ra Ruby “I Need A Woman” (New South Wales, AU)
*Brother Sundance f/ Summer Wright “Blind” (Florida)
*Leo Dynamic1 f/ Micah “Baby Baby” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Funky House Brothers “I Need Love” (FreshL Rmx) (Germany)

November 10- November 12 Weekend   

#362 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Laura Sauvage “You’re Ugly When You Cry” (Montreal)
*Nelson Can “Stonewall Frank” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*VUUR “Valley Of Diamonds-Mexico City” (Netherlands)
*Rubberlips f/Rykarada Parasol “Pulse” (W.Yorkshire/San Francisco)
*Jessica Boudreaux “Televised” (Portland, OR)
*Maryland “Get You Good” (Denmark)
*Doro “In Freiheit Stirbt Mein Herz” (Düsseldorf, Germany)
*Slinky & P’tit Loup “The Girl With A Broken Heart” (Germany)
*Jess Fairlie “White Coats” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Beverley Kills “Sticks & Stones” (Cambridge, England)
*Meri Amber “Saved By Murder” (Sydney, Australia)
*Melanie De Biasio “Gold Junkies” (Belgium)
*Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack “Howling For My Darlng” (Canada)
*Ashleigh Watson “Little Love” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Liz Cirelli “Shape Of My Heart” (Sting cover) (Italy)
*Oh! Gunquit “Get Wound Up” (London, England)
*Emma Stevens “Sing Out (Hey La…)” (Cambridge, England)
*Eleonora “But I Am Not” (Berlin, Germany)
*Ronnie Spector “Because” (Connecticut)
+Astrobal f/Laetitia Sadier “Australasie” (Paris/London)
*Selki “Skins” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Icielani “You’re Into Me” (Toronto, Canada)
+Liza & Kay “Du Bist Alles” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Claire Hawkins “August” (N.Y.C./Berlin, Germany)
+Portrait XO “Light Up And Go” (London, England)
*Transviolet “Astronaut” (Los Angeles)
*Epica “The Solace System” (Netherlands)
*Madeline Kenny “John In Irish” (Seattle, WA)
+Sshh “Jet Engines” (Australia/London)

November 3- November 5 Weekend  

#361 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Lee “Scratch” Perry & SSS “Chase The Devil” (Jamaica)
*Peter Matthew Bauer “Khidr” (Philadelphia)
*VUUR “Reunite!-Paris” (Netherlands)
*Carmelo Carone “Sunrise” (Milan, Italy)
*Sons Of Apollo “Alive” (North America)
*Jessca Boudreaux “Ask Me To Stay” (Portland, Oregon)
+Double Crush Syndrome “Can’t…” (Saarbruchen, Germany)
*Tricky “Same As It Ever Was” (Bristol, England)
*Hvmm “Lacerate” (Worcester, England)
*Morrissey “Spent The Day In Bed” (Manchester, England)
*Doro “Helden” (cover of Bowie) (Düsseldorf, Germany)
*Steve Lacy “Dark Red” (Los Angeles)
*EgoMunk “Only Sin Is A Religion” (United Kingdom)
*The Doghunters “Hip Lightning Shoes” (Hürth, Germany)
*The Winachi Tribe “Room With…” (Howie B RX) (Warrington, UK)
*Hällas “Star Rider” (Jönköping/Linköping, Sweden)*

*Portrait XO “Light Up And Go” (London, England)
*Dawson Rutledge “Same Old News” (Cranbrook, BC)
*Liza & Kay “Lichter” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Jay Douglas &Chris Butcher “Messengers” (Toronto, Canada)
*Rowland Jones “Grown-Up Love Songs” (Manchester, UK)
*Liam Gallagher “You Better Run” (Manchester, UK)
+PictureHouse “Somebody Somewhere” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Astrobal f/Laeticia Sadier “Australasie” (Paris/London)
*Honeymoon Disease “Fly Bird, Fly High” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Arro “Twilight” (Manchester, UK)
*Kasabian “Sixteen Blocks” (Leicestershire, England)
*Matt Hawkins “Steel Ya Blues” (Adelaide, Australia)

October 27- October 29 Weekend   

#360 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Depeche Mode “Cover Me” (Essex, England)
*The DogHunters “Politician Man!” (Hürth/Köln, Germany)
*Kasabian “Good Fight” (Leicestershire, England)
*Kasabian “Comeback Kid” (Leicestershire, England)

-Tribute to Grant Hart -R.I.P.-
“Is The Sky The Limit?”
“The Argument”
“Sitting In The Garden”

*Dead Captain “Looming Moon” (Tameside, U.K.)
*elover “Rigel” (Madrid, Spain)
+Sshh “Jet Engines” (Australia/London)
*Eisbrecher Eisbär” (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*Honeymoon Disease “Coal Burnin’” (Gothenburg, Sweden)
*Ammoye “Soul Rebel” (Clarendon, Jamaica)
*Peter & The Test Tube Babies “Silicone Beer Gut” (England)
*Peter Kernel “There’s Nothing Like You” (Switzerland/Canada)
*Towers Of London “Shot In The Dark” (London, England)
*Hardy f/Sumitt “Born Slow” (Queensland, Australia)
*Lionize “Fire In Athena” (Washington, DC)
*Ysgol Sul “Elsewhere” (West Wales)
*Courtney John “Jah Love Is Waiting” (Jamaica)
*Kinsky “Crazy” (Sydney, Australia)
*Narcissus “Cuttin’ Through The Red Tape” (Manchester, UK)
*The Decrees “Sons Of Rage” (Scotland)
*Ryga “Give Me Your Love” (Latvia)
*Epica “Immortal Melancholy” (Netherlands)
*Davys “Glimmering Smile” (Italy)
*Hällas “Repentance” (Jönköping/Linköping, Sweden)

October 20- October 22 Weekend   

#359 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Peter and the Test Tube Babies “Pissedenstein” (England)
*Public Service Broadcasting “All Out” (London, England)
*Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Little Thing…” (Los Angeles)
*Sunday Wilde & Reno Jack “Back Lane Man” (Ontario, Canada)
*Eluveitie “Epona” (Switzerland)
*Sweet Gum Tree “The Gift” (France)
*Travis Caudle “What Will I Do With You” (Perth, Australia)
*Hällas “The Astral Seer” (Jönköping/Linköping, Sweden)
*Nordgarden “You Must Be The Change” (Oslo, Norway)
*Wayward Sons “Crush” (United Kingdom)
*Epica “Architect Of Light” (Netherlands)
*Rafael Maur & Alan Divall “We Can” (Germany)
*Speak Brother “Magnificent” (Midlands, U.K.)
*Ian Moss w/ Mark Corrin “Ali Baba” (Manchester, U.K.)
*Night “Where Silence Awaits” (Linköping, Sweden)
*Threshold “The Shire PT.2” (United Kingdom)
*b.d. Gottfried “Something You Weren’t” (Canada)
*Jesse Ware “Selfish” (Bristol, England)
*Dritte Wahl “Es Hält Nicht An” (Rostock, Germany)
*Flori Mumajesi “Karma” (Tirana, Albania)
*Silk ’N’ Oak “What They Said” (Boonah, Australia)
*Alazka “The Witness” (Recklinghausen, Germany)
*Days Indoors “End Of The Road” (London, England)
+The Boston Shakers “Black Magic” (Liverpool, England)
*Primal Fear “If Looks Could Kill” (Germany)
*Italo Brutal “Never Hard” (Monaco di Xaviera, Germany)

October 14- October 16 Weekend   

#358 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Waterboys “The Connemara Fox” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*The Shrink Reloaded & P.Giava f/Branko “WWBW” (Netherlands)
*Adrian J “I’ll Be The One” (Queensland, Australia)
*Julia Jacklin “Eastwick” (Blue Mountains, Australia)
*Motörhead w/Lemmy “Sympathy For The Devil” (Stones cover)
*Motörhead w/Lemmy “God Save The Queen” (Sex Pistols cover)
*Dritte Wahl “Zum Licht Empor” (Rostock, Germany)
*Cabinet Of Millionaires f/Phil Fulgoni “Serve Me” (London)
*Christian Corona “Terror Forest” (Ibiza, Spain)
*.imp “Pull Me Over” (London, England)
*The Boston Shakers “Black Magic” (Liverpool, England)
*Eisbrecher “Was Ist Hier Los?” (SITD mix), Germany)
*William Patrick Corgan “Aeronaut” (Chicago)
*Caffeine “Dressed To The Nines” (London, England)
*Marie Digby “Outside Our Heads” (Los Angeles)
*Micky Diana “Run With Me” (London, England)
*Lachlan Vines “This Could Mean The End” (Sidney, AU)
+We Used To Make Things “Yes Man” (London, England)
*Twister “64 White Lines” (Durham, U.K.)
*Lee Murray “Rust” (London, England)
*Sshh “Jet Engines” (Australia/London)
*The Winachi Tribe “Get Your Boots…” (Warrington, U.K.)
*Enola Fall “London” (Tasmania)
*Steal The City “Beating Heart” (Sheffield, England)
+The Dream Syndicate “Filter Me…” (N.Y./Los Angeles)
*Hernan Sordid “Sexy Time” (Central Mexico)

October 6- October 8 Weekend   

#357 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Eisbrecher “Was Ist Hier Los?” (Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany)
*They Called Him Zone “Death Drive” (Liverpool, England
*The Boston Shakers “All Out” (Liverpool, England)
*X-ite Project vs. Alex Grey “Last Division” (ext) (Germany)
*Braggarts “Speed Of Sound” (Cham, Switzerland)
*Pomegranate Sounds “Life No Easy (Dub)” (France)
*We Used To Make Things “Yes Man” (London, England)
*Blood God “Anti Hero” (Stuttgart, Germany)
*Wall Of Orange “Sweetest Blue” (Dallas, Texas)

*Mara Duke "Who Is This Girl" (Sydney, Australia)
*Dream Syndicate “Filter Me Through…” (New York/L.A.)
*Angryteen “Looking For The Light” (Valencia, Spain)
*Steelheart “You Got Me Twisted” (Norwalk, CT)
*Vile Assembly “Gone” (Liverpool, England)
*Das Fluff “Hey You” (Berlin, Germany)

*Nimfona "Vicky White" (Hungary)
*The Riff "Nothing Lasts Forever" (Swansea, Wales)
*Tony Steele & The Massacre “A Ballad…” (Liverpool, England)
*Little Wise “100 Degrees” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Family Jools “American Dream” (Bristol, England)
*Fai Baba “Can’t Stop Loving You” (Zürich, Switzerland)
*The Darts (US) “The Generator” (Los Angeles/Phoenix)
*Josh Pyke “Leeward Side” (Australia)
*Pearl Divers “Sunshine” (Salford, England)
+The Young Rebel Set “Fall Hard” (Stockton On Tees, U.K.)
*Kaipa “The Shadowy Sunlight” (Sweden)

September 22- September 24 and September 29 - October 1 
Weekend  (I am on vacation)   

#356 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

+Pixies “Another Toe In The Ocean” (Boston)
+Tombstones In Their Eyes "I Want To Fly” (Los Angeles)
*Nina Hagen “ Let The Sunshine” (1993) (Berlin, Germany)
+Joey Ramone “Life’s A Gas” (New York)
+Mumiy Troll “Vladivostok Vacation” (Moscow, Russia)
+Foxy Shazam “Freedom” (Cincinnati, Ohio)
+N-Euro “Tequila” (Tallinn, Estonia)
+UFO “World Cruise” (rec. live ’06 in Germany) (London)
*Snem K “Pure Sun” (Dragon mix) (Provence, France)
*Solai aka Chris Pope “Islands In The Sun” (Los Angeles)
+Kat Vinter “Islands” (Berlin, Germany)
+Baz Luhrmann “Sunscreen 07” (Sydney, Australia)
*Night “Winds” (Linköping, Sweden)
+Boris Carloff “I’m An Island and…” (Czech, Republik)
+Me “Under The Sun” (Melbourne, Australia)
+Reel Big Fish “Hiding In My Headphones” (OC, CA)
+Madness “So Alive” (London)
+Dandy Warhols “Sad Vacation” (Portland, OR)
+8MM “Around The Sun” (Echogram RMX) (Los Angeles)

-and new tunes for you-
*Alle Farben & Junieck “Little Hollywood” (Berlin, Germany)
*The Seagulls “I Always Get The Feeling…” (Leeds, England)
*Das Fluff “I Love You (When You’re…” (Berlin, Germany)
*UNKLE f/Mark Lanegan “Looking For The Rain” (London)
*LCD Soundsystem “Tonite” (Brooklyn, New York)
+Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, UK)
*Gary Numan “My Name Is Ruin” (London, England)

September 15- September 17 Weekend   

#355 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Kaye “Cheshire Kitten” (Honolulu/Los Angeles)
+Goldfrapp “Systematic” (London)
*The Darts (US) “Not My Baby” (Los Angeles/Phoenix)
*Das Fluff “Far Gone” (Berlin, Germany)
*Roadcase Royale “Get Loud” (Illinois/Seattle)
*Roadcase Royale “Cover Each Other” (Illinois/Seattle)
+Saint Etienne “Sweet Arcadia” (London, England)
*Baby In Vain “Transcendent” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Alice Glass “Without Love” (Toronto, Canada)
+The Hempolics f/Nubiya Brandon “Boss Me…” (London)
+Man2Man f/Lola Dutronic “Male Stripper” (Canada/Germany)
*Lenka Lichtenberg “The Maidens…” (Czech Republic)
*Alvvays “Plimsoll Punks” (Toronto, Canada)

*The Precautions "Mine" (Sydney, Australia)
+Aldo Rox “Love The Way” (N. California)
*Cindy Wilson (B52s) “Mystic” (Athens, Georgia)
*68 Creep “Birthday” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Liza & Kay “Du Bist Alles” (Hamburg, Germany)
*The Shapes “Breathe” (Palermo, Italy)
+Nelson Can “Break Down…” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*SP RR W “Atmosphere” (Brighton, England)
*Smoke Season “Good Days” (Los Angeles)
*Rachel Lorin “Revolution” (N.Y.C.)
*Wild Ones “Paresthesia” (Portland, Oregon)
*Adwaith “Lipstick Coch” (Carmarthen, So. Wales)
+I Wear* Experiment “Patience” (Estonia)
*Tamara Bubble “Pick The Movie” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Joy Mover “Heaven In Your Heart” (Rhode Island)
*C.Carone f/Shirley King/Screamin’ Rachel “Straight…” (Milan)

September 8- September 10 Weekend  

#354 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Leprous “From The Flame” (Notodden, Norway)
*DJ Black f/General Steel “Ready For A Party” (Germany)
*Kasabian “Bless This Acid House” (Leicestershire, England)
*Lex Audrey “All About The Inside” (Vienna, Austria)
*West Coast Sick Line “Attack Attack” (North Wales)
*Night “Time” (Linköping, Sweden)
*Peaness “Ugly Veg” (Chester, England)
*Skellums “If You Have To Leave” (Liverpool, England)
*Nelson Can “Break Down Your Walls” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Grande Royale “Live With Your Lie” (Jönköping, Sweden)
*The Seagulls “Happy” (Leeds, England)
*Youngsmith “Hell Keeps Me Runnin’” (Brisbane, Australia)
*The Dream Rebel “Hurt Me Bad” (New Orleans)
*The Moorings “Amsterdam” (Selestat, France)
+The Dream Syndicate “Glide” (New York/Los Angeles)
*The Bronx “Two Birds” (Los Angeles)
*Liam Gallagher “For What It’s Worth” (Manchester, England)
*DJ Pierre f/Vonny & Clyde “Jack Is Back” (Hamburg, DE)
*Traveller “Been Waiting” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Brother Sundance “Blind” (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
*PictureHouse “Roll Over” (Dublin, Ireland)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Birds Of Paradise”
*Liza & Kay “Staub” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Foxtrax “Grey Morning” (New York City)
*Nina Nesbitt “The Moment’s I’m Missing” (London, England)
+Frank Black (Pixies) “Cactus” (live on LWOL 2006)
*Cut Copy “Standing In The Middle” (Melbourne, Australia)

September 1- September 3 Weekend   

#353 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Tombstones In Their Eyes “I Want To Fly” (Los Angeles)
*Picture This “Take My Hand” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Skellums “Cast Of Characters” (Liverpool, England)
*unhappybirthday “Fluorid” (Hamburg, Germany)
+Fjokra “Bang On The Door” (London, England)
*The Dream Syndicate “Glide” (New York/Los Angeles)
*The Seagulls “Dracula’s Dinner Party” (Leeds, England)
*Night “Fire Across The Sky” (Sweden)
*Tom Franke f/Hubert Kah “Rosemarie”(edit)(Koblenz, DE)
*The Picturebooks “I Need That oooh” (Sweden)
*Happy Hollows “Feel The Moon” (Los Angeles)
*Joe Deninzon and Stratospheerius “Hysteria” (New York)
*PictureHouse “Jade (Dangerous Stone)” (Dublin, Ireland)
+Buffalos Bay “Early Morning Fry” (Belfast, Ireland)
*I Wear*Experiment “Patience” (Estonia)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “This Night In The City Forever”
*Saint Etienne “Sweet Arcadia” (Full Version) (London)
*Vs. “One In A Million” (Leeds, England)
+Lily Frost “Sex Trip” (Toronto, Canada)
*The Sweeps “Hide My Shadow”(CDRx) (Hamburg, Germany)
*Motörhead “Heroes” (Bowie cover) (Los Angeles)
*Alazka “Ghost” (Recklinghausen, Germany)
+Vuur “Days Go By- London” (Netherlands)
*Laibach “Das Glück” (Slovenia)

August 25- August 27 Weekend   

#352 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Alvvays “In Undertow” (Toronto, Canada)
*Buffalos Bay “Early Morning Fry” (Belfast, Ireland)
*PictureHouse “Somebody Somewhere” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Steelheart “Got Me Running” (Norwalk, Connecticut)
*Lazer Blades “Heartbreaker” (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Hempolics f/Nubiya “Boss Clock Me Style” (London)
+Maker “Girl Quit Your Crying” (Kent, England)
*Houg “The Seas I See” (Singapore/Australia)
*BØRNS  “Faded Heart” (Michigan)
*OMD “The Punishment Of Luxury” (Liverpool)
+Man2Man f/ Lola Dutronic “Male Stripper” (Toronto)
*Ian Turner vs Tony T “Creator” (Germany)
*unhappybirthday “Centauri” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Ghosts Of Social Networks “If This…” (Manchester)
CLAN OF XYMOX SONG OF WEEK: “Decades” (Joy Division)
*Order Of The Mess “Touch My Soul” (Cork, Ireland)
*Goldfrapp “Systematic” (London, England)
*Junk Parlor “Vultures and Weasles” (San Francisco)
*Tooth & Nail “Ghost Train” (Leeds, England)
*Cat Lundy “Triggerman” (Dublin, Ireland)
*El Ten Eleven f/E. Mosseri “I’m Right Here” (Los Angeles)
+Vonny & Clyde f/A. Carney “Fühl dich frei” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Jessie Ware “Midnight” (Brixton, England)
*B.Infinite vs Chris Cowly “Adore” (Nürnberg, Germany)
*The Screaming Love Collective “Come On” (Dumfries, Scotland)
*Inferior Complex “Tekno” (Southampton, England)
*The Young Hearts “Smoke” (Kent, England)
*Rodion, Local Suicide, Aiibey “True Love Floats” (Berlin)
*Lily Frost “Red Flags” (Toronto, Canada)

August 18- August 20 Weekend  

#351 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Maker “Girl Quit Your Crying” (Kent, England)
*Fjorka “Bang n The Door” (London, England)
*VUUR “Days Go By- London” (Netherlands)
+Angryteen “Insane” (Spain)
+HIM “Wicked Game” (Chris Isaak cover) (Helsinki, Finland)
*Kit Walker “Mr Wright” (Buckinghamshire, England)
*Aldo Rox “Love The Way” (Acoustic new version) (N.California)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Messin’ Up The Blues”
*Emily Haynes “Fatal Gift” (Toronto, Canada)
*Dj Premiere f/Cherub “My Space Baby” (Brooklyn/Nashville)
*Man2Man f/Lola Dutronic “Male Stripper” (Toronto, Canada)
*Dynamite “Bring It On” (Växjö, Sweden)
*The Great Discord “Noire” (Linköping, Sweden)
*Lily Frost “Witchdoctor” (Toronto, Canada)
*Conor Donaghey “I Need A Miracle” (Dundee, Scotland)
*KMFDM “Hell Yeah” (Germany)
*L.A. Guns “Speed” (Los Angeles)
*Katalina Kicks “I Want The World” (non rap) (London, England)
*Waax “Same Same” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Dirty Thrills “Law Man” (London, England)
*Sean Danielson (Smile Empty Soul) “Paralyzed” (Los Angeles)
+Lake Lady “Mr. Fantasy” (Los Angeles)
*Kit B “Shapes” (Salford, England)
*Tony Moore “So Many Ways (Of Missing You)” (London)
*Kacy Hill “Hard To Love” (Los Angeles)
*Ninth Of May “Bend” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Bigfoot “The Fear” (Wigan, England)

August 11- August 13 Weekend  

#350 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*British Sea Power “Bad Bohemian” (Cumbria, England)
*Angryteen “Insane” (Valencia, Spain)
*Katalina Kicks f/GT Solo “Cold” (London, England)
*St. Vincent “New York” (N.Y.C.)
*Gogol Bordello “Walking On The Burning Coal” (N.Y.C.)
*The Tangent “Two Rope Swings” (London, England)
*Madyx “Bad Decisions” (Los Angeles)
*Dritte Wahl “Scotty” (Rostock, Germany)
*Editselect “Lungs” (South East London)
*James Holt “Whatever Happened To John?” (Manchester)
*Sticky Joe &TKE f/ Horace Andy “Stress Out” (Birmingham)
*Keltrix “You” (Cambridge, England)
*Fights And Fires “Church Bells” (Worester, England)
*Lake Lady “Mr. Fantasy” (Los Angeles)
*Tom Franke f/Huburt Kah “Rosemare” (Koblenz, Germany)
*Brian Mackey “Learn To Be” (N.Y.C.)
*ELA “Witch Of Salem” (Stuttgart, Germany)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: Wilderness Now”
*San Eco “OPM” (Manchester, England)
*Darrah “Can’t Tax The Sun” (Leeds, England)
*Speaker First “Break My Soul” (Banding, Indonesia)
*Alan & The Big Hand “Sat Beside Myself Today” (Yorkshire)
*Split Milk Society “She Tasts Like Summer” (Birmingham)
*Thot “ODA” (Belgium)
*The Suburbs “Lovers” (St. Paul, Minnesota)
*Lily Frost “Sex Trip” (Toronto, Canada)
*La Forme “Birds In The Aviary” (Newport, Wales)

August 4- August 6 Weekend   

#349 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Saint Etienne “Popmaster” (interlude) (London)
*Saint Etienne “Underneath The Apple Tree” (London)
*Saint Etienne “Sports Report” (Interlude) (London)
*Saint Etienne “Out Of My Mind” (London)
*The Suburbs “Je Suis Strange” (St. Paul, Minnesota)
*Nervling “Keine Ahnung” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Vs. “Pretend” (Leeds, England)
*Lily Frost “Rebound” (Toronto, Canada)
*Clan Of Xymox “La La Land” (Leipzig, Germany)
*Jorn “Blackbirds” (Fredrikstad, Norway)
*Fews “Metal) (Gary Numan cover) (London)
*Tender “Machine” (London)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Honey From A Knife”
*The Boxx “Machines” (Scandinavia)
*Michael Head & Red Elastic Band “Josephine” (Liverpool)
*Slinky & P’tit Loup “The Story Of Sam…” (Hamburg, Germany)
+Klangschwester “Missing Beat” (Germany)
*The Plea “Wild One” (Ballyliffen, Ireland)
*The Alarm “Devil Inside” (Cardiff, Wales)
*Twist Helix “Little Buildings” (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne)
*Liz Circelli “It’s A Given” (Italy)
*Niteshifters “Show Me…” (TC remix) (London)
*Radiation Flowers “Dancing In Flames” (Saskatoon)
*Liza & Kay “Ohrwurm” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Monroe & Moraleez “Start Over” (Dornbirn, Austria)
*Jessica Hernandez &The Deltas “Ciega Voy” (Detroit)
*Solomon Harper “Bones” (Aukland, New Zealand)
*Vonny & Clyde f/Andrew Carney “Fühl dich frei” (Hamburg)
*Mad T & Tonetastic “When Worlds Collide” (Belgium)
*The Was Exp. & Mr. Kju “Apidea” (Austria)
*Frankie Knuckles f/Screamin Rachel “Your Love”CCmix (Italy)

July 28 - July 30 Weekend   

#348 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Accept “The Rise Of Chaos” (Solingen, Germany)
*Bellevue Days “Faith” (Croydon, England)
*James Holt “Magic Disaster” (Manchester, England)
*Lee Christian f/MC Lars “Relationship Goals” (Oxford, England)
*Lionize “Blindness To Danger” (Silver Springs, Maryland)
*Grösso “Beach” (Argentina)
*Clan Of Xymox “What Goes Around” (Leipzig, Germany)
*Moby & TVPC “In This Cold Place” (New York)
*The Alarm “Coming Backwards” (Cardiff, Wales)
*Sticky Joe & Kingston Express “Don’t Stop…” (Kingston)
*Ayreon “The Dream Dissolves” (Netherlands)
*Mechanimal “Sawdust” (Athens, Greece)
*Woody & The Blythers “Tangerine Man” (Prescott, AZ)
*Rojor “Only Love Can Hurt” (United Kingdom)
*The Suburbs “Hey Muse!” (St. Paul, Minnesota)
*Dj Combo f/Tony T “Happy People” (Poland/Germany)
*The Burnt Tapes “Alterations” (London/Athens)
*Best Ex “Someday” (New Jersey, New York)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Dance The Night”
*December Baby “Jimmy Choos” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Adam Carpet “Hector Mann” (Milan, Italy)
*2 By Bukowski f/Moxie “Hot Summer” (Berlin, Germany)
*Juno Reactor “Our World” (Brighton, England)
*Indigo Blue “Bird Or Paradise” (Dorset, England)
*Mau “Psycho-Erotic” (Ithica, Greece/Wakefield, England)
*Oddie Room Project “Do You Know” (Ballarat, Victoria, AU)
*Hawkeyes “Never Fade” (Kitchner, Ontario, Canada)

July 21 - July 23 Weekend  

#347 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Baby Seals “Guuurrrl” (Cambridge, England)
*Pandorasdiary “Star Whores” (London/Indonsia)
*Klangschwester “Missing Beat” (Germany)
+Maiko Watson w/The Rhythm Express “Jolene” (Toronto)
*Nervling “Rosalie” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Lysa “Sober” (Sweden)
*Shirley Levi “No Guts, No Glory” (Los Angeles)
*Elea Calvet “Lust” (Bristol, England)
+Saint Etienne “Magpie Eyes” (London, England)
*The Birthday Massacre “Games” (Toronto)
+Doll Skin “Shut Up (You Miss Me)” (Phoenix, AZ)
*Essie “Someone” (Perth, Australia)
+Ooberfuse “Greater Love” (London, England)
*Lia Rox “Hound” (Berlin, Germany)
*Mau f/ Erika Bach “My Twisted (Ithaca, Greece)
+Screens 4 Eyes “Secret Life” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Jessca Hernandez&The Deltas “No Joda Mas (Detroit)
*Slinky & P’tit Loup “Sugar Daddy” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Liz Cirelli “Let It Rain” (Italy)
*Jesika von Rabbit “Do You Really Want…” (Joshua Tree)
*Meresha “Enter The Dreamland” (Florida)
*Blood And Glass “Hop The Fence” (Montreal, Canada)
+Linki “Circadian Adieu” (Sydney, Australia)
*Sunny Sizer “Cold Shadow” (Adelaide, Australia)
*Daisy Clark “World Away” (Cornwall, England)
+Tamara Bubble “Where Do Babies Come…” (Brooklyn)
+Amanda Palmer & E. Ka-Spel “Pulp Fiction” (Boston)
*Mary Ann Kennedy “Mise Fhuair” (Highlands, Scotland)
*Klangschwester “Help Me Out” (Germany)
*Rachel Mason “Queen Bee” (Los Angeles)

July 14 - July 16 Weekend   

#346 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Ayreon *March Of The Machines” (Netherlands)
*Nervling “Der große Blender” (Hamburg, Germany”
*Kristian Kostov “Beautiful Mess” (HTF remix) (Italy)
*Clan Of Xymox “I Want To Be Alone” (Leipzig, Germany)
*Prun X “Sick Of It All” (Berlin, Germany)
*Saint Etienne “Magpie Eyes” (London, England)
*Edguy “Ravenblack” (Fulda, Germany)
*Liz Cirelli & Minski “Bridgetower” (Italy)
*Space Museum “Granulated The Back Door” (U.K.)
*The Charlatans “Plastic Machinery” (Manchester, U.K.)
*iLLBILLY HiTEC *Way Up” (Berlin, Germany)
*Amanda Palmer & E. Ka-Spel “Pulp Fiction” (Boston/London)
*Ron Gallo “Why Do You Have Kids?” (Austin, TX)
*Patric Scott “Whip It!” (Zurich, Switzerland)*

*Chuck Eaton “Lessons” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
+Ali Ingle “Saintly” (London, England)
*Tony Goff&TheBrokenColours “Restless” (High Wycombe, UK)
*Culture Wars “Money (Gimmie Gimmie)” (Austin, TX)
*Quiet Riot “Freak Flag” (Los Angeles)
*Nick Cold f/Mara Klang “What…” (DjMentalBlueRMX) (Germany)
*Harem Scarem “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” (Toronto, Canada)
*Hail Taxi “Wild Rose Country” (Canada)
*Jupiter In Velvet “Til The End Of The World” (London, England)
*The Magpie Salute “Omission” (Atlanta, Georgia)
*At Depths “Interlude” (Perth, Australia)
*Secret Colours “Change In Nature” (Chicago)
*Braggarts “Different Light” (Switzerland)
*Ride “Weather Diaries” (Full V) (Oxford, England)

July 7 - July 9 Weekend  

#345 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Billy Bibby & TheWry Smiles “Hamburg” (North Wales)
*Merlin Penniston “Unzertrennlich” (Munich, Germany)
*Boogie Company “All The Best Girls” (Tallinn, Estonia)
*Alice Cooper “Paranoiac Personality” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*The Scarletts “In The Mirror” (Southend-On-The-Sea)
*Tomsta “Put Ya Hands Up” (St. Pölten, Austria)
*Tomer Yosef “Holy Water” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Elemotho “Ga lo itse (We Don’t Know)” (Nambia)
*Karl Walsh &The Happy Future “Dance To…” (Manchester)
*Enter Shikari f/Big Narstie “Supercharge” (London, England)
*Double Crush Syndrome “Die For Rock N’ Roll” (Germany)
*Enrique Gongora “90s Hoop” (Mexico)
*Ooberfuse “Greater Love” (London, England))
*Bellevue Days “Secret Love” (Carshalton/Croydon, U.K.)
*Kovax “Breathe” (Leeds, England)
*Lea Porcelain “Similar Familiar” (Berlin/London)
*Late Guest At The Party “Give You A Life” (Italy/N.Y.C.)
*Hightown Pirates “East London Morning” (London)
*Benny Sinclair “Hipster Chick” (Melbourne, AU)
*Liam Gallagher “Wall Of Glass” (Manchester, England))
*Naked Highway “Pyro” (N.Y.C.)
*The Harringtons “Made” (Sheffield, England)
*Time And Time Again “All My Might” (Sweden)
*The Birthday Massacre “Endless” (Toronto, Canada)
*Pillo Bytr “Something In My House” (N.Y.C.)
*Clan Of Xymox “The Rain Will Wash Away” (Germany)
*Kanadia “Ocean Blue” (Oxford, England)
*Nad Sylvan “The White Crown” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Hey Bulldog “Stranger” (Manchester, England)

June 30 - July 2 Weekend  

#344 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Evoluzion “Changes” (Sydney, Australia)
*Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas “Oh No” (ESP) (Detroit)
*The Harringtons “Carry You Home” (Sheffield, England)
*Vonny & Clyde f/Leanne Golding  “Let Me Get…” (Hamburg)
*The Wild Things “F.I.A.” (West London, England)
*go nogo “Room Too Small” (Austria)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Assault On Sanctuary” (rare)
*Clan Of Xymox “Your Kiss” (Leipzig/Berlin, Germany)
*Whereswilder “This Feeling” (Athens, Greece)
*Soup J5 “All Around The World” (Los Angeles)
*Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel “The Jack…” (Boston)
*Frame “f/I Am D “With You” (Melbourne, AU)
*Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark “Isotype” (Wirral, U.K.)
*Vito “Moonlight Dancing” (Newcastle Upon Tyne, U.K.)
*The Winachi Tribe “Seed Will Grow” (Saber RX) (Warrington)
*Noga Erez “Dance While You Shoot” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*The Innocence “Greener Pastures” (Melbourne, AU)
*The Brandos “Querer A Los Ninos “ (N.Y.C.)
*Tamara Bubble “Where Do Babies Come…” (Brooklyn)
*Amazonite f/Pupajim “Krak In Dub” (Buenos Airies)
*Rancid “Telegraph Avenue” (San Francisco)
*Avante Black “Make A Mess” (London, England)
*Tooth & Nail “Troubled Times” (Leeds, England)
*Nick Cold f/Mara Klang “What Would…(Germany)
*Cavemouth “Phone” (Bristol, England)
*Double Crush Syndrome “And They…” (Saarbruchen, DE)
*The Retrobutes “These Days” (Durham, U.K.)
*Velvet Acid Christ “Cog” (Westminster, CO)

 June  23- 25 Weekend   

#343 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

Wire “In Manchester”
Voice of Kid Leah
Tony Walsh (Poet) “This Is The Place”
The Stone Roses “Made Of Stone”
Voice of Mark Starr
Elbow “Real Life (Angel)"

*Nad Sylvan “The Quartermaster” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Wendy Bevan “Love From The Moon” (London, England)
*Ali Ingle “Saintly” (London/Liverpool)
*Longfingah “Infinity” (Berlin, Germany)
*Richard Sjöblom’s Gungfly “Over My Eyes” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Tamo f/Lyane Leigh “Another Night” (Japan/Köln,Germany)
*Hightown Pirates “Throwing Stones” (London, England)
*Will de Durca “Madrid” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Harem Scarem “Gravity” (Toronto, Canada)
*Seraya Young “Peace Love And…” (S.Africa/Brisbane, AU)
THE CULT SONG OF WEEK: “Holy Mountain”
*Golden Curtain “Amen” (New Zealand)
*Nate Wants To Battle “Stop Rewind” (Richmond, VA)
*Double Crush Syndrome “Can’t…” (Saarbruchen, Germany)
*Ryga “Say You Love Me Now” (Riga, Latvia)
*The Tangents “Tonight” (Nottingham, England)
*The Indigo Project “Taste It” (Leeds, England)
*The Kickback “Hotel Chorine” (Chicago)
*Iguana Lovers f/Loz Colbert “Cerca de Vos” (Argentina)
*Screen 4 Eyes “Secret Life” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Go Satta “Patination” (Plymouth, England)
*Luper Dupree “Ice Chip Candy” (Los Angeles)
*Peter Murphy “Bauhaus Medley” (Northampton)

June  16- 18 Weekend  

#342 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Doll Skin “Shut Up (You Miss Me) (Phoenix, AZ)
*.Imp “Sex And Power” (London, England)
*Linki “Circadian Adieu” (Sydney, Australia)
*Velvet Acid Christ “Wrack” (Westminster, Colorado)
*The Doctrinaires “Wedding Bells” (Canberra, AU)
*Dj Territo “My Love” (RambaZmix) (Hannover, Germany)
*Double Crush Syndrome “On Top..” (Saarbruchen, Germany)
*Will de Burca “Arturo Thunder Gatti” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Yorkshire Rats “Alone Together” (Yorkshire, England)
*Cabtalk “Now You Got Me Thinking” (Central Coast, AU)
*Hightown Pirates “Chasing Rainbows” (London, England)
*Single By Sunday “I Can’t Go On Like This” (Scotland)
*Siamese “One Night Thing” (Denmark)
*Wizard “We Are The Masses” (Bocholt, Germany)
*Kids On Bridges “Just Because You Can” (Liverpool)
*Joint Pop “Together (Suzuki)” (Trinidad/Tobago)
*Peter Murphy “Marlene Dietrich’s Favorite…” (Northampton)
*The Quicksilver Kings “I Want To Be Human” (Hull, UK)
*Inglorious “High Class Woman” (Somerset, England)
*Blondie “Already Naked” (New York City)
*Martin Nocun “Booty Twerk (80s Kids Pt. 2)” (Poland)
*The Future Babes “Dazed” (Atlanta, Georgia)
*Patrons “Listen” (Plymouth, England)
*Oranj Son “Still” (Cheshire, England)
*TenFiveSixty “You Say” (London, England)
*The Kickback “Rube” (Chicago, Illinois)
*Maker “Run And Hide” (Kent, England)
*LCD Soundsystem “Call The Police” (FullV) (Brooklyn)

June  9- 11 Weekend   

#341 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Dr. Dubenstein f/R. Nassir “Dub X Ultra (Washington DC)
*Captain Black “Our Bass Is Under Attack” (Salford/Manchester)
*Hightown Pirates “Last Chance Saloon” (London)
*House Crusherzzz “Not Too Late” (Vienna, Austria)
*Ride “All I want” (Oxford, England)
*Veronica Fusaro “Come To Naught” (Thun, Switzerland)
*Mosley Bar “Chasing” (West Lankeshire, England)
*Battle Of Santiago “Asi Vengo Yo” (Cuba)
*Wire “Diamonds In Cups” (London, England)
*Sickick “No Games” (Saavan, India)
*Gozer Godspeed “What You Got Going…” (Plymouth, U.K.)
*Longfingah “Terror Dem Spread” (Berlin, Germany)
*A Victim Of Society “The Quick And The Dead” (Athens)
*Sing Say “Hero Artist” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Ayreon “Journey To Forever” (Netherlands)
*The Rhythm Express f/Maiko Watson “Jolene” (Toronto)
*Trementina “Please, Let’s Go Away” (Chile)
*Sash “I Don’t Want Something” (N.S. Wales, Australia)
*Kamaliya “Sign Your Name” (Ukraine)
*Kill For Eden “Woke Up Alone” (London, England)
*Clint Wilson “Hungover” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Krokus “Whole Lotta Love” (Solothurn, Switzerland)
*Sketch Club “Quiet” (Melbourne, Australia)
*The Sweeps “When In June” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Little Wise f/Sal Kimber “Favorite Song” (Melbourne)
*Skinner Box “Die For You Or…” (Athens, Greece)
Dream The Dead “Edge…”(Rubberlips RX) (San Francisco)

June  2- 4 Weekend   

#340 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Lotto King Karl “Manuel Neuer” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Curse Of Lono “London Rain” (London, England)
*Wills & The Willing “Mr Bling” (London, England)
*Fjorka “Sick Kids” (Ireland)

*Featuring 4 new tracks from Ayreon album “The Source”*
by Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Netherlands)
*“Sea Of Machines”
*“Run! Apocalypse”
*“Death Cry Of A Race”
*“Bay Of Dreams”

*Billy Bibby & TheWrySmiles “Always..” (North Wales)
*Lover “The Girl I almost Kissed” (London, England)
*The Godfathers “One Good Reason” (London, England)
*Krokus “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” (Solothurn, Switzerland)
*New Model Army “After Something” (Bradford, England)
*System Corporation “Dismal Universal Hiss” (New Zealand)
*Stardust Life “Your Heart Stays With Me” (Los Angeles)
*Longfingah “Rocking Time” (Berlin, Germany)
*Lonely Robot “False Lights” (London, England)
*The Screaming Love Collective “Brave Tango”(Scotland)
*The Hempolics “High & Gritty” (London, England)
*Skinner Box “Ocean Of Doubts” (Athens, Greece)
*Midnight Rider “Creature Of…” (Koblenz, Germany)
*Carmelo Carone f/Screamin’ Rachel “House Of Love” (Italy)
*The Scaramanga Six “Owned (PT. 1-4) (West Yorkshire)
*Elevant “Stabs” (Liverpool, England)

May 26-28 Weekend   

#339 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

It's in the mix of new artists and songs, also songs
played over the years on the show plus a few Classics.
Going for a certain mood and feel on this very special
20th edition of showcasing women musicians.

+Ronnie Spector words ( chat I did with Ronnie Live on WOXY,
Ohio as a guest host 2003) and a song with Joey Ramone
*Rachel Lorin “All The Young Dudes” (New York)
+Klangschwester “Tease Me” (K.Gruender RX)(Germany)
*Olivia May “Tonight” (Los Angeles)
*Ronnie Spector “Oh Me Oh My (I’m A…”) (Connecticut)
+Joolz Denby & H. Nugel “Narcotica”(Bradford /Germany)
+The Rhythm Express “Women Of The World” (Cuba)
*Tamara Bubble “Wake Up” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Yuly Tovar “Mi Nombre Es Mexico” (Mexico)
+Transvision Vamp “(I Just Wanna) B With You” (London)
*Nattali Rize “Warriors” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*Jenn Beauport “Bring It On Home” (Calgary, Alberta)
+Marianne Faithfull “The Stations” (London)
+Mau f/Erika Bach “Drain Them” (Ithica, Greece)
+Portishead f/ Beth Gibbons “Only You” (Bristol, England)
*B.Miles “Running” (New York)
+Blondie “Long Time” (New York)
+Daybehavior “Luci Della Citta” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*Liset Alea “Hunter Tiger” (Paris, France)
*Emel “Ensen Dhaif” (Tunisia)
+Sibille Attar “Sleepyhead” (Stockholm, Sweden)
+Sasha Siem “So Polite” (London, England)
*Scarlet “Addicted” (London, England)
+Joan Jett “Everyday People” (Dance mix) (New York)
+Jenifer Brening “Breathe”(M.Aurel & RR remix)(Germany)
+Anneke Van Giersbergen “New Horizons (Netherlands)
+Ruthie Collins “Ramblin’ Man” (Nashville, TN)

May 19-21 Weekend   

#338 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Clan Of Xymox “Loneliness” (Leizig/Berlin, Germany)
*Carsie Blanton “Vim And Vigor” (New Orleans)
*The Junta “Agent Coulson” (Salford, U.K.)
*The Godfathers “Miss America” (London, England)
*Emel “Kaddesh” (Tunisia)
*Cowards “Blackout” (Manchester, England)
*GKR “Tala Um” ( Reykjavík, Iceland)
*Tom Ryder “Here We Go Again” (Essex, England)
*Warrant “Devil Dancer” (Hollywood, CA)
*The Starling Radicals “Sidelined” (South Wales)
*D’yer Mak’er “Illict Renegades” (Paterson, NSW)
*Pete Lynch “Till The Rivers Dry” (Vienna/Denver)
*Norgarden “You Must Be The Change” (Sweden)
*WVM “I Will Run” (Los Angeles)
*Bumper Jacksons “Many Paths” (Washington, DC)
*Rumble f/Blackout JA “Weed Weed” (Norwich, England)
*The Ellipsis “Elsewhere” (Coventry, England)
*Wills & The Willing “Dream In Colour” (London, England)
*Gus & Jim “Boyhood” (Canberra, Australia)
*Chicano Batman “Friendship (Is A…)” (Los Angeles)
*Future Unit “Lazy Bones” (Rubberlips Remix) (London)
*Lonely Robot “Awakenings” (London, England)
*InTechnicolour “Doomer” (Brighton, England)
*Caesaria “Wavin’ Goodbye” (France)
*Golden Rain “Foglights” (Naples, Italy)
*Animam “Corvusment” (Mexico City, Mexico)

May 12-14 Weekend  

#337 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Double Crush Syndrome “Yeah! Pain!” (Saarbruchen, Germany)
*Nattali Rize “Rebel Frequency” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*Lunar Twin “Blood Moon” (Hawaii/Salt Lake City)
*Me And That Man “On The Road” (Gdansk, Poland)
*Traveller “Dogs Come Running” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*The Junta “Hydra Uprising” (Salford, England)
*Matisyahu “Step Into The Light” (Brooklyn, New York)
*Gorillaz f/Jehnny Beth “We Got The Power” (Essex, England)
*Staggs “The Degeneration Game” (London, England)
*Maker “Quick Getaway” (Kent, England)
*Droplet “Powerful Mind” (Melbourne, Australia)
*So-Cal Rocket Dynamics “No Reason Why” (So.California)
*Carsie Blanton “Ravenous” (New Orleans)
*The Night Flight Orchestra. “Midnight Flyer” (Sweden)
*Sera “Heavy Hearted” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Meter Bridge “Beta Test” (Nelson, British Columbia)
*Lonely Robot “Symbolic” (London, England)
*Joji Hirota & London Taiko Drummers “Haru No Ibuki” (Japan)
*The Jesus And Mary Chain “Always Sad” (E. Kilbride, Scotland)
*The Autumn Stones “Spirit Shadows” (Toronto, Canada)
*Rachel Mason “Sandstorm” (Los Angeles)
*Lovex “Dust Into Diamonds” (Tampere, Finland)
*Peter118 “Radio” (Stoke-On-Trent, England)
*Velvet Flare “Animal” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Wills & The Willing “Broken Glass” (London, England)
*Vancouver Sleep Clinic “Unworthy” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Fabian DelGrosso f/Nadia “Come Closer” (Netherlands/Poland)

April 29- May 1 and  May 5-7 Weekends      

#336 Berlin era    *This very special edition airs for two weeks

Lola Dutronic “Everybody Loves You When..” (Dusseldorf, Toronto)
Justice “Randy” (Paris, France)
Maker “Dead Ends & Avenues” (Kent, England)
The Winachi Tribe “A Room With A Zoo” (Warrington, U.K.)
Double Crush Syndrome “She’s A Pistol” (Saarbrucken, Germany)
Ian Turner vs Tony T “#1” (radio ver.) (Germany)
Daniel Ash “Freedom I Love” (Northampton, England)
Death By Chocolate “Gravedigger” (Bein, Switzerland)
All Farben “Dad Ideas” (Berlin, Germany)
Rebuilt Electric “Naked” (Mannheim, Germany)
Wills & The Willing “Butterflies” (London, England)
Billy The Zombie Kid “Are You Dying Like Me” (Borlänge, Sweden)
Nightmen “Ahahahah (oh no)” (Malmö, Sweden)
Turbobier “A Mensch Is A Mensch” (Vienna, Austria)
Saphira “Funk Me Up!” (Sarans, Switzerland)
Young Fathers “Only God Knows” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
The Survival Code “One” (London, England)
Me And That Man “My Church Is Black” (Gdańsk, Poland)
Sallie Ford “Get Out” (Portland, Oregon)
The Treehouse Children “Woo” (Newcastle, South Wales)
Ronny Morris “All About Love” (Malmö, Sweden)
Patrons “The Art Of Conversation” (Plymouth, England)
Laura A “Love Me (Never Let Me Go) (Northern, Scotland)
Danny Warsnop “Mexico” (U.K./Nashville)
Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles “Substitute” (Wales)
Mari Amber “Back To The 90s” (Sydney, Australia)
Cowards “The Cut” (Manchester, England)
Kensington Road “Here We Go Now” (Berlin, Germany)
The Harlots “Chopin” (Melbourne, Australia)
Lunar Twin “Waves” (Hawaii/Salt Lake City)

 April 21- 23 Weekend  

#335 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Imperial Leisure “Animal” (London, England)
*Double Crush Syndrome “I Wanna Be…” (Saarbruchen, Germany)
*Wills & The Willing “Running On Empty” (London, England)
*Phil Odgers “The Train” (London, England)
*Blondie “Long Time” (New York City)
*Ron Gallo “Young Lady, Your Scaring Me” (Nashville)
*Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham “The One” (London, England)
*Inglorious “I Don’t Need Your Loving” (United Kingdom)
*Greta Salóme “My Blues” (Iceland)
*King Toppa “Frenchy Accent” (Kassel, Germany)
*Tony Moore “Perfect And Beautiful” (London, England)
*Neville Staple “Return Of Judge Redneck” (Coventry, U.K.)
*Partisan “Ashes” (Manchester, England)
*Findlay “Waste My Time” (London, England)
*Siena Root “Tales Of Independence” (Stockholm, Sweden)
*The Morning “Figure It Out” (London, England)
*Ghouls “Seasonal Affective” (London, England)
*Johnette Napolitano “The Highway” (new version) (Joshua Tree)
*AMJ Collective “Heartbeat” (Bristol, England)
*The Rahs “Sweet Talker” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*The Screaming Love Collective “Orbital” (Scotland)
*Tamara Bubble “Pop Culture” (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
*Sinchi Music Collective “Imminent Refraction” (Amsterdam)
*Tooth & Nail “Cryin’ For You” (Leeds, England)
*Tall Ships "Meditations On Loss" (Brighton, England)
*Public Service Broadcasting “Progress” (London, England)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Born To Die In Berlin”
*The Hurt “Sleeping” (Manchester, England)

April 14- 16 Weekend   

#334 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Chambers “Sister Doom” (Hull/Leeds, England)
*Marina Maximilian “My Boy” (Jerusalem, Israel)
*Death By Chocolate “No Shore To Come” (Bein, Switzerland)
*The Rhythm Express “Women Of The World” (Cuba)
*The Moonlandingz “Black Hanz” (Sheffield, England)
*Nona “Hold Up” (Beyonce cover) (Los Angeles)
*Gozer Goodspeed “Man With The Ruined…” (Plymouth, U.K.)
*Double Crush Syndrome “She’s A Pistol” (Saarbrucken, Germany)
*Rory Lavelle “Poor Pride” (Ireland)
*Pixx “I Bow Down” (London, England)
*Rum Thief “Time To Make A Move” (Manchester, England)
*Boo Seeka “Oh My” (Sydney, Australia)
*Annie’s Revier “Bis Du Mich Siehst” (Hannover, Germany)
*The Black Delta Movement “Medusa” (Kingston Upon Hull)
*Bonmot “Way Back Home” (France)
*Spatial Awareness “Ruvok” (London, England)
*Joolz Denby & Hennng Nugel “Angel Part 2” (London/Germany)
*Wills & The Willing “Running On Empty” (London, England)
*Echo Park Social Club “Andy, Where Did You Go” (Los Angeles)
*Strange Anthem “Dreamer” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Senhit “Higher” (Bologna, Italy)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Teenage Lobotomy”
*Veins “Ambi” (London, England)
*Ride “Charm Assault” (Oxford, England)
*Keltrix w/Theo Sayers “Great Leader” (Cambridge, England)
*Energy “The Witching Hour” (Boston)
*Are We Static “She” (Wigan, England)
*Moff Skellington “Golfer In Disgrace” (United Kingdom)

April 7- 9 Weekend   

#333 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Mrs. “In The Blink Of An Eye” (Austin, TX)
*Ride “Home Is A Feeling” (Oxford, England)
+Kensington Road “Here We Go Now” (Berlin, Germany)
*Martin Noun & DJ Combo “It’s Fine Don’t Worry” (Poland)
*Ronny Morris “All About Love” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Ravines “Touch” (Auckland, New Zealand)
*Death By Chocolate “Give Us A Reason” (Bein, Switzerland)
*The Tossers “Smash The Windows” (Chicago)
*Them Vibes “Electric Fever” (Nashville)
*Hawkmoon “Silverline” (Brisbane, Australia)
+The Treehouse Children” “Woo” (Newcastle, NS Wales)
*Thievery Corporation “Time And Space” (Washington DC)
*The Moon Kids “Forever Blue” (Dunfermline, Scotland)
*Big Wild “When I Get There” (Los Angeles)
*Meri Amber “Work It Out Like Goku” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Jay Vons “Want You Tomorrow” (New York)
*Halfwait “King Of The West” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Probes “Coelacanth” (Liverpool, England)
*Maker “Move Your Feet” (Kent, England)
*Nightmen “Be My World” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Yvonne Browne “Trust Me” (London, England)
*Black Lime “Fight Or Flight” (Hull, England)
*Echo Arcadia “Ghosts” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Sera “Doctor” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Scoops “Quicksand” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Eternal Dreamer f/Aloma Steele “Kiss Me” (Germany)
*Cowards “What The Dickens” (Manchester, England)
*Droplet “High” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Campbell L Sangster “Odds Are Stacked” (Liverpool)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Gimme Gimme Shock…”
*Sam Roberts Band “Fiend” (Montreal, Canada)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Stripped” (DM cover)

MARCH 31- April 2 Weekend   

#332 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Bright Light Social Hour “Tear Down The Wall” (Austin, TX)
*Thievery Corporation “Fight To Survive” (Washington DC)
*Maker “Dead Ends & Avenues” (Kent, England)
*Marq Aurel & Rayman Rave “Have A Nice Day” (Krefeld, Germany)
*Dirty Jane “Boogie Monster” (Birmingham, England)
*Elisee Akwowendo “I Dey Shina” (Ivory Coast/Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Cowards “The Cut” (Manchester, England)
*Justice “Alakasm!” (Paris, France)
*George Alley “Just Leave Me Dreaming” (Philadelphia)
*Aquaserge “Tour du Monde” (Toulouse, France)
*Death By Chocolate “Gravedigger” (Bein, Switzerland)
*Joanna Cooke “More Than I Am” (Plymouth, England)
*Naked Highway “Down” (New York City)
*Sweet Little Machine “We Used To Own…” (Sheffield, England)
*Norquay “Warfare” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Nonstop to Cairo “Influenzka” (Baldwin, Long Island)
*Saturday Nite Fish Fry f/Shakura S’Aida “Poor…” (Toronto, CN)
*The Tossers “The Horses” (Chicago)
*So-Star f/Kennedy Miller “Dream Come…” (Manchester, UK)
*Dubmatrix f/Gappy Ranks “Roll Dem” (Toronto, CN)
*Nelson Can “Miracle” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Somebody Put Something…”
*Endless Shame “Locomotive” (South Sweden)
*Miccoli “Idle Stranger” (Birmingham, England)
*The Real McKenzies “Northwest Passage” (Vancouver)
*Lusterlit f/Susan Hwang “Ceremony” (New York City)
*The Treehouse Children “The Treehouse Children” (AU)
*Amorphis “Her Alone” (Live version) (Finland)

MARCH 24- 26 Weekend  

#331 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*LEAH “The Northern Edge” (Ontario, Canada)
*London Grammar “Big Picture” (London, England)
*Ninet “Subservient” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Afrojockers f/Roxana Tutaj “Love You Anymore” (Poland)
*The Bombpops “Forever Since” (Oceanside, CA
*Bilja Krstić & The Bistrik Orch. “Beautiful Girl” (Serbia)
*Sallie Ford “Middle Child” (Portland, Oregon)
*Ira Losco “We Are The Soldiers” (Malta)
*Emily Wells “Symphony 1” (New York City)
*Jamie-Lee “Wild One” (Berlin, Germany)
*Meri Amber “First Date” (Sydney, Australia)
*The Regrettes “A Living Human Girl” (Eagle Rock, CA)
*Nadja “Lost” (Ian Turner remix) (Poland)
*Asha “Drowning” (Central Coast, Australia)
*Joanna Cooke “Darker Days” (Plymouth, England)
*April Anne “Empty Spaces” (Phoenix, Arizona)
*Kita Klane “Technicolor” (Los Angeles, CA)
*Hurray For The Riff Raff “Hungry Ghost” (New Orleans)
+Lola Dutronic “Everybody Loves…” (’17) (Dusseldorf/Toronto)
*SJ and The Flying Pigs “Fireball” (Cambridge, England)
*Carly Thomas “Montreal Train Song” (Argentina)
*Amber Arcades “It Changes” (Netherlands)
*Lusterlit f/Susan Hwang “Flight” (New York City)
*Delta Omega f/Alyona Ivanova “Break It Through” (Russia)
*Chelsea Shag “New Perfume” (Atlanta, Georgia)
*Bernice “Don’t Wanna Be European” (Toronto, Canada)
*Kate Vargas “Second Skin” (New York City)
*Suzanna Moyland f/Roman Gomez *The Fairies Siege” (London)
*Joolz Denby & Henning Nugel “Fable” (London/Germany)

MARCH 17- 19 Weekend   

#330 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Nightmen “Ahahahah (oh no)” (Malmö, Sweden)
*Aquaserge “C’est pas tout mais” (Toulouse, France)
*Gozer Goodspeed “Rattlebone Colour” (Plymouth, England)
*Thievery Corporation “True Sons Of Zion” (Washington DC)
*Depeche Mode “Where’s The Revolution” (Essex, England)
*Wills & The Willing “Butterflies” (London, England)
*Balkan Beat Box “Chin Chin” (BR remix) (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*Kensington Road “Here We Go Now” (Berlin, Germany)
*Demon Head “Menneskeæderen” (Copenhagen, Denmark)
*Lunar Twin “Waves” (Hawaii / Salt Lake City, Utah)
+Daniel Ash “Freedom I Love” (Northampton, England)
*Joolz Denby & Henning Kugel “Narcotika” (London/Germany)
*Kenny Laakkinen f/Damian Pipes “With The…” (Germany)
+Ida Elena “The Butterfly” (Rome, Italy)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “It’s Not My Place In The 9…”
*The Black Angels “Currency” (Austin, Texas)
*Turbobier “Frei Sei” (Vienna, Austria)
*Parekh & Singh “Philosophize” (Kolkata, India)
*Sinplus “Crazy Life" (remix) (Losone, Switzerland)
*Bentcousin “Roller Disco” (Brighton, England)
*Halfwait “Without You” (Sydney, Australia)
*Nightwish “My Walden” (Live) (Kitte, Finland)
*The Sweeps “How Do You Want…” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Society 1 “It’s Yours Now” (Hollywood, CA)
*Black Star Riders “When The Night…(Ireland/L.A.)
*KXM f/ Dug Pinnick/George Lynch “Breakout” (Los Angeles)
*Grus Parade “Forthcoming Nonintellectual…(Finland)

MARCH 10- 12 Weekend   

#329 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Treehouse Children “Woo” (Newcastle, New S.Wales)
*Young Fathers “Only God Knows” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
+Dada “Dizz Knee Land” (Celebrating 25 years) (L.A.)
*Leah “This Present Darkness” (British Colombia, Canada)
*Justice “Heavy Metal” (Paris, France)
*Andy K Leland “The Kingdom” (Italy)
*WVM “Sown” (Los Angeles)
*Afrojockers & V1r00z “Love You Anymore” (Sudan/Poland)
*Danny Warsnop “Mexico” (U.K./Nashville)
*The Byzantines “Top Boy” (Adelaide, Australia)
*Sallie Ford “Screw Up” (Portland, Oregon)
*Bitterfeldt “Anatole” (intro) (Bitterfeld, Germany)
*Bitterfeldt “Zauberland” (Bitterfeld, Germany)
*Traveller “Til The Storm’s Over” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Vonny & Clyde “Believe In Yourself” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Little Brother Eli “Oceans” (Oxford, England)
*Patrons “The Art Of Conversation” (Plymouth, England)
*Vullnet Neziri f/Curtisay “Someday I’ll…(Macedonia)
*MYA Project “It’s All About Imagination” (Los Angeles)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: Feeling B “Schlendrian”)
*One-Half Nelson “The Body Track” (New York City)
*Days Indoors “Smile” (London, England)
*Echo Arcadia “Get Out Of Here” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
*Calling All Astronauts “Divisive” (London, England)
*Palmas “Floating In The Dark” (Philadelphia)
*Jack Russell’s Great White “My Addiction” (L.A.)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: Joey Ramone “Eyes Of Green”
*La Bella Luna “Mother Sonic”(Hyper Sonic Rmx) (London)
*Housecrusherzzz “Get Ready” (Vienna, Austria)

MARCH 4- 6 Weekend   

#328 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Dahmers “Dusk” (Malmö, Sweden)
*The Cult “Hinterland” (Bradford, England)
*Ian Turner vs Tony T “#1”(NaXwell remix) (Germany)
*Meri Amber “Back To The 90s” (Sydney, Australia)
*Jack Russell’s Great White “Spy vs Spy” (Los Angeles)
*Ray Davies “Poetry” (London, England)
*Goldfrapp “Silver Eye” (London, England)
*Echo Arcadia “Into The Shadows” (Edinburgh, Scotland)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: Dee Dee Ramone “Baby Doll”
*Josh Michaels “Awaken Now” (N. Y. C.)
*Leah “Old World” (British Columbia, Canada)
*La Bella Luna “DJ” (Scratch mix) (London, England)
*Lola Dutronic “Everybody Loves…” (Düsseldorf/Toronto)
*The Tossers “Erin Go Bagh” (Chicago)
*Tackhead f/B. Fowler “Black…” (RoboBassHiFi Mx) (Germany)
*Loocties “In My House” (new mix) (Warchau, Poland)
*Divisionists “Say Can You” (London, England)
*Hayden Buchanan “Prescription” (Sydney, Australia)
*Owen Ni & Grim Avenue “Elektrikon” (Huntsville, Alabama)
+It’s Immaterial “Driving Away From Home” (Liverpool)
*New Model Army “Die Trying” (Bradford, England)
*New Model Army “Born Feral” (Bradford, England)
*Adwaith “PWYSAU” (Carmarthen, So. Wales)
*Coast To Coast “Post Graduation” (Birmingham, England)
*The Bottom Line “Pull Me Out” (London, England)
*So-Star f/Chris Hardy “I Think To…” (Manchester, England)

FEBRUARY 24-26 Weekend   

#327 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles “Substitute” (Wales)
*Rebuilt Electric “Naked” (Mannheim, Germany)
*Laura A “Love Me(Never Let Me Go)” (Northern Scotland)
*Atticus Chimps “Illusion” (Gold Coast, Queensland, AU)
*Me And That Man “My Church Is Black” (Gdańsk, Poland)
*Turbobier “A Mensch Is A Mensch” (Vienna, Austria)
*My Son The Bum “Mad Man” (Oceanside, New York)
*Rytious “Cheka Mina” (Johannesburg, South Africa)
*Slam Cartel “World Star Love” (London, England)
*Iggy Pop f/ Danger Mouse “Gold” (Miami, FL)
*Forever Still “Miss Madness” (Acoustic) (Copenhagen)
*Niterunner “Out Of Your Hands” (Brisbane, AU)
*Baloji f/Russo “F.I.N.I.” (Congo/Belgium)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “Garden Of Serenity”
*J Star f/Ranking Joe “Bad Boy Stepping” (West London)
*Jarxx “Illusion” (Poland)
*Parekh & Singh “ Love You Baby…(Kolkata, India)
*Daniel Ash “You Unravel Me” (Northampton, England)
*Jimmy Bowskill & Carlos Del Junco “Confidence…” (Canada)
*The Harlots “Chopin” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Speaker First “The Anthem” (West Java, India)
*Switzerland “Papaya” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Betontod “Verdammt schwer” (Rheinberg, Germany)
*Save Ferris f/Neville Staple “New Sound” (Los Angeles)
*Grandaddy “Evermore” (Modesto, California)
+Norquay “Animal” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*The Modern Savage “Girl From…” (Anchorage, Alaska)
*Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman” (Carone rx)(Milan, Italy)

FEBRUARY 17-19 Weekend    

#326 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*The Survival Code “One” (London, England)
*Ian Turner vs Tony T “#1” (Germany)
*Sinplus “One And The Same” (Losone, Switzerland)
*Justice “Randy” (Paris, France)
*Vito “Masquerade” (Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)
*Saturday Nite Fish Fry f/Ania Soul “Black Rose…” (Ontario)
*The Winachi Tribe “Lay Your Guns…” (Warrington, England)
*Rachel Loren “Broken” (New York City)
*Electric Floor “Bluedive” (Conenza, Italy)
*Perpacity DVL “The Edge Of Everything” (Denmark/U.K.)
*The Starling Radicals “V.I.P.” (South Wales)
*New Kingston “Kingston Fyah” (Kingston, Jamaica)
*Joel Gion “Tomorrow” (San Francisco)
*Alle Farben “Bad Ideas” (Berlin, Germany)
*Switzerland “Starting Out” (Dublin, Ireland)
*Danny Warsnop “Anyone But Me” (U.K./Nashville)
*Cassady Southern “Feet On The Ground” (Sydney, AU)
*Lee Fields & Expressions “Make This World” (Brooklyn, NY)
*Sallie Ford “Get Out” (Portland, Oregon)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: (Joey Ramone) “New York City”
*Vertigo “Get Away” (Brisbane, Australia)
*Ron Oneal “Pull Up In Da Wraith” (N.Y.C.)
*New Model Army “Weak And Strong” (Bradford, England)
*High Tiny Hairs “BCNA” (Montblanc, Tarragona)

*Ten Fé “Twist Your Arm” (London, England)
*Equinox f/Dementio13 “Goodbye” (United Kingdom)
*Howe Gelb “Relevant” (Tucson, Arizona)
*Ezrato f/Stella Rhymes “Noir” (Launceston, Tasmania)
*Dakota “Icon” (Netherlands)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: Mein Herz Brennt (BN mix)

FEBRUARY 10-12 Weekend   

#325 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Turbobier “Verliebt in einen Kiwara” (Vienna, Austria)
*Eiya Looper “Trade” (Lyon, France)
*Howe Gelb f/ Lonna Kelly “Terribly So” (Tucson, AZ)
*Vonny & Clyde and HSR f/Terri B “Show Me”(rx) (Hamburg)
*Peter Rangelov “Hard To Get” (Bulgaria)
*The Desert Sea “All Mine” (Sydney, Australia)
*Daniel Ash “Freedom I Love” (Northampton, England)
*Amaral “Cazador” (Zaragoza, Spain)
*The Plastic Attraction “No Foresight” (Perth, Australia)
*Ida Elena “The Butterfly” (Rome, Italy)
*Sofia Talvik “Clothe Yourself…” (Göteburg, Sweden)
*The Sorted “Summer Makes Us So High” (AU/Los Angeles)
*Louie James “Bebop Rockin’” (Seaside Heights, New Jersey)
*Exotic Adrian Street “I’m In Love With...” (Brynmawr, Wales)
*Chrissi Poland “Angel Weep For Me” (New York City)
*Gasoline Lollipops “Love Is Free” (Colorado)
*Drew Miller “Dos Guitarras” (Glasgow, Scotland)
*Luke Elliot “Trouble” (New Jersey)
*Rachel Mason “Heaven” (Los Angeles)
*BeWider “Shaping Lights” (Utrecht, Nederland)
*Halfwait “Fly Away” (Sydney, Australia)
*Police Officer f/ Doctor “Konspiracy” (Jamaica)
RAMONES SONG OF WEEK: “She’s A Sensation”
*James Kruman “Mahalo Mahalo” (Manchester, England)
*Manuel Sex Drive “Seven Figures” (Phoenix, AZ)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Frosch I’m Brunnen”
*Sunset City “Can I Go Back” (Gold Coast, Australia)
*Mosley Bar “Two Apart” (West Lancashire, England)
*Rafael & Energia “Bailamos Allons Danser” (Dominican Rep)

FEBRUARY 3-5 Weekend   

#324 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Kate Tempest “Brews” (Southeast London)
*Amaral “500 Vidas” (Zaragoza, Spain)
*Jamie- Lee  “Visions” (Berlin, Germany)
*rekkorder f/ Nina Lucia) “Nephilim” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Lauren Carter “American Dream” (W. Hollywood, CA)
*Nadia “Lost” (Poland)
*Essie “Electric Wires” (Melbourne, Australia)
+IAMEVE “Starman” (Los Angeles, CA)
*Hanitra Ranavo “Avia” (Madagascar)
*Kamaliya “Aphrodite” (Ukraine)
*Susan Hwang “Use Me” (New York City)
*Go Satta “Ann’s Rhapsody” (Plymouth, England)
*Little Sparrow “Final Countdown” (Manchester, U.K.)

*Nicole Sabouné “Lifetime” (Stockholm, Sweden)
+Dallas Frasca “Success Is The Best Revenge” (Melbourne)
*Jones “Bring Me Down” (London, England)
*Jesika von Rabbit “Going Down” (Joshua Tree, CA)
*Peyton “Shatter” (Perth, Australia)
*Ammoye “Revolution” (Clarendon, Jamaica)
*Saphira “Funk Me Up” (Sargans, Switzerland)
*Kate Tempest “Pictures On A Screen” (Southeast London)
*Katharina Busch “One Day” (Zürich, Switzerland)
*Lola Demo “When You Talk Dirty” (Ithaca, Greece)
*Howlite f/ Alison Thom “Storm Chaser” (Melbourne)
*Jim Button “Naked” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Lisa Who “Alles Ist Gut” (Germany)
*Mandasue Heller “”I’m Feelin’ So Blue” (Manchester, U.K.)
*Genoveva “Chasing Lights” (Skopje, Macedonia)
+Meri Amber “She’s Blue (Eiffel 65 Parody)” (Sydney, AU)
*Miracle Flair “Great Spirit” (St. Gallen, Switzerland)

JANUARY 27- 29 Weekend 

#323 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Rayne “Subject A” (Sunderland, U.K.)
*They Called Him Zone “Only You” (Bradford, England)
*Epica “Beyond The Matrix” (Netherlands)
*The Last Shadow Puppets “Totally Wired” (Sheffield, England)
*The Swamp Stompers “February” (Lismore, Australia)
*Dubmatrix f/ Longfingah “Liberaton” (Toronto, Canada)
*Ballerina Black “Telepathy” (Los Angeles)
*Sounds Of Sputnik “New Born”(OMD RMX) (Moscow, Russia)
*Renno “Perfect Is Dead” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
*DJ Combo & DJ Raphael f/Anna del Rose “Trying” (Poland)
*Maschine “Night And Day” (Brighton, England)
*Erika Bach “She Eats Mandarines” (Ithica, Greece)
*Andy J Gallagher “Because We Are” (Essex, England)
*Dallas Frasca “You Are Beautiful” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Pardon Moi “Addiction” (Berlin, Germany)
*Elbow “Magnificent (She Says)” (Bury, England)
*Larry Heard “Can You Feel It” (C.C. Symphoniq67mix) (Italy)
*Jim Button “Just A Little Less” (Hamburg, Germany)
*Portugal. The Man “Noise Pollution” (Wasilla, Alaska)
*Saphira “A Moment Like This” (Sargans, Switzerland)
*Dowser “Gravity Says I” (Melbourne, Australia)
*Akoma “Humanity” (Silkeborg, Denmark)
*The Last Exposure “Human” (Sydney, Australia)
*One Day Elliott “Estella” (Kent, England)

JANUARY 20- 22 Weekend    

#322 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Billy The Zombie Kid “Are You Dying…” (Borlänge, Sweden)
*Galactic Funk Militia “Dance Floor..”(Rubberlips RX) (Liverpool)
*La Bella Luna “Mother Sonic” (London, England)
*Sticky Joe “Ragamuffin Business” (Birmingham, England)
*Scott Swain “Oil!” (Sutton, Surrey, England)
*Loocties “In My House” (Warshau, Poland)
*Miracle Flair “Angels Cast Shadows” (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
*Wedding Present “Birdsnest” (Leeds, England)
*Of Kings And Captains “Ain’t Got The Heart” (Midlands, U.K.)
*Julian Taylor Band “Coke Bottle Candy” (Toronto, Canada)
*Mau “On The Far Side” (Leeds/Wakefield/Ithica, Greece)
*Dallas Frasca “Success Is The Best Revenge” (Melbourne)
*Susan Hwang “No Answer” (N.Y.C.)
*Robo Bass Hi Fi “Rockers Downtown” (Germany)
*Wax Tailor f/Token and others “Back On Wax” (France)
*Danny Kissane “U Give Me” (London, England)
*Jordi Kuragari f/Gary O’ Toole “Why Wait” (Berlin, Germany)
*Lola Demo “Ego Mansize” (Ithaca, Greece)
*James Parry “Young Emotions” (Hobart, Tasmania)
*Kestrels “Decent Of Their Last End” (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
*Adrian J “The Heartbreaker” (Sydney, Australia)
*Finlay Morton “Chasing The American Dream” (London)
*Slinky & P’tit Loup “Danser Le Swing” (Düren, Germany)
*The Girl Folder “I’m Not Talking About…” (Australia)
*Taylor Payne “The Jungle Talks” (Sunshine Coast, AU)
*Marc Seekey “When I Look At You” (Germany)
*Epica “Ascension” (Netherlands)
RAMMSTEIN SONG OF WEEK: “Links 2 3 4 (Live version)

JANUARY 13- 15 Weekend   

#321 Berlin era  *denotes first time airs on show  + is replay

*Punx Harmonic “Treason Within” (New Jersey)
*Temple Invisible “Breathe” (Bucharest, Romania)
*The Winachi Tribe “Room With A Zoo” (Warrington, England)
*Joolz Denby & Henning Nugel “Winter Trilogy” (London/Germany)
*The Monos “L.O.V.E. & H.A.T.E.” (Liverpool, England)
*Loco Hot f/ A-WA “I Am A Tribe” (Israel/Yemen)
*La Bella Luna “Bad Motor Scooter” (London, England)
*Shenpen Senge “Through Dimensions” (Vienna, Austria)
*Norquay “Animal” (Scotland)
*G Papa “Find You” (Athens, Greece)
*Jones “Out Of This World” (London, England)
*Dubmatrix f/Eek A Mouse “Pull Up Selector” (Toronto, Canada)
*Civil Villains “Heathens And Cream” (London, England)
*Meri Amber “She’s Blue (Eiffel 65 Parody)” (Sydney, Australia)
*New Model Army “Eyes Get Used To The Darkness” (Bradford)
*Liz Brennan “Body Bags” (New York)
*Pretty Maids “Last Beauty On Earth” (Horsen, Denmark)
*Rotowords f/Dubmatrix “Layer Cake” (Toronto, Canada)
*onDead Waves “Winter’s Child” Polly/Glowline mix (London)
*Tonye Tee “Lali-Lolo” (Lagos, Nigeria)
*One Day Elliott “100 Voices” (Kent, England)
*Akoma “Mesopotamia” (Silkeborg, Denmark)
*Akiva “Chemical Eyes” (Bedfordshire, England)
*The Swamp Stompers “All My Loving” (Lismore, Australia)
*Chris Jasper “ America” (New York)
*Daniel Slam “All Night” (Hemer, Germany)

DECEMBER 30- JANUARY 1 Weekend  
and also JANUARY 6- 8   weekend    

#320 Berlin era  


Single of the year

Ali Ingle “ Allana” (unsigned) (London/Liverpool)

Choice Cuts of Year
Balkan Beat Box “I Trusted U” (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Wendy James “Indigent Blues” (London, England)
N-Euro “Colours” (Tallinn, Estonia)
-back and front announce-
IAMX “North Star” (Berlin, Germany)
Grandmaster’s Furious 5 f/Mele Mel & Scorpio “Some Kind..” (N.Y.)
Kinsky “I Am The Mountain” (Sydney, Australia)
Ronnie Spector “I’d Much Rather Be With The Girls” (Connecticut)
-back and front announce-
Moderat “Running” (Berlin, Germany)
James Beng Lee “Hopes And Dreams” (Sydney, Australia)
Saphira “ 5 Minutes” (Sargans, Switzerland)
Louis Berry “Restless” (Liverpool, England)
-back and front announce-
Of Kings And Captains “Jack My Boy” (Stourbridge/Midlands, U.K.)
Chrissi Poland “Shaky Man” (N.Y.C.)
Boris Carloff “Last Runner” (Czech Republic)
The Souls “Run Baby Run” (Thun, Switzerland)
-back and front announce-
The Tips “Leaving Home” (Dusseldörf, Germany)
The Interrupters “By My Side” (Los Angeles)
Ethan & The Reformation “Hollandia” (Manchester, England)
Miracle Flair “Worth The Fight” (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
-back and front announce-
Eisenwut “Gib Mir Kraft” (Moscow, Russia)
Hail Taxi “Crystal Clear” (Edmonton, Canada)
We Used To Make Things “(Google Song) (London, England)
La Bella Luna “Jim’s Big Hit” (London, England)
-back and front announce-

A Choice track from JL’s Top 5 Albums of Year

David Bowie “’Tis A Pity She Was A Whore” (London, England)
Kate Tempest “Don’t Fall In” (Southeast London, England)
onDead Waves “Blue Inside” (London, England)
The Mission “ Met-Amor-Phosis” (Leeds, England)
Wolf Hoffmann “Scherzo” (Mainz, Germany)
-back and front announce-

Best remake of year
Liz Cirelli “I Can’t help Falling In..” (Rosetto Valfortore, Italy)